“Pepperland” from the Spusta Studio.

“Pepperland” is my 36″ x 24″ 10-color screen print celebrating The Beatles and the amazing 1968 film, Yellow Submarine.

We put everything we had into this one. I had the art in development for over a year and Monolith Press was almost completely devoted to this print run for a few weeks along with Dark Hall Mansion and Apple Corps showing a lot of support and patience through out. This was a passion project for us.

While most of the Pepperland prints have already been sold through Dark Hall Mansion a few weeks ago, there is a substantial stack left that we will be releasing through the shop this Wednesday (11/11) sometime after 4pm pst. The majority of the inventory will be the Main Editions of 455 on cream stock, with some Gold Editions of 150 that will be available as well. (Sorry, we quietly sold the Foils last week). The price on the remaining inventory from the Studio will be marked up from what Dark Hall Mansion originally released their copies for.

OK. One more thing…we are going to add a little begging customer lottery invoicing thing here too. As mentioned, I put a lot into this one and want true Beatles/Spusta fans to be able to get one for themselves or their family/friends – so, we’ll send some invoices for the main edition to some commenters here before and after the drop on Wednesday.

Pepperland Begging Customer Lottery Instructions:
• You are not eligible for this lottery if you already got a version from DHM’s sale. Thank you for helping us spread these around.
• To enter, comment on this post, the email you enter into the hidden field will be the one we send a Spusta Shop invoice to if picked.
• In ten words or less, why do you want to buy the print? (free range on the punctuation, but if you put 11 words in the comment we won’t pick you)


588 Responses to “Pepperland” from the Spusta Studio.

  1. Tiffany says:

    I want this so much! Such an amazing piece that I hope to see in person soon!

  2. Steven Marks says:

    Please please please . I would love it forever

  3. Patrick Bowers says:

    Lierally dosed 3 times a week and watched this movie.

  4. Ryan says:

    Would look awesome on my wall!

  5. Anthony says:

    The Beatles started my musical journey I’m still on now.

  6. Austin Cunningham says:

    Yesterday, all my troubles seemed a Pepperland away!

  7. Kevin Hawkins says:

    I want to stare into it, while jamming the Beatles!

  8. Matt says:

    I want to frame it for my mom for Christmas.

  9. Crystal Davis says:

    “..love you take is equal to the love you make.”

  10. Pete says:

    Here puss. Puss, puss. Here pussy.

  11. Michael says:

    Best Christmas present I could ever give my father.

  12. Matt says:

    Mom played Beatles for me I share Spusta with her

  13. Morgan Brooker says:

    Pink, brown, yellow, orange, blue, I love this poster!

  14. Scott says:

    1st Apperance on the Ed Sullivan Show 1964!!!!!!

  15. Chris Rose says:

    This film will always bring joy and now this does

  16. Andrew says:

    Me want! Please and thank you!

  17. John says:

    Why? Why don’t we do it in the road!?

  18. Mark says:

    I like to be under the sea!

  19. Aaron L says:

    We all live in a yellow submarine! Great image!

  20. Josh H says:

    You think you know me but you haven’t got a’clue

  21. Stewart Eiss says:

    Best Beatles Yellow Submarine poster ever made!!!!!!!
    LOVE -LOVE -LOVE !!!!

  22. michael says:

    All you need is love…and i’d love this print.

  23. Angelo says:

    I need to trip out and get lost in it

  24. Josh says:

    Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see

  25. Leah Saylors says:

    Love the Beatles, love you Marq…I need this!!!

  26. Kraig says:

    To represent the Beatles and Marq Spusta, Thanks !

  27. Chris says:

    All I need is Spusta
    Thanks for the art!

  28. Jon Sandler says:

    For friend huge Beatles fan taken me many shows

  29. Dennis says:

    I want chicken I want liver meow mix please deliver!

  30. Don C says:

    I am the walrus, coo coo cachoo

  31. RJ Scott says:

    I want this print here there and everywhere!

  32. Caytlin says:

    The colors are amazing & frame with my records

  33. Nicholas GDawg says:

    Because we lived beneath the waves
    In our yellow submarine

  34. Fro says:


    When I’m 64 this should be on my wall.

  35. Rui Moreira says:

    help! me hang a reminder of my first Beatle album.

  36. Matt Wheeler says:

    The Beatles started my music obsession and Spusta feeds addiction

  37. Leslie says:

    One of my biggest ISOs. Awesome birthday present for me!

  38. Enrique perlozzo says:

    How does it feel to be one of the beautiful….

  39. Dave says:

    I once became enlightened in strawberry fields, and I’ll say….

  40. Richard says:

    My father raised me on this music. Only fitting!

