35 thoughts on “Pleased and Perched

  1. Matt Creed

    Any Orange Rubber on this run??? Fingers crossed 🙂 Also, when will double packs drop? I see singles are after 4:20… thx gnomes!

  2. Anthony

    No luck on the lottery so hopefully I can get lucky and get one of the triple packs in the drop. Loving the new prints.

  3. Daniel Nalley

    Scored a Double pack! I’m so stoked..now hoping and praying for a magic Monday to add to my growing Spusta wall! 🙏 thkx so much Marq and the gnomes! such beautiful work 😍

  4. Natarsia

    I would love to buy some of your art, I just have no clue how! I’m learning…waiting for an invoice? Checks email for the 10,000th time Lol!!

  5. Michael Inkrote

    I hope that this is the next Tshirt. A phat and happy 🐦, put me down for a 4XL. Much love Marq and to the Gnomes.


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