30 thoughts on “Primus – Sessanta Greek Theatre Poster

  1. Marguerite Berger

    I would love to buy this poster from you. I’m an avid Angler who loves Primus. If you have artists prints I’m very interested. I don’t want to buy those counterfeit posters.

  2. Drew Hart

    So sad they were sold out by the time I got through the RIDICULOUS line! That was insane. Hoping I luck out and get an AP when they’re dropped.

    1. Chris Vandeventer

      I’ll be right there with you! This thing is SPECTACULAR in person. Soooooo curious to see what kind of variant(s) there are 😍

  3. Hightime

    Love this one soooo much! I hope there’s a better way to get these into the hands of REAL collectors than the EQL platform. I completely understand that it’s getting tougher and tougher for artists to make the traditional “drops” anymore, because of so many selfish and greedy bad actors out there these days, but that EQL shizz is whack. It almost seems to cater to the instant resellers, or as they used to be called, fu#k*n flippers! Thanks for continuing to create amazing art for all of us addicts out here. Cheers!

  4. OTPA

    I was at the show and couldn’t get my hands on one. I would love to commemorate the evening for my family with this image. Great work as always!

  5. Hightime

    If there’s anyone out there who is questioning my previous post, please refer to Chuck Sperry’s recent EQL release. There are well over 25 “fans” selling “confirmed orders” on EBay within hours of being “selected” by EQL. Sad.😔

  6. Robert Morin

    Is it Les or Tommy The Cat fishing?
    Is it Maynard with the mohawk?
    The aesthetic is very dream like. It feels very calming.
    I hope to hit the AP lotto.

  7. DannyC

    Its just beyond BEAUTIFUL.

    Primus has been a part of my life for 30yrs. A Key piece, if you will, to my existence. Just as your art is, and you know that. Love ya’ll! Hope we all get an invoice! CHEERS!

  8. Weldon Alexander

    I mean if you’re a fisherman and love prog rock/metal this poster’s for you. IsO

  9. Daniel

    Ohhhhhhh Malley’s Allleyyyy this poster is wonderful! I’m jealous of the “Suck On This” t shirt! Great show, and beautiful poster!

  10. Marguerite Berger

    Please release some of these posters. it’s badass, and I would love to add it to my collection.

  11. Jerad Ford

    Best Primus print in years!!! Instant masterpiece!!! Thanks again for your consistently Amazing Art!!!!

  12. Adam Lawrence

    I’ve been patiently waiting for a post on your site about the AP release. But in case that’s not how you are doing it this time, then please consider me for a copy. Also was so happy to see you involved with Sessanta; epic all around!

  13. Cory Mitchell

    Thanks for the opportunity to get the coolest poster going Right now, and love your mini packs. If it looks like I commented twice its bc my EQL email is slightly different than my Spusta email. One love, dig the Widespread stuff this year too, here’s to all the micro addicts, and shout out to all Spusta All stars!!! you know who you are!


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