Dogfish Head x Record Store Day Posters and Turntables

We are excited to announce this merging of many awesome things.
Dogfish Head and Record Store Day have teamed up this year and asked me to create some artwork which adorns a special edition turntable as well as posters and other promotions.

You can check out DH and RSD’s websites for more info on this partnership. At the time of this post you can actually buy the turntable here! (Get ’em while you can):…/special-edition-crosley-turntable.…

I spend most my days in the studio playing vinyl, sometimes treating myself to a Dogfish Head beer while enjoying my record collection, so this project has tickled my soul. Let the music play…

12 Responses to Dogfish Head x Record Store Day Posters and Turntables

  1. Hightime says:

    DFH + VINAL + SPUSTA = one dynamite collaboration. congrats good sir! can we look forward to an artist’s edition of the poster?

  2. sally says:


  3. kmac says:

    What a Wonderful New Creature! AND Now a Portable Spusta Spinner! How Awesome!! Great job Marq!

  4. Fro says:

    LOVE it…

  5. Richie Rich says:

    Cant wait til RSD to try and hunt one down.

  6. Mitchell Seyfer says:

    I just ordered the turntable! Groovy, man! I’m 53 years old and feel like a kid again. Can’t wait to spin a disc on it. Things like this make life worth living!

  7. Jesse says:

    What day is rsd, I’m so excited and can’t wait to see this bad boy in person!!! Good luck everyone, I hope you all score.much love Spusta addicts, and thank you for your amazing art Marq. Keep up the stellal work brother 🙂

  8. Richie Rich says:

    Since I don’t Facebook I’ll reply here that one of my favorite records last year was Morning Phase by Beck.


  9. Sam Seabourne says:

    i got my poster a couple days ago. This thing is awesome! It’s on a nice paper too. Not your typical litho paper.
    Ty so much Marq and gnomes. Love you guys!

  10. Richie Rich says:

    I just saw the WSP Vegas print and was FLOORED. I partied with those Lizards at the Hardrock once. Its all a blur now.

    Congrats Marq on the GIG POSTER OF THE YEAR. Chuck who? LOL

  11. Tim V. says:

    Happy RSD to all of us Dogfish Head Analog Spusta-ites!!

    Superb, Marq!!

  12. Dogfish Brewhound says:

    Will you be doing a New Analog poster for the Dogfish Event in Sept in Delaware??

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