More Miltons, Sonny Blooms and Mr.Bloomjangles will be added to the shop tonight!

Our websites experienced major traffic during today’s sale and we ended up only selling a portion of the inventory. Our apologies to all that experienced the downtime or sell out let downs. The rest of the inventory will be added tonight (2/26/14) @ about 6pm pst.

Hopefully everything will run smoothly. Thanks for your patience. If you got shut out of today’s sales altogether, feel free to post a comment here and we will try our best to offer those customers something.

Stay tuned in the meantime…a variant discount lightning lottery is about to be posted!

27 Responses to More Miltons, Sonny Blooms and Mr.Bloomjangles will be added to the shop tonight!

  1. Hightime says:

    Sweet! had a bloom jangles yanked from my cart. lightning lotto sounds awesome!!!

  2. lynn says:

    shut out 🙁
    Good luck tonight!!

  3. Neil H Mullin Jr says:

    Looking forward to tonight!!! Been refreshing since 4:00 here on the east coast, ha ha ha. Thanks for all your hard work Marq!!!

  4. David says:

    I got completely shut out today :-/

  5. el groovo says:

    yes yes yes!!!!

  6. Nick says:

    I made it all the way past the paypal login to have it say not available. Bummer!!

  7. thomas says:

    got shut out.. really really really want a sonny bloom

  8. jason says:

    lost all 3 at PayPal.

  9. Joseph says:

    Definitely had a Milton in my cart earlier and then got shut out, optimistic I’ll be able to get one tonight though!

  10. charles j robinson says:

    You are too kind. Waiting patiently

  11. Matt says:

    Got shutout of a Bloomjangles. Hoping for better luck in round 2.

  12. Aaron says:

    I almost had a Sonny today, but lost it while trying to check out. Hoping for better luck in round two.

  13. Anthony says:

    Couldnt land anything on the drop earlier, just figured I was too slow. Will try the late drop though, thanks for thinking of us!!!

  14. NEO says:

    Crystal me with that Bloomjangles please!

  15. Derek Demarchi says:

    I got shut out on Bloomjangles and Milton earlier. Would love the two of them. Will try again tonight,and hopefully get lucky.

  16. NEO says:

    Crystal me with that Bloomjangles please

  17. Chris says:

    Shut out on the 1st sale today.
    Hoping to change my luck later.
    Thanks Marq!

  18. michael scism says:

    almost had a bloomjangles…..had fun trying…and will be trying again and again

  19. Kevin says:

    Got shut out but got nothing but love for the gnomes and everything in spusta land!!!

  20. Kym says:

    Fingers crossed that I’m not too late!


  21. Daniels says:

    Didn’t get shutout but if you have any extra Sonny packs let over please feel free to invoice me

  22. Steve S. says:

    Loaf like I did in fact get shut out on both drops. Tough day for sure! Any chance at some new beautiful artwork would be much appreciated. Thanks Marq!! Cheers!

  23. simpledave says:

    had milton snatched out of my cart 2 times today, will there be a 3rd time charm?

  24. Billy says:

    I had Mr. Bloomjangles all the way through checkout today at the 3:30 drop and got a blank screen all the sudden. Sickness set in and now I see this! Ugh! I couldnt even get back on the site after that. Would love a Mr. Bloomjangle please!!!!

  25. Spusta Gnome says:

    Thanks for all the orders and sell outs on these new prints. If we can spare anymore Miltons or Sonny Bloom Packs once all the current orders are packed, we’ll reach out to some of you that missed out entirely…

  26. Tim Steinlein says:

    Missed it during the afternoon internet traffic jam, then had my kid’s 4 year old birthday party during rd 2. I’d love a Sun if you find some extras.

  27. Mike T says:

    wasn’t even going for the milton. was logged in, when i added the bloomjangles and proceeded to check out, i got automatically logged out and erased my cart. moved on to the 7×7 packs and then same thing. after refreshing for 40min…that sucked. and then i had no idea there was another drop b/c there was no email. i got the wolf symphony email today, though. oh well. no money spent i guess. just wish i could enter in the variant lottery for the bloomjangles but is that past too?

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