By Jeff Kollath

This interview will be the first in a series featuring gig poster artists both from the Madison area and throughout this fine country of ours. Our first subject is Marq Spusta, who currently resides in Three Rivers, California. A native of Waunakee and a graduate of UW-Stout with a degree in Art, Marq has been an artist since he was in elementary school, and has become one of the more popular poster artists on the West Coast. Earlier this month, Marq reintroduced himself to Madison audiences with a poster for the Dinosaur Jr. show at the Majestic Theatre. Drawing heavily on influences from both the natural and supernatural world, Marq’s incredibly unique designs have become highly sought after collectibles both at shows and in the online market.

1. While you have been well-known among West Coast music fans and poster collectors, and gaining a strong foothold in the online world too, folks in Madison probably don’t know that much about you and your artwork. How did you get into doing poster and album artwork? What was the first poster you’ve ever done? What bands have you designed artwork for?

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