Seven Birds screen prints

These Seven Birds are now being made available in this 10″ x 12″ screen print edition. The main edition of 150 is printed on a dark metallic silver paper, and is split into two colorways (green or red bird).

The Seven Birds prints will be released in the Spusta Studio Shop tomorrow, Wednesday, February 18th after 1pm PST, with some inventory being held back for release later in the evening. The prints will cost $37 and customers can choose either a red or green bird in the product options. The Squash Edition will be released in the Shop as well…but those will be gone in a blink.

82 Responses to Seven Birds screen prints

  1. Hightime says:

    very nice! can’t wait! not good at decisions though… cheers!

  2. eric says:

    That squash paper is sick!!

  3. Kirk says:

    Mmmmmmmm…squashy birds 🙂

  4. michelle p says:

    Yay!!!! Love those elusive Birds!!! Thanks & hopefully I’ll be lucky tomorrow!

  5. Jeff Fernandez says:

    Squash me please!

  6. Angel Mungia says:

    Squash preorder??? I’d pay right now!!

  7. Ben says:

    Finnaly some birds!!!

  8. Anthony says:

    So psyched for this. Can’t wait to start F5’ing again tomorrow. Thanks Marq & the gnomes…

  9. Matt Kinder says:

    This piece deserves this treatment… Bravo!!

  10. Gabriel bloxom says:

    Will be a fine addition to my collection. Beautiful marq!

  11. George D says:


  12. charles j robinson says:

    Looks good Marq, looking forward to this drop! Any super secret variants besides squash?

  13. Neil H Mullin Jr says:

    oh my

  14. Jethro Felton says:

    Glad some will be held back for a bit since I’ll be on a big bird during the early drop. Can’t wait to try. Thx for letting us know Marq. Fro

  15. russ firth says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to try to score my 1st 7 birds for my bday!

  16. chris says:

    Seven birds and spring swing are two of my favorites. I hope I get one…..Thanks Marq!!!

  17. Richie Rich says:


    A spusta drop. the old school way!

    • Spusta Gnome says:

      When we have a full edition we can sell in the Shop….when we have a very limited amount of something the shop doesn’t really work for us, and that’s when the lotteries make sense as a fair solution.

  18. Jaime says:

    Love it!! So excited! Thank you Marq & Gnomes.

  19. Marcus J says:

    love to have of these for my girlfriend who happens to the be the most beautiful and smartest woman I have ever met!!

  20. Marc Godel says:

    Awesome, love the dark metallic paper. Just painted my walls a light gray, these little birdies would be perfect! Fingers crossed, thanks for the heads up, Marq!

  21. lori says:

    I love these birds!! I hope I score my first regular sized print tomorrow, so far all I have is a much loved mini print!! Thanks for making these available Marq!! Good luck everyone!!

  22. Derek Demarchi says:

    So awesome, hope I score.

  23. Barbara Kielbania says:

    OMG i have been so waiting and looking for these. Such a favorite of mine. Reminds me of a friend who recently passed. I am just starting my collection but this one warms my heart. I hope to be able to get one. Awesome work

  24. Kimberly says:

    Super excited!!! Thank you!

  25. krystal says:

    Been waiting on this one! Wish me luck! and good luck to everyone else! Thank you so much!

  26. kmac n Muffy says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!! And multiple drops too!!! YES! Good Luck Spusta Bird Lovers!

  27. Kevin H says:

    Getting pretty excited over here!! This one is a gem for sure!!

  28. Mitchell Seyfer says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! I’ll try to get one today… Thanks for the heads up and keep up the fantastic work Mr. Spusta!

  29. MJ says:

    Is there a limit to total order?
    OK if we’re lucky enough to grab 1 of different colorways or paper?

  30. wolfman says:


  31. Marcus Johnson says:

    I got to have for the love of life! !’ Please

  32. Michelle Moore says:

    Green please loveeeeeee and my #1 ISO!!!

  33. Janet says:

    The excitement is real!!!! Pleaseeeee

  34. Torrance Hoover says:

    I had one in my cart and then it booted me out!!!!!

  35. Bryant Bowen says:

    I blinked 🙁

  36. Julia says:

    It was in my cart too and then it just disappeared 🙁

  37. Neil H Mullin Jr says:

    Booted me off after I got all the way thru paypal for the squash and the regular. 🙁

  38. lori says:

    I had one in my cart too. :((((

  39. Bryant Bowen says:

    Ditto….better luck….never saw red..

  40. chris says:

    So freakin stoked, Can’t wait to get this.
    Thanks Marq!!!

