Lottery is now closed – all customers have been selected. Thanks for the interest….

Lots of nonhumans seemed to enter, but we feel we were able to select some real Phish x Spusta appreciating people.

We are ready to get our limited copies of the recent phish poster out to the people.

This is the post and place where to express your interest…here’s the scoop.

Poster is $65 + shipping. These are signed by the artist. These posters are the exact same as the ones sold at the show, except they are signed and numbered with pencil.

To enter this purchasing selection lottery for a Phish MSG Poster, just reply to this post with a comment that expresses your interest in purchasing. Feel free to let us know of your humanness, phandom or comments on the art itself.

– Only comment once please and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $20 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed right away. We may send some straggler invoices in the days to follow as well.

This will be a “let down” lottery opportunity for most. Please respect that I’m just the artist and cannot fully handle the amount of people that seem interested in these last posters…a lottery seems like the fairest way for me to sell these things…..good luck. Oh, also, we plan on picking some winners tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday.

4,654 thoughts on “Phish MSG Poster Purchasing Lottery.

  1. Joel Fahey

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase one of these amazing prints! I’ve always admired your work from afar but haven’t been quick enough to snag something. The deep Phishy thoughts and connections you put into this work are out of this world! Whether I get a chance or not, thank you for sharing your talent for the world to enjoy! Peace and Love!

      1. Gaylord Pernell

        I’m very interested in this great piece of art. I hope I’m selected to purchase one.

        1. Joshua Penn

          Thanks for the opportunity to score this awesome work. The artistic talent showcased here is one of kind.

            1. Stephen Hodson

              Beautiful artwork…I hope I get the chance to purchase it. Keep up the great art. 🙂

                1. judith

                  What I find particularly captivating is how the poster manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the days of classic psychedelic rock while also feeling incredibly fresh and modern. It’s like a time-traveling masterpiece that pays homage to the past while propelling us into a future where music and art continue to evolve hand in hand. This poster isn’t just a decoration; it’s a gateway to the euphoria of a live PHISH experience. Hanging it on my wall would be like inviting that exhilarating concert atmosphere into my everyday life, a constant reminder of the magical connection between music and visual art

              1. Brad

                I did not get to attend this show,but would love a poster that shows When the Circus Comes to Town on my wall at home. Have just recently gotten into Phish and the whole jam band scene and was introduced to it via Marq’s art.

            2. Alistair

              I’d love to own one of these to make a dream mancave in future, the colours really pop and I love the psychedelic vibe it has!

            1. Nathan Burns

              Would love to bring this wonderful phish elephant circus home. Fav band + fav artist = slam dunk. Thanks Marq!

                1. George Paris

                  I Would love the chance to own such a beautiful crazy poster. If I get the chance to purchase I will frame it and stick it on the wall in my son’s bedroom, as elephants are his favourite animal. The colour’s you have used will really make his room pop and compliment the colour scheme we have going on!
                  Once again what a beautiful piece, keep up the good work and thank for the opportunity.

              1. Hugo

                I would love the opportunity to purchase one of these beautiful prints! I’ve always admired your work but haven’t been able to purchase. The deep Phishy thoughts and connections you put into this work are out of this world! I would love for an opportunity to purchase a art piece but if not thank you for sharing your talent for the world to enjoy!!

        2. Brad Magee

          I went to all 7 shows and I couldn’t be happier that Marc did a print! I met Marc at TRPS in SF in 2014 and have been a fan ever since!!

          1. Jamie Parnes

            I also went to all 7 shows and was stoked to see Marc finally do another print! Brad wouldn’t let me sit with him though 🙁

            1. Robert Wilock

              All the posters for this run were amazing, but this one is far and away the best. I love seeking out all the Phishy Easter eggs stashed away in its nooks and crannies. It is truly a piece of art where you can see something new every time you look at it. Perfectly done!

              1. Julie chandler

                I would love to purchase this cool Phish poster!!! Thanks for considering. It’s gorgeous!!!

                  1. Daniel Bartelt

                    your work is Awesome and hope to have this piece hanging in my living room. keep up the creativity

          2. Cole Garrison

            I became a fan of Marq at Summer Camp 2010. He did the posters for 2010 and 2011. It changed my life completely. I went to all 7 shows and this would be a true honor to have in my poster collection.

          1. Alex Alves

            Would love to get the opportunity to score one of these! Appreciate the chance!
            Have an awesome day!

          2. shaun

            Diving into the mesmerizing world of this PHISH poster from MSG feels like stumbling upon a secret portal to a universe where music and art collide in the most harmonious of ways. The art style is a symphony of intricate lines and bold strokes, each element coming together like the notes of a perfectly orchestrated jam. The colors… They’re not just colors; they’re emotions painted onto the canvas, capturing the highs and lows of a live PHISH performance. The vibrant swirls of magenta and electric blue seem to vibrate with the same energy that emanates from the stage during a PHISH show. It’s as if the artist managed to transcribe the sound waves into visual form, creating a sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of art. The interplay of warm oranges and cool purples dances across the poster, mirroring the ebb and flow of the band’s music – it’s like you can almost hear the jams just by looking.

          1. John Standing

            Thank you for the opportunity to try and purchase your print for the MSG shows, hopefully you get the chance to create artwork for the next tour.

        3. Kyle Kissell

          As a longtime Phish and Spusta fan, I would love to pick up this amazing print. The song references are great and the artwork is exceptional!

          1. Angelo edward Castillo

            This is beyond everything I would want in a phish poster! Thank you so much for the chance to own this. I hope everyone gets a good chance!

            1. liza liotta

              I believe art ends up with the right people at the right time. If this is my time to connect with this amazing piece of art, I welcome it. If it’s not my time, I’m happy for whoever ends up with it. thank you for continuing to bring beauty, magic and fun into the world!

        4. Andrew Flores

          poster is insane. would love to win the chance to buy one but if not I’m happy I’m given a chance. honestly amazing work done on this poster 🙂 keep designing more!

          1. james davey

            Hey friends, let me share a personal moment about this PHISH poster from MSG that hit me right in the feels. You know how music has this way of transporting you to another dimension? Well, this poster does the same thing visually. The colors and design are like a snapshot of the time I saw PHISH live – the electrifying energy, the crowd’s excitement, the music that felt like it was echoing through my soul. Looking at this poster, I’m instantly taken back to that night, reliving the magic all over again. It’s not just a piece of art; it’s a time machine that lets me experience the thrill of their performance whenever I want. It’s like a personal connection to that special memory, and having it in my space would be like having a piece of my own history hanging on the wall. Seriously contemplating making this poster a part of my little nostalgia have

        5. Luke

          Me and my brother have always loved this type of artwork, being able to purchase this would be awesome; it remind me of him very much. The colour scheme is aesthetically pleasing, 100% will go with my other paintings i’ve collected from different artists.

        6. Samuel Fly

          The artwork is outstanding, and there are some excellent musical connections. Would love to get my hands on this masterpiece!

      2. Brendan LaMacchia

        It would be amazing to have this displayed in my living room to go along with my other neon colored posters and art toys.

        1. Donald Rader

          MSG was always my bucket list Phish venue. My brother and I made the final weekend of the run, so unfortunately we were unable to have a chance to wait in line for this. It is my favorite Phish poster in years and would love the chance to be able to commemorate our once in a lifetime experience with this beautiful artwork. Thank you for the consideration and take care!

        2. Abz

          I’d love to purchase a copy of this poster to add to my ever growing collection of wonderful artwork And collections.this poster is insane!!

      3. Tyler McCollum

        we’re all just here for the circus! beautiful color scheme on this one, please pick me!

      4. Jeffrey Opp

        Phish on NYE at MSG will probably go down as one of the top 10 memory’s of my life. This circus inspired print is a must for my wall! Thanks for the fair lottery opportunity on this one Marq and The Gnomes!

      5. Anthony Kennard

        It would be an honour if i was able to get a some of this amazing artwork. the colours flow and make the art look out of this world catching my eye and others as well and this sort of art will definitely be on the rise soon due to its uniqueness. I have been a fan for years and getting this piece of existing art work would be a dream come true. Thank you for the opportunity

      6. keat g

        I’ve been an immense admirer of both your work and Phish. Upon the announcement of these shows, I had a strong intuition that they would hold a touch of magic. The fact that your artwork is connected to them feels like the ideal enhancement. I hope you continue to do some gig posters and I look forward to seeing where your artwork goes, This is a very exciting opportunity to be apart of. Best of luck to everyone!

        1. helen williams

          This PHISH poster from MSG is like a symphony of colours and creativity that’s conducting a full-on takeover of my senses! The way it captures the essence of PHISH’s music is mind-boggling – the colours practically hum with the same energy you’d feel at one of their legendary shows. It’s like an invitation to dive headfirst into a vortex of sound and visuals.

      7. Taylor Kammerer

        Love your artwork, love phish, would love to add this to a collection to commemorate an awesome week of music!

      8. Rich Stoler

        Love the style of this poster design. Would complete a nice trifecta of Spusta creations with a Greensky and Billy Strings poster waiting to have framed taboot.b

      9. William M

        Just missed out on buying this beautiful piece at the show. would love a chance to buy one now. Thanks

      10. Shara Cobb

        I thought I replied already but I think I did it wrong.😖 I would love a print from the MSG run. Good luck everyone.

    1. Richie Gruber

      Thank you for the opportunity to obtain a great piece of art from my favorite band of 31 years.
      This piece is great. I love your work.

        1. Joseph Pham

          Hi, I really like the art piece as it gives a unique feel and sensation when looking at it. I especially like the way each elephant expresses a different feeling an emotion when viewing the art piece. I would love to have this piece hanging in my new apartment i’m moving into. i’m new to art and this would be an amazing starter piece! Thank you for the amazing art.

          1. kmac

            Yes please!! Your art brings such Joy! Luv the whimsy & Phun in this one !!! As Always.. Great job Marq! Thank you for the chance with these SPECIAL lotto’s!! I Appreciate ALL YOU DO to please us animals!!! Thank you!

            1. kaenan

              Hey there, folks! Can we take a minute to talk about this PHISH poster from MSG? I mean, seriously, it’s like a burst of pure musical energy captured on paper! The colors are so alive, it’s like they’re singing their own tune. And the design, oh boy, it’s like a visual journey through the heart of PHISH’s music.

              I keep getting lost in the intricate details, and those vibrant hues just pull me in every time I glance at it. Imagine having a piece of their concert magic right on your wall – it’s like having a backstage pass to their world. This poster isn’t just art; it’s a slice of the live experience, frozen in time. I’m already picturing it as the centerpiece of my room, sparking conversations and reminiscing about all those unforgettable shows. So, yeah, count me in as someone who’s seriously considering making this poster mine

      1. Adam Pliskow

        I enjoy your work and this maybe the best ever for a very memorable Phish run. I would love a 2nd shot for this one.
        Adam Pliskow

      2. Bryan Cano

        I really love everything about this poster from top to bottom. The amazing detail from the animals to the objects. I just know this would look cool in my room when i turn on the blue led lights on specifically!!

        1. Rob Zeida

          I’d love the opportunity to get one of these. Watched the show with family and love to have a poster to commemorate.

      3. Taha Arif

        Wow Richie, I thought I liked this band for a long time. 31 years is true dedication, I wish you good luck!

        1. james walsh

          I can’t help but imagine what it’d be like to have this hanging up, radiating that same concert energy into my space. It’s more than just a poster; it’s a testament to the band’s artistry and the moments they create on stage. Every glance at it would be a reminder of the euphoria that PHISH brings to their shows. I don’t know about you, but I’m seriously considering bringing a piece of that musical magic home with me

    2. Andrew Steinberger

      Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing poster! You are one of my favorite artist and this poster is my favorite of the summer! I also attended 5 of the msg shows but was the unable to grab one!
      Thanks again!
      Andrew Steinberger

      1. Mike Komperda

        thank you for the opportunity to purchase this great poster. I was able to go to all seven shows during the run and would love to commemorate it with this poster.

    3. Radha Lewis

      Hi Marq – Thank you for adding me to your mailing list and I am so glad I caught this lottery! I had a ball at MSG this month, what a joyful experience and thanks for your beautiful work you make great posters, big fan here in California. I have a wall that would be perfect for this print. Radha

    4. Ahmod

      Got my Phish Poster Dicks hanging above my computer from last year. This would look great right next to it.

      1. andrew williams

        Every time I look at this poster, I get lost in the intricate details that seem to tell a story of their own. It’s like a mini-vacation to a live show, right there on your wall. This poster isn’t just art; it’s a connection to the essence of their music, a reminder of those epic moments that only PHISH can create

      1. esly laureano

        Mr. Marq! this print is to die for! I inherited my interest in Phish from my dad who is a huuuuge phan! This would be the perfect gift for his birthday in October, though it may be hard to keep it hidden till then. thanks for the opportunity 🫶🏽

    5. Sean Cao

      This print is absolutely phenomenal. It would be a great addition to the collection. Thank you for the opportunity to earn such a desirable piece.

    6. Russell Gibbs

      Missed out on getting one! Been seeing the band since 1996 and would love some of your art on my walls.

      1. Grant Fujii

        This piece of art would match my room perfectly. Thanks for the opportunity to attempt purchasing one!

        1. Angela

          Your art is incredible and you really made this one as special as this run. I can’t wait to dissect all the details in person. Thanks for considering.

    7. Jacob Rhee

      This is truly one of those most beautiful and abstract pieces I have seen in a while. The different elements all blend in with each other so well. I really hope I am worthy of winning such a beautiful piece of art. Masterclass.

      1. Kiavash S.

        The interplay of light and shadow conjures a sense of mystique, inviting contemplation of the intangible emotions that lie within. This artwork beckons one to step into a realm where imagination dances with the subconscious, leaving an indelible impression of ethereal beauty.

        1. Brandon Eisenhart

          Such an incredible piece of art! Thank you for allowing us to have a chance to be able to own this beauty. You have to love when two artists that push the boundaries get together and share their magic with us. A run like this past MSG run deserves something like this. Much love!

      2. Fabian Gonzalez

        This Poster is a Must Have this will compliment my room amazing. I hope i am worthy of winning.

    8. Junior soto

      Been a long time fan of your work, always loved the style of it. This one is a new favorite and a must have. If you’re seeing this much love and keep the amazing art coming.

      1. Vincent Gaglione

        Hey there! Im so stocked to have the chance to acquire such a fantastic print for my collection!

    9. Erik Schober

      Incredible print! Gorgeous colors. Marq does amazing work!

      Thank you for making this a lottery to keep things fair.

        1. Jay Singh

          Marq, I’ve just got back from travelling in asia for 6 months, I have a love and passion for the people, cultures, foods, colours and animals. Your art depicts everything I have mentioned above, it brings joy and happiness all in one. The elephants and the colours you used automatically takes me back to my happy place.I am a spiritual person and believe in good energy, your artwork brings just that and it will sit nicely amongst my collection of art, religious ornaments and plants.

          I would by honoured and deeply thankful to own a piece so beautiful, Jay 🙏🐘🕊️

    10. Destiny Pike

      Greetings & Salutations,
      I would appreciate being considered for this lottery, in hopes to get this awesome piece of art for my boyfriend that loves the band and has a few pieces of your artwork in his collection.
      I think to be a good gift giver, you have to gift away something you’d like for yourself.
      as much as I’d like to own this, I know how much it would mean to him.
      Thank you for this opportunity,

    11. Gustavo Robles

      Thanks for giving us a fair opportunity to purchase your work! I would love to add this print to my office! Im a huge fan of the bright neon colors and would really appreciate getting the opportunity to buy. Regardless if I win or not thank you for sharing your work to all of us and may you continue to keep releasing beautiful prints!

    12. Lucas Garcia

      Thank you for the opportunity of being able to purchase this piece. My parents are absolutely obsessed with phish, our dog is named after a song, Jibboo and our cat is named Tweezer. The obsession is real. and they go to almost every show that is within driving distance of our house. They’re always at these shows and playing their music in the car. It would be an amazing gift for them as they are absolutely crazy for it.

    13. luca cicciarello

      I hope you’re doing well. I’ve been a big fan of your art for a while now, and I’m really excited about this art piece. The way you express feelings and stories in your art is amazing, and this new piece speaks to me in a special way. This artwork, with all its details and its meaning, really means a lot to me. I’d love to have the chance to buy it. Your art has a way of connecting with people emotionally, and this piece has definitely connected with me. I’d be honored if you’d consider letting me make it a part of my collection.

    14. Andrew Ayers

      I know just the person for this. It would absolutely make his day. I’d love a chance to win

    15. Holly Gerlach

      this poster is amazing! i recently learned my super introverted boss LOVES Phish. It would be amazing if I can get this for her. She may be the most supportive supervisor that exists!

    16. Ryan Sperry

      Always been a Phish head, would love the opportunity to purchase one of these amazing prints! Thanks for producing this art and allowing the world to see.

    17. Sam

      I would love an opportunity to have this poster since I have been a phish fan for almost 28 years now (2 more months) and I was introduced to this band by my father and since then I have never stopped listening to them. I remember putting in the dvd to listen to them in my Walkman, good times.

    18. Scott Klotzman

      Hey now! I tried every day to get the poster and was shut out every time. I only buy things I plan to frame and display in my house. I live and breathe Phish…it’s my lifestyle, not just a band. Every show is an opportunity to meet new people and I try to make sure everyone around me has a better show because I am there. This last MSG run was so special to me and I would love the opportunity to purchase this poster to commemorate those memories. Thanks!

      TL:dr – PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!

    19. Paul C

      Would love a chance to purchase this print. Being at 6 of the 7 shows of this run makes this even more sentimental. 🤞🏻Hope to hear some G⭕️⭕️D news in the dayz to follow.

    20. Brett Cherniack

      Reeeeaallly hoping to get our phirst Spusta to commemorate our phirst MSG run!!! Love your work and this beautiful piece!

    21. Andrew Colman

      I would absolutely love to own this poster. I have the perfect frame and know exactly where i would hang it. Thank you so much for the opportunity

    22. Stephen Palmai

      i went all 7 nights to phish at msg,this is the only poster i didnt get,hope to score one here,love the circus feel to the print,barnum and bailey for sure,with lots of colors and detailed art,love it !! hope to get picked,thank you for the art:)

      1. James Claus

        Another amazing print from my fav artist for my fav band! I don’t have this one, yet! Thanks for the opportunity.

    23. Loreto Gobbi

      I had an awesome time at MSG just missed out on the poster, would love to get this next to the millward on my wall. This was my favorite print of the run


    24. jon dorato

      Great work Marq ! Glad to have you back in phish land , I loved the mpp print you did , a decade or so ago . You’re hitting it out of the park, between this one and the panic print over weekend . Would love to get one, I tried like hell at msg , but was denied . Thanks for the imagination!!

    25. Marisa Rodgers Strahlendorf

      I love phish and I love this print even more. This would be great on my wall of Spusta

    26. Isaiah mendy

      This would be an amazing piece for my first apartment! I am a young art collector interested in unique and obscure prints. This one would kick of my collection great, as a staple piece. I have a few , but nothing of this grade.

    27. Michael Dioguardi

      My wife and I are thrilled about our new apartment and share a deep love for art. While we’re in the process of decorating our space, we can’t help but envision how perfect this particular piece would complement our kitchen. We’re truly grateful for the chance and wish you a wonderful day ahead!

