5 thoughts on “BiSoultennial Poster

  1. Eddie Moore

    If this is for bids…I’m stunned at how much this speaks to me…I never “do bopped” like this, but I know all the music!! It’s just awesome!! So happy! And I diiig green onions….I was turned on to you by the Black Crowe’s…I hope I can purchase…(and today’s my Girls BDay…

  2. Eddie Moore

    I’m so sad…I blew right past you R.I.P….I saw the Brotherhood at Tips in N.O….at a 4am late gig, after jazz fest…four!! Consummate professionas ……………The bearer of bad tidings can be a burden but I’m blessed to have learned here..I mean that…I’m gonna go have a quick cry, shake it off, and listen to some fine guitar playin…Thank you Marq. And thank you Spusta studios..I’ll dig this garden even more…

  3. Hightime

    Mad respect and sincere congratulations to you on being chosen by the good folks at Stax to represent a significant milestone in their epic history of amazing and inspiring musical goodness!! Cheers

  4. Kenneth McWhite

    Been trying to find one of these for sale for the past 2 weeks! Any chance you got a spare one your looking to let go? Either way love your work Spusta!


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