Over the next few days some of my recent posters (Decemberists and J. Mascis) will be made available in the Shop. These drops will happen at random, unannounced times and only include a percentage of the total inventory. Stop by the Shop frequently to see if anything new becomes available. Be patient as there may be connection troubles with the amount of traffic.

There will be a bigger poster sale this summer that will include most of the remaining inventory of the 2011 posters, including Eddie Vedder and Furthur, along with some new prints. Unfortunately, we are still not fully equipped (digitally or physically) to handle the traffic that would ensue from such a drop now, so that sale will continue to be post-poned. Thanks for your patience.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments. Please do not email about purchasing posters not available in the Shop.

Since some posters will be released at different times, there is a new shipping option that will combine separate orders into one shipment if possible. See the F.A.Q. of the Shop for more details.

Thanks for your support!



3 thoughts on “Random Drops in the Shop

  1. Doug Gale

    Glad to see things getting ironed out Marq, I’m sure it’s been frustrating but better late than never! Congrats

  2. Jeff Wood

    Thanks Marq & I won’t be emailing queries, just hoping to be @ the right place @ the right time & a little luck would be awesome. Cheers!!


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