Good Day.

We have a small quick lottery today for handful of prints we had tucked aside in the studio. Let’s keep things simple – check the instructions and print info below.

There are 3 different options in this print lotto, interested customers may only try for one of these categories, as listed below. Keep in mind there really aren’t many prints available in this lottery, but each category has the equal amount of inventory.

1. Smeezy, 9″ x 12″ screen print, Green Edition of 42, each uniquely embellished – $250 + shipping
2. Nibbles, 12″ x 12″ screen print, Black Edition of 50 – $200 + shipping
3. Mystery Variant Print, 12″ x 12″ or smaller screen print, could include variants of any recent 12″ x 12″, 10″ x 10″ or in between sized variant print – $230 + shipping

Lotto Instructions:
• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment based on these instructions. Follow the instructions carefully and go for one successful, clean post the first time instead of making amendments to your original comment.
• You can comment anonymously, but be sure to use your email address (not posted publicly). (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Your comments should include the following things…..
1. Which Category, 1, 2 or 3 you’re entering for.

2. Which character in these two prints do you most feel like today?

• Customers will be selected through a random number generator system operated by the gnomes, anyone who follows the instructions is eligible.
• We will begin sending invoices from our shop SOON.
• Please enter the lottery as yourself…using extra emails aggravates the gnomes – you don’t want to piss off the gnomes.

686 thoughts on “Green Smeezy & Black Nibbles Purchasing Lottery

  1. Cheez

    1) Category 3
    2) Honestly today is a Nibbles kinda day! Had 3 lunches…not proud of it but it happened 🙂

  2. bdbalvis

    3, I feel like Smeezy today! Unfortunately it’s bc I have a big headache so my eyes have been squinting all day.

  3. Eric

    1.) Category 3. Mystery Variant Print

    2.) I most feel like Smeezy today, for sure. It’s been a longgggg day and just got my relaxation on!

  4. Mike Tharp

    1. Category 3
    2. Smeezy – my apartment is hotter than a volcano, my office is colder than an igloo, but Smeezy makes it all okay….for a little while at least

  5. Chris price


    I feel like the little Dancing Disco Dude in Nibbles today finding out that my wife and I are having a baby girl!!

  6. Matt Brady


    Home early from work and gonna light up a Santa Barbara torpedo, like my hero EL SMEEZERINO

  7. Katelyn


    Nibbles. I skipped lunch today and I’m so hungry, even this old package of ramen noodles looks delicious

  8. Bradly Stout

    Im hoping for #1 (smeezy) I feel like the little crazy bird in the print today because i raise finches and they have been making noise all day. I never feel like i give them enough treats and they are making a ton of noise. Its turned me into a real bird brain lol.

  9. Jason Blue

    Category #3 Please

    I felt like Smeezy when I got off, no I’d say Im more of a nibbles!!!

    Thanks for an opportunity!!!!

  10. Trina Gallardo

    Feeling a little like Smeezy sipping a tequila relaxing…
    Getting ready to feed my Nibbles!

  11. Pat


    Not sure if nibbles or the Smeez best describes me; that’s a real chicken and egg scenario. But I side with Nibbles cause I’m starving.

  12. Trevor Bethel

    Category 3

    Definitely feeling like Nibbles. Going to a Tapas restaurant for dinner and I know I’m leaving hungry.

  13. Michael

    Category #1
    About to light up like my good friend Smeezy, so I’d have to say I’m feeling pretty Smeezy today

  14. Benjamin

    Going for black nibbles but feeling very Smeezy right now 😉
    1) black nibbles (#2)
    2) feelin Smeezed


  15. Alexandria Roseman


    Nothing like a good Mystery to get me prepared for a little trip to Colorado and Red Rocks this weekend and for that reason I’m definitely feeling like Smeezy!!!

