A new print is on it’s way. We will be offering these up in the Shop in two separate batches of inventory this Wednesday (2/3), first in the late morning (sometime after 10 am pst) and the second batch will be in the evening (sometime after 7 pm pst). Look for the full reveal of the art this week.

If these do sell out, and if you then miss out – sorry about that. Though do not fret, we got more print releases in the pipe.


55 thoughts on “New print dropping in the shop this Wednesday.

  1. Barbara Kielbania

    Oh getty, getty, jeez, jeez.That looks awesome. Fingers crossed I am not in transit when it happens. I need to get a drop. Pop that cherry once and for all. Thank you for more awesome work.

  2. michelle

    absolutely love this ! unfortunately I missed the first drop ! will try & try again !! thanks & look forward to the new prints in 2016 !

  3. Count

    Already sold out? I refreshed my page every 30 seconds after 7 pm pst, finally saw the print pop up and get told it’s sold out as soon as I add to my cart…doesn’t make sense. All while people are already marking it up 3x the price on eBay while I just want to add this to my collection to keep. Huge bummer.

  4. Scrotey McBoogerwolfe

    Was today’s release the majority of the prints available or might we see these at this price range again? Not complaining. Just curious. Flippers are buttholes. Gnomes are not.


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