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  1. Spusta Gnome Post author

    Here’s the digitally colored Muzums, which is a new screen print currently in the hands of the maestros at Monolith Press. We hope to release him later in February, stay tuned.
    (Nothing new will be released tomorrow, February 15th).

  2. Dylan

    Sure tricked me. I didn’t even see them listed in the shop at all. And I’ve been waiting all day. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one tonight.

  3. richard j morsa

    did it go up? i never saw it and it’s not there with a sold out on it now ,did it go up and disapear off the page?

  4. Dan Gramarossa

    I saw it but was tricked due to the placement on the shop page. Missed on a print yet again. Previous email said more would be available in a nighttime release. Any details yet? Thanks!

    1. John W

      check out the comments in the shop… A few more Muzums will be set free later tonight, after you put your children to bed.

  5. John W

    I really appreciate Marq and Gnomes changing things up in the shop today to try and get rid of some of the automated, straight to eBay purchasers. It’d be interesting to know how it affected things. Hopefully that and other trickery will help the true fans get their hands on some Spusta art. Love it! Thanks for doing what you do Marq!

  6. Daniel Gramarossa

    Beyond frustrating. Third drop in a row where I had it in my cart but didn’t get the print. One of these days I’ll actually get a print.

  7. Kevin

    Yes! I thought all hope was lost after the afternoon drop but somehow I managed to score one on the second. Got my fingers crossed for a variant. It’s been forever since I landed a variant ?. Thanks again.


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