  16. Travis L

    #2 nibbles because i have the nibbles right now lol. No seriously I’m stuck at work and I’m starving. So i feel just like the guy with the apple. I just need a nibble lol

  17. Zachary Brefeld

    Category one please. And I feel like Smeezy today because, well, we both have the same thing in our hand at the moment. Haha! Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

  18. cindy hoffman

    #3 Mystery pack sounds exciting

    Nibbles for sure……its a cold morning down south and after an early start with no breakfast I am having a nibble on some shop sweets. International shipping

  19. Lance Ohnstad

    3. Mystery Variant

    I fell like Nibbles today….I’m having a good day and feeling relaxed 🙂

  20. Justin

    Ive always wanted a smeezy and never had the chance to

    get one! Would absolutely love this! So #1 for me. I feel like

    that bird. I just want to fly away some days

    Thank you for the chance

  21. Jordo Myers

    I choose number 3

    I feel most like smeezy today…which tends to lead to me nibblin…


  22. Joshua Gray

    The little dancing guy in front of nibbles thinking of you will be doing the Furthur frames birthday handbill this Friday!

  23. andrew long

    #3 mystery print please.
    I’m feeling like smeez today. It’s been a hard day but I haven’t let the difficult parts of the day turn into negative feelings. Feeling good about that.
    Thanks for the chance

  24. Wesley Teichmiller

    1. #2 Nibbles: still NEED that black NIbbles so bad!
    2. #2 Nibbles: not just today. I feel like Nibbles everyday. Right now I am waiting on the Lasagna to come out of the oven and I can smell it. It’s about to be go time.

  25. John Mantzios

    3 please

    I’m feeling like the mystery pack…I have no idea what’s going on…don’t forget to bring a towel!

  26. lou


    Just found out I may be moving to singapore, it will make for a beautiful mystery and a fresh start

  27. Rob Robertson

    1. – Category 1

    2. I feel like Smeezy everyday of my life. I work in a Medical and Recreational dispensary in Denver. I just had to stop typing and sell some bud being that I’m at work. I’m out and about anywhere in the city and stop to smoke, the city is always in the background just like Smeezy. Just need to find a little bird to hang with. Our eyes are very much the same color all the time.

    Thank you!!

  28. Nathan Rosenberg

    #2 pretty please

    I feel like the bird in Nibbles… Hovering around my daughter and at her every beckon wish… In a great way!!! ?

  29. Eric


    Actually feeling like Smeezy today. Working outside on the yard. So I’m a little grimey, unshaven, and my eyes are a little red.

  30. Sabrina Gill


    I feel like the mystery print… Not sure of what is really going on today… Being pulled in all directions and not really going anywhere – kinda makes sense to me…

  31. kmac

    lucky 3

    SMEEZY’ n Me is Gettin Real Cozy right Now!
    Coughhhhh! Definetly a Smeezy Day!

    thank you!

  32. willow

    I feel like Nibbles today because I love eating fruit as I sit atop grassy hills. The hummingbirds and critters may all share the tasty nectar.

  33. John Holler

    Category 3; feeling like nibbles sitting in the school auditorium listening to the academic awards….

  34. Edward

    A) pack #1
    B) Smeezy, played all day with my daughter and my dog and night capping with some Smeez and craft brews.

  35. Lilia

    3 = Nibbles.

    My 12 month old and I were chillaxin’ at the Farmer’s Market today and this seems to resemble our look 🙂

  36. The master of ceremonies


    Smeezy – why the hell not? The world would be better if everyone knows Smeezy

  37. Alisa Hoover

    Category 3

    Absolutely feeling like Nibbles today. Can’t stop eating after having a stomach virus for a couple of days!

  38. Brad McAllister

    Catergory 1, Smeeze, definitely a green Smeeze day, I golfed (on greens) and I even had a birdie in my hand on one lucky hole. And the swing puffs go without saying. Thanks for the chance!

    And I’d gladly pay the extra shipping to Canada. ?

  39. Bob

    Option #3 – Mystery Variant Print
    I’ll nibble at the mystery…

    “The answer is never the answer. What’s really interesting is the mystery. If you seek the mystery instead of the answer, you’ll always be seeking. I’ve never seen anybody really find the answer. They think they have, so they stop thinking. But the job is to seek mystery, evoke mystery, plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom. The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer.”

