25 thoughts on “Some Birds

  1. Michelle

    I absolutely love”Some Birds”. As always, very nicely done Marq! Sooooo hope to be one of the lucky ones on Wednesday! 💜

  2. Barbara Kielbania

    Featherly Fluttering Fantabulous!!! Love me some colorful birdies!!! Fills my heart with pure love!!!

  3. Jonathan Sudlow

    love the birds, marq does them the best! Hoping for a larger size bird in the future, the minis just sit in my binder.

  4. Darrell Stevenson

    I’m exhilarated to score a double pack w some birds. This neophyte just doubled his Spusta collection 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s out there and trade w/ the community. Thanks for putting the packs out there Spusta Studio.


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