    28. Nathan Nyaung

      The art and wonder of this painting fit perfectly to the mood of my household, as it is filled with different emotions, and colors

    29. David J Busching

      What an incredible print!! I so need to have this in my collection. In order to keep my Spusta Gig collection alive, this is a must. If you can consider me, I would be eternally grateful. Either way I’m grateful for the opportunity. thank you!

    30. Joshua Jarmer

      Joshua jarmer +1 love your art and would be stoked to add this beauty to my collection. Thanks again

    31. Kamil

      This poster would be really good addition to my collection that i have started last year i love his work and this one would be my first! Thanks for the opportunity

    32. Thomas Marre

      I have a little one due in October and this is one of the last shows I was able to see before he is born. I’d love to frame this up and put it in his bedroom

    33. Mark Jeremias

      Thank you for the opportunity to purchase one of your exceptional works of art. The colors, layers and phish references are incredibly captivating. I am grateful to have attended all 7 of these shows and moments in phishtory and this piece is a beautiful way to commemorate this special week! Keep up the great work Marq!

    34. Quintin Hamilton

      This piece would look sick in my gaming room but overall I really like the work I would definitely be honored if I was selected to purchase one either way thanks for the opportunity

    35. Mike Kitchen

      Beautiful piece! captures the whimsical craziness of the band! Would love the chance to own one. Thanks for the chance.

    36. Scott Pepper

      I would love the opportunity to acquire the best Phish poster to come out in years! If I get one, it will never ever every leave my hands. This is a piece to cherish. Thank you for your art and for putting smiles on all of our faces – Scott

    37. Craig Menges

      Amazing art for an amazing band! And like the Proboscidea depicted, I will never forget the chance to win the opportunity to purchase this!

    38. Daniel Svoboda

      It must feel humbling to see how many people have replied to this post. Sure, there are a number of ppl who want a chance to make a buck, but overall I’m convinced that this print touches people in a strong way. I didn’t have a life-changing moment at the shows, or reached a milestone, but I was able to share time with people I care deeply about and only see once or twice a year through this band. And those are times I want to be reminded of as often as possible. Hanging this print would help that. Thank you.

    39. Samantha Goodman

      I’d love to be considered for this beautiful poster / AP release! The last two nights were my first Phish MSG shows 🙂

    40. Frank Rizzo

      Thank you ahead of time for the chance to possibly add this print to my collection. It’s beautiful, and whoever wins will love and cherish it. These shows meant a ton to me and it would be a dream come true to have this one on my wall forever. Got my fingers and toes crossed, here’s to hoping!

    41. Marc Lewinstein

      I was at the August 2nd show and lined up way before doors opened to be sure to get a poster. It turned out I was at the wrong entrance for GA, so sprinted around the block to get in the line at 8th Avenue. As soon as I got in, I raced to the merch line and saw the stack of posters growing thin. I sprinted up to the 200 level to try my luck there and the last poster was sold to the person one ahead of me, so I appreciate another chance! I just got married last weekend and our first dance (which we performed ourselves–wife on guitar, me on vocals–for the first verse) was “Waste.”

    42. Dennis McBride

      I love your artwork marq. I own a few of your pieces. My wife was shut out of the pre sale at yemsg. She was 15 people away from the counter and an hour and a half in-line, getting her this print would make her day. Although we have several of your works this would have been her first official spusta show print. I’d love to hit the lotto and surprise her for her birthday on 9/9 ❤️❤️🙏🏼

    43. Judah Reich

      I would really like the chance to purchase this poster, I just moved into my college dorm and this would fit perfectly!

    44. Steven

      Hi I would really like the opportunity to buy this poster I think my son would love this poster I know he’s young but it just has a lot of colors and a lot going on that he would love thank you from a father

    45. Mason Fuller

      I am very excited to hopefully purchase one!!! I did not know much about the art until very recently when I found that my father is a big fan and I am hoping to get a copy in time for his 50th birthday!!!!

    46. Dixie Joe Loveless

      Thanks for this great opportunity! Your artwork is amazing.
      August 1st was my birthday show…and what a birthday show it was!! It was also our friend’s wedding date and we truly wanted to get this poster for their wedding gift. We were just four posters away when they sold out- Ooof! And on a side note…. August 1st is Jerry’s birthday. So much to celebrate and this truly would be the icing on the cake!

    47. Rhonda Thomas

      Your art is amazing and reminds me of life in the 70’s and 80’s which was such a simpler time for me. The colors and characters are exquisite and delightful. Of all of your works, this speaks to me the most. As I am 65, I would enjoy the print for a modest amount of time and then give to my little Phish friends who could delight both in the art work as well as the memories of our friendship.

    48. Michael P

      I would love to get this print, since I was at half this run and would love to frame and hang this print! Thanks for the opportunity!

    49. William Cox

      Absolutely want one! Definitely would look great in my room. Those elephants are clearly highly intelligent.

    50. N M

      The elephants on the poster remind of my wife when she was pregnant and each colour elephant is her moods whilst she was pregnant.

    51. Dj jawanda

      This artwork is simply the mark of an artist who has truly mastered their craft. From the bright colours to the jaw dropping artwork itself, I must say this piece would fit perfectly atop my great art collection. Just to be given an opportunity to be graced by your art itself is a dream come true, and i would just like to end off by saying whether i am selected or not this piece will still influence me and my life.

    52. Edward Raynsford

      I attended all seven shows, and I’m absolutely thrilled that Marc created a print for them! My admiration for Marc began when I met them at TRPS in San Francisco back in 2014, and I’ve been a dedicated fan ever since!

    53. Balaaj butt

      Hi , I really love this , your artwork has always had a remarkable ability to evoke emotions and transport me to different worlds . The way you blend colours and capture intricate details is truly captivating , having one of your posters would mean more to me then just owning a piece of , it would be a pleasure to have your art in my possession . Your art has touched my soul in ways words can’t describe and I would be grateful for the opportunity to have a part of your creativity grace my space. I’m from the Uk so it’s been hard to get your work . Thank you and I hope you pick me thanks !

    54. Anthony Kennard

      It would be an honour if i was able to get a some of this amazing artwork. the colours flow and make the art look out of this world catching my eye and others as well and this sort of art will definitely be on the rise soon due to its uniqueness. Thank you for the opportunity

    55. Manny Singh

      Hello from the UK!

      What an amazing piece of art we are witnessing! The art, colours, meaning behind the characters. Unreal. Ofcourse, art is always how you perceive it from your own naked eye!

      Bravo with this piece and please do enter me for this art work. Perhaps we can extend the love for UK art fanatics!

      1. Jaryd Marshall

        So 🔥🔥🔥🔥would love to frame this master piece and put it in my collection .

    56. Jason Squillace

      Heyyyy. Awesome for doing this! Such a cool poster. Would love to frame it and put it on the wall!!!!

    57. Henry Schofield

      There is only one word to describe the poster – Badass

      Fingers crossed I might get selected. Thank you 🙂

    58. Jamal Aileru

      I’m absolutely fascinated by this artwork, owning this poster is a must. The calculated craziness and the vibrant colors all come together in a truly captivating way. It even has my birthday written down below so there’s a unique little easter egg alongside all the others I keep finding, but this one is just for me! This poster will occupy a special place in my collection and will be an amazing addition to the rest of my Phish collectibles.

    59. Gordon McNamara

      Would love the opportunity to have this amazing print, huge fan of your work and this one is killer.

    60. Kieran

      I sincelerley hope those lucky enough to purchase this art will appreciate it as much as I would . It’s fantastic but I am yet to have the oppertunity to grab one so far. Good luck to everyone <3

    61. Max

      I am very interested into having a chance to get one of your amazing prints. I have been looking at your art works and found them to be a style I would like in my room. Thank you for this opportunity!

    62. Neal

      I love this poster. I always have enjoyed your work. I love this band. Hope to give one of these a good home. Thanks.

    63. Aleks Eaton

      Me and wifey just got keys from our first home! it will be a pleasure to hang this piece of art on the wall in our bedroom

    64. Jared Mountbatten

      Amazing piece hope I’m lucky you’re one of my favorite artists I missed out on the widespread tunes for tots

    65. Owen O'Hora

      Absolutely love this wasn’t able to snag one those days it was available! Huge fan of the art, hitting the shows makes it all that much better! Good luck all and thank you!

    66. Jeremy Gardner

      This Phish run, specifically N4 (Tuesday), was one of the most incredible weeks. This poster, aside from being incredibly creative and beautifully done, describes Phish at MSG in such an incredible way. Appreciate the opportunity to enter this lottery and I am hoping I am picked so I can frame it and put it up in my living room!

    67. Rashid badawi

      This poster is absolutely stunning. I find elephants very amusing and i am really exited to get the chance to purchase one!

    68. Rashid badawi

      This poster is absolutely stunning. I find elephants very amusing and i am really exited to get the chance to purchase one! The colors on the poster really pop and are very cool.

    69. dianne sampath

      The way Marq blends his artistic vision with the spirit of Phish’s music is just awe inspiring. It’s like a visual representation of the transcendent experience we all feel at their shows. I’ve been lucky enough to catch the boys live a few times, and this poster would be an incredible addition to my collection, a reminder of the magical moments we’ve all shared.

      Fingers crossed for the chance to own a piece of Phish history! 🤞

    70. Hamz kaz

      Hi I really like the art piece as it gives a unique feel and feeling when looking at it and would love nothing more then to have your poster with all it’s Easter eggs hidden and my marker from this amazing 7 night run I was sadly unable to secure at the early merch. I’m fairly new to art and this would be an amazing starter piece. Thank you for the amazing art!

    71. Mohammed Islam

      All I can say to this is jaw dropping. This will definitely be that vibrant peace I need to liven up the board games room. Absolutely remarkable what one can do with imagination and emotions.

    72. Olivier Kawalec

      Would LOVE to put this in my living room to excuberate the place! This poster definitely would stand out and become a great talking point whenever I have my friends and family around

    73. George Piekarczyk

      Thank you for the opportunity to purchase one of these amazing prints. I’ve always admired your work from afar but haven’t been fast enough to get one.

      I think this poster evokes a strong sense of humanness through its artistic portrayal of the band’s performance, capturing the energy and connection between the musicians and their fans, whilst also encapsulating the band’s vibe and the concert’s atmosphere in a visually striking way.
      And would be a very meaningful memento to obtain of the concert experience.

    74. Philip Panis

      This poster to me symbolises this world with lots of people living completely different lives under one big umbrella. Everyone can create the same opportunity for themselves and you transform the fruit of this into material word. Different animals have different facial expressions and body language, you need to pick your own abundance and prosperity so you can flourish amongst other human beings on this planet. The real tool is your own thoughts and focus of your mind on real positive aspects and abundance in life, which will then show itself in major prosperity and success within your own being. This may seem like a circus and chaos from the outside but do not be fooled, this is a completely balanced state of things in this world, it’s only up to you to crack the scheme and start creating a better universe for yourself. I am a young artist and creator myself and this poster is super inspirational to me and I would love to put it up my wall in my studio. Thanks for reading and considering, wish you all have a blessed day. LOVE

    75. Adam Garbett

      As a lover of comic art, I absolutely adore this. It has notes of Gilbert Shelton and British artist Brendon McCarthty. Would be a joy to own one.

    76. Alex McNiven

      What a sick poster! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to buy one of these prints! The colour scheme is so bold and out there but I love that. I already have a spot saved for this in my living room and am already picturing it looking fantastic in there!

    77. William Nelson

      Your work is amazing. Would love to add one of these to my collection seeing that I missed it at the show.

    78. Bronwen jones

      The poster looks amazing and would love to have one up in my room!! hopefully I can get my hands on one! great showcase of talent from the artist. good luck everyone!

    79. Joshua Henry

      Thank you for the opportunity to add such a unique and vibrant piece of art to my collection. Beautiful piece, very vibrant.

    80. holly peace

      Giving such psych, trippy vibes, love it.

      The colours are just outstanding. The cat gives Fat Freddie’s a run for coolest cat rights.

    81. mo afifi

      Hey there! I’m super interested in purchasing a signed Phish MSG Poster. I’ve been a Phish fan for years and have seen them live multiple times, but never managed to get my hands on a signed piece of memorabilia. The art on these posters is always amazing and having one that’s signed would be the cherry on top. Thanks for the opportunity

    82. Aman

      Been a huge fan of Phish through my father, and I love this piece of art. It would be a great gift for my father in which he would cherish very highly.

    83. Seth Blakeman

      This piece is incredible! Please give me the opportunity to purchase this piece for my collection.

      I am a genuine deadhead and I forever love phish!!!!!

    84. Skyler DeArrastia

      This poster is incredible, it would fit great with my other jam band posters! I hope I win!!!

    85. Tiff Jo

      Wow thank you for this second opportunity, what a gift your art is to our world! There’s so much to love about this print. You’ve depicted “see the zoo” perfectly. The elephant’s eyes take me through such a range of emotions it reminds me of how interconnected we all are. Animals are one of the windows into the soul, and a reflection to not take life too seriously. Hahahaha

    86. Jason doine

      Oh gnomes and Marq this poster is epic. Pbbbbbllllllllleeeeeassssse Eddie! (as Rodger Rabbit complete with a kiss) love y’all.

    87. Alex Iatsuknov

      Will go well in my art collection, will add a unique and vibrant piece of art to my space.

    88. Paul kennard

      Amazing art work the way the f clout and patterns flow together to create an extraordinary art piece. will br very satisfied if i was take to have an opportunity to have one .

    89. Paul kennard

      Amazing art work the way the f clout and patterns flow together to create an extraordinary art piece. will br very satisfied if i was take to have an opportunity to have one .

    90. jack williams

      I’m absolutely captivated by the PHISH poster from MSG! The style of art is a stunning fusion of intricate details and vibrant colors that create a mesmerizing visual experience. The way the artist has captured the essence of PHISH’s music and energy is truly remarkable. The colors seem to dance and flow, just like the music itself. I’m particularly drawn to how the poster manages to convey both the excitement of a live concert and the depth of the band’s musicality. It’s a true masterpiece that I’d be thrilled to have as a cherished part of my collection. The interplay of warm and cool tones adds a dynamic contrast that mirrors the ebb and flow of PHISH’s jams. This poster is not just art; it’s a celebration of the band’s artistry, and I can’t wait to make it a part of my space to be reminded of the magic that is PHISH every day! 🎶🎨🐠 #PHISHPoster #MSG #ArtistryInMusic

    91. helen

      I’m particularly enamoured by how the poster beautifully balances complexity with a certain level of simplicity, much like PHISH’s music itself. The way the colors blend and flow together is reminiscent of the band’s seamless transitions between different musical motifs. This poster would not just be a decoration, but a constant source of inspiration and a reminder of the incredible musical journey that PHISH takes us on. I can already imagine it becoming a conversation starter and a cherished piece in my collection

    92. Jack Newman

      My wife is a massive fan and with her birthday just around the corner it would get me in the good books!

    93. Jamie Newman


      Log time Phish phan and printer collector of all shows I have been too as well as none concert art. I had the pleasure of attending many Phish this summer was absolutely captivated by the vibrant energy and musical journey they took the audience on. As a huge fan of both their music and the artistic expressions that surround their shows, I was excited to learn about your art print inspired by the band. I am glad you were brought back into the mix to create this amazing print.

      Your ability to capture the essence of the Phish experience through your art truly caught my attention. The way you blend colors, movement, and emotion in your work resonates deeply with the feelings evoked during the concert. I am particularly drawn to all the detail, fascial expressions on everything (lol) and hidden messages throughout!!

      I believe that art has the power to prolong the magic of live events, and your print has certainly managed to do just that. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with fellow phans of both Phish and fine art. I look forward to your response and the possibility of bringing a piece of the concert’s enchantment into my own space.

      Kind regards,

    94. Moe K

      Man I can’t wait to hit my first show at msg this would be a great reminder of the wonderful time I will have there! 🙂

    95. Phil

      What a beautiful piece of art for a band that has redefined music and live music especially at such an iconic venue. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase such a beautiful piece of art that pays homage to Phish + MSG

    96. William Paolino

      One of my favorite phish prints! Would go perfectly with my brothers print.. love your work! Thanks 🙏🏻

    97. Mackenzie Guy

      This art piece goes perfect with my existing pieces, I love the pop of colours used by the artisit and the originality of the work. This is certainly a stand out piece and would be an honour to purchase

    98. Thomas Coyle

      To have something this electric hanging up in my house would really send lightening bolts to any room it was in.. added colour is what my life is lacking this is the solution to the problem I can only admire how a particular bit of work came to such a bright mind I hope I can get my hands on one !

    99. Manav Chakravarthy

      Wow, this artwork is truly captivating! I’m really drawn to the colours and the unique style. 😍 . As a huge fan of Phish, this piece resonates with my love for their music and creativity. I am so glad to see that this poster is available at such a reasonable price and would love the opportunity to purchase it.

    100. Alex Strygun

      I absolutely love the poster. This sure fits into my rare collectible posters. Thank you for the opportunity!


    101. Tatiana

      As a devoted Phish phan, I’m absolutely thrilled about the opportunity to participate in this purchasing selection lottery for the MSG Poster. The artwork is always a visual delight, and I can’t wait to see the creativity behind this one. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a chance to add this poster to my collection. Wishing everyone good luck and lots of positive Phish vibes! 🎶🎨🦐

    102. Jakub Murin

      i would like to add this poster to my wall to other art what im collecting, have few printed NFTs by Dmitri Cherniak, some local arts. This will fit my wall well.

    103. Ewan Roberts

      I won’t lie I have never heard of you before I seen this piece it’s beautiful it really is. I love to have this how do I pay?

    104. Adam Garbett

      What can I say…? I love Marq Spusta, I love animals, I love the colours, I love artwork and I love and adore this piece of work. Would be a honour to own one.

    105. Bruno Loughran

      Really want this to go alongside some of my other art pieces. I can only hope for the best .

    106. Satveer Khabra

      The colours used in this piece would make it a great addition in my room. Your are so lucky to get one hope fully i can get one too

    107. Omamode Sadiq

      Been collecting art for more than 5 years now and have been recently interested in vibrant colours and eye-catching art , this pieces speaks to me in more than one way, from the colours used to the way the artist expressed a very abstract view on the elephants and the circus, Hope to have this in my collection. Good luck everyone

    108. AJ Keirans

      Love the band and love your art. I haven’t been able to get a show poster in some time. Phish at MSG is a special show. Thanks for creating this. Hope I win but regardless – I love the art.

    1. Daniel Narain

      I love to collect your artwork! I went early to the MSG show on Thursday and got in line hoping to score a poster. I thought there was going to be enough but it ended up getting sold out just a few people in front of me! I was heart-broken so would much appreciate an opportunity to purchase one, thank you!

  2. Heath deininger

    Hello. I would love to add this poster to my collection! Had a blast at the shows and want to be able to commemorate the madness that ensued. Thanks for the opportunity

  3. David Mandelbaum

    Why did the best poster of the run drop after I left NYC? Colors and design are fantastic! Hoping this second chance to buy one works!!

  4. Jason Jelicks

    Love this print so much. Would absolutely love to add one to my collection. Shows were amazing. Best poster of the run. Looks amazing as usual.