  41. kris G says:

    Christmas present for my favorite little sister, let it be

  42. Dimitri says:

    This would be a treat, having bad luck recently!

  43. Jay says:

    This print would make a day in my life bright!

  44. Pat says:

    Please, please, please, I’m begging you, pick me, pick me!

  45. Steve S. says:

    The Beatles & Spusta are a HUGE part of my life!

  46. Kyle says:

    Fan of Spusta since the beginning & enjoy gold!

  47. Zach Q. says:

    Defines my high school in one print. Just LOVE!

  48. Ryan Kight says:

    New groundbreaking visual artist representation of old groundbreaking auditory artist

  49. Gavin O'Donovan says:

    To hang on wall as point of discussion for visitors!!

  50. Corey Shade says:

    10-color screen print celebrating Yellow Submarine? That’s cause for begging.

  51. Jared M says:

    Dad loves the Beatles and would love this print, thanks!

  52. Zach says:

    Abbey Road on vinyl will pair well with this!

  53. First movie that melted my brain!! All together now!!

  54. Flavia says:

    Take a little money.. Give a lotta joy..To me!

  55. Jason Deziel says:

    Amazing, one of my first recollections as a child was with Sgt Pepper and I would love to give this to my brother who shrared this amazing thing with me.

    Thank You for all your efforts!

  56. Eric Johnson says:

    Reminds me of some great childhood nights with great friends

  57. Donny Scales says:

    Older brother huge fan, and he shaped my musical tastes.

  58. Margi says:

    Daughter grew up listening to Beatles.Perfect Birthday/Christmas present.

  59. Nick Campion says:

    I want you I want you so bad!

  60. Robert Nichols says:

    Paperback framer, paaaaperback fraaaamer. Need for wall, meow.

  61. Allan Rubin says:

    Blue meanies battle Beatles bringing beauty beyond belief . . . to Pepperland!

  62. Philip Saylor says:

    Love love me do you know I’ll love you!

  63. Sonny Ketcham says:

    Amazing Print of my favorite movie!

  64. Ian stone says:

    I would really like to buy this print!

  65. JB says:

    One thing I learned in college, BEATLES ROCK!

  66. Frank says:

    ‘A Little Help’ would make my ‘Day In The Life.’

  67. ariel says:

    marq spusta spoke and i went into a dream

  68. Rich G. says:

    A gift for my parents…it’s this or salad servers!

  69. Robert says:

    You are an amazing artist and The Beatles are too.

  70. Kevin says:

    I never forgot when the wall melted coo coo kacho!

  71. Jeremy Sliwoski says:

    My name is Jeremy, I’m pretty much in the movie.

  72. Jared Scott says:

    Love is all you need!!

  73. KT Hill says:

    Their kid’s song – would be perfect for my future nursery!

  74. Andy says:

    Come on man. I got some double cheeseburgers.

  75. Mario says:

    Brings back memories of my Dad spinning Beatles records.

  76. Joe V says:

    You were only waiting for this moment to be free…

  77. Joel Petrick says:

    Would place it over our turntable in my (future) shop.

  78. David Wilhelm says:

    Be the change you wish to see in the world

  79. Larry says:

    Fantastic job on this one Marq! The Beatles have certainly shaped my love for music. As an artist myself I have a lot of respect for your style of art. Thank you for all of you do!

  80. Steve Harris says:

    Really hoping to score any version of this print for my wife. She’s a huge Beatles fan, especially Yellow Submarine. Thanks for the shot at this!

  81. John Flores says:

    For my Hippie Father, Son and My Uncles. Free Spirits

  82. Jerhemy says:

    Because all I need is Pepperland ,I have love already!

  83. Caleb says:

    Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled Pepperlands.

  84. Patrick says:

    The Beatles were and always will be the heart and soul of my music appreciation

  85. Edward says:

    Best music ever + beautiful art = a family consensus for once!

  86. Leslie says:

    I’ve been listening to the Beatles since the womb.

  87. Brian Carter says:

    This would be the one I love most.

  88. Nina says:

    I want to take a trip into your splendiferous print

  89. Tripp says:

    Pepperland is a tickle of joy.. It must be scratched.

  90. Rick says:

    We all live in a psychedelic submarine made by you

  91. Evan says:

    Sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band. Dig the print.

  92. Charles says:

    The Beatles and Marq Spusta together doesn’t get any better!

  93. Pete Rosato says:

    Big Beatles fan! Big Spusta Fan! Amazing work of art! Please 🙂

  94. Michael says:

    All you need is Love and a Spusta masterpiece!

  95. Ann Hollins says:

    In her direction
    Oh me oh my, 
    Ain’t that perfection? 

