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  1. Hightime

    Wow! That’s awesome. I can’t believe how many “unopened” mini packs have popped up on eBay from the last EQL drop. I hope someone finds a better way to get the art into the hands of true collectors, and not greedy flippers soon. It’s starting to get depressing. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me? Cheers to you Marq, in no way am I blaming you, your time is best spent creating amazing and inspiring art! Keep up the great work, cheers

    1. Sad Collector

      Agree wholeheartedly. EQL is not the answer. I’ve been a collector for years and have gotten zero packs since EQL came on the scene. EQL lets you enter as many emails as you want so it doesn’t stop the flippers. They also let you use the same credit card to ship to any address so all they need is an email and an address.

      1. Rim Morrison

        Boo hoo. At least we’re not losing out to checkout bots like every other drop and having a heart attack trying on 15MB of band width. EQL says it’s supposed to favor those that have lost before, so chances only keep increasing with each drop. If we keep losing on EQL, then that’s the universe telling us that we need to save our money for food and roof lol. Every time I get butt hurt about missing a drop, I think about the unhoused and realize what a petty fob I’ve become bwahaha.

      2. Spusta Gnome Post author

        Sorry you have become a Sad Collector, you know it pains me to have such disappoints and EQL angst as well. But most of what you’re saying here is false or misleading. I have only sold mini packs through EQL once, High Enough Place and Understanding Between were sold in the shop. So it’s sounds like maybe you were 0 for 1 on mini packs through EQL.

        EQL prevents you from entering as many emails as you want, where as my other systems including Shopify we have no way of policing multiple emails. You may be able to enter with the same credit card multiple times, but that doesn’t mean you’re being selected. There is much cross referencing and address investigation that happens on the back-end of EQL – all things I have no way to do in bulk on my own. EQL certainly helps us not sell multiples to the same people, that said there are some major operations out there with many buyers purchasing for the same resellers, and we are trying to refund them.

      3. James H

        Not true. Its one email. The silver lining is store specific. It does not add up at each store. If you enter spu 3 times you have a score of 3. Enter 2 times at nike and you have a score of 3 at spu and 1 at nike.

    2. Spusta Gnome Post author

      The flipping game has gotten much harder to combat in recent years. Sneaker resellers have found the art world and have all the techniques for online mass purchasing in place. This was happening before EQL, and that’s why we needed the help weeding through customers/lotteries. But we also realize selling on EQL has attracted another batch of resellers too.

      We am not using EQL for this sale and others. But the limited amount of posters we have in our arrangements with bands makes our sales crowded and flooded with flippers, so we really need the EQL assistance there. We will continue trying different techniques for selling, we hear you, but understand the alternatives often leave us with a lot of mess to clean-up if we want to try to get the sales out of the hands of flippers. It’s a whack-a-mole battle out here.

  2. Kev Mo D

    SWEET!! Can’t wait to see one of these new 6 x 10 sized minis in person. I’m sure scoring one on the drop will put those lucky ones in a High Enough Place for sure!!! Thanks for even more beautiful art Marq!!

  3. Francisco Javier Canizales

    Looks awesome! Love the 6×10 size. Cant wait!
    Crossing my fingers and toes to scoop this beauty up.
    Thanks for the opportunity!🤞

  4. Christine Scarano Ward

    🤞🏼🤞🏼 fingers and toes crossed for the drop tmrw 🤞🏼🤞🏼 loving all the new minis!!!!! Enjoying the trip down the Spustaverse rabbit hole ! 💓🍄

  5. Tripp

    You guys know you can send me an invoice anytime for a new print and I will happily accept. As a long time collector, I just got tired to playing the game and fighting the bots. The stress of drops got to be annoying. At least I got to hang with you guys back in the day at Analog-a-go-go and got some amazing pieces back then.

    Come back to the East Coast, willing to travel!

    Cheers and positive vibes!


  6. Renee

    I missed the first drop today but happily got this beautiful mini on the second one! It’s my birthday in two weeks so Happy Birthday to me, from you Marq. I’ve saw my first Spusta in person only a few weeks ago and now I understand the obsession! You are a magician with color. It’s like having a rainbow on paper just dazzling my eyes. I can’t wait until this pack gets here. Thank you 🙏

  7. Ross Cohen

    Love the art Marq!
    We know you do your best to spread the love🙏
    Illegitimi non carborundum – Don’t let the bastards get you down!


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