    ― Ken Kesey

  40. C Dotson

    1. 1
    2. Smeezy

    ^ It’s time to sit back and smoke a blunt looking back at the week half gone with the rest still to come.

  41. Elisa

    #1, Smeezy

    In my kitchen, it’s nice and breezy
    The pollen is lamentably making me sneezy
    But I’ll be alright because rhyming is easy
    When the prize that you get is a sweet Smeezy!

  42. Nancy Barnes

    1. #1
    2. I’m feeling like Smeezy today except I want to be holding a Bell’s two hearted instead of a cigar – just chillin’

  43. Michelle P

    Category 1 please

    And I will be feeling like Smeezy as soon as I get off of work !

    Thanks for the chance Marq & gnomes !

  44. Chuckster

    1. Category 2 – Black Nibbles
    2. Definitely feeling like nibbles. Got the munchies Hella bad ☺

  45. Leon

    Category 1

    Today I just stepped off the plane in Denver, feeling like Smeezy. About to collect my greenbacks and fire one up! & I always keep my pimp hand strong.
    M.E.M.P.H.I.S. 😉

  46. Peggy Smothers

    Category three please
    Nibbles – a bit out of sorts, all over the place, just wanting some Doritos!!!

  47. Tad

    The smeez for me
    But I love the mystery so I would do the 3rd option thanks for the chance I am late to the game

  48. Bradford


    I flippin LOVE surprises! And I’ve gotta be feelin like Nibbles bc you’ll rarely catch me in the city.. I need a helluva lot more trees and grass around me. Oh.. I don’t mind big ol mushrooms either! 😉

  49. Buck Russell

    #3 Mystery Print

    Nibbles Today! Man, got some dental work done. Crap… My mouth though. ? can only take nibbles.

  50. Shannon

    Category #1
    It’s been a smeezy kind of week fingers are still sticky from the trimming
    Thanks marq and gnomes

  51. Melissa Mercurio

    Category 3 because who doesn’t like a surprise? And I most feel like Smeezy after spending the past weekend at DelFest!

  52. Justin

    #1 please
    Feeling like Smeezy the last 4 days without air conditioning & it’s the only thing keeping me sane!
    Thanks for the chance!

  53. Brian

    Category 1.

    I feel like Smeezy because I am way late to this lotto. I imagine Smeezy also frequently runs late.

  54. Andy Spicher

    #3. Probably too late. Just checked after being on an airplane 11 hours. Feeling like a mystery.

  55. Derek

    1. Category 3
    2. Which character in these two prints do you most feel like today? feeling like Smeezy today, bout to go home and listen to some vinyl records and chill!

    I’m located in the US of A! No international shipping for me 🙂

  56. Christopher Casas

    1. #1 Smeezy

    2. Im like Smeezy all day except 420 is released by me, im not released on 4/20. Lol

  57. Ryan


    Definitely a smeezey day although I did take my grandmother out to dinner (nibbles) missing this lotto

  58. Jake


    Smeezy…well, more like his pal over his left shoulder. (The eye doc dilated me for an exam earlier this afternoon).

  59. Nick Denom

    Category #3

    Smeezy all the way. Best friend(who introduced me to Spusta) moved away today so I’m putting one up in his honor.

    One love!

  60. Nathaniel


    After a long work day and some of CO finest I’m definitely like Smeezy about now.

    Thanks for the shot!

  61. Anna Marie

    Category 3 please, thanks for the chance!

    Fealing like SMEEZY all the way chillin with Stu and puffing all day

  62. John C

    #1 please and thank you! Hope I am not too late to the party(lotto)?!

    Feeling cosmic SMEEZY today! Thanks for the chance!

  63. Christin

    Just woke up in Germany!
    I still try 🙂
    Nr. 3, mystery Pack
    I feel like nibbles at the moment 🙂

  64. Tony Nazar

    If i missed this sorry, got a root canal yesterday 🙁 would feeling like Flimflub actually today!!

  65. Boo Boo

    1.) 1
    2.) I feel Like Smeezy. My eyes are puffy like Smeezy’s from crying all day because has shut down!


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