  96. Charles Cunnell says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful! Would like great in my house!

  97. Mikah J Pritchard says:

    Dad’s Beatles records were stolen, great Christmas present, thanks Marq

  98. David says:

    No Spusta Collection will ever complete without a Pepperland print.

  99. Scott says:

    Please.. This print needs a forever home. Thanks!!!

  100. Rob says:

    You can talk to meee!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Ken Smith says:

    I’m buying this print for the benefit of Mr. Kite !!!

  102. Taylor says:

    I deserve this poster because I am the only only out of my friends that got the jeopardy question right last night, answer “blue meanies.”

  103. Jonathan says:

    Will make a wonderful Christmas gift for a wonderful uncle

  104. Cliff says:

    Love to see the plan
    nothing better than
    Spusta’s Pepperland

  105. Daniel Accomando says:

    Grandmother sang “Sous-Marin Jaune” to me as a lullabye

  106. Patrick M says:

    Recalls my uncle’s final words to me: “Don’t be afraid”. :))

  107. Dan says:

    I am new to Marq Spusta art, but a huge fan of classic music and collectibles. I had the honor of getting a Spusta studios grateful dead 50 poster and having a Beatles poster to add to the collection would be great. I am begging for the opportunity. Thanks

  108. Matt Howell says:

    love the colors, love the beatles

  109. Robert Pahl says:

    The Beatles and Marq Spusta equals MUST HAVE IT incredible

  110. Keith says:

    Beatles rok

  111. Bryan Challener says:

    Because I will hang this on my wall.

  112. Steven Bickham says:

    My English Mom is a huge Beatles fan. Great gift!

  113. Josh W says:

    This print is my trip and visual journey through music

  114. Parc greene says:

    Sure is
    Should be

  115. Jeff says:

    Heinz Edelmann, that’s all.

  116. bob a says:

    ‘Because happiness is a warm gun, bang bang, shoot shoot’

  117. Jason greenspan says:

    This was a staple of my childhood. Sung in music class in the 80s by my teacher. S

  118. George Lee Rainey jR says:

    I get by with a little help from my friends

  119. Patrick Milstead says:

    I am the Walruss, ku ku ka choo. Yes please!

  120. Evan says:

    Dream Xmas gift for my dad!

  121. Daniel Martinez says:

    Ten words is not enough to express my love.

  122. Marcy says:

    I want to see it 8 days a week

  123. Joshua says:

    I get art, with a little help from my friends.

  124. Andrew Katz says:

    Because. Spusta and The Beatles. No more words necessary. Period.

  125. Brooks H says:

    Full steam ahead to my childhood memories!

  126. jason hill says:

    all i need is SPUSta

  127. Marc says:

    My father is a huge Beatles fan. Birthday is 11/28!

  128. Corey W says:

    My wife loves the Beatles and I love her!

  129. Sgt Peppers and Marq Spusta a immediate family heirloom

  130. michelle p says:

    Favorite artist, favorite band. 13 Beatles albums on my iPod

  131. shannon says:

    I’d love to take it home with me………… it HOME!

  132. William says:

    Help, I need this poster
    Help, not just any poster
    Help, you know I need this poster, help

    Thanks, Marq.

  133. Shawn Koski says:

    Listening to hospice with my 2yo son for my mom.

  134. Bill Stevenson says:

    All you need is love, love
    Love is all you need!

  135. Amy says:

    Because I’m not a blue meanie and neither are you

  136. WH says:

    Because I fucking love the Beatles and Spusta Art!

  137. Doc says:

    Time wounds all heels…. except missed Spusta drops !

  138. Eddie D says:

    When I get older, losing my hair. Well, next birthday, I’ll be 64. Thanks for the opportunity.

  139. Amelia says:

    goo goo g’joob

  140. Brady says:

    I am a beatles/spusta fan

  141. steven byers says:

    The more I see the less I know for sure

  142. Allie Sparrow says:

    Another true work of art for one of history’s most influential bands. I would love to add this to our collection. Thank you Marq for always sharing your talent with us and I love to adorn our walls with your magic!

  143. Greg says:

    Searchin’ for
    Until I
    Across the universe

  144. Ben Wheeler says:

    I promise not to waffle the goddamn thing. Magnificent!

  145. Ryan Deegan says:

    Wedding gift for best friend, he showed me the Beatles

  146. Mandy says:

    I love the Beatles and I love Spusta!! So much!

  147. Jeff says:

    Love the Beatles and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

  148. Joe Roach says:

    Why not me? This ain’t no Beggar’s Banquet.

  149. Matt McGovern says:

    Beatles favorite band, Marq favorite artist period.

  150. Aaron says:

    Paul McCartney is my father.

  151. johnathan jamison says:

    Hurry, it’s
    Ergent – if you
    Love me,
    P-P-P-Please help!

