Many new prints and posters will be sporadically released in the Shop in the following weeks. “Out of Stock” items may become available once again and new items will be added.   We plan to move into a pattern of consistent weekly sales versus the announced batch releases that led to software and hardware problems in the past. So when the urge arises, stop by the Shop to see what new items have been added. Since the inventory may change from day-to-day, orders made at different times can be combined for shipping.

The DMB Caravan Gorge Posters are being sold through a customer lottery.

9 thoughts on “Recent Prints and Posters.

  1. Hightime

    Just unpacked my “World of Pure Imagination” print and I have to say it’s beauty far surpasses even my wildest imaginations! Outstanding work good Sir.

  2. Travis

    Nice work! Would love a chance to get that baby bliss bug with the Moth over it! Would look sick next to my Panic Halloween Print!

  3. Jeff

    Love this new approach Marq. Makes visiting the page a grabbag poitentially everytime. Thanks! Already have 1st Ed In The Sun-looking forward to the AE & variant perhaps 😉


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