New print dropping in the shop this Wednesday.

A new print is on it’s way. We will be offering these up in the Shop in two separate batches of inventory this Wednesday (2/3), first in the late morning (sometime after 10 am pst) and the second batch will be in the evening (sometime after 7 pm pst). Look for the full reveal of the art this week.

If these do sell out, and if you then miss out – sorry about that. Though do not fret, we got more print releases in the pipe.


55 Responses to New print dropping in the shop this Wednesday.

  1. wayne clements says:

    woo hoo

  2. Gavin O'Donovan says:

    Awesome mate. Looking forward to new art.

  3. Kelly says:


  4. Leon Bennett says:

    Super Excited! Can’t wait!
    I am looking forward to this.

  5. petra says:

    Yabba dabba doooo! : )

  6. Michael Lombardi says:

    Wednesday just got infinitely better!!!!!

  7. Rick Trimmer says:

    Hopefully I can score one from Santiago, Chile! Nice work Marq

  8. Matt Brough says:

    I think it’s just what we needed

  9. jason blue says:


  10. Kimberly S says:

    Grooviness!! Can’t wait to see this print!

  11. Phil Kasonovitch says:

    Nice!!! Birthday today, new print tomorrow. Its shaping up to be an awesome week!

  12. Tyler says:

    Yes yes!!! New Art!!!
    Thank you Marq!!!!

  13. Chad says:

    This is more exciting than Trump losing Iowa!!

  14. Rob Robertson says:

    Looks amazing!!

  15. Kenny says:

    Happy happy joy joy!

  16. SnookyFlowers says:

    Can’t wait to see it!

  17. Eric says:


  18. Trey Edwards says:

    oh happy day!

  19. Steve Harris says:


  20. Smokey says:

    “more print releases in the PiPe”..yezzz choke..luv the sound of that! 😛
    AMEN for SPUSTA!

  21. Pate says:

    Can’t wait!!

  22. Jessi Link says:

    Awesome!!! Can’t wait to see the whole print!

  23. Hightime says:

    great day in the morning. first prints of the new year, thinkin’ i’ll celebrate with a beer! – cheers

  24. Krystal says:

    lvoin’ what i see so far!! cant wait!

  25. Brian says:

    Woohoo! Can’t wait for new art! Thanks Marq & Gnomes!!

  26. mike says:

    Huzzah! New Art!

  27. Matt says:

    YES YES YES!!!

  28. Bill says:

    doing the Spusta dance here

  29. Sam Seanourne says:

    New art. Woohoo!! Bring it!!!

  30. Christopher campbell says:

    New art on my birthday week. Yeeehaaaaw.

  31. Dave says:

    I’m game for new art. Kinda jonseing for the full image details.

  32. C. Daniels says:

    May I actually get lucky enough????

  33. mark says:

    Hmmmm Noplace…Noplace better than in my collection 🙂

  34. Chris Price says:

    Better than Christmas!!!!

  35. Zach says:

    Love the mystery image game. Personally.

  36. CJ says:

    Hombre de ningún lado

  37. Kevin H says:

    Hell ya, exciting! Will variants be available tomorrow also? Thanks ✌ ?

  38. Daniel McAuliffe says:

    What’s the price?

  39. Steve S. says:

    Perfect! Love this one.

  40. Sonny ketcham says:

    Do well

  41. Ben says:


  42. McIntosh says:

    Hell yes ! Woot woot !

  43. Barbara Kielbania says:

    Oh getty, getty, jeez, jeez.That looks awesome. Fingers crossed I am not in transit when it happens. I need to get a drop. Pop that cherry once and for all. Thank you for more awesome work.

  44. Kenny says:

    Thanks soooooo much 😀

  45. Shawn Mooney says:

    Thank you Marq and Gnomes! Giggity.

  46. Whip it on me, Marq! 🙂

  47. michelle says:

    absolutely love this ! unfortunately I missed the first drop ! will try & try again !! thanks & look forward to the new prints in 2016 !

  48. Bryant Bowen says:

    Love it

  49. Mitchell Seyfer says:

    Happy New Year, Marq! No place like home.. Mine is always ready for more of your unique creatures.

  50. Count says:

    Already sold out? I refreshed my page every 30 seconds after 7 pm pst, finally saw the print pop up and get told it’s sold out as soon as I add to my cart…doesn’t make sense. All while people are already marking it up 3x the price on eBay while I just want to add this to my collection to keep. Huge bummer.

  51. Count says:

    Did you manage to snag one? Congrats if so.

  52. bdub says:

    That ghetty green variant is too sweet!

  53. Scrotey McBoogerwolfe says:

    Was today’s release the majority of the prints available or might we see these at this price range again? Not complaining. Just curious. Flippers are buttholes. Gnomes are not.

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