  152. Karissa Trundy says:

    Pepperland is a must for anyone into Spusta and Beatles

  153. Rami says:

    Yellow submarine was my first Cd as a child and retains a special place in my heart.

  154. Colton says:

    Hey Thanks for such an awesome job I have a gold one on the way and cant wait!!! Will anything else be sold in the shop this week or just the remaining copies of these? Thanks guys have a wonderful week!!!

  155. Amy says:

    Magical artwork
    Bring joy to my family
    Beatles forever

  156. Matt Gray says:

    Never won anything before but love this print with my whole heart and would love nothing but to have this on my wall!

  157. Ryan Swerdlin says:

    My son Jude wants it over his bed, thanks!!!!!!

  158. george says:

    Maybe we’re both part of a vast yellow submarine fleet.

  159. the colors. the animals. the smiles. the detail. the love.

  160. Barry K says:

    Love Beatles music / vinyl / Yellow submarine animation; print beautiful; please

  161. Troy says:

    Beatles run the world…all we need are Beatles!!!

  162. Adam miller says:

    I love the Beatles and I love you, seriously, boner.

  163. Alex says:

    Because I love the Beatles, spusta and Trippy shit, framer!!!

  164. leslie says:

    The Beatles bring hope
    as they enter Pepperland –
    music will triumph!

  165. Jason dickson says:

    The more Spusta you have the more you know!

  166. Tracy Henry says:

    All you need is drugz! All you need is weed!

  167. mw says:

    My mother, the biggest Beatles fan I know. For her.

  168. Darious Flores says:

    For my upset dad because I overslept through DHM’s Drop.

  169. Andrew Dramm says:

    raise a smile
    sit back and let the evening go

  170. Tim says:

    “… And we brought back some lovely souvenirs.” … like your print 🙂

  171. Adam says:

    Love your artwork & it’s the beatles.

  172. Fernando Molinaro says:

    I remember watching Yellow Submarine when I was younger and just starting to crack my mind wide open. The Beatles provided the soundtrack to that journey and life’s never been the same since! Beautiful print captures it all so wonderfully!

  173. Chad says:

    Dad would sing her here comes the sun before bedtime

  174. Ed Coombs says:

    In 1969 Dad taught me to sing this not lullabies !!

  175. Will says:

    Want to hang this in my daughters room!

  176. Tim Ubinger says:

    potential first Spusta print + Beatles Pepperland = life complete

  177. Dave says:

    John, Paul, Ringo, George, definitely not a Blue Meanie.

  178. William says:

    All you need is love, love is all you need

  179. Thomas Skemp says:

    I can sail aboard the Yellow Submarine anytime.

  180. Jorge says:

    Ku Ku Ka choose me… Thanks Marq!

  181. Rayner Jackson says:

    I’m a hippie of the 60 & 70’s

  182. Brooks poole says:

    Hey, that’s a funny place to leave a goldfish bowl!

  183. Beth says:

    All you need is love and Spusta to be Happy!

  184. Sean O says:

    We want to live with the Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine!

  185. Chelsea Lorraine says:

    In Pain
    There is Beauty
    In healing
    There is ART

  186. Lilly Stone says:

    All you need is LOVE LOVE is all you need

  187. Ethan Engdahl says:

    “Strawberry Jam” opened with “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

  188. Michael says:

    My three year old plays, “what Beatle is singing.”

  189. keith says:

    ISo thIS like there IS no tomorrow #popcornmafia

  190. Thad says:

    Dey do look very nice, don’t dey?

    Yes, dey do.

  191. Matty B says:

    BLUE MEANIES BELONG ON THE WALL – NOT ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Matthew Wells says:

    Beatles have been a staple in my household! Loved Spusta!

  193. Paul Landers says:

    Watching Yellow Submarine was one of best trips ever!

  194. Adam says:

    I want you so bad, it’s driving me mad

  195. James Keith says:

    i get high with a little help from my friends…

  196. David P says:

    Full speed ahead, Mr. Spusta, Full speed ahead!

  197. Travis says:

    I get by with a little help from this lotto

  198. Walrus says:


  199. Roger Davis says:

    I get by with a little help from my friends

  200. Sara Sublett says:

    “Stops my mind from wandering. Where it will go.”

  201. August West says:

    With A Little Help From My Friends, would love it!

  202. bobby says:

    true must have on the wall don’ t wanna support flippers

  203. Amanda poole says:

    “Oh, bless my metronome!” And the Spusta gnomes

  204. Durene Lightner says:

    Because it would look awesome in my yellow submarine!

  205. Dave says:

    My father is a huge sgt. pepper fan and this would make an amazing xmas gift. Thank you:)

  206. Matt says:

    “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see”

  207. Joe Johnson says:

    I love Spusta art, and the Beetles. Feeds my soul.

