14 thoughts on “Soaring

  1. AlpineRubyWaves

    Hope to make “Soaring” an awesome addition to my wall with the 2Birds and their Egg! 🙂


    I’m in on this! Love these same day drops. I actually have a chance to get it! 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Angela

    Beautiful! I love the image and how the paper has a chance to really shine. Refreshing like crazy for chance at this sweet tweet.

  4. matt

    Hi – I think I saw that we will get refunded on the higher LEs if we were lucky to grab a lower LE. If this the case and if so, does it help for us to share that we got progressively lucky? 🙂

  5. Brandon

    This is an amazing print Marq. It reminds me of the perfect simplicity of Five Birds. I beyond excited to have got the chance to purchase one of the main edition today. As “A Couple Birds in the Rain” and “Two Birds and Their Egg” have complex and detailed art bordering their subject this composition is quite the opposite and gives me a sense of calm. Thank you.

  6. Hightime

    This beautiful bird must sing a song of hope! Thank you as always for all of your inspirational artwork as we make our way through the good, the bad, and the sometimes, downright ugly. Cheers!


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