    1. harry

      Wow, this PHISH poster from MSG is an absolute visual delight! The art style is so unique and captivating, with its intricate details that seem to draw you in deeper with every glance. The choice of colors is simply brilliant – the vibrant hues evoke the energy of a live PHISH performance while also managing to capture a sense of nostalgia and connection to their music

  5. Andrea Caplan

    Thank you for the chance to grab one! I have yet to own one of your prints, so 🤞🏼

    1. Adam shevins

      love to own this magnificent piece of art. I’m never at a show early enough to get any posters. Love your work and would love to have this hanging on the wall in my apartment. this would also be a suprise for my girlfriend! Msg runs are always special and would love to have this print to remind us of the good times! thank you!

  6. Bobby Botnick

    I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to add this piece to my Conscious Alliance Anniversary print and all my other Phish posters! It’s so beautiful – I normally don’t pursue posters from shows I haven’t attended, but I just couldn’t resist!

  7. Eric Spiewak

    Woo hoo! This was such a great Phish run. Please pick me! Either way, thanks for the great print.

  8. Amy Bacon

    Super excited about this beautiful piece of art. Love the band and artist. Been a Phan since 1996. Hope to be chosen.

    1. Dou Her

      This artwork summarizes my childhood growing up. My old guy would take my sister and I to shows and we would be on the road for weeks at a time. We had no agenda but just to see as much shows as we can. times are a little different nowadays. would love to have this poster to commerate my childhood growing up. thanks for your consideration! best of luck to all!

  9. Samuel Holcomb

    I really love this Print Marc, you crushed it. This was my Wife and I first show after getting married and it would be a special one for the wall. Thank you!

  10. Jay Kocyla

    I am a long term Phish fan, and rabid collector of the artwork they release for the shows I attend. I usually try my best to get them at the show, but was late for this one and missed it due to the demand. I would absolutely LOVE to own this one, I think the imagery is just killer. I am not looking to flip it, in fact, please feel free to write my name all over it to “ruin” it for anyone else!! Thank you so much for the opportunity!! ,#

  11. James Bryan

    this is Amazing! My love for Elephants and Phish! Thank you for the opportunity. I can tell you really put in deep thought in this masterpiece.

  12. Mark Mc

    Love love love this and Phish. Definitely interested if lucky enough to be picked please and thank you.

  13. Chad Flood

    It’s rare that you see a print that tastefully celebrates the history of both the band and the venue. This one succeeds on all levels! As an attendee of the full 7 night run who missed out on the print by a handful of people both nights I’d love to have this on the wall. Thanks for your consideration and art!

  14. Nicholas Degges

    yoo love the round room easter egg! was at this run and would love to get this framed on the wall. thanks so much!!

    1. cassey

      This PHISH poster from MSG is like a psychedelic kaleidoscope had a jam session with a neon paint factory, and I am absolutely here for it! 🌈🎨 The art style is like a visual remix of all the funky grooves and mind-bending solos that PHISH is known for. The colors are so vibrant that my eyeballs are throwing a dance party just from looking at it. If I hang this poster up, I’m pretty sure my walls will start dancing to “You Enjoy Myself” on their own

  15. Matt

    07/29 birthday show! Haven’t attended a birthday show in 20 years…would love to have a print to commemorate the day! Thanks!

  16. Patrick Brand

    Love this poster! I’ve been a phan for 28 years and these were my first MSG shows, which was so special. Would love to be able to hang this in my house! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Jon Blum

    Awesome piece of art… thank you for all you do… Sign me up please and fingers crossed.
    Amazing artist…incredible band… fantastic community.

  18. Nathan Donelson

    I’m trying to score one for a Christmas present for my buddy who was there! Good luck everyone!

  19. John Cudek

    I am in for this one! Let my spirit animal, the elephant, guide my Lottery Karma!
    Thank you for the color you add to the world Marq!

  20. George Muir

    Absolutely love this print Marc and would love it on the wall! Your triumphant return to the phish poster game is everything I wanted it to be but unfortunately I couldn’t snag one at the shows.

    I’m sure this comment will get lost in the mix but boy howdy do I want one of these things

  21. Ethan Norlander

    Fingers crossed I’m lucky enough to score this amazing print. Great work as always! Best of luck to all hoping to hit today’s lottery.

  22. Jordan Epstein

    I would absolutely love a chance to purchase – this is so beautiful, very well done sir!

  23. James Miles

    This is beautiful, and would look great framed next to my Deer Creek Dead Spusta from June!

  24. Scott Robinson

    I would love a shot to have one of these, amazing art, amazing time at the shows, I just wasn’t lucky enough to get one. Thank you so much.

  25. Eric Werner

    Hi Marq, I would absolutely LOVE for this to be my first Spusta print. Killer shows and killer print to match. Beautiful work, to be hung in its forever home. Thanks!

    1. Michael Inkrote

      I am Definitely interested in a chance at an AP edition of this piece of history. The Easter Eggs are too many to name and I would love to see it in person to enjoy each and every one of them. Thanks for the chance Marq and crew. ❤

  26. Edward

    I love pretty pictures so much. Just one more, please and thank you, then I will certainly have enough.

  27. Scott Mitchell

    Ive been a huge fan of both yourself and Phish. When these shows were announced I knew it was going to be special and to have your artwork associated with it was the perfect icing on the donut! I hope you continue to do some gig posters and I look forward to seeing where your artwork goes!

  28. Jeffrey Mikoda

    I would love to get one of these! I attended 5 of the shows that week at MSG but unfortunately not the weekday shows where this was originally sold. Pretty please, pick me!

  29. Brandon Sloane

    Could only go to N6 and 7 so missed a shot at these, but just THE quintessential MSG poster. 🤞🤞

  30. Jason

    Love this print. I would be grabbing this for a friend who recently took his son to their first Phish show! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Daniel Nalley

    I’m praying for a magic Monday! voted on ebeans! love all the song references. I got my phinger in the air so hoping the gnomes have my miracle +1. thank you so much Marq and the gnomes. scored a Double pack too!

  32. Michael Blume

    THIS is the print of the run! This is the one I want to commemorate my experience at MSG with, and sadly was not at the shows it was released at. This will be in my forever collection hanging proudly next to my other coveted prints!

  33. Jonathan Wright

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase the MSG poster……These were 7 magical nights and they truly are captured in the art and I would be honored to have this one hang next to my Providence print from 2010………..Thank you for your consideration!

  34. Alex Yankowsky

    Well it was just my bday 8/22 and I unfortunately spent it in the hospital so missed ny shows, would love this funky poster✌️❤️🙏. Phishing blues

  35. Kenneth Dennis

    I would love a copy please. Made 5/7 shows and would really be a fine add on to a great experience

  36. Noah Wilderman

    I just had a surgical medical procedure with anesthesia and set the alarm to enter this lotto before passing out. Priorities. Also, elephants are special to my family since I bought an elephant print 10 years ago and found out we were pregnant. Love this print!

  37. Justin Freidus

    Hi Marq! I posted this on the other thread but here it is again! I was able to get 2 nights of this incredible run but unfortunately couldn’t get out of work early enough to secure this fantastic print. The themes, colors and execution brings me right back to those 2 amazing nights and would love nothing more than to hang this on my wall to remember the great times and all the great dancing! Thanks so much for the amazing art! All the fingers crossed!

  38. Rion Ledford

    I would love to purchase one of these. This was easily the best print of the run. I was at the shows and missed out unfortunately. I want to actually put it on the wall and not flip it. I hope I get the chance to buy one thank you!

  39. Laura Zarka

    Love this print so much. Hope to be able to receive one to add it to the wall. This would frame out so great. Love all of the work you do. Keep it up. Thank you for everything you do.

  40. Jeff Marblestone

    Thank you for creating this beautiful piece of art. I would love to add this to my collection and hang next to your Merriweather Post and Providence posters from years past. Please and thank you 🙏

  41. Jade Holcomb

    My husband and I had an amazing time in Ny celebrating our marriage and missed getting in line to snag the print. Would be forever grateful if we’re selected. Thank you Marc

  42. Jonathon Oswalt

    Super interested! Perfect poster for my favorite band from
    My favorite artist. Congrats on a beautiful reunion with Phish!

  43. Andrew Desiderio

    Hi Marq,
    I greatly admire your work as an artist. This event was very special and would be a great way to commemorate the experience. I’d be grateful to have one of these posters as this would be the first of yours. Wishing you and your team all the best.

    1. Tim Yadeska

      would love the chance to snag this gem. grew up going to msg and this would be the crown jewel of my msg collection.

  44. Ryan Case

    My wife and I live in Brooklyn and went to these shows, and we just found out last week we are going to have to start decorating a nursery soon (hopefully), and we would love to have this up on the wall! Thank you, it’s beatiful!

    1. Paul M

      Absolutely love this Print, 7/30/2023 was my 20yr anniversary show of seeing Phish but none were being sold that night. I just gave my Pepperland to my best friend battling blaster cancer, the love that print radiates gaves him strength throughout recovery. Thank you for making that, alas result is I am left with a hole in my wall of art that this would fill perfectly, Please consider me for the lotto. Thank you 🙂

    2. Chris Stafford

      Such an immense talent. It would do my heart good to collect one of your pieces. Huge fan for quite a while but unlucky fan as well. Thank you for bringing this to the world. Thank you for your consideration.

  45. Justin Hataway

    As a human phan (and definitely not an elephant), I would love to buy this poster depicting my extended family! Oops, I mean… I would love to have this poster of elephants. For no particular reason. Again, I’m definitely human and not an elephant.

  46. Tyler

    My friends are actually the elephants that you drew for this poster. We’re not mad at all, we would just like a copy is all

  47. Matthew McKinney

    This was my first time at MSG for phish, would absolutely love to own this beautiful work!

  48. timothy parkes

    Would love to be chosen to get this poster! Missed it when i was MSG, and would love to remember this run and the year as a whole. Cheers and thank you in advance!

  49. CT

    Yes, please, enter me in the lotto. An amazing piece of art Marq. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  50. Tim Fogel

    Thanks a lot, I’ve been a fan for a long time of your work and I really dig this one!! It would be awesome if I could purchase one, thanks again!!

  51. Brendan Rhoads

    Wasn’t able to pick one up at the MSG shows but so appreciative of the opportunity to enter this lotto! Was my 10th phish show and multiple friends 1st show as well as first time going to MSG. By far the coolest of the prints released this summer. Best of luck to everyone!

  52. Mark Osleber

    My fiancé and I loved this print and waited on line for it but it sold out. The Secondary Market was too expensive and we didn’t wanna feed the flippers, anyway. Would love to show you a picture of this lovely piece above our fireplace! Thank You for the opportunity!

  53. Brian Davis

    Obsessed! Phish phan and NYC native that attended Ringling Bro/Barnum & Bailey at MSG as a kid. Such a fun piece!

    1. brian Davis

      Wait a minute. That’s my name and I went to the circus there as a kid. But I did not leave this comment! 🫤

  54. Mike Suchocki

    Hi Marq and Gnomes, I would love to get this work of art from you guys. I’ve been collecting Marq’s art for 14 years. I really wish I would have just bought one off ebay for $300 when they first appeared, but I did not. I love Phish, I go see them every chance I get when they are in my region. I love elephants, I love color, I love all of Marq’s characters and these elephants, colors, and the circus characters and theme. Please hook me up…I would love to display this in my home. I love all the fun papers Marq uses. Just looking at this image makes me happy.
    Thank you,
    Long time Phan and collector, Mike Suchocki

  55. Nicholas Bonnell

    Would love an opportunity to purchase this through the lottery. Was a few days late to the garden for this piece.

  56. Jonathan Delorey

    would love the opportunity to own this poster.. missed out while at MSG.
    Thanks for the consideration!!

  57. Jethro Felton

    There’s no let down in trying and not being chosen. It would suck not to try.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Let’s go phishin’!

  58. Min Kim

    I went to MSG to get the poster, but it was sold out just in front of me. I can’t miss this chance again! Much Appreciated!

  59. Erich Seipel

    Sign me up please! Greatly admire your work and it’s always a treat to have it be for a show I’ve attended.

  60. Michael Derczo

    Been seeing these guys at MSG since 1998. Would cherish your print as a memento for this legendary run. Appreciate all the album references and details. Love & Light Marq.

  61. Justin Henrich

    I really enjoy your work, I do not have a Phish poster from you yet and am hoping this is my opportunity to get one through the lottery. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do and I look forward to the lottery results.

  62. James Duval

    Love this poster and loved the run and this is my extreme interest in purchasing this poster so I can give it to a good friendn if I win. I was six people back in line at msg the first time and about ten people back the second attempt to buy him one when they ran out. Thanks for sharing your talent and passion over the years and this extra opportunity to own the poster. Love to all, end the fed and defund government, opt out and live.

  63. Michael Swanson

    This was my 1st ever run at MSG and these 2 nights I was on the floor and unfortunately didn’t have the chance to buy your beautiful art! Please allow me to hang this up on my wall!

  64. Justin Katrinak

    Would love to enter the lottery, missed out multiple time on getting this and cant afford EBay prices. Thank You,

    1. Jared Goldstein

      Good day! Well, I’m only human by birth, but that hasn’t affected my humanity that much😉. This poster is gorgeous and fun, and I’m grateful for the art you’ve shared, whether I’m one of the lucky ones to acquire this piece or not. My phandom for the Phab Phour and the world they’ve created with and for us is perhaps too cumbersome to put into words, but it’s laden to memories, gratitude and unbridled joy. Thank you for being a part of it with all of us. 🙏

  65. David Gildner

    I would love to be able to purchase this amazing piece of art. Please enter me into the lottery for this Spusta Masterpiece

  66. Tyler Gresh

    I would love this print as I was about 8 people away from snagging one at the shows. Ran upstairs and was 3 away from getting one there. Fingers crossed and THANK YOU for the opportunity!

  67. Craig Zawistowski

    I would love the opportunity to add this magical print to my Phish print collection, hopefully the lottery fairy pick me!!!!

  68. Michael DISabato

    One of my favorite prints of all time. The colors and references are amazing and it truly sums up “when the circus comes to town” in NYC!!!! Thanks for giving us all a chance in this lottery. YEAH BRO

  69. Jeremy Feigenbaum

    I would absolutely love the chance to purchase one of these. I was at all 7 nights, but sadly this one eluded me. An amazing print for an amazing run, thank you for taking the time to read this and consider me!

  70. Chad Parker

    I would absolutely love to have one of these beautiful prints. Your artwork is absolutely amazing and would love to add to my collection of your prints. Thank you sir!!!

  71. Joey Gallagher

    Thank you for doing this. I would like to be entered in to the lottery for this beautiful print. I am not a flipper and if I get one, it will be on our wall forever. Hope you are having a great day and looking forward to seeing more great artwork from you in the future. Fandom stuff, my wife and I have been seeing Phish since the mid 90’s but what is even more special is that we use concerts and events as excuses to get together friends and family. It is so special to be at a concert with childhood friends and have their children be at the shows with us.

  72. Dan Field

    I am interested in purchasing. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase this amazing piece of art!

  73. Scott Sandler

    Love this print and all its Phishy Easter Eggs, especially the Gumbo mouse…this will look great next to my Ghost of the Forest print from the Greek in LA…Thanks!!!

  74. Logan Milligan

    Such a magical time.. was simply in awe the entire run. Tried to snag a print at the show but I guess you could say…. Guy Forget! Here’s hoping. Thanks Marq! ❤️

  75. Andrew John Farrimond

    Fingers, toes, arms, legs, and everything else crossed for the chance at one of these beauties! Thanks Marq and the gnomes, as always!

  76. Crystal Robinson

    Thank you for the effort you are putting into making this as fair as possible for all of us that are enamored with this poster.

  77. Thaddeus

    This poster has it all!
    Glad its also one of my favorite bands!

    please please give me a chance,
    and a poster 😉

    Great work!

  78. Mike Fischer

    100% need this print to add to the wall and not sit in a flat file! Love MSG and this was the best print of the bunch! Thank you!

  79. Kyle Van Wagoner

    This has to be one of my all time favorite Phish prints. To me it’s an instant classic print with all the hidden Easter eggs involved too. So so so happy Phish (Julia) gave you the opportunity again to make another spectacular Poster. You definitely killed it and would love to see it some
    Day up on my wall. Awesome work again!! Keep it up!

    1. Ian Michael

      I mean, it could be a bit more colourful. Just kidding, have the Madison Square Garden poster from 2019 which I just adore. Good luck everyone, hope they go to the right audience.

  80. Jesse Blackburn

    Looking to me this my phirst Spusta! Was definitely the best poster or the run and maybe for the year! Thank you for the opportunity to get this one on my wall!

  81. Zac Threatt

    I was thrilled to see Marq do a much overdue phish print! Two of my favorite artists! The print itself did not disappoint.
    I’d love to get this to framed for my wife who was at the shows and is equally as big of a fan of Marq and Phish as I am! Thanks for the opportunity

  82. Anthony Little

    This print is so amazing in every way. I was at both weekends of the msg run but couldn’t swing the mid week shows when this released. Know that it will end up on my wall if I get one!! Thanks for the chance!

  83. Philip Craft

    Hello Marq,
    I would like to enter into the raffle for this MSG piece. It will be a great addition to the other Spusta and Phish art on my walls. Thank you for opening this up and giving me a second chance at grabbing this.

  84. Andrew Warner

    I was at MSG for this run and missed out on getting one at the venue. I am a huge fan of the circus especially the history and how it relates to MSG. Thank you for your consideration.

  85. Frank Rosalia


    Definitely interested in being entered into the lottery for one of these. Was in the preshow merch line before Night 6 and they ran out with only one person in front of me. It’s unfortunate because I saw a bunch of the usual poster hoarders cutting back into the line when they would let waves of people into the MSG lobby. I love the art on this poster and was hoping to get one as representative of the 10 shows I went to this summer tour. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Frank Rosalia

  86. Solomon Hay

    One of my favorite artists doing a print for one of my favorite bands! Love all the hidden references to Phish and their past. Hoping to add one of these to the collection! Thank you for your beautiful art!!!

  87. Leandro Levinson

    I’d love a shot at this print please! Sign me up, Phish is the soundtrack of my life and this print is so spectacular! Really one of the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you!

  88. Ben Bowen

    Hey Marq!

    Huge fan of your work!
    My girlfriend and I would love to be the proud owner of one of these beautiful prints as the 4th & the 5th of August were the first time we made it to MSG and NYC! Even though we’ve seen Phish upwards of 50 times!
    I own a few of your Umphrey’s prints with my favorite being the green variant of the Halloween 2013 Riverside run but I have yet to get my hands on one your Phish prints! If I end up winning I’ll be hanging these 2 next to each other because I think they would contrast each other very nicely!

    Also if you have a spare Summer Camp print from 2010 let me know because I’ve been searching for that one for years! lol

    Much Obliged!
    – Ben Bowen

  89. Gary R Engel

    Thanks for the art, whether or not I get selected it has already brought me and countless others so much joy. Well done.

  90. Matthew J Steinberg

    Been seeing Phish since the 90s, went to the first of the 3 MSG shows on this run and collecting art my whole adult life. This is not only my favorite Phish print of all time but perhaps one of my favorite Spusta’s ever. Thanks for the shot at the lotto!! And whatever you do, take care of your shoes 🙂

    1. Young Park

      Incredible piece. I love artwork that makes me smile when I take a look. Would love to have this in my room to make my day a bit brighter each day :). Thank you for making amazing art, looking foward to what’s next!

  91. Eric Chavarria

    This is an impressive poster! Major props with creating it as the detail and colors are astounding! I am interested in purchasing this poster.

  92. Josh Bunney

    I believe my love of Phish can best be expressed in a Haiku.

