12 thoughts on “Peaceful Bloom

    1. Darrell Stevenson

      Yeah, I definitely would enjoy this methodology once in a while. Everyone wins who wants to; however, the edition size and random variants still add an element of uncertainty and mystery. Very cool drop idea.

  1. Spusta Gnome Post author

    Thanks for all the purchases of our first timed edition screen print.

    Final edition sizes we are printing these at:
    Gold Edition – 600
    Gray/Silver – 500
    + some variant sprinkled in for good fun.

  2. Christina Groesbeck

    I am a new fan and currently own Slowly Sprung and love it! I love this too and want to add it to my collection!

  3. Chris Vargoshe

    These are gorgeous. Nice work, would love to see some of the variants. Thank you Marq and the gnomes.


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