  208. Tray Floyd says:

    Looks like something I have only seen in a dream!

  209. Jonathan says:

    Grew up in yellow house. Always thought it yellow submarine.

  210. Steve says:

    Your poster opened up a world I never knew existed

  211. Sheridan says:

    My grandmother got me into this very young. R.I.P. =\

  212. Jeremy M. says:

    Id get by with a little help from this poster!

  213. Ryan punak says:

    Would love a yellow submarine octopus garden on my wall!

  214. Rhonda Smith says:

    To live beneath the waves in my yellow submarine please!?!

  215. Josh Wilbur says:

    Because all you need is love (and a pepperland)

  216. Chris says:

    This print makes me happy. Happiness is a warm gun.

  217. Jason Allind says:

    “In my life” mom and I dance at my wedding

  218. Alison says:

    Joan was quizzical…she and I really want this print!

  219. michael says:

    because i am the eggman, that is all

  220. Steve says:

    Beautiful print Marq
    Coolest Christmas gift for dad
    Horrendous Haiku

  221. Bob says:

    This print sums up the groovy journey of Yellow Submarine!

  222. Melissa says:

    Coo Coo Ca Choo, for our growing family. 🙂

  223. Chris Vidal says:

    Rain rain go away come back another day.

  224. Will says:

    My wife loves SPLHCB, hoping to frame one for her!

  225. Erica says:

    Pure pleasure for my kaleidoscope eyes

  226. Andy says:

    Spusta + The Beatles?

    Love, love me do
    You know I love you
    I’ll always be true

  227. Rachel Falduto says:

    Because love is the answer and I love this!

  228. pat says:

    You’re a classy fellow Marq, well done.

  229. David Boardman says:

    I make colorful pottery inspired by Sgt Peppers 25 years

  230. Josh says:

    The Beatles have been a huge influence on me and I adore you work. It’s a perfect combo! Thanks!

  231. cindy says:

    ????All Together Now……??????All we need is Spusta, Spusta, Spusta???????????????????

  232. Jung Lah says:

    Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be.

  233. Gregory says:

    Please please please….absolutely love it….spusta power baby

  234. LoveMyMelody says:

    Like because I really want it.

  235. Casey Vredenburg says:

    Sixth grade talent show, yellow submarine, no official print. Please!

  236. Steven W says:

    The Walrus was Paul.

  237. John Holler says:

    Yes! O, yes is a word with a glorious ring…

  238. Ian McAnsh says:

    Son loves yellow submarine and spusta. It’s for his room

  239. SetH says:

    Full detail Marq Spusta beatles 24 by 36,Please, yes!!!

  240. Mike Downing says:

    My 12 year old daughters favorite album.

  241. Heather Roy says:

    I love The Beatles and your art even more

  242. Michael C. says:

    F’5d so much, almost lost my job. Still have wallspace!!!

  243. Stefan Byles says:

    All you need is love, just like this masterpiece.

  244. Steve says:

    Because even my wife would love this print.

  245. Justin R says:

    16 driving around wearing out sgt pepper cd best memories

  246. Clayton Roberts says:

    The Beatles, especially Sgt Peppers, defines my being!

  247. Wesley Teichmiller says:

    This belongs on our wall next to our Beatles figures.

  248. Ryan says:

    for my mom – saw beatles live as a kid, thanks!!!

  249. brian stevens says:

    Yellow Submarine Insane-o!

  250. Jeremiah says:

    Missed the drop would love to frame this beautiful work!!

  251. Mary says:


  252. Dave says:

    “L for Love me, and P for P-P-P-Please help!”

  253. Scott says:

    Because I spent Sunday mornings having “Breakfast With The Beatles”

  254. Tad Brunker says:

    To put on my wall and not to flip!

  255. Shannon York says:

    Because for the first time my husband and I agree!

  256. Yael sumberg says:

    My husband’s chill space needs more chill.

  257. Mike says:

    “Because we all go a little Beatles sometimes”.

    – Ma Perkins

  258. Tanner says:

    November 11 is my Birthday…Love Spusta and The Beatles!

  259. Mark Fuerstenberg says:

    The Beatles, the band that began my love for music!

  260. Chad says:

    My first dog, a poodle named Pepper, for this reason 🙂

  261. Jeff Peterson says:

    Have never won a Spusta lottery. love the artist and band

  262. James Maurer says:

    Named our son Julian. Spusta space on living room wall.

  263. Jake Zwerdlinger says:

    Better run for your life if you can, little girl

  264. Bobby Greever says:

    I want my son to have it when I’m 64!!!

  265. Joe says:

    Because I love music and art.