    Phish is loved by some
    The rest I do not know Why
    Misses out on Life

  93. Shawn Connolly

    I absolutely love this Poster good sir! It really was the 7 night circus at MSG this year. I got 5/7 of the shows and would love this poster to commemorate that experience! Thanks for all you do and I hope these all find beautiful homes where they’ll be a happy reminder of a great week in NYC!

  94. Glenn sousa

    Heyy! I waited in line 4 times to watch it sell out in front of me each time. Twice on 8/1 and twice on 8/2. Would love to add this poster to my collection on the wall! Thank you!waited in line for pre sale and again at the merch tables

  95. Brian

    What a great run. There were 5 other friends I went with as we realized we had never all been together at the same show. After my brother passed back in November, this became a priority and am so glad we made it happen. And I’m so glad you’re back doing art for Phish. Love all the references that made my 97th and 98th shows feel even more special.

  96. Kyle Fisher

    I Fell in love with this art at the MSG shows. Really hoping I can get my hands on one! Thanks for giving everyone another potential opportunity to get one

  97. Daniel Balch

    I would love to get one of these. It was my first time ever going to see shows of any kind at the Garden! This would be very special to me, and I’m in love with the poster. I couldn’t snag one while there unfortunately.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity,

    Daniel Balch

  98. Dennis Scholl

    Absolutely love you work and have been a collector for a long time. I’m a massive phish head and once my Trey in the bathroom at Newark airport. He had penny loafers on lol simply amazing. Also love the Easter eggs in this one. Thanks as always Sir Spusta

  99. John Baldwin

    Love this print
    magical run with the wooks at the garden. The carnival vibe here is so phishy

  100. Thomas Dobson

    Hello, i am interested in purchasing this print because i attended the first three shows (July) but these were not available at MSG until the August shows. Thank you!

  101. Mitch

    I may be a human phan but the red elephant on the left was my spirit animal while I danced in the round room last month.

    I’m missing the Cali coast right now but have some brews on the way and hopefully a print to follow. Be well Marq.

  102. Max Alter

    Graduated college last year and decided to hit damn near all of summer tour as a treat to welcome myself to adulthood! Did the entire MSG 7, including my 40th show and my girlfriend’s 5th show. Would love, love, LOVE to have this print to throw it up in our living room one day and tell our family about the memories we made at this run. Thanks, as always, for the continued hard work and exceptional product!

  103. Joe Chiodo

    As a big Spusta Fan, I been waiting for ever to get a print for my favorite band and a show I was at. Please Grace me mighty gnomes!

  104. Tom Roberts

    You’re an incredible artist and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to purchase a piece of your art from a run of music I found equally as impressive! I had a wonderful time with friends and family during this MSG run and I’d be proud to display this piece on my walls! Thanks, Marq and team!

  105. Thomas Mencaccini

    Hey I would love nothing more then to have your poster with all it’s Easter eggs hidden and my marker from this amazing 7 night run I was unfortunately not able to secure at the early merch and would be so grateful for this opportunity to purchase this beautiful piece of art to go on my wall for all the memories sincerely – tommyboy 🙏

  106. Nico Reginelli

    Attended the last two nights of the run so I didn’t have a chance to pick one up at the show. Would love a chance at one of these beautiful prints so sign me up! Thanks!

  107. Tim Moody

    Looking forward to this anticipated release, what an amazing job on this poster. Cant wait to hang it in my office.

  108. Hightime

    Such an amazing piece! Somehow captures the sometimes overwhelming energy and emotion of being with phrends and phreaking out during an intense musically driven celebration! This one is special, and I would be honored to have it on my wall someday, thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Rob Travieso

    This will be my first piece if selected. it will fill a space in my hallway if I am worthy. Thank you

  110. Hoan Nguyen

    Hello! Would love to purchase this piece for my collection, big fan and looking to continue to support 😀

  111. Thaddeus Jabzanka

    Please help me out the Phan in elephant. These majestic mammals with their umbrellas ☔️ really fit nicely into the theme of this poster “drop”. They do look like they’ve put junk in their trunk but the contentment is clear. Thanks for the opportunity 🙏

  112. Ryan T

    Beautiful poster here Marq! I have your 2010 High Sierra Music Festival framed in my office, and this is my favorite print you have done since that amazing piece. I’d love to have a copy to frame next to it! Thank you for the chance!

  113. Kevin Ma

    Ah, this artwork is truly captivating, my friend. The seven-night spectacle at MSG this year was nothing short of a masterpiece, reminiscent of classical art symposiums. I had the pleasure of attending some of the performances. I’d be honored to acquire this piece as a testament to that memorable week in the heart of New York. Your contributions to the art world are invaluable.

  114. Ian Zigel

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. Absolutely loved this poster and the stellar run of shows it commemorates. Really love the little details like the tiny purple humpback whale, so many Easter eggs for us phans. Thank you for considering!

  115. Glen Jelicks

    Love everything about this poster. Was at the show with my son. We had an amazing time. This poster would be perfect to get framed and hang on the wall. This poster is fantastic and needs to be framed to let everyone see how spectacular it really is. Phish and Spusta got the win. Thank you for a chance to own this amazing piece of art.

  116. Zachary Miller

    This is the best Phish poster I’ve ever seen! Please allow me to send you my mo way for one. Thanks so much!

  117. Tim

    I went to all 7 shows and am a huge fan of your work. I would really love one to hang on my wall. I went to the circus as a kid at MSG so the theme is really awesome!

  118. Anand Desai

    I would so love the opportunity to purchase this beautiful piece of art. What a fun weekend to bookmark with this print!

  119. Mic Lipp

    Long time collector. Phirst show, Alpine 98. Last show, Dicks last year…. Next show, THIS THURSDAY!
    I cut way back on buying art, but this is a must have. The colors, all the creatures, so much to look at. I have yet to hit a lotto, maybe this will be the one….
    See you phuckers at Dicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Chris

    Hey Marq. I’ve been seeing Phish since 1992 but only recently got into concert posters this past tour. I was at 3 out of the 7 MSG shows and would love to add your overly impressive poster to my new, growing collection! Thanks for reading.

  121. Charley Wellman

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to purchase this print! Always super Fuego!!!

  122. Nick Argenas

    Would absolutely love to have this on the wall to commemorate my first MSG experience.

    Beautiful work as always.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  123. Tim Schliftman

    Thanks for the opportunity. I have been going to MSG since I was a kid and this piece of art truly recognizes what that place embodies. It was such a great time at MSG and this work captures the joy of everyone being under one umbrella. The band has always said it’s one big community and this art shows we are one big family under one big umbrella, no matter what type of elephant we may be, hah! Enjoyed the weekend and the art, congrats to anyone who is able to get this print.

  124. Don Niven

    Would love one of these prints, 30 year Phish and long time Spusta fan. This and Marq’s Goose print are my favorite show prints of the year. +1 Please!!

  125. Aaron Fuska

    Been seein Phiish since 97”. Always love the art associated with this band. This piece is gorgeous and would love to own a copy. I was unable to make it to MSG for work reasons. All in all if I’m not picked that’s fine with me jjust knowing these are going to good people with a good home is all that matters. Thank you for your time.

  126. Roy Thompson

    had an absolute BLAST at the first 3 shows!!! thanks for the chance at this beautiful art!!!

  127. Joseph Burgio

    Amazing piece – enjoyed this run with my best friend and would love to commemorate the experience with this poster.

  128. Jeff Stover

    I’d love to be included for the lottery! It’s a great print. Keep up the amazing work.

  129. Marsha White

    This is beautiful. I would like to buy it for my son who loves the band. At first I didn’t understand his fandom but he shows me pictures of the community and it seems like “phun”. His girlfriend had me enter so hopefully one of us wins!

  130. Nasser LOUIZ

    Hi. Just getting this news got me excited as I found this poster sublime. Am I lucky enough? Love.

  131. Jake Lanigan

    My wife and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary at the shows in New York. This is our favorite print of the run and would love to have one on the wall for memories.

  132. Alan

    I’d love a chance to add this to my collection. Thanks once again for the opportunity Marq and Gnomes!

  133. Douglas Franc

    Marq. Thank you so much for the opportunity to purchase this print. I have been a fan of your art for many years. During this run, I was able to celebrate my 50th show in a row that Phish has played at MSG. I havent missed a show since nye 2011 at the garden. To commemorate this special run with the amazing people I had the pleasure of going with, coupled by IMO, one of the best pieces of Phish art ever would be amazing. Thank you again Marq!

  134. Eric White

    Absolutely love to see one of my favorite print artists working with one of my favorite bands once again, it had been way too long since the 2010 prints!! This new one takes things to a completely different level as well, the presentation and immense number of details and references is mind-blowing!

    Thanks for the chance!

  135. William Becker

    Quite simply, this is the best Phish print in years made by the best artist around! Please let me add this to my collection!

    This artwork in just amazing! The colors rock for a killer band! Thank you sooo much for the opportunity to get one of these without selling a kidney!

  136. David Neveux

    We were at MSG the first weekend and missed the opportunity to snag this incredible piece. We hoped to maybe snag one over the weekend at the Napa pop-up, but it was well worth the trip and the hang and we did not leave empty handed ☺️. We were stoked to see Marq backstage at Phil yesterday. More than anything we are SO ELATED to see Marq creating for Phish again, let’s hope to see more of his art in regular rotation. Thanks for the opportunity, keep crushing it ✌🏻💙⭕️🐘

  137. Josh Alecknavage

    My friend, my friend, he’s got some elephants!
    This would make a puuuuurfect gift to my wife for us to always think about these shows!

  138. Brandon Bucholz

    Interested in a chance to purchase this beautiful Phish print. I was lucky enough to catch one of these MSG shows but the show was the Sunday before this print was released. I’ve been lucky enough to get many great prints from the Spusta team including some fantastic TAB and Ghosts of the Forest but no Phish print yet. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  139. AnDrew Demberg

    When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day.
    When you’re a Jet let them do what they can, you’ve got brothers around your a family man.
    You’re never alone, you’re never disconnected.
    You’re home with your own, when company’s expected you’re well protected.
    Then you are set with a capital J which you’re never forget till they cart you away.
    When you’re a Jet, you stay a Jet!

    and when you get a spusta you frame it and put it on the wall!
    please enter me for the chance!

  140. Luke H

    Hoping to get lucky on this lotto! My wife and I made the trip out and caught night one and two so unfortunately didn’t get a chance to grab one in person. It was her second and third Phish show and would love to add this to our wall! We’ve got exposing the elder right when you open the front door and in this together in the hallway to our bedroom but unfortunately haven’t been able to catch one of your posters at shows we’ve attended except for one night of Furthur at the LA Greek (Zeus) when we were first dating! Would love to hang this one proudly next to it!

  141. Scott Meyer

    Love to add this because work to my walls. I know it would bring my kids joy to see it and a smile to my face everyday.


    I was at this show run. there’s nothing better than collecting an amazing poster by your favorite artist. You’ve done it again Spusta!

  143. Jeff Morris

    Phish + Spusta. How can it get any better? …maybe WSMP + Spusta? Maybe. Anywho, long time collector of minis, and anything related to Phish from the magical mind of Marq. Would be an honor to hang this next to our Providence ’10 and GOTF ’19 prints!

  144. Ben

    Love your work! Need to have a Phish poster to hang in my room. I’m hoping this is my opportunity to get one through the lottery. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do and best of luck to everyone in the lottery!

  145. Neal Luecking

    Marq – it’s been a pleasure knowing you all these years. From the work you when I was at Conscious Alliance to the overlap of friends over the years. Recently added your Goose SD poster to our wall as well! From
    Psychedelic frogs to elephants. Love them all. To date your remain the only person I have ever met that has the Damanhur book on their shelf…and your mom gave it you of all people. Cheers!

  146. Bob Nauman

    I flew from San Francisco to New York for all 7 shows and had an amazing time. A friend of mine from NYC was telling me that there are still huge animal pens from the old circus days under Madison Square Garden. Was this part of your inspiration? I’d love this poster to commemorate the adventure. Cheers!

  147. Tyler Dodd

    My first show was very special and id love the opportunity to commemorate it with this poster!

  148. Sara Symolon

    This is one of my favorite posters! I am a huge fan of elephants and was at the MSG run too. Thank you, I would love the opportunity to snag this and look back and remember that summer of fun. I really appreciate it!

  149. Scott

    I would love to purchase one of these prints. August 1,2,4,5 were my first shows at Madison square garden! I’ve been collecting posters for years and years and this would be the perfect addition!

  150. Nicole Nuzzo

    Just a couple of birds in the rain looking for more animals! Thank you for the opportunity Marq.

  151. Dave

    Would love to be considered for this. Went to 4 of the 7 MSG shows, including the nights where your poster was for sale but the lines were too crazy. This would be my first Spusta, would love to put it up next to my Welker 22 MSG.

  152. Steven Cha

    Going to see Phish for 3 days this October in Chicago. Thank you for hosting this lottery.

  153. Jeremy Dabrowski

    I would love to be able to grab one of these via the lottery as I only made it to the weekend shows and this is by far and away the best ph-print i have seen since columbus 2000!
    thank you marq for the chance to own this!!

    spusta for the win!!

  154. Nick Aquilino

    Was chasing Frankenstein and Page busted out the keytar on 8/2. Would love to have a poster from the show on my wall!! Thank you!!

  155. Josh Rotstein

    I am definitely interested in purchasing a poster if possible. Travelled from Canada to the shows and unfortunately could not obtain a print there. Shows were amazing though. This is my favourite of the many prints offered for the MSG run, love the seven elephants, and well as the cat and mouse – and the dark motif is terrific. Thank you!

  156. Jeremy bader

    I love this print! I was at the weekday shows and went in early to get your art. First day the guy in front of me got the last one. Second day I was 5 or 6 back when a guy got the last one. I was quite disappointed. The shows were awesome and phish turned me on to your art which is amazing! I would love to buy one of these from you!! Thanks for your consideration.

  157. Dave Doherty

    Thank you for this opportunity to own one of these amazing prints. This would be my first print from you, but hopefully not my last. If it helps my chances at all, I was at the shows these were released at. Ty again and good luck to everyone.

  158. Gary Smith

    Wow I appreciate the opportunity to get one these awesome prints. They sold out 2 people in front of me at MSG.

  159. Tyler collins

    Love this poster so much and would love to see it hanging on my wall! Went to 4 of the 7 shows at MSG and sad I missed out on this poster even with waiting in the early merch line 2 hours prior to the opening of the early merch. Bottom line is this is a great poster and best of the summer in my opinion. So many great references baked into this art! Please pick me!

  160. Matt Romanini

    This was a special run of shows for me- caught my 100th show during the run but also got to share the experience with my oldest childhood friend who I saw my first 35 shows with back in the 90’s. Also got to help show a more recent friend the awesomeness of MSG for their first shows there too. Old and new came together, just like the shows. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and this piece of art matches the sentimentality and would love to have this on my wall. Cheers and looking forward to the next one!

  161. Dave Utter

    I would like one please and thank you. I was lucky that a dear friend invited me to attend 8/4, my first MSG phish show and 2nd MSG show ever. I believe I could win this, thank you for the opportunity to be let down.

  162. Tyler

    I would absolutely love to be a proud owner of this beautiful poster. What a glorious work of art for the best band in the world! I’ve been a Phan since the mid 90’s when my camp counselor turned me onto Phish’s Hoist album and I haven’t looked back since. Thanks!

  163. Pat Dwyer

    Oh hi Marq!

    Was in attendance on Wednesday, first MSG show! This would look superb next to the few others of your prints that I own, Umphrey’s St. Louis 2017 and the ill-fated Umphrey’s Miami NYE 2021.

  164. Cole Werner

    Thank you so much for offering this print! I was at the show with my family, we loved it! Fingers crossed!

  165. Cameron Pratt

    Thank you for whipping up something soooo good for us here, Marq!
    Please add me to the lottery for one of these wonderful, whimsical prints.
    This MSG run was my first time seeing Phish at the Garden and I got to share the moments with family I rarely see anymore as we continue down the number line <3
    I'd love to frame this up at Furthur Frames here in Denver and add it to my favorite wall.
    Much love!

  166. Nick Wagner

    Would love this print! Miss out at the show. Appreciate you putting together a lottery for a second chance. Thanks!

  167. Joshua McElwain

    Would love to have the chance to grab one of these bad boys. First show I took my son to, been collecting and listening for years!

  168. Cody Deel

    An absolutely stunning representation of the circus that is Phish. You truly knocked this one out of the park, best print of the summer by far. I’d be smitten as a kitten to have this hanging on my wall!

  169. Rahil Javid

    This looks like a beautiful piece and I hope I will be lucky enough to win as this will be my first poster ever. Good luck to everyone else!

  170. Adam Freeman

    I’d love to be in the lottery Marq. Love my Spusta’s and had such a good time at my 4 shows that week. Would love to put this beauty up on the wall! Thank you.

  171. Wyatt Wilson

    Love this print, would love to have it on my wall. Good luck to everyone else! More marq ph prints please!

  172. Rob Stromberg

    Hi there!

    I’m no good at waxing poetic about how I should somehow be more deserving than Gaden, Mic, Tim, or Thaddeus. Just a regular guy and big fan who would love a chance to commemorate this monumental run with what I believe is the print of the run! I’d appreciate it greatly, but understand that we can’t all be winners. If it goes to someone else, I’m sure they’ll be super jazzed up and that’s cool too. Great job on this one and thanks for the opportunity!

  173. Peter Cordani

    I am entering this lotto for an opportunity to win in my opinion one of the best Phish posters off all time. In 2020 I was fortunate enough to attend The Brothers 50 at MSG and it was there I first discovered your art. Your poster for that show took my breathe away. I know this Phish poster would look great next to the Brothers one hanging in my bedroom. Thanks for the opportunity and for attempting to make sure these get into the hands of the real fans….Phish art is always so tough to acquire.

  174. Ana C

    I love this poster and have a spot picked out for it one of my daughter’s rooms! Thanks for the great work Marq.

  175. Maurice Parkins

    Acquiring a Phish Madison Square Garden poster offers numerous benefits. It captures the essence of iconic performances, serves as artistic decor, and triggers nostalgia if you attended the event. Limited edition status enhances its collectible value over time, and the poster acts as a conversation starter. Supporting both the band and artists, it provides a personal connection for fans and a unique gift idea. Plus, the poster preserves music history and contributes an artistic touch to your surroundings, making it a meaningful addition to any Phish enthusiast’s collection.

  176. Ashley Lam

    I am so grateful to have the chance to purchase your artwork, I love the grungy aura and colours used!

  177. Aaron Sickler

    Amazing work and was my favorite of the run. So glad I went to NYC and met so many great people. Fingers crossed I can get one.


    Absolutely love this art and all the detail you have put into it. The colors and elephants, all the animals and symbols to represent the 7 day run bring your imagination to life and am thankful for the opportunity to be apart of this lottery. This would get framed immediately and put in the nursery so my son can grow up looking at this and learn to appreciate not only your work, but of our phamily’s love of Phish. Thank you for bringing this art to the community and making so many people happy.

  179. Brett

    It would be great to have a Phish NY MSG Poster created by yourself to have framed next to my Phish New Years Eve NY MSG Poster.