  41. John says:

    Are they all gone already? :(((

  42. Steve says:

    Yeah, that was no fun… Got red in my cart and three clicks in and paypal was set to verify and boom, no longer available…. Grrrr

  43. Andrew P says:

    Cart Jacked 🙁 Spusta was locked up…never even saw squash 🙁

  44. David says:

    I also had one in my cart that disappeared. Very bummed. I expected once in the cart it was held…

  45. Chief706 says:

    If I scored a print during the first drop, does that exclude me from the second?

  46. Spusta Gnome says:

    We got bombarded with customers, and ended up overselling our inventory within a minute. We can actually see that over 100 of you had it carted and lost them in the checkout process. We really apologize about that, normally it’s not that many – we know that sucks.

    The inventory that we will release tonight will mostly be of the Squash edition. We expect that to be a disaster since the inventory is so very limited. If you want to watch your cart stall out tonight….we’ll put ’em up after 7pm PST.

  47. Jarrett says:

    Thanks gnome people for the update! Need me some squuuaaaaaashhhhhh.

    Staring at the original right now is a pretty decent substitute though. 🙂

  48. David says:

    Maybe a lottery is needed even if you have 150 prints. Would be less stressful.

    • Matt says:

      A Lotto? Less stressful? Is this your first poster drop?

      The stress is what makes the snag so fun. Plus, this was not stressful. Don’t be a baby.

  49. Nathan Rosenberg says:

    Oversold? I hope my order holds!!! First score ever on a spusta drop!!!! Definitely an addict!!!

  50. Nick says:

    So are you saying everyone who scored this afternoon is in the clear and that there will be less than expected numbers for tonights drop?

  51. george says:

    oh wow been so long since I had a successful wed happy happy joy joy

  52. Mitchel! says:

    Why not just make enough to meet demand? I thought as soon as this was announced that an ed. of 150 was WAY to small.

    • Spusta Gnome says:

      Mitchel!- You bring up a good point. We will try to do some bigger edition sizes in the future to make more people happy. We were actually surprised they all sold that quick.

  53. Jason says:

    Considering this is a bigger edition than the ones released last year, this is a step in the right direction, Bloomjangles was only 50 if you think this edition is too small!

  54. Torraance says:

    second drop already over?

  55. Mike T says:

    Did the Squash go up?

  56. Daniel says:

    Wow, twice today had it carted and lost. Pretty bummed about that

  57. Steve says:

    Had one in cart and couldn’t check out of paypal fast enough and lost it (again-second time today) at 10:15est Grrrrr

  58. Neil H Mullin Jr says:

    Yup 2nd shutout for me just as I clicked checkout

  59. Mike T says:

    Of course right when I post my comment above it drops and sells out right as its in my cart. Second time today.

  60. Matt Brady says:

    Dang! Carted and gone once again. Got through paypal this time and thought i was golden….nice work on the fast sales! wish i got one

  61. dylan says:

    so it that that Mr Gnome?

  62. E says:

    Yup, carted…got through paypal….then kicked back to shop with nothin’…darn….congrats to all who got one!

  63. Steve says:

    LOL peeps bought the shirts up too

    • lori says:

      If I didn’t already have a shirt I might have done that!! Maybe I’ll hang my shirt on the wall and pretend it’s a print. 🙂

  64. lori says:

    Same here, 2nd time today had one in my cart. My bank account mat be happy, but I’m not. :(((

  65. Nathan J says:

    No luck on the drops today, but I appreciate the opportunity. These lottos and drops make my day so much better, even if i don’t win anything. See you next Wednesday!

  66. Bowen says:

    I agree at least we got a break from the worries for a bit

  67. The one says:

    Is that it for the evening?

  68. Daniel says:

    Since there were so many unlucky folks that were unable to finish the sale on both drops today. How about you send out those extra unlisted variants that you were going to add to a few lucky buyers by lotto from the comment section all this page. More people then would be able to enjoy your great work. Or really just wishful thinking on my part to possibly still get in on this drop. Thanks for everything.

  69. Hightime says:

    thanks so much for the hump-day shenanigans Mr. S. great piece on owls and their magic on PBS tonight… cheers!

  70. Randall says:

    Very excited, scored my first Spusta!

  71. Blind Dog says:

    Stoked to have scored on the early drop. Can’t wait to see the Big Birds in person!

  72. Mitchell Seyfer says:

    I received my print in the mail yesterday. I love it! I got a green bird! My wife also thinks it’s awesome. I’m off to buy a nice frame for it now… After reading these comments about how many people didn’t get one I feel even more fortunate to have gotten one… Thank you!

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