  266. Jackie says:

    “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination” ~ Lennon

  267. Sarah says:

    Because Ebay prices are expensive

  268. Jacob christy says:

    It would be cool to own..

  269. chris price says:

    Every drop has eluded me, I’m begging can’t you see!

  270. Ajus10 says:

    need if for friends, they’re huge Beatles fans!

  271. Chris says:

    Spusta art is love, and that’s all I need.

  272. Clayton says:


  273. John Gomes says:

    Got to get you into my life

  274. Graham says:

    The Blue Meanies are coming! The Blue Meanies are coming!

  275. Nick says:

    Would hang this in my front room. ABOVE MY RECORDS

  276. Jacob says:

    Dad said beatles or stones and we’re Beatles family!

  277. Brian Kerr says:

    I named my daughter Pepper. She’s a musician. For her!

  278. Kevin Wyatt says:

    Because I’ve been unable to win any other Spusta lottery!

  279. Daniel says:

    Never scored on an actual drop. Let’s change that now

  280. Nate says:

    chance to share art and the Beatles with kids – win!

  281. Daniel Neal says:

    My dad will always remember this Christmas present.

  282. Jason says:

    Beatles…Spusta…. Two legends!! Love, Love Me Do!!!

  283. Nick says:

    As a gift to stay in family for generations

  284. Geoff says:

    Big fan of The Beatles; big fan of Marq Spusta

  285. KARISSA M ROBERTS says:

    I don’t own a print yet! I would be delighted!

  286. Cola Jarnigan says:

    I get by with a little help from my gnomes.

  287. Kimberly says:

    Once…there was an unearthly paradise called Pepperland or Spustaland?!

  288. Stacey says:

    I once took the Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool. LOVE

  289. Mara Oleson says:

    Yellow Submarine equals favorite movie. Marq Spusta equals favorite artist.

  290. Viviana says:

    I love it just like you did while creating it.

  291. Barbara Jean says:

    Because I don’t have this beauty and really want one!

  292. Jen Kaven says:

    This would look too cool for the new baby’s bedroom!

  293. Lance Fischel says:

    Because John Lennon and Sir Paul Mccartney, That’s Why!

  294. Wil says:

    Love, light and divine expression!

  295. Jim says:

    This print upon my wall, guaranteed to raise a smile.

  296. Justin says:

    One of the first movies that I owned on VHS.

  297. Ken says:

    Spusta magic again. Nuff said

  298. Leah says:

    The movie my daughter and I watched together before bed

  299. Nick K. says:

    For my wife, for next to her “Shag” Beatles Print!

  300. Ronald J. Graviett says:

    I remember seeing the movie in the theaters in 1968. Started drawing like Peter Max with Flair pens. I’d love to own this poster.

  301. Andy Pro says:

    I want you
    I want you so bad
    It’s driving me mad
    It’s driving me mad

  302. Jenny says:

    I love the Beatles! I love Mark Spusta!!

  303. Scott says:

    Everything about the yellow submarine reminds me of childhood joy!

  304. Adam says:

    Sitting this one out. Great print, but I wouldn’t keep it. Good luck to everyone! Much love to marq and the gnomes for past pick ups:0)

  305. Rodney Garland says:

    I want to buy this to hang on my wall

  306. James Manzione says:

    Hey Marq!!!
    Ran into you at GD50!! You signed my buddy’s old skool shirt of your’s that he was wearing. It totally made his day 🙂

    Love the new print and would truly appreciate having one.

    Thanks for all the art from all the years,

  307. Nikolai says:

    This print is Beatle proof!!! Will try and be there for the drop.

  308. Eric B. says:

    This print is amaxing. All you need is love. 🙂

  309. Snakeman69 says:

    To get high with a little help from the gnomes.

  310. Rob Robertson says:

    Very psychedelic print especially with kaleidoscope eyes love it

  311. Dave says:

    Love the Beatles
    Love the Art
    Love from Dave/Kimmy

  312. Warren K says:

    It’s my moms birthday and she’s a huge Beatles fan!

  313. Stephen Stein says:

    This looks AMAZING! I would love to surprise my wife with this for the holidays. This print will mean a lot to her….

  314. Adam M. says:

    Gnomes are hairy,
    Caravans are blue,
    Pepperland I love you.

  315. James says:

    To celebrate my childhood and all things Beatles.

  316. Zach z says:

    Love your and Beatles work, have never sold a poster.

  317. John Borghi says:

    I’m A Pepper, your a Pepper, we are all a Sgt. Pepper. Love it.

  318. Kevin Rock says:

    Sgt. Spusta’s BEAUTIFUL arts band, must have!!!

  319. jonathan feldman says:

    all you need is love, and posters by spusta!