  180. Andrew Steiner

    What a wonderful artistic expression for an amazing experience in New York City! I would be honored to hang this art in my home and gratefully request the opportunity to participate in this opportunity. Thanks Marc

    Andrew Steiner

  181. Will Lundberg

    I spent all seven nights on the floor for these shows. Trey rewrote my brain code. I would love an opportunity to purchase this. One of the best prints I’ve seen in a very long time. Thanks so much!
    Also, listen to the band Frogleg. They have a new album that just came out called “uncroaked” it’s over two hours of amazing original music. I’m just bringing that up because that goose poster you made, Should have been a frogleg poster. 😉

    Thanks again

  182. Jaxson

    This print gives me worldly outer experience vibes. Excited for Chicago! Thanks for the opportunity.

  183. Brianna Woods

    Thanks for creating this opportunity! My partner and I live for going to Phish shows and recently moved in together! Hanging this beautiful piece in our new home would be just the thing to make our space celebrate what we love.

  184. James Willmuth

    Would love to get this beautiful print for my permanent wall! Was at the first first weekend of yhe run only, so missed the chance a month ago. Pick me!

  185. Jackson F

    Hi Marq. Love your work as always, and especially this print, with all of the references and new details that I find every time I give it a look. Appreciate this opportunity, thank you.

  186. Alexander Schneider

    Long time Spusta fan first time commenter. This print will be perfect for our first child’s nursery right next to the jelly fish Syracuse print. Wife and I hit 4 of the 7 MSG shows but missed the weekday shows this dropped. This would be an amazing addition to the nursery gallery that would fill the room with love and light. Peace Marq and co and thank you for the opportunity

  187. Erik Zwick

    An incredible print to commemorate and amazing run of shows. Elephants have been my 7 year old daughter’s favorite animal for years. She also enjoys listening to Phish and other music with me. Would be honored to have this print hanging in our home. Thanks for the chance.

  188. Todd Stotts

    One of my favorite prints in a long time! Every time I look at it, I observe something new! The colors are absolutely incredible, and I would love the adventure of framing this! Pick me pretty pretty pleas!!!!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞 Thanks for all the things

    1. Kelly Abernathy

      This poster is amazing!!! I freakin’ love elephants!!!! I would adore an opportunity to buy it. 😀

  189. William Rhoades

    Thanks for considering me for one of these, have always loved your work. Peace and again thanks either way. Take care!

  190. Ron Epstein

    Aug 5th at MSG was my wife’s first Phish show, and sadly she had no shot at getting this print. Would love the chance to surprise her with this beautiful print framed on our wall when she comes home from work. Tremendous art Marq, if selected in this lotto we will cherish it forever. Thanks!

  191. Steven

    I would absolutely love to purchase this poster. I got into phish because of my dad. We’ve been to a few shows over the years. Would be a very special bday gift to get him this beautiful poster.

    Thanks for the opportunity

  192. Steve Levinson

    Would love a chance at this beauty. Have waited YEARS for Marq to bless us with another Phish print.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  193. Lily Mondell

    HI! My dad took me (i’m 14) to MSG for my 9th & 10th shows. We always try to get the posters, because it’s important to him. I’d love to get him this amazing poster.

  194. Sterling Diesel

    it’s Roggae, right? I absolutely love this print, hoping to score so I can frame it with some regular / uv lights around it

  195. Brian Kliemt

    Hey now !!!

    I would love to enter this lottery for such an amazing piece of art !!! I absolutely love the colors. Thank you for this opportunity. Love > light!

  196. Harry Nelson

    I would really appreciate the opportunity to purchase one of these. At the end of the day it’s a Phish MSG poster, who wouldn’t want that!

  197. Steve Yung

    One of my favorite pieces you’ve done thus far! Would love the opportunity to purchase it as I missed out at the shows. Much love!

  198. Stephanie Femiano

    This is my favorite Phish poster I’ve seen in years. I absolutely love the colors and all the references to the songs. I’m happy to just be in the running to maybe own this piece. Thanks for the opportunity!

  199. Eric

    I would love the opportunity to own one of these. I was only able to make it to the last two MSG shows and these were obviously long gone. I’ve been to 20 Phish shows at MSG, but haven’t purchased a poster from any of them yet. Let’s change that with this beauty!

  200. Chad

    Would love to purchase this print! This was the first show I’ve attended that you’ve done a print for so really hoping to get it on my wall. Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

  201. Kevin Powers

    Would love to add this gem to my modest collection. I went to 5 of the 7 MSG shows and never could get in early enough to snag a poster. Hoping the poster gods pull through for me on this snowball chance in hell lol

  202. Dan Berkowsky

    This past MSG run was one of the best, and your poster was by far the coolest of the run. I was at 5 out 7 shows, and it’s definitely one that I will never forget. Would love to get the opportunity to add your piece to my collection. Glad I was introduced to your art as well!

  203. JP

    I don’t want, I NEED a Spusta for my collection. The art and color scheme is insane.
    Looking at it everyday will evoke all the smiles for years and years.
    I dont have kids, but what if I offer to name my first born Marq?

  204. Paul O

    As a devoted fan of both art and MSG, I can’t help but feel a strong connection to this masterpiece. The way you’ve infused the colors and art style is beyond captivating. I can already envision it gracing a special spot in my living space, sparking conversations and admiration from everyone who sees it. Would love to be picked!!! <3

  205. Harry Rosado

    Would love to possess some work from you.

    I had fun on a few shows of the MSG run very serendipitous to have gotten in would love a poster that captures that Magic with a little bit of luck. Definitely a few nights to remember for a long time to come

    Sometimes I fail to keep tabs but I didn’t know you did work for Dinosaur Jr – I love that Farm album and I should’ve looked into the artist behind the cover art way back when.

  206. Kym Carlisle

    Thanks for the lotto Marq! We were at the shows at MSG, but they were sold out by the time we got there! Appreciate the opportunity to have a chance at grabbing a copy!


  207. Tyler Marcus

    I’ll be at the garden on the 1st to see them! Traveling all the way from Florida!!! Cant wait 🙂

  208. Nathan Groblewski

    Truly hoping I get lucky with this print! More shows under my belt than I can count, but I’m just starting the addiction of filling my office walls with show prints. Would absolutely love to have this be one of the first ones up! Thank you!

  209. Matt Warnke

    Good morning! Happy Monday, hope this finds you well and happy! This is my fave print, it’s the poster equivalent to a Derek Trucks sit in! Been a phan for 30 years now but just recently getting into the show art in the form of posters. Mostly because now I can afford one here and there! Phellow Wisco boy! Maybe I could send you an Erb’s and Gerbs sun from Menomonee with some curds?!? I would love love love to get this properly framed up and on display, just magic. Love your work, thank you so much for doing what you do!!

  210. Jason Tsay

    As a dedicated fan of this mesmerizing art, I can’t help but be excited about the chance to bring a piece of this magic into my collection. The intricate details and vibrant colors in the poster always manage to capture all eyes in such a unique way. Here’s to hoping for a lucky draw and the chance to own a true masterpiece!

  211. Craig Bishop

    Huge fan of Phish and Marq!!! Really hopeful I can scoop such a beautiful print for my wall! 🤞

  212. Amy Ruud

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase. Love all your work and the community you have built! 😁

  213. Eric Ripley

    I really love this print, and 8/4/23 was a special show for me. I spent it with my best friend from when I was growing up. It was also my first show back at seeing Phish since getting completely sober. Either way, I have always been a fan of your art work, but I believe this is the first show I’ve attended which you made the poster art for. please consider me.

    thank you

  214. Arielle M

    I’d love to be able to gift this to my partner. They’ve been taking care of me all summer after I sprained my ankle and I know this poster would be such an awesome token of my gratitude. They’re a huge fan of the artists so this lottery is a nice opportunity for me to attempt to share in that enjoyment 🙂

  215. Brent Weber

    I’m a long time fan of the band and a fairly new fan of your art. I’ve only been lucky enough to acquire 2 of your art prints in the last few years. Being a fan of Phish for the past 20 plus years and having an appreciation of your artistic style, I would really be beyond grateful to own one of these prints.

  216. Rupa Mitra

    Please also count me in for a chance at this stunning art- thank you for these wonderful lotteries!

  217. Justin Mace

    Give a man a fish feed him for a day teach a man how to fish and feed him for the rest of his life. Give me a fish and I will be the happiest man alive

  218. Megan Weirich

    Love your art and have for many years! To have your fave artist and fave band collab is wonderful!!! I had a blast in NYC and this would be the perfect commemorative poster to hang and relive those memories 🙂 thanks for your consideration!

  219. Brady Lattanzi

    This art piece is very inspirational and thought provoking! Would love to get my hands on a great piece like this.

  220. Devin pisca

    I was so excited to see you guys at MSG, and I would love to grab a copy of this painting!

  221. Andrew Brucker

    I would love a chance to get this beautiful piece. Been seeing Phish for years now and this MSG run got me to my 70th show.

  222. Deepesh Lakkaraju

    This poster would looks awesome in my room! Really love the colors it displays. Would be dope to win but if not, thanks for the opportunity!

  223. Michael Foley

    Yes please! I love your work and this run was the last run I was able to do with my buddy that’s no longer with us. I want to give this to his daughter with a pic of us in front of the lights. Thanks for considering!

  224. George A Williams

    This print is so sick. I’d love to have one to commemorate the 6 of 7 shows I saw there in July. Excellent work Marq, as always!

  225. Johnny Lobsta

    I would love an opportunity to hang this in my under water cave and show all the other Lobsta peoples what a spusta looks like!

  226. Ryan Skirboll

    Would love this print! Hit the entire MSG run and this would be a great way to commemorate on my wall. Thanks!

  227. Sam

    Hello from Washington DC! We are avid poster collectors and phish fans and were floored when we saw that you would be making a print for the run! We were lucky enough to be in attendance for the merriweather show in 2010 where you were the artist as well and would love this msg poster to accompany that on our wall. Thanks for the opportunity and all the best- Sam

  228. Joe Donadio

    hi marq! would love an opportunity to purchase this one after attending some the msg shows earlier this summer. thanks!

  229. Shane Carrillo

    Such an amazing print. Would love the chance to display proudly on my wall!! Thanks for the chance!

  230. Joseph Hall

    I would absolutely love to be able to purchase one of these gorgeous posters as I love the art, the artist and the animals depicted as well as the music it represents

  231. Holly Drezner

    would absolutely love to have this poster to frame and hang.
    thank you so very much for considering me!

  232. William chapman

    Hi Marq! I’d love the opportunity to own one of these! Would be my first lottery success!! I appreciate the opportunity! Thanks again sir!

  233. Steve Dickinson

    Yep, I am one of the many who wants to be in your lottery for your newest Phish poster. Great colors, I’d say your stuff is just getting better and better, but then I think of your Beatles Yellow sub poster and, I’d be wrong.

    Thanks and cheers,


  234. Erik Auerbach

    this is one of the most beautiful prints I’ve seen in many years. I unfortunately was not able to grab this one on time but would love to have it on the wall and know this would have a special meaning as my daughter LOVES elephants and had her first show recently.

    thank you so much for the chance.

  235. Cole Wattles

    Love the poster and would love the chance to have one. I really enjoyed reading about how you came up with the design and your inspiration. This would be a great print to commemorate my first msg shows and trip to NYC.

  236. Melissa Corbet

    Thanks for the chance to get this incredible image!

    Caught 2 of the shows but didn’t have a chance at the print.

    Have a beautiful day everyone

  237. Alex

    Love your work Marq, so bummed to have missed out on this at the shows! Would love this addition to my music room, as it matches perfectly! Not to mention this run commemorates my 100th show! 🤞

  238. Tyler Keller

    Such a beautiful print, easily the best one of the weekend. I’d be so damn happy if by some slim chance I got chosen here, this was my first time seeing Phish at MSG and it would mean the world to me if I got lucky and got chosen!!!🤞

  239. Kevin Mull

    Holy Smokes! What a Phun poster!! my favorite in a long time from any artist or any band. I would love to add this to my Spusta & Phish collection! 2 of my favorite things!

  240. Chris Buppert

    This poster takes us all to another world. Thank you for that! Would love to be part of the lottery. Good luck to me! 🍀 🐘 🎪

  241. Derek

    I would love soooo much to get this print. We were in line early at MSG and it sold out only a few people in front of us. Definitely my favorite Phish print of the year, and one of my favorites ever.

  242. Craig Bissonnette

    Another toss of the dice for a chance to score a sick Phish MSG gig print… Heck yeah, I’m in! Looking for 1 the hardway. C’mon, baby.. daddy needs a new Spusta for the wall!

    Always appreciate the opportunity!
    Be well & Rock on!

  243. Megan Fremming

    Hi! I’ve never been a t-shirt girl so I would get porters at the shoes I would attend. It’s gotten so much harder to get them so I usually have to wait for a lottery or artist release. You have always been one of my favorite artists and I have been waiting for a Spusta print for a show that I have been to for quite some time! I think the last one that I got and attended for one of your prints was MPP 2010! Was at shows on this run and would love one to commemorate the run! 🤞💖 🎶

  244. Joe Cubello

    I would really appreciate you choosing me for the opportunity to purchase this incredible piece of artwork! The first thing that caught my eye was the reference to Gumbo and the little mouse staring out of the window. I fell in love with your artwork when I first saw your Providence poster back in 2010, and have never had a chance to get a Phish print of yours since. I’m a longtime phan and have seen over 100 shows since 2009. Please choose me 🙂


  245. Elisa Allechant

    Hi Mark!

    I’m Elisa of Phish Radio. I’ve been admiring your work for years and waiting for you to have a poster at a run I attended. This is the one, but I had to go home for my daughter’s 18th birthday because parenting > phish

    This piece will live in a special spot where I will look at it while I am doing my shifts of Phish Radio. Please and thank you for your consideration and amazing work 💗

  246. Brett Mallinson

    001100111 hahaha jk just a little robot joke. We are human, I swear. Speaking of humans, we just had one 10 months ago. Her name is Millie Mae. So when the August 1st show came around, us parents needed a night out! We called upon the duties of grandma, then we hopped on a train from Jersey to MsG. We saw your poster drop on dry goods and thought, wow, that would go amazing framed up and in the nursery! We hopped on line when we arrived at the venue but unfortunately, it was sold out. We raged at the show, got on the last train home from the city and made it home just in time for little Millie Mae to wake up. It would be a beautiful reminder to have this for our nursery. Beautiful art, beautiful daughter, beautiful world

  247. Michael Bemer

    8/2 was my 100th show! Would love a shot at owning this poster. Thanks Marq and gnomes ❤️💙

  248. Scott Crist

    Hey Marq, I sent you a message this past Friday about my amazing birthday experience with Phish at MSG for 5 of the 7 nights. Beautiful work and thanks for offering this to the world! -scott

  249. Connor Gushen

    I have always wanted one of your prints! The fact that it’s MSG is even better! Hope you had a blast at Panic!

  250. Mike Monaco

    My wife has elephant pictures and figures all over the house and I told her no more. Please allow me an opportunity to tell her I was wrong and we need more elephant art on our walls. Keep being awesome Marq!

  251. Max Chernoff

    Thank you for considering me for this print! I had an amazing time visiting family and friends in NY during this run, including a first date at Friday’s show that went pretty well. Winning this lotto would be a pretty special way to commemorate the trip and bring back the memories every time I look at it on the wall.

  252. Ben B.

    When I saw how nice these looked in person on night 5, I was disappointed the last one sold right as I got to the front of the merch line. Fingers crossed.

  253. John Kushmerick

    Fingers crossed that I’m finally picked for the 1 print I absolutely need!!!!

    And man, that first set on 7/30 was killer!!!

    Thanks for the lotto!

  254. Geoffrey Bracken

    Thanks for the opportunity! This is by far my favorite phish print since 1.0. The sublte song/album references throughout the print are so well done. My wife and I have been searching for the perfect artwork for my son’s bedroom and this could not be more perfect. Thanks again for the opportunity and good luck to all the phanners out there!

  255. Sean Doyle

    Thanks for making such an amazing print for my all time favorite band. Love the color scheme and the circus feel! The last 3 years have been quite a “circus” at my house as we grew with a little girl and then a boy/girl twin combo. I can’t make it to as many shows as I once could but I was able to get to the garden on 8/1, but missed the print there. Love your work whether selected or not!

  256. daniel baum

    I have been collecting Spusta for years and this is by far the greatest of all Spusta’s please pick me

  257. Susan Blackburn

    I am SUPER interested in purchasing this Phish MSG Poster! The artwork is phenomal and the coloring is vibrant and alive!! The detail is so incredible – so many hidden visions within the overall masterpiece! Oh! Please! I want one!!

  258. Tim dormans

    You do amazing work and the Phish community really admire you for it. I’d love to display this piece in my home and talk about what an amazing experience the seven nights at MSG were. Thank you for all you do. I wish you would do more posters for the band we love.

  259. Henry

    The attention to details, the funkiness!! I gotta have it! Wishing luck to everyone on this amazing piece.



  261. Matt Salinsky

    It would make my year to fet considered for a lottery purchase of this poster. Best poster of the last decade. I would love the privilege to own this art.

      1. Scott Zaleski

        We want to give this to our close Phriends for their wedding gift!

        It’s love love its always love!

  262. Mike Gross

    This is (by far) the best poster of the tour! My fav part is the elephant in the upper right corner with the wide eyes and straight trunk. It brings a smile to my face each time I see it.

  263. Kevin Johnston

    As a phan, this piece of art is exquisite and screams “when the circus comes to town”. I am glad to see you create art for phish again! I would love to own this piece!

  264. Max Chernoff

    Thank you for considering me for this print! I had an amazing time visiting family and friends in NY during this run, including a first date at Friday’s show that went pretty well. Winning this lotto would be a pretty special way to commemorate the trip and bring back the memories every time I look at it on the wall.

    1. Max Chernoff

      Ugh, sorry did not mean to submit this twice. Had a wonky connection this AM, not scheming : /

  265. William W Bassett

    I am incredibly interested in adding this amazing Spusta design to my collection. Love Phish, Love Spusta, Love this community.

  266. Gerardo Rios

    I am intrigued by your fantastic work of art and key to detail you put into this poster. I love how all the animals are together and United as we humans need to come together to show true love to the world. Teamwork Is the dreamWork really speaks out to me and would love to make this Hard Work of art the center-piece of my house. Thank you for the opportunity to all of us. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Whoever gets this masterpiece you created really deserves it. Good Karma Only. Have a blessed day AlL

    1. Colleen Cherniack

      I absolutely love this poster and would love to have it as a memory to hang on my wall for my first MSG run with my husband! The run made up my 87, 88 & 89th shows and was able to check MSG off my bucket list! Truly hopeful to hang this in my basement next to my engagement show poster. my husband and I only buy posters for shows that have extra special meaning to us and then get them framed nicely for the house! Love your work, keep it up!

  267. Farrah Pomeroy

    Super excited for a possible chance at this print!! Ellies are my favorite and it would be the perfect addition to my very small collection. Either way, keep up the amazing work!!

  268. Zach Low

    My wife might kill me if I add another poster to the wall…hopefully I get the chance to find out !!!

  269. David

    Longtime lurker, first time comment-er. Hooman bekaws I spel things wrawng.

    Would love to frame this up in my office. Thank you for the consideration.

  270. Jay Sylvester

    YES YES YES! Absolutely YES! One of the best Phish posters by far! I’d love to have one for the walls of my house. I was only able to go to the weekend shows so I did not have an opportunity to scoop one then. Hopefully I can score one here. Amazing work. Nothing but love!

