16 thoughts on “Goose – Philadelphia Poster

  1. Trey Guy

    I loved the last Goose Spusta, but this is incredible & praying I have an opportunity to buy & frame. Spusta is my son’s favorite artist by far & is infatuated with this. Would be so grateful to own and give to him to put with his small Spusta collection & eventually frame. Amazing print & color ways & imagery are amazing , stunning work! Thx

  2. Andrew Kahl

    Would love a shot at one of these! IMO the best and most vibrant release as of late. Great work!

  3. Garret

    You really outdid yourself again for Goose. This print would look absolutely stunning next to your 2023 frog print I’ve got framed on the wall, gotta get the entire Goose Spusta fam together! Amazing work and thank you for what you do!


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