  320. Sam Seabourne says:

    I’ma (hang it on my) wal(lrus and go) cuckoocachoo cuckoocachoo.

  321. Dave Yates says:

    The Beatles shake my bones and Spusta shakes my soul

  322. Bryan Luoma says:

    Oh how I would appreciate this piece on my wall.

  323. MR says:

    Because the first time I did acid at I watched this movie.

  324. ryan miller says:

    I grew up on the fab 4. I want

  325. John Konrad says:

    happiness is a warm, yes it is, Marq Spusta print

  326. Mark says:

    I saw The Beatles live, I am old 🙂

  327. Danielle Kohler says:

    In a Sea of Monsters,
    All you need in Love

  328. dimitri says:

    anthony will never stop complaining if he doesn’t get one

  329. Ken says:

    This print is kickass nuts…. Want

  330. Theodore Montoya says:

    I need this print to fend off Mean Mr. Mustard.

  331. nate hobbs says:

    I get high with a little help from my friends

  332. Cory says:

    My aunt introduced me to music with this album.

  333. Lindsay Gerber says:

    One of my favorite movies, one of my favorite bands.

  334. Mitch wray says:

    Wolves care not the opinions of sheep

  335. Greg says:

    Named son after George. Would look great in Harrison’s room.

  336. Robert bronson says:

    I was raised on the Beatles and great art.

  337. Jillian Burke says:

    A very special movie from my childhood, + I love Marq!

  338. Justin Miller says:

    “tickle of joy on the blue belly of the universe”

  339. Nathan Rosenberg says:

    The very first music I ever heard – Turned me on!!!!

  340. Josh Oleson says:

    An amazing piece of art for the best movie ever!

  341. Scott says:

    Just look at it!!!!! Enough said….

  342. Steve says:

    A Beatles album a day got me through college

  343. Michael Runy says:

    Blue meanies!

  344. Luke says:

    Happiness is a copy of this print on my wall.

  345. Ringo says:

    He’s so smart he doesn’t even remember what he knows!

  346. Eddie says:

    Because I sail the sea in my yellow submarine!

  347. David Phillips says:

    All one needs is love! This is lovely!

  348. Chris Jewel says:

    I suck at lotto’s! Wish me luck!

  349. Mireille Eskigian says:


  350. Dustin says:

    “While my guitar gently weeps”, “here comes the sun”. George!

  351. Derek says:

    All I need is this print! This print is all I need! 🙂

  352. Hightime says:

    “as we live this life of ease, everyone of us has all he needs, a sky of blue and sea of green, in our yellow submarine.” bottomless bliss good sir- cheers!

  353. Sidharth Khanna says:

    Huge beatles fan from India and this has to be had!

  354. Bianca Wormald says:

    Madres favorite band! We all live in a yellow submarine

  355. Dino says:

    Hard day’s night when I missed it on the drop.

  356. Sidharth Khanna says:

    Also this will drop at 5 AM for me 🙁

  357. Leslie Ostroff says:

    I was only waiting for this moment to arise

  358. Barry says:

    I would be forever grateful for this print.

  359. Gerry Zendejas says:

    I am the Spusta, goo goo ga joob

  360. joe says:

    ++british beatle capsicum land, yes please++

  361. adam burton says:

    Fixing A Hole…..with a little help from my friends!

  362. Jonathan cuty says:

    To inspire my son to know what real music is

  363. Molly C says:

    Help! I need some Spusta’s Pepperland!

  364. Evan M says:

    To stop my mind from wandering… where it will go-ooooo!!!

  365. Michael Lombardi says:

    Because…All you need is Love!

  366. Brandon Ambrose says:

    This print would look amazing in the nursery. Please.

  367. Katie Memmen says:

    For kaleidoscope eyes 🙂

  368. Brian Entler says:

    Traveling the world. Haven’t hit a drop. LOVE the Beatles.

  369. Bennett Cierny says:

    My four year old’s favorite band, and favorite color “rainbow”

  370. Daniel Hiscocks says:

    “Life flows on within you and without you” Just perfection.

  371. Bob says:

    Needed for the benefit of Mr. Kite

  372. pat burton says:

    I literally grew up listening to the Beatles I’m 47

  373. Zack Feinberg says:

    Because it’s guaranteed to raise a smile!

  374. Matt Arnold says:

    Jai Guru Deva Om

    Nothing’s gonna change my world


  375. chris says:

    I’ll get a pepperland with a little help from SPUSTA

  376. Andy Cross says:

    Oasis is the second greatest band next to the Beatles!

  377. Eric Carr says:

    All you need is love; All you need is Spusta!

  378. Sean says:

    This print is all I need… Well, and love

  379. Travis szewczyk says:

    Yellow submarine art got me
    Into art. Please please me

  380. Dan Williams says:

    Get Back to where you once belonged…on my wall.