  271. Darren Gillman

    Found out we are pregnant right before the run and my cool wife told me to go have fun at the shows… Hoping to score one for my new baby girl’s room! Love the colors and circus vibe <3

    Thank you

  272. Scott Eichorn

    Checking in as Comment number 1,456,213. ;). You gotta be in it to win. Can’t stop looking at this print. Welcome back to Phish postering marq!

  273. Larissa Tashjian

    I had stumbled onto your Instagram cuz it came up as my suggested. Your artwork is absolutely wild and the color scheme just works! I’m from California, I don’t mind paying the obscene tax that our state injects upon us cuz it’s worth it, and am really hoping to get my hands on this cool artwork! My daughter is 8 and loves animals so this is an absolute plus. Good luck to everyone!!

  274. Bryan

    Hi Marq! I love your work! I have a bunch of your other prints (charlie brown, record store day, Phish Providence 2010) and this would look amazing next to those on my wall.

    Thanks for doing this!

  275. Sean Robare

    Was able to attend the July 29th show before you released the show editions This was my first big show since I recently got out of treatment and best poster of the runs hands-down. Thank you for this opportunity.

  276. Jason Kim

    The absolute dream to get this art piece is beyond me. I hope I will be able to buy this piece

  277. Jeremiah Lepp

    This piece looks great! Would love to add it to my collection. The vibrant colors definitely speak to me. Hopefully I can buy!

  278. Emre

    The colors remind me of the Spice bazaar in İstanbul, the elephants remind me of the circus Krone which was a highlight of my childhood. And when I look at the facial expressions I see how sad the world is, the poor and weak are exploited.
    The artwork has awakened in me a lot of emotions and I would be very grateful if I could purchase one of them.

  279. James Lillis

    Hello! I would love the opportunity to purchase this! I have long been a fan both of you and of Phish. Your incredible 2010 Merriweather print is framed on the wall of my office and I see it everyday. It gets so many comments, and I think this amazing MSG one would be a great companion! Thank you for your consideration!


  280. Nick deJanosi

    Would really appreciate winning one of these posters because I want to frame it and give to my nephew who I took to his first Phish show on night 6. We tried to get it before the show but to no avail. Grateful for your consideration in helping spread the joy that Phish brings to a younger generation! TY….

  281. Alex M

    Love your artwork and the poster would mean a great deal to me and my friend group. MSG was like a multi generational homecoming for a lot of us, and triggered memories of some others who aren’t with us anymore and I would be so honored to have a unique piece of it to treasure forever. Thank you for creating this art and sharing with us!

  282. Evan Schaule

    Hi! I am nearing 40 and was exposed to some new bands (Goose being one and my new favorite). That exposure led me to seeing people sprinting to merch lines. I wondered “what’s that all about?” …and boom Gig posters entered my life. That led to me digging in deep with specific artists. And that led me to Spusta!!! I feel so fortunate to be in a new stage in life and have found such a vast, new, beautiful appreciation for art and music. I’m so late to the game and wind up searching for artwork on the secondary market. I would love one of these to put on the wall! Thanks for the opportunity!

  283. Joshua Lipkin

    I would love to commemorate the trip to NYC for Phish at MSG with this amazingly beautiful piece of art. The shows were some of the best I’ve attended!

  284. Margot Hanwell

    Thanks for the opportunity to try to get your fantastic poster. I just love all the Phishy Easter eggs within the circus, and the colors (including the paper) are gorgeous! Grateful as I am that you are back in their poster artist rotation after such a long time off, I hope we don’t have such a long wait for the next one. This one is pure joy!

  285. Sajid Imam

    I would love the opportunity to be able to purchase this piece! Between the extravagant use of colors and the attention to detail in the artwork, this would look amazing in my room. I really hope I can get my hands on it!

  286. Steven lavalle

    Really looking to grab one of these beautiful posters from my 53rd! phish show . whenever I go to msg I feel like I am going to the circus and everytime there is always something new like elephants on a poster to make me feel that way . First time going to msg with y best friend of over 25 years was a most magical time and i was not able to get a poster . I would be so grateful to be able to hang one of these beauties on my wall

  287. David S

    So glad that you decided to do another PH poster. Providence and Merriweather are some of my favorites. Thanks for the opportunity!

  288. Swagata Biswas

    This artwork is awesome and I would LOVE to purchase a copy! Thank you so much for the opportunity

  289. Cal

    Wow ! I can imagine this in my dorm room! I would love to show this to my art friends as well. This style has so many interesting color combinations and shapes.

  290. Brennen Marasigan

    This would look crazy next to all my pieces in my room, I’m daydreaming about it already. Thank you for the chance to get such an exquisite piece of work.

  291. Dan Kaufman

    Love this poster and your work! Made it to 4 of the shows (including my first show with my 19 year old son) and struck out getting your print. My wall is begging for this!


  292. Kory brownlee

    very interested in this one.

    hopefully you will be be ” saying this one is for you” to this post

    -Wolfmans Cousin

  293. Kyle Simpson

    As a Canadian fan this would be a wonderful addition to my growing poster collection, absolutely stellar work on this one Marc!

  294. Mike Salvaggio

    Would love a chance to at purchasing this after Phish melted my face off at MSG on 8/05!

  295. Umair Sheikh

    This poster looks amazing, it’s a beautiful piece and would be a great gift for my best friend, who’s turning 20 in 2 weeks. He personally loves this style so I’d love to get the piece.

  296. justin

    Looking for a miracle! Phish has been one of my favorite bands since the 90’s. I would treasure this print, I thought we had seen the last of you working with the band. I would love to give it a forever home. Thanks for the consideration.

  297. Skip Whitman

    I would love an opportunity to purchase this as it was mine and my my fiancé’s first show together at MSG show and it was her 1st time stepping foot inside the mothership.

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art that has so many great references within. Thank you for sharing your vision(s) with us all.

  298. Kelly Leece

    This was my first run with my amazing girlfriend and I living together. We finally got to travel to and from our own home after years of long disaster meet ups at phish shows. This print needs to be framed and hung in our first place together to commemorate the occasion.

  299. David

    Amazing poster with great detail. the touch of detail on all the elephants is great. thank you for the chance of purchasing.

  300. Dave Madden

    Very interested in purchasing! Been seeing PHiSH for almost 30 years now and still blown away every time. This MSG run was no different, and your art in this poster so perfectly encapsulates the wonderful circus we all keep showing up for. Fingers and toes crossed for this one!!!

  301. Billy Colon

    Would love to have my first Spusta! My wife and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary on the 8/1 show! Thanks for doing a lottery system so all of us phans have a chance.

  302. Jeff Laughlin

    Huge fan of your work in general and absolutely LOVE this print (and Phish😃) to have this hanging on my wall. Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future!!!

  303. Emily Richardson

    I absolutely love the elephants and the use of the UV responsive ink. Kinda makes me think of hufflumps and woozles from. Winnie the Pooh or the drunken pink elephants from dumbo

    1. Jose F Silva

      beautiful print. loving the psychedelic color combinations that make everything flow together just perfect.

  304. Paddy Phelan

    I would love to be able to gift this incredible poster to my best friend. This was his 100th show and also his first show as a father. The poster is absolutely incredible, beautiful artwork and would be proudly displayed!

  305. Eric Scott

    Hey Marq. Would love the opportunity to purchase this poster as I was lucky enough to attend the final 2 nights of the MSG run. I don’t currently own any of your work but have been a long time admirer. Keep up the good work and hope you get the opportunity to do more Phish posters in the future. Cheers.

  306. Gabriel Lieman

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I 100% NEED THIS PIECE. Either from ebay after the sale or getting lucky enough to buy it for retail, I am 100% getting this for my home, yet my wife on the otherhand might not be so happy 😂. Great work Marq! Absolutely astonishing piece, unlike any other.

  307. Angel

    Art has the power to evoke emotions and stimulate thought, and I’m sure your work is no exception. It’s always great to see talented artists sharing their creations with the world and Its a great time to own one of you artwork and place it right on my gaming room wall!

  308. Jamal Byrd

    This is one of the most creative art pieces I’ve ever seen. I believe the expressions of the elephants represent different levels of happiness, or places in life, just like humans. We are all on different paths and at different stages. The variety of colors and added items in the picture help cultivate a full and dynamic piece of art.

  309. Val pal

    I would love to be entered into this lotto for this beautiful poster! Thanks so much 🤩🦄🛸🪩☘️☘️☘️☘️

  310. Brian T

    Thank you for making some of these available for the fans. Was in NY for a couple of the shows, just not the ones that this poster was sold at. Def my favorite of the run. Please put me in the lottery for a chance. Thanks!

  311. Jay M McIntyre

    would love to win my first spusta lottery with this beautiful print. amazing work. 🙏🙏🙏

  312. Hugh Thompson

    Good Morning,

    Thank you for the oppurtunity to dream of owning one of these wonderful prints. This run was my first with my fiance in the garden, and i would love to commermerate the occasison with your print. I have many prints, but this would be my first of yours. If it doesnt work out in my favor c’est la vie! Thank you once more

  313. Sienna

    This is the prettiest, most amazing piece ever!!! What a killer print to commemorate an epic MSG run!! This phan would be tickled pink and purple to own!!!

  314. Alex White

    Beautiful work as always! Would love to score a copy for my son’s room. He started kindergarten today, loves numbers, blocks, vibrant colors, animals and Phish! If selected and to further ensure no flipping here, would love a scribbled shout out to him (Asher) on it!

  315. Warren

    Awesome print commemorating awesome shows! Would love to have this beautiful art hanging as a reminder of the amazing time had at these shows!

  316. Russell Gibbs

    Missed out on one! My first show was in ‘96 and I don’t have any Spusta’s on my walls.

  317. Eric Wagner

    Love your work, and enjoyed the shows I attended of this run! Thank you for the opportunity and for this amazing piece!

  318. Chuck

    Incredible artwork Marq…These posters are like reading a book, love it! Made it to a couple of these shows would love to get this one, one of a kind. 🐠🐟🐳🐬🦈

  319. Dan Marra

    Looking at each and every animal and what they are doing is so time consuming. I would LOVE to have this poster so I can just see what each character is doing while I contemplate on my studies or doing my flashcards. I think my favorite is that tiny animal with an upside down car that is inside a balloon. Yeah, that one is very cool.

  320. Ryan Ayers

    I was late to the poster game and I’ll never get a Primus 2011 Madison print with Tweak the Fly, so this is the next best thing to hang in the living room in Wisconsin. Welcome back! Good luck everyone.

  321. Austin Smith

    Hi Marq, have tried to grab some of your prints in the past but struck out. I actually bought the Providence print but lost it at the show. But I digress.

    Would love the opportunity to purchase one of these. I ended up getting Covid after the first weekend and had to sit the rest of the week out. Was so bummed when they announced yours as the mid-week poster. Couldn’t bring myself to go stand on line and expose folks, figured I’d cross my fingers and toes for an AP if it ever materialized. EVERY time I see this print I just sing “When the Circus Comes to Town” one of my absolute favorite covers.

    Cheers, and keep on keeping on.

  322. Daniel Pio

    PLEASE pick me for this epic Phish poster! My nickname is Dumbo and I went to all seven shows at MSG and wasn’t able to get the poster at the show because it sold out the nights it was available. Hope to add this to my mini print collection!

  323. David ludeman

    Tremendous. That’s the word I would use to describe this fantastic phish poster. The amount of joy and excitement the entire poster community had when this dropped was something I hadn’t seen in a while. It was truly an epic moment. I would feel blessed beyond words to add this to my collection. I hope I get a chance. Thanks for the beautiful artwork that you create.

  324. Jason Novatt

    I’d love the right to purchase one of these posters. It was definitely my favorite from the MSG run. Keep up the good work!

  325. Jordan Carlson

    These shows were magical and your artwork exemplifies this ten fold! Thank you for brightening up the world with magic!

  326. Maria Frecia Abraham

    I love all the tiny little details and stories going on in this poster! I feel like I could look at it for over an hour and still find new things! the tinsy tiny donuts up top are a great add in and the poster within the poster…. amazing?

  327. Gina D’Urso

    Putting out the good vibes ✨ for everyone & myself who commented that we all may have good luck 🍀 in the lottery! 🫶🏻 ☮️

  328. Oskar Kane

    Thank you for giving Phans the opportunity to participate in a fair lottery selection process, so we can all have a chance to acquire this wonderful piece of art. Thank you for creating the art itself, I am grateful that such talented artists like yourself exist in our scene. This was my first experience at MSG, Phish or otherwise, and would be honored to commemorate it with your poster. I always loved the circus as a kid, it definitely felt like a zoo at MSG, in a good way 🙂 … Please enter my name into the lottery, have a wonderful day!

  329. Katina Simpson

    I really love the poster and i would love to buy it. It makes me think about my amazing time at The Garden!

  330. Derek Demarchi

    I would truly love to own this piece, my middle child abousoubly loves it as well.. So much detail and references, unbelievable as usual. I saw Phish for the first time New Yers run 98 at MSG we had tickets to 3 of the 4 shows, couldn’t score New Years. After those shows, I just wanted more. I truly fell in love with phish and went on tour in 99, one of the best times of my life.
    My favorite artist and one of my favorite bands together.. Thanks for the opportunity Marq and Gnomes

    When the circus comes to town

  331. Josh Haglund

    I’ve been a huge fan of your work ever since I first saw it. Marq, your creativity and artistic expression are truly beautiful and mind blowing! The opportunity to have a signed and numbered price of your work is an opportunity I can’t pass up and I hope and pray that I can get the chance to buy this incredible piece.

  332. James Simpson

    This art is so sick! it reminds me of Warhol but I also like the funkadelic colors that also remind me of vintage Grateful Dead bears. I would be honored to display this piece in my home!

  333. Pat

    Marq – I would absolutely love to have this beauty to frame and hang in my 3 year old’s bedroom. He’s a huge Spusta fan (rocks his squatchy t-shirt more often than I care to admit). Either way, thanks for all the beautiful art you’ve created over the years.

  334. Mike Nutter

    Awesome poster! Love the elephants and of course Phish! Hope I can win one of these for the vinyl room in the basement!

  335. C. Scott

    A friend got one of these and it’s absolutely stunning up close. So easy to get lost in the detail and color. LOVE. Anyhow, this would be an amazing way to remember the MSG shows. Grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and possibly secure one of these prints as a reminder of a glorious week. Cheers!

    1. Irving A

      Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing poster! You are one of my favorite artist and this poster is my favorite!!… I need it!! 🙏 ❤️

  336. Paul

    I recently did an audit of my flat file, and my 6 year old daughter helped me by giving ratings to everything. The 8s and 9s were super rare. She gave out no 10s.

    Then the day of show arrives and I show her the print and she says “Dad I love it! It’s a 10!” I couldn’t make it in time to grab it but would love it to frame for her room.

    Regardless I’m so happy to see you doing a phish print again. Keep up the good work

  337. James Huettig

    Love the simple but also complex style – tons of fun references too!. Definitely want this on my wall!

  338. Cindy Liu

    I love art, and this piece speaks to me. The details and how well the colors and figures go together amazes me. Would love to add this to my collection. At a glance, it seems like it is just elephants, but there are other figures on the elephants (e.g. birds, deer, etc.). I love how everything looks so interconnected. My favorite part is that each elephant is expressing a different emotion – seems like it’s going through phases of life. Anyways, would love to purchase this piece.

  339. David Sacquety

    This print is amazing! I love all of the Phish song references, and it is great to see Spusta draw another Phish print. Thank you.

  340. Mike Bannon

    Please!! I was at MSG for the first 3 nights but on a plane back to BC when this absolute gem dropped. I will custom frame this worthy beauty immediately.
    Great art, just great!

  341. Javier Aldair

    I love your artwork and the smallest details you include in your work. This piece really speaks to me in the way of how we help each other grow to become the best versions of ourselves. That being helpful not only benefits the other person but also benefiting your spiritual self. You get what you give, so always do good deeds and speak only good thoughts. There’s no place for negativity in a good samaritans heart. The animals really are a blessing to be living with as they bring happiness to our lives.

  342. Kyrylo Solovey

    This art piece looks amazing. I start college soon and it would look amazing in my dorm room. I’d love to own this piece

  343. Seth Goldman

    I would be honored to have this poster on my wall.
    Elephants never forget and this is one poster can’t get out of my mind. Trucks are up !!!
    I hope I am lucky like those Elephants

  344. Josh Hansen

    Love the he designs and colors. I’m a teacher and would love to have this hanging in my classroom. Beautiful design!

  345. Daksh Garg

    Wish me luck! Can’t believe I’m getting the opportunity to enter! I am SO stoked! Maybe my birthday will come early this year (haha)! Thanks!

  346. Emily Porter

    Thanks for the chance! My husband and I would love to have this poster to add to the other ( phish/ different artists) posters we have covering our walls. Unfortunately due to timing and work we missed the opportunity to purchase at the shows, but enjoyed the show and would love this reminder. Thanks for the chance!!

  347. Justin McCarthy

    Thanks for the opportunity to snag this awesome print, didn’t get a chance at it as I was only at the last two nights! Thank you.

  348. Joe Loftus

    By far the best phish gig print in recent times. I would love to have this print on my wall!!

  349. Dan

    Had a blast at the mid-week MSG shows. Would love to add this piece to the collection but unfortunately, couldn’t make it up in time early those days to get one.

    Best of Luck Everyone!

    1. Mari Macias

      Would love to have this piece of art in my home. That whole MSG experience was an unforgettable one since I took my whole family!!

  350. Carlos

    Holy Blankenstein this print is beautiful!! Must clear my mind and hope for the best. Thanks for the chance Marq!

  351. Hunter Loveridge

    I have been collecting art pieces lately and would love to add this one to my growing collection for my first home!!

  352. jennifer saner

    Very much hoping to gift this to my Husband for our Anniversary show! Great shows, great poster!

  353. Ricardo Marin

    Definitely love this and I know my brother would love it as well. He was the one to help me through my dark times after coming back from deployment and I would love to be able to gift him this beautiful piece for his birthday coming up in October.

  354. AmeerK

    The intricate details and vibrant colors make it a unique collector’s item that any Phish fan would cherishI hope to win this poster for myself and share it with the family. Good luck, and may the lottery odds be in your favor! 🍀

  355. Charlie M.

    I was amazed by this print from the start. The circus is the place for me and I’d love the opportunity to have this on my wall. Historic run for a historic band, this would be the icing on the cake 🎂🐘

  356. Matthew Popovich

    I’d love one of these prints. I was at the first 3days of msg and this wasn’t available until the 4th. pretty please.

  357. Katie Brown-Heinecken

    So grateful for the opportunity to throw my name in the ring for this print! I did all 7 at the garden and the poster sold out while I was still n line, a couple times. I am lucky enough to own two birds and their egg and a few minis, and I loved your drawing lives during those dark pandemic days, Marq. Sending love from Vermont and GOOD LUCK everyone!!! Also, if I don’t get picked I nominate fellow working mama Janelle Jancaric, who was ahead of me in line. Of course I hope we both get one! Thank you so much!!! xoxo Katie Brown-Heinecken

  358. Bradley Welshimer

    So grateful to see you so another one for Phish, it’s been to long ,
    I’m just a middle aged WOOK trying to land the best one imo from this sensational MSG Run , not quite the bakers dozen EPIC, but quite Epic in its own right !!
    Thanks for the opportunity sir

  359. Cheryl Berman

    Loving this print, and loved the run! What an awesome piece of art! Please add me to the lotto for this print. We have a spot on the wall just waiting for this beauty! Thank you! 🙂

  360. Andrew Ledbetter

    first and foremost this is an amazing piece of art work. I felt like like the cat poster nutbag riding the elephant through this whole run of 7 shows, just no harpua which is OK I’ve seen it a handful of times. but what we did get is alot of bubbles, one bubble in particular popped wide open..🤯🥳🙀 this print would forever encompass my journey through space and time at msg. An elephant never forgets, neither will I. add me to the list!

