5 thoughts on “VS07

  1. Justin Ttubee

    This is amazing!! I’d love to have this original or for it to become an art print!! Thanks for keeping our spirits high during these crazy times!!

    Marq, you and the gnomes are special people!!

  2. Spusta Gnome Post author

    All the Video Series originals shown here have already been lottery’ed off to customers awhile ago. 5″ x 5″ giclee edition will be coming, but will be obtainable only through random Video Series Mystery Packs initially.

    1. John C

      That’s great to know and very nice of you as per your usual!

      The person that won this via the eBay auction had posted a picture of it on IG, if you would like to see. This print initially went by the title Zeno,..I believe?

  3. JazzyRelic

    Holy cow these are cool. You guys rock. ❤️ The tunes that go along with each of these make them even better.


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