6 thoughts on “Furthur Greek Poster- Night 2

  1. slater

    I would love to buy one of these greek theater set poster….is ther anywhere to find one for ale for my collection?..love the work

  2. Jere Brill

    Hi Marq; I would like to purchase this one as well, along with the other 2 nights. I am from the east coast and coul not make the shows. Please let me know. Thanks Jere

  3. Josh

    I was at the shows and if anyone else is interested in buying the posters from the 5th and the 6th, I have them for sale! I only have one of each! As these are VERY limited and beautiful artwork, Im asking for $150 each plus shipping. Let me know if youre interested and maybe we can do a deal for both of them. If interested contact me at jstern500@yahoo.com


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