  361. Sekwohn Grondin

    This looks amazing! I love that it has like dr Seuss vibes but also so unique. I’m a huge Yankee fan so love that it’s got MSG New York on there. Really hope I can win!!

  362. Joe Murray

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase this incredible piece from one of my favorite artists for one of my favorite bands!

  363. Jonathan Coma

    Yuuuuuge fan and I would love to have one of these amazing prints to commemorate the shows and the Covid infection that followed them. Good luck, everyone!

  364. Sam Smith

    Absolutely beautiful poster! Would love to chuck it up on the wall in my den, i’ve already got the lights to match (some pretty trippy leds). Hopefully you give me the chance❤️

  365. Anthony Spina

    It’s only an experience if you can bring someone along! Did all 7 shows at MSG and missed out on the poster . Please Marq!

  366. Charlie Horne

    Hey Marq

    Would love the opportunity to purchase the print, I was at the show with my girlfriend and would be thrilled to add to my collection. Fingers crossed….


  367. Anthony Lovera

    This piece is absolutely stunning! I LOVE IT!!! he colors are just gorgeous, I would love the opportunity to purchase it and hang it in my home.

  368. Richard Galaviz

    Such a wicked piece! Would love to add this to the collection. Fingers crossed 🤞🙂

  369. Richard

    Love the print. Went to 8/4-5 as a wedding anniversary celebration (8/6 aka Phish day in NYC). Would gladly purchase one and frame it immediately!

  370. eric ramos

    I have been purchasing spusta prints for the past few years. Have yet to be able to get any of the band prints unfortunately. These would look killer on my spusta wall (yes i have an entire wall dedicated to spusta artwork). Saw Phish last year for the fifth time, don’t have any band posters from them but would love to start with a spusta piece!

    1. Armando Gomez

      The entire piece is amazing I love the colors and the entire vibe it gives on this would be a great conversation piece to share with guest.

  371. Janelle Witters

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing poster!
    The artwork and animals tear at the heart strings. One of the best prints in long while and hope I am fortunate enough to snag one!

  372. Ryan Cafaro

    Would love the opportunity to add this to my collection! Best piece of the tour and love your work.
    Keeping doing your thing and I’ll keep adding! Much love

  373. Alex Bencak

    I’ve been a metalhead most of my life. It certainly wasn’t “just a phase” and has helped release that angst bottled up inside myself. But there’s certain artists outside the genre that speak to me and bring me much needed peace in a way metal can’t – Phish is one of those bands. I’ve never had the chance to see them live, but it’s certainly a goal of mine, and I admire the amazing artwork that people create around them. Your poster is so vibrant and whimsical, it makes me want to jam Rift and just stare at your artwork, take it all in, and just live in the moment without a care in the world.

    Thanks for the opportunity, Marq!

  374. Matt Gagnon

    This is an amazing print that struck me the moment I saw it on Phish’s Instagram. The MSG shows were a ton of fun this summer and a print like this only adds to the lore. Thanks for your contribution, I hope to see more of your work in the near future. This would immediately make my wall. Thank you!

  375. Troy Clayton

    Blew off the 2 weekday shows to hang w/ our kiddo but she chose to hang w/ her cousins instead – gave up our tickets and rooms and missed the opportunity to grab this amazing print – Elephants are my spirt animal so I’m gonna need this 🙂

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  376. Jamie Farley

    Phish is my band and this poster I waited in line for and couldn’t get. Please pick me

  377. Scott Frendscho

    would love to add this to my collection. definitely my favorite print of the tour. thank you for the opportunity!

  378. Joseph Shawlinski

    growing up in NYC and being a big phish fan along with loving the actual art work I need this for my office pleasssseeeeeeee

  379. Nicholas Sheppard

    Love this print and Phish. would appreciate the opportunity to get my second Spusta in the house! Thanks!

  380. Marc Dansereau

    First of all I just need to thank you for your amazing and inspirational artistry, your imaginative world of whimsy and wonder, brings so much joy and happiness to our family, and has had me hooked every since obtaining my first piece. I have been an avid fan of Phish for just over 30 years now, and have seen a couple hundred of shows. Growing up we would always go to the circus every year, so this piece brings back so many awesome memories….and also elephants are my daughters favorite animal. There is so much to love in this print, and all the little thoughtful details and characters are incredible! I can only hope to be lucky enough to be selected and have the opportunity to own this beautiful print which represents so much to me and my family🥰🙏🤞. This is by far one of my favorite and most symbolic Phish prints, so I’m crossing all my fingers and toes, and truly appreciate the chance. Thanks again Marq & the Gnomes for all you do! 🤞❤️🐘💙💜

  381. Julio Rojas

    Been collecting these pieces since before my kid was born… wanna give them all to him when he’s older, dunno why but I feel like it’ll be an awesome piece of history. Would love the opportunity to purchase

  382. Gregory Guest

    An official MSG poster from you was a long time coming and this was a special run. I did all 7 shows and tried to get a poster but it sold out right before I got to the front of the line. Would love the chance to commemorate another great Phish MSG event by hanging this amazing piece of art next to my Bakers Dozen prints 🙂

  383. Michael Hock

    Stoked for this new art piece, would love to hang this on my wall. Love how trippy this piece is and the colors just put me in a whole new world like Aladdin. -LFNF

  384. David Mann

    Thank you for doing a lottery as compared to FCFS as us fans would have no chance. Fingers crossed.

  385. Niall Cleary

    amazing print! I attended all 7 nights but my brother was only able to attend this night (Tuesday) with me. I was working remotely and didn’t have the chance to make it in time to purchase one on sight. My favorite song is Ghost and they opened the show with that and my brothers favorite song is David Bowie and that was played during the encore. Amazing night top to bottom and would love to have this on my wall to memorialize it! thanks for the opportunity!!!!


    would love this amazing print . It would make a great 10 year anniversary gift for my wife and I 🙂

  387. Raymond

    The art inspired my interest as the color choices within the piece really elevate it and I am hoping to win the lottery and gift this to my mom as her birthday is coming up soon. Praying for all enterers!

  388. Amy Iseminger

    Thank you for creating this work of art that beautifully captures the essence of a glorious 7 night Phish run at the Garden. So many amazing memories were created during this run, & I would love the opportunity to have your print on my wall, not only to enjoy visually, but also as a portal for tapping back into those moments & memories.

  389. Matt Lewis

    Beautiful art here, been a Pham for a long time and always been a fan of Phish Food ice cream! Please consider me for this fine lottery.

  390. Ryan

    This print just makes me smile and so happy to look at!
    I traveled from Texas for all 7 shows and would love to hang this on my wall!
    Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  391. Craig Eilerman

    Thank you so much for giving us the chance to purchase this amazing piece of art. I was able to attend a show at MSG but couldn’t get a poster unfortunately. I am a huge fan and would love to add this to my home office walls!

    1. Adam Sax

      Was able to make the MSG concert but unable to grab a poster while I was there — this piece would look great in my office!

  392. Phil Collier

    Great poster, Marq! My favorite of the tour for sure. Got to catch the last two MSG shows, would love to have these elephants dancing on my wall. Thankful for the opportunity.

  393. Jerome Kaufman

    Great work on this one. Love the subject, ink, and paper. Went to all 7 nights, easily the best phish poster of the year!

  394. Larry Pickreign II

    Best phish print in years super excited to get a spusta gig print next to all these awesome art prints. Thanks you

  395. Reuben Levinton

    very interested in purchasing this poster! it’s always great to catch Phish at MSG, didn’t make it this last tour but hopefully will the next round!

  396. Buck Jones

    So rad! Love this opportunity and good luck to all you amazing people! I am officially expressing interest in this artwork!

  397. Kate Sotiro

    Hey!! The colors and detail in this artwork are amazing and make me so happy and I would love to be able to look at this every single day! I was lucky enough to go to a couple nights at MSG and it’s always the best time with family and friends! It would be a gift to win this lottery!! Thank you so much and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! Cheers!!

  398. Ben Skirvin

    Thank you for the chance at purchasing this print. These were amazing show’s and I would love to add this one to my collection. PLEASE PICK ME!

  399. Tom Casper

    What a great print for an amazing run! Thank you for all your hard Marq and the Spusta Team! ❤️🐘🍀

  400. Graham Rennels

    Wow! Might be one of the best phish prints I’ve ever seen. Def getting framed and going on the wall 😍

  401. Deion Harrison

    This is amazing ! I would love to add this piece to my collection. Thank you for the opportunity to own such a detailed, meaningful piece. As a phish fan, I thank you for this artwork. Good luck to everyone ! Peace & Love

  402. John Cunha

    From a distance you only focus on a few things but when you get closer and actually examine it. It’s like different worlds in each little part.

  403. Jim Gleason

    Interest level extremely high. Expectation extremely low. Great poster, hoping to own one!

  404. Sigi

    Wow this piece is truly some of the best poster work I’ve seen in a while its truly original which i feel like recently i have been seeing so many copy cat artist that this is refreshing and i would hope very much to be able to buy it

  405. Bryn

    Hi Spusta Studios, This is a great one! Soo happy for the opportunity to purchase one at the original price! Thanks!
    My husband and I and our 2 teenagers were just up in Seattle this spring to see Phish again. We listen to them all the time and see them live. Our house is covered in Spusta art. This would mean so much to us to purchase an artist edition.
    Please put my name in the hat!
    Thanks so much, Bryn

  406. Buddy Pierce

    I’m only Human sometimes, most of the time I’m just a puddle trying to hold it together. Snagging this poster sure would help though.

  407. Joseph Lawton

    I love this print! The very first Phish poster I ever bought was the Merriweather Post Pavilion print you did for them over a decade ago. I love this one even more! I was at the first weekend of MSG shows this year, but didn’t care for those posters. This one is phenomenal though! Thanks for the work!

  408. Ray Greene

    I have been collecting your art for over 10 years. I have many of your gig posters in my collection. Hoping this will be my first Phish Print 🤞

  409. Rebecca jackson

    Love love LOVE this print! So much going on SO MUCH to look at! Would love an Opportunity to buy !

  410. Ryan

    LOVE THIS POSTER Oml !!! Thank you for the opportunity to win and nonetheless signed!
    I really admire ur artwork and dedication!

  411. James Depaul

    Thank you for making such a masterpiece!
    please choose me for this and i will display it proudly!

  412. Luann Rudolph

    Thank you for the opportunity to be included in a lottery to purchase this amazing print. It would be the first addition of your work to my collection.

    1. Michael Lesoine

      I would love to add this next to my dead&co spusta from this year. Thank you for your wonderful work and the opportunity to collect pieces of history.

  413. Jess AOC

    Hello Marq, I love your posters and would love a chance to purchase if selected. Thank you for all you do everyday. Love and Light <3

  414. Daniel Lifshen

    Hello team Spusta! I’d love to add this amazing piece to my collection and enjoy it for years to come. Seen 135+ phish concerts but this is my first opportunity to buy a piece created by Marq. The colors and subject matter are outstanding and the concert was incredible. Would treasure this piece here in Denver forever! Thanks for the consideration and for the amazing art. Cheers!

  415. Jayden Burnham

    Hello Al, I would super duper love to purchase this print because it is simply amazing like everything else.

  416. Conor Hogan

    To be honest I am a phish orbiter but this Phish poster is incredible! I had the privilege of seeing them perform live in NY, and it was an unforgettable experience. Their music has always resonated with me. This poster would be a perfect memento to cherish that memory. Thank you for the opportunity

  417. Bryan Rodriguez

    Beautiful poster, loved all the shows and love the artwork you do. It’s amazing. I would love to have this to show others your amazing work. Good luck to everyone!

  418. Kevin N

    Looks absolutely incredible. Can’t imagine how much better it will look in my room. MUST HAVE!!

  419. Corey

    Would love an opportunity to purchase this. It would look great next to my Black Crowes Spusta (your first gig print). Thank you!

  420. Jonathan Acosta

    I’m extremely interested in purchasing such a unique form of art! Hope I get selected 🙂

  421. Katie Demberg

    my husband really likes it, and my brother, and most people I know, so it would be cool to have one in the house. for us to look at and maybe hed shut up about it for a little bit and I can get some rest!

  422. wam mowdy

    Love your work!!! This is a beautiful piece of artwork!!! MSG is so legendary just like this painting will be in the future!!!! Love the trippy colors!!!! Hoping to win and put this on my ceiling!!!!!

  423. Paul Hayes

    Gorgeous print for some gorgeous shows. Would love this forever, like a child. A flat paper child.

  424. Jake Kurlander

    Attended 6 of 7 shows during the run, and was sadly not able to score a print but would love the opportunity to purchase one now. Thank you so much!

  425. Augusto Espinoza

    I would love to own this print!!! The artwork especially the vibrant colors are fantastic it reminds me of the delerium elephants style. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  426. Matthew Divita

    I wont have this “Bouncing Around the Room” Have the perfect space in my office for it and will keep it on the wall forever.

  427. Marcus Johnson

    Would live to secure this print for my son who attended this show. He’s a second generation phan, and a huge fan of your work, Marq.

  428. Chris

    Love the raffle lottery instead of FCFS, hope to be picked long time fan, could scribble and personalize mine and I’d still buy in a heart beat!

  429. Edward Hernandez

    Unique art style, would love to get this piece. Looking to start my collection of these. Fingers crossed, good luck everyone!

  430. Avner Shryer

    This is really a striking piece. Would be very honored to own a print from you, especially this one. Been following your work for a bit but haven’t been able to score anything yet. Thank you for the opportunity, hopefully I get to be one of the lucky few!

  431. Pat

    Such a beautiful print, would love to add this guy to the wall right next to Pleased and Perched! Thanks for making such amazing work Marq!

  432. Cesar reynoso

    In a world with so many talented souls , this art piece is demanding my attention. The colors can represent how out of wack my mind is and art like this reminds me everyone’s uniqueness is it’s own beauty . Love the art ! Super trippy amazing details

  433. Benjamin Wolfe

    big fan! love the print. would love it on my wall! thanks so much for this opportunity! 😀

  434. Brent Huff

    Dude. Always awesome. Would love to finally have one of your pieces! These are amazing. 🤞🏽

  435. Darian Stanchina

    The creativity from you is simply mind blowing. This is one of those pieces where the more you look at it, the more you discover. This one will be a staple! Hopefully this one goes up in my office!

  436. Kurt Bauer

    Hey thx for the opportunity to try and win one of these. Long time Phish phan here since ‘95. Me and my lady went to the MSG shows and weren’t able to score one of your posters. There was way to much chaos there for us to even try to attempt to get one. Needless to say, I scored all the other artists posters very easily. Was really hoping to add yours to my collection. It really was the best one of the run. Thank you and I dig your art buddy! 🤩🤟❤️

  437. Timothy Flythe

    This art is super duper dope. I’ve been watching Marq Spusta from a far and it’s very inspiring

  438. Jacob hummel

    Hey Marq, had an excellent time a couple weekends ago at the Garden. Would be elated if I get picked! Love you your work!’

  439. Evan Goncalo

    I’m a newer Phish Phan and have been trying to “catch up” on acquiring fun collectibles to decorate my study with. This would be an incredible piece that I would love to hang and look at each day in my home office. Either way, incredible work.

  440. Alex S

    I’ve just found out about you not long ago and all I can say is I’ve seen your work and it is amazing. I haven’t gotten any of your prints yet so imagine how great it would be to get this as my first one. This would fit perfectly in my home office

  441. Kevin Rock

    This is so dope! Need this for my office. I’m sure it will look incredible with my black light display as well

  442. Phoenix Filichia

    My girlfriend is head over heels for you guys!! Her birthday is coming up in November this would be a great gift for her room.

  443. Sofia Hash

    Would absolutely love to have this on my wall this is actually so dope. Crossing my fingers I can get one

  444. Michael Perez

    An absolute must for my new home. If I am lucky enough to purchase this it will be the best house warming gift to myself!

  445. Ryan

    So excited to find out about this. In laws introduced me to Phish a few years back and would love this piece. Grateful for the chance!

  446. Katie M

    I couldn’t have dreamed of a better first show! The music, the lights, the art, the people—an incredible experience I would love to be reminded of with this spectacular poster. The longer I stare at it, the more and more I fall in love! 🧡

  447. Anthony Blanco

    Such a sick piece and would look so dope in my home office. I know wifey would approve of this purchase right away haha!

  448. Jacob Lisshen

    Hello! Id love to gift this piece to my 3 year old son who is OBSESSED with elephants. It would be so special to share my love of phish inspired art with him. I know he would instantly love this piece and enjoy it on his bedroom wall. Thank you!

  449. Aaron

    I would love the opportunity to purchase this print! Your Phish Providence 2010 print was what originally drew me into your art. What an amazing ride since then!

  450. Garrick Fuller

    Unique piece and my favorite band of all time — would love to have an opportunity to purchase this.

  451. Brayan Chowdhury

    I want it so bad, it’s the print that’s making me want to put this in the center of mi room!

  452. Dan

    Missed on a Philly poster, would love to add this to my collection. Thanks for the consideration ♥️

  453. Ian

    This is a beautiful print! The colors just pop and I love all of the details that show up when you take a closer look. I NEED this! 😭

  454. Joe Beecher

    Just missed this print by a few people in early merch. Best of the summer so far. Thanks for the opportunity!

  455. Fenton Sawh

    Been feeling very small lately, which as a human I suppose I should. This poster however, makes me feel something else…

    Appreciate the opportunity.


  456. Benjamin Rhule

    Well Marc what can I say you crushed once again this is and will be the Print of the year so I would beyond grateful to add this to my wall of happiness! 25yrs as phish fan this blew anything I’ve seen in the years I’ve been seeing the boys! Love it would be blessed to have ☝️ Thanks Marc

  457. Tanner Cheung

    The colors are visually striking and remind me of my days as a child growing up. This piece is truly unique and mesmerizing!

  458. Rob Geveda

    This is my favorite poster of the tour and a must for my collection. I truly appreciate the amazing work you have done on this piece. I would be blessed to have it. Thank you again!

  459. Elvin

    Thankyou for the opportunity,I am in love with your work. I would like to own one of your artwork if possible.

  460. Jacob Karp

    this art is gorgeous. i think it would look absolutely perfect as a center piece in my apartment. I especially like the letter blocks and the colors. Thank you for the oppurtuty to own this and good luck to everyone entering.

  461. Jonathan pursley

    Hello thank you for reading my comment I would like to start this out as to I’m a lifetime fan and would love this piece in my living room

  462. Brandon Froidcoeur

    Hey I would absolutely love to win this piece!!
    I attended some of the msg shows and unfortunately I didn’t get to purchase one. I would love this to hang in my room!

  463. Carlos Valdovinos

    I enjoy your work and this maybe the best ever for a very memorable Phish run. I would love a 2nd shot for this one.
    Hopefully I can snag one!

  464. Clermont Munoz

    THIS IS SO DOPE!! what a beautiful poster – The level of detail and colors used <3
    Awesome work

  465. Bryan Kirk

    This is such an amazing print! Was so excited to see you do another Phish gig poster. Would love to have this one hanging on my wall at home to commemorate my personal shows 352 to 359!.
    Thank so much for the amazing work you do!

  466. Rob Geveda

    This is my favorite poster of the tour and a must for my collection. I truly appreciate the amazing work you have done on this piece. I would be blessed to have it. Thank you again!

  467. Tom Anderson

    This is a beautiful print with lots of engaging details–an “eye spy” of sorts for the Phans. Very happy to have discovered your work!

  468. Patrick Durkee

    Would love to add this to my collection. The art is simply amazing. Thank you for the opportunity

  469. Shawn Natko

    Hey Marq – Phenomenal piece. It would look great next to the Gov’t Mule @ Mountain Jam and The Black Crowes @ The Capitol Theatre prints that I have of yours. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  470. michael Provencher

    i do not deserve this print any more than the next guy. i was at the last two nights of the run. i love everything about this print and wish i was around to purchase it midweek. i would be honored to own it and frame it up!

    your art is amazing. thank you

  471. Robin Sommers

    Hi Marq and Gnomes!
    Dutifully watching for the APs and here we are! “When the circus comes to town” is a line I always sing to myself when entering a Phish show. Clearly you have more tools than a hammer but you nailed this one. I am a Poster Nutbag and not a reseller! Also I’m not a bot even though my wife and kids think I am. Please and thank you.

  472. Matt Chou

    This is awesome! Phish crashes Ringling at MSG. Would love a copy of I win, can already picture staring at it as Wolfman’s Brother comes on.

  473. Eric Mayes

    Thank you for the chance for this amazing print. Huge fan of your art. This piece is truly beautiful!

  474. Jonathan Brennan

    Hey Marq! I’d love to own this poster. Went to a bunch of the MSG shows (5/7), but missed the weekday show where this was sold. Big time fan of the theme of the poster and would love to have it on my wall. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  475. Kyle Manabat

    Hi Guys! I have a neon game room this would absolutely kill in! Plus my girl loves elephants 🙂

  476. Alberto Carrion

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POSTER OMG! It would be the highest honor to have the opportunity to purchase one of these! 😩😩😩

  477. Phrog Phish

    As Phish’s #1 Fan, I cannot fathom not winning this art piece. I need to have a chance at winning this because I am a die hard fan. I was born in vermont so just that alone is leaving me with a fear of missing out aka FOMO. Please Phish gods, bless a true fan.

  478. Robert Winters

    Love the colors and the style on this. Trippy wild circus that gives me some vibes from my favorite movie “Coraline”. Affecting and incredibly pretty!

  479. Brian Wood

    Appreciate the art and the opportunity to grab one to commemorate the msg shows. Mucho gracias.

  480. Hunter Miranda

    This piece is to die for!!! Love the colors and would fit well in my “mans den” in the basement!!

    1. Patrick Johnson

      Amazing artwork, missed my chance to grab one at the show. Would love a chance to purchase. Thanks Marq!

  481. Andy Song

    Beautiful artwork with a stunning attention to details which perfectly encapsulate Phish and the incredible vibrant energy of Madison Square Garden. Would love to be able to purchase. 🙂

  482. Fabien

    Big fan of this piece of art, I’m thrilled to enter the lottery. Count me in please, for a chance to own my second Phish Poster!

  483. Rachel M

    This is a fantastic print that would look great in my music/record room! Your work of late has been off the charts, thanks for the opportunity.

  484. Michael

    I am so grateful to have the chance to purchase your artwork, looks amazing and i have always wanted it.

  485. Dean haynes

    Gotta have this poster displayed within my office area! Love your work, and thanks for this opportunity!

  486. Kevin lester

    Been a phishhead for decades would love this to go in my office to hang next to my other posters from you guys, beautiful work continue to do great things and great people will follow love you guys!

  487. Jack Stamford

    I really appreciate the way your trying to sell these fairly would love one of these up on my wall I’ve not been to see you yet poor from me I know ! I am listening to you as we speak however 😂 they look amazing would be awesome to have one signed by you.

  488. Robert Dougherty

    I would love to purchase this print and give it a forever home, been a phish fan since 1994 when I was 9 and have now been to close to 80 shows. I’ve never had the opportunity to get any of your beautiful art. I would be framing this beauty as soon as I could. MSG is magical and so is this poster. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  489. Andrew Magida

    I’d love to get one of these in the lottery! MSG was a blast, and this was by far my favorite print of the run!

  490. Paul

    Time for the meatstick, Bury the meatstick, Take out the meatstick time. Whoa, shocks my brain.

    Awesome print commemorating an amazing event! ⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️

  491. Adam Denard

    💚💛🧡❤️🩵💙 I feel you must have gone to the future and then back to create this stunning piece that captured the 7 nights of MSG perfectly! Thank you for the opportunity to toss my hat in the ring. All the best!


  492. Eric Doescher

    Interested in the AP for MSG Phish print. Was my first time to MSG and love your art. Thanks for thr opportunity to own another piece!

  493. Vincent Tran

    Been a phishhead for decades would love this to go in my office to hang next to my other posters from you guys, beautiful work continue to do great things and great people will follow love you guys

  494. Tim Feroli

    I would like to enter the lottery for this beautiful print. I would also like Phish to play Gila Monster, but unfortunately, they’re cowards.

  495. Jonathan Mack

    Thank you the chance, this is beautiful.. I like how its a big top and the top is disconnected.. IMO it feels like a flying saucer is trying to land on top of the stadium. I miss home..

  496. Kiet Nguyen

    Really excited to buy your work. The colors and shapes come together so beautifully, creating a mesmerizing and captivating piece. Would really love to own one!

  497. Jason Denisiewicz

    Dying for this print! Amazing print for an amazing run! Thanks for doing this.. and the consideration.

  498. Joe Cavallaro

    Still regret whiffing oh the squids at Dunkin 13 years ago :(. Thanks again for an equitable shot at landing this grail.

  499. Steven Rice

    I’ve been a Phish fan since the 90’s and a Spusta fan since 2010! This print combines two of my favorite things! Good luck to everyone!

  500. Roberto C Morin

    So good to meet you this weekend at your pop up in Napa. I’d love to add this to my collection.

  501. Alex M

    I’m very excited for this print. The vibrant colors are amazing and something that’s a must have for me!

  502. Andrew hanzel

    You’re art work is incredible I have a few of you’re other lives and would love to add this one to the collection. The elephant and mushroom design is very trippy and amazing thank you for the opportunity to buy this incredible piece of work.

  503. AJ Fucile

    Dang that took forever to scroll down to leave a comment – tough print indeed! I’d love one if I get lucky enough. If not, maybe there will be micros from it down the road. Thanks for all that you all do! Cheers!!!

  504. James O’Neill

    I was in the early merch line for the Wednesday show and it sold out 4 people in front of me. I have a poster from every show I’ve attended and I don’t plan on stopping now!! Please!!

  505. Jiho Kim

    “Thank you so much for offering me the chance to acquire this art piece! I’m truly honored and excited about the opportunity. I’ll definitely treasure it and give it a special place in my collection.”

  506. Keanu Aragon

    This would be a great piece for my room! I love the concept and style of this piece. Great piece to fill up all my blank walls in my room with some pizazz.

  507. Todd Neal

    Would love the chance to buy one — tried to buy at venue but they were sold out. I’m a big fan of your work and still proudly rock a WSP Chicago 2008 tshirt you designed!

  508. Edwin Gutierrez

    Thank you for the opportunity for allowing us to add this amazing piece to our collection. The art is beautiful, you can easily stare at it for hours, and get lost in the mind of the artist. Such a wonderful piece.

  509. Mollie Herman

    My boyfriend won’t stop talking about this poster. Please let me get him one so he’ll shut up.

  510. Ryan Guo

    Praying that I will be lucky enough to be able to purchase one of these prints. This is one of your best yet.

  511. Greg Ball

    Hi leaving you a comment to tell you how awesome this print is! My God Son is a big fan of Phish and I know he would love this. thanks for the chance to win!

  512. Adam Ginsberg

    Lottery Day! Was at the first weekend of shows with our mutual homeboy Troy and would love one of these on my wall back in Madison. Love your art in general and this piece is absolutely amazing. Cheers!

  513. Laura Szymczak

    Love this print. Missed out on it at the show and would love to get one directly from you.

  514. AJ Petruzel

    Always have loved your work and this certainly is no exception. Just missed these both nights they were selling at MSG. Thanks for offering an opportunity at your APs!!

  515. Scott Caldwell

    Thanks so much for the chance Marq and Gnomes!! I was lucky enough to attend the last two nights of these shows and have been collecting your work since also your last Phish print 13 years ago! Have much of your work but very excited for the opportunity to get a Marq Spusta Phish print up on the wall!!

  516. Lauren

    This print is AMAZING! Hoping I get this print to go into my concert poster room. Thanks for the opportunity to purchase.

  517. Kelly

    The circus is the place for me!!
    A circus of lights, where dreams can take flight. Best Phish print in years, so excited to see our favorite artist creating for our favorite band. Keep that shit up! I was at MSG the first weekend and sadly didn’t have a chance to grab one. Would love the opportunity to snag one now (already got the frame picked out 😅).

  518. Brian Coleman

    Would love a chance to buy this and add to my Phish poster collection, my earliest one is from It

  519. Thomas Rickard

    Wow ! Great print. Was at these shows and didnt get a chance at one of the beauties. I would love to get my chance. Thanks, brother.

  520. Ken Getty

    8/5 was a birthday show for me & would love to have this art on my wall as a reminder of the good times & good vibes🥳

  521. Adam Schneider

    I would love to have this print. I was at the MSG shows. My first show was 7/23/1993, so this run was a 30th anniversary run for me of sorts. I’m a father of two, and a school teacher. I love this piece. Thanks for your consideration!

  522. Mitchell Jones

    WOW! What a sick piece of art, would love to frame this in on the wall. I’m a new collector but a long time fan! There is so much going on, you could look at it for days. I’d love to get my hands on this!

  523. Justin Wood

    Beautiful print! Was my first time seeing the band at MSG and would love to frame and hang the print as a reminder of how special it was. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase and great work. Cheers!

  524. Todd Mccarthy

    Hey Marq!

    Absolutely sick print! Like many others, simply unable to score one while at MSG, but would love the opportunity to pick one up, hang in our son’s bedroom, who hit his first show (outside the womb) this summer. Best of luck to everyone and keep up the great work!

    Much love,


  525. Debra Youngman

    Love everything about this poster!! 🤩 Such an incredible run and such amazing art work !! Thank you so much for the opportunity to add this epic piece to our collection!! All the best!! ✨

  526. Andrew Schneider

    Hi Marq,

    Love the print. Definitely one that I would to have on my wall from attending all seven shows. You never stop amazing me with your art.



    Thanks for the opportunity. After multiple ill fated attempts to secure a copy of this exquisite print and losing my keys at MSG, hoping for karma to catch up.

  528. ashlee r

    Been going to phish shows since I was a baby with my parents. every show gets weirder and I love it!! This piece would be a great addition to my collection to remind me of all the magic at a phish show <3

  529. Mark Paradise

    I would love to add this to my phish collection! Hope all the elephants bestow the good luck that they’re known for upon me! ✌️❤️😁

  530. Teon Ingram

    I love the details in the print and I think it would be a good addition to my collection to add in my game room
    Thanks for doing a fair release:)

  531. Jim ONeill

    I am the father of a previous poster and he wants this poster so much he has enlisted me in his effort

  532. James Conrad

    Hey there, I believe I should win the Phish poster because their music has been a soundtrack to some of the most memorable moments in my life. It’s not just a poster; it’s a piece of my journey with this incredible band. Thanks for considering me! 🎶🐟🖼️

  533. Cade McLeod

    I would love to own this piece of art for my collection and for my memory of this wild 7 night run

  534. Daniel Perez

    Entering for the MSG AP lottery – thanks so much for the chance! This will forever cement my 200th phish show!

  535. Ken K

    Fun, Fun, Fun! I love this one! 7 elephants on a unicycle! I love New York! Summer in the City. What an amazing circus Phish is. I’ve been a Phish fan since 1994 and a Spusta Collector since 2008 when those Widespread Panic poster came around. This poster would be the highlight of my collection.
    Thank You!

  536. Ross Kelly

    I have never been able to score a Spusta show poster and this would look fantastic next to my green Marjory’s Harmonious Vision! I would love the opportunity to get this on the wall. The MSG run was fire and this was the best print of the run.

  537. patrick gossage

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!!! have both PHISH posters you did before and would LOVE to have a chance of this beauty to go along with them to add to my wall with a lot of your art!!

  538. Peter Borgstrom

    Hoping to commemorate these great shows by hanging this excellent poster art up on the wall!

  539. John Kosteva

    Love this print. Love all the hints and references to different songs. I’ve been collecting prints/posters from as many of the Phish shows I’ve been to in the last 25 years. Missed out on this one at MSG shows I attended a few weeks ago

  540. John Porter

    would love a chance to buy one. tried to buy one at a venue but they were sold out. what a wonderful piece of artwork

  541. Ibrahim Amtiaz

    I don’t usually like vibrant pieces (I mainly like cooler colors and neutral pieces) but this one definitely stands out for me! The trippiness and vibrance is something that can stand out on my wall and become a solid conversation starter. And hailing from NYC myself, it can sit as a testament to where I grew up and how I became a positive product of my negative environment. I would love the opportunity to purchase this and be reminded of the thought that went behind the work!

  542. Gabriel Sanchez

    Thank you for the opportunity to purchase a masterpiece!! I hope to be selected. Good luck everyone! 🙏🏼🤞🏼

  543. Frank Buzzeo

    Keep taking some many L’s – I have a good feeling this time around! 🤞🏽 looking to frame and hang in the man cave! Appreciate the opportunity and HUGE respects to the artwork 🤌🏽

  544. Nicholas Jackson


    This is an awesome print. I’m fairly new to the art side of things but have a lot of love of sports and how the MSG has filled a huge piece of it. Would love to get this piece but also understand there’s not many to go around. Either way well done on it!

  545. James L

    Oh I would love to have this hanging up, You Would Enjoy Myself having the opportunity to purchase! Last Phish saw at MSG was a NYE show and it was mindblowing – this gorgeous artwork represents that as well. Thanks for your consideration!

  546. Erin Larkin

    My amazingly unique and wonderful friend Jasen is dying to have this poster. We met at Magnaball and have been Pham ever since. We did the full Bakers Dozen together and recently, the MSG 7. We all tried to get him one of these incredibly “Jasen” poster, with no luck. I’m hoping I can surprise him with this truly awesome gem!

  547. Scott MacCready

    Hi Marq,
    Thank you for another opportunity to grab this print. I went to all 7 shows and the print was sold out right in front of me two days in a row. My biggest ISO to my large Phish poster collection has been your Providence print for years… now you can add this one to the list. I love how the more you look at this one, the more Easter eggs of phish history that there are to be found in it.
    Thanks again. Love your art. Keep killin it!

  548. Andrew Wengrover

    Been waiting for this post!!! Hit my 50th show the night this poster was released. Was online for a while trying to get my first poster. Missed it by a few people. Shit happens but here we are. Love your work!!!

  549. Justin Ferris

    Marq this is a beautiful piece of art as always. I’m a huge Phish fan and to get a Phish piece by you would be an honor! Thanks for the chance!

  550. Matthew Heywood

    Grateful to have the opportunity to purchase this as I attended the first two nights of the run and didn’t have the opportunity to purchase at the show. Been a big fan of your art for a long time and one of my favorite posters I own is your 2010 Providence RI Phish print. Thanks for the consideration and hoping to get a “golden ticket!”

  551. Jake Amster

    Thank you for offering this! Best poster of the MSG run. Good to see you working with Phish again!

  552. Alex Lin

    This print is such a beautiful work of art! It perfectly embodies the feelings that I have about my favorite band of all time and takes me back to when I heard them for the first time sitting in the backseat of my dad’s car as a kid. I was absolutely captivated by the ethereal sounds I was hearing through the speakers – something indescribable and so unique even to this day. I’ve been chasing that same feeling ever since but have yet to find any music that can match the nostalgia of that moment. Thank you so much for putting together this masterpiece of artwork. An opportunity to purchase this would be amazing and can’t thank you enough!!

  553. Jason

    incredible work, as always Marq. I struck out at the shows, but have a spot reserved for this beauty to represent appreciation for both your art and Phish’s!

  554. Sara Flanagan

    Yay! So excited to maybe be able to purchase one! Was at the stand when they ran out a few people before me! 🙁
    No worries though, just appreciate the art!

  555. Ethan Lazarovitch

    I was at all 7 shows and would instantly frame and hang this on my wall

    Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  556. Jonathan Romero

    Definitely need some new colors in my living room. This will give it a nice pop. I would love to be able to purchase this. Thanks!

  557. Patrick Rooney

    I asked my wife to marry me in central park during the Baker’s dozen run. NYC/MSG holds a very special place in our relationship. We were able to catch the first three shows of this summer’s MSG run, which was the first time we were away from our now 1 year old daughter. It would be an honor to hang this print in our home.

  558. Jason

    Love ❤️ Love your work! Would be amazing if I could display your work in my humble living room!

  559. Kelsey Petruzel

    A phabulous print for a phantastic run! Would love to display this in my baby girl’s nursery ✨💗🌙💜⭕️ Good luck to all!

  560. Alex S

    Rainbow elephants in the garden are way more fun that the proverbial transparent elephant in the room.

  561. Cole Bruick

    Would love a chance to be able to purchase this print! I’ve not been following you for long but I’ve realized I’ve seen your artwork almost everywhere. Loving the directions you’re going, especially with this print! I’ll admit I’m not near as big of a Phish phan as others entering, but the art speaks to me on so many levels of attending many other Jam band shows. Absolutely beautiful, and I’d love to have it on my wall!

    “You must really consider the circus,
    It just might be your kind of zoo”

    Thank you!

  562. Jeremy Goldberg

    Would like very much to have this piece of history for my collection! Missed my first chance by a day!

    Thanks for opportunity!

  563. Christopher Wagner

    Love this artwork and Phish. Been a fan since highschool. Love the elephants and little frogs dancing in this piece. So creative. Would look amazing framed in my room if I get chance to purchase. Thank you for having the raffle this way as I feel like I have an actual shot to add to my home. Either way I will continue to be a fan!

    Thank you!


  564. John Regner

    Hey! My wife and I caught the last two shows of the MSG run and I would like to add this poster to my collection. I’ve been collecting posters since 1999 or so. It has become something of an obsession these last 5 or 6 years or so. If I attend a show with a poster, I kinda hafta have it, you know? Please consider us for a copy of our own.

    Thank you!


  565. Jason Blair

    Is the cat eating a bowl of ramen noodle soup? I’ll never know unless I can see it up close in person! Thanks Marq and Gnomes for keeping things fair – this print is tops!!

  566. Arlene Yancha

    This is a great piece, and I think my son would love it! I wanted to get this piece for him on a place like eBay but all the prices are so high. This would be a good chance to get him a good present for his birthday.

  567. Michael G

    Went to all of summer tour including the 7 MSG shows and missed out on this poster. Would love to grab it here from the source!

  568. Richard Santos

    Just began getting more into art and this one caught my eye! Really love all the different color’s and illustrations going on. You could stare at it for hours and always find something new within this piece, Love it!

  569. Michael Fusco

    Love the artist and the band!!! Would love to be considered for the lotto, thank you so much!!! 💚⭕️🎏⭕️