  381. Adam Schneider says:

    I love Liverpool and the Beatles, this print is amazing!

  382. Evan says:

    To pass on to my son Max (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer)

  383. Steve says:

    For my father in law, a great Beatles fan, as Xmas gift –> main edition sufficiant

  384. Craig says:

    Great Print! Love to have this Print on my wall!

  385. Stebbins says:

    It melds an iconic band with an iconic artist.

  386. Matt Croke says:

    It would be for my Mother, and amazing “Thank You”

  387. Steffen says:

    Beatles & Marq:
    With a little help from some Gnomes

  388. Matt Croke says:

    ^an amazing…

  389. Jonathan Tuell says:

    If you find it Within you, Without you, I’d Love one!

  390. Crystal Williams says:


  391. Matthias says:

    Blue Meanie want to get this shit of paper for good

  392. Beatlemaniac says:

    Pepperland –
    Sergeant Marq´s CRAZY ARTS CLUB BAND

  393. Colleen Ehle says:

    I want to hang it up in my yellow submarine!

  394. Shawn Mooney says:

    All you need is love and this art spreads love!

  395. Blake says:

    This is not a want, this is a need, indeed.

  396. Melinda says:

    My husband would love it as an anniversary present!

  397. Brandon says:

    The love you take is = to the love you make!

  398. Ross Attkisson says:

    I’m gonna get by with a little
    Help from my friends. This would go great on my second Spusta wall in my new spot!! Thanks again as always for the awesome art Marq!

  399. Benjamin says:

    It’s totally GROOVY!!

  400. Blair Pzytula says:

    I want to rub my peen all over it.

  401. Brad Allen says:

    Because I have never been picked for a Spusta Lottery

  402. Allan Nassau says:

    I love the Beatles I love Spusta posters Peace

  403. Bee Chaser says:

    Pete Best!

  404. Matthias says:

    Blue Meanies wanna get this shit of paper for good

  405. Rebecca Blackmore says:

    Because I love Spusta art!

  406. Ryan N says:

    Raised on the Beetles…still waiting on my first Spusta!

  407. Andrew says:

    Love, love (it)me do
    You know I love you

  408. john treadway says:

    Its going to make a nice gift thanks

  409. Josh says:

    Spusta = favorite artist and Beatles = favorite band, so need it!

  410. lori says:

    George. John. Paul. Ringo. Marq. Gnomes. Happy!!!

  411. Nigel Luther says:

    Never score on your drop. Want this for child’s nursery

  412. Nicholas Femal says:

    Spusta prints are bad-ass!!

  413. Jay cordy says:

    There once was a man from Connecticut
    He tried on the drop but he missed it
    He said to Marq Spusta
    “Please gift me a posta
    If it comes in the mail
    I will frame it!”

    This would be my FIRST print of yours I have admired you from afar for far to long now, PLZ GET ME IN THE GAME!!!

  414. matthew says:

    Spustalicousness mixed with the mysteries of The Beatles equals Magic!!!

  415. cathi says:

    It’s wonderful to be here
    It’s certainly a thrill
    You’re such a lovely audience
    We want you to take home with us
    We are looking forward to bring you home

  416. kmac says:

    Summer of 77 stumbled onto Sgt Peppers changed my life

  417. Matthew says:

    Would love to have this as a gift for Christmas!

  418. Thomas L Hart Jr says:

    I need this print, your artwork is Fab!
    Please, thanks

  419. eejay says:

    If I had this Spusta x Beatles deliciousness hanging on my bedroom wall, I would pop records on and sit and stare at it for hours at a time. I’d make my dog stare at it too.

  420. Jason Smith says:

    Hello, First time replier, long time gazer of eye candy. Hope this works out well for all those interested. Happy Veterans day to all those out there who do the things many of us would not. Thank you for your service. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming… Jason

  421. Katie says:

    My father-in-law would love it.

  422. Justin says:

    We all live in a Yellow submarine.. Yellow submarine.. Yellow…

  423. bruce says:

    Perfect for the nursery! 🙂


  424. Tony says:

    I want you (pepperland), I want you so bad!!

  425. Rizzi says:

    Gnomes and Beatles together

  426. Mario says:

    I want it for my boys playroom 🙂 Thx Marq

  427. Matt says:

    “We’d like to take you home with us”

  428. Dean says:

    Awesome print. I’d put it in my home theater.

  429. Jason Smith says:

    Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, & Star.
    Top’s my list by far!

  430. broonum says:

    This is my lottery entry please and thank you gnomes!!

  431. j gillaspey says:

    great times with old friends discovery of music and life

  432. Ken Kor says:

    Beatles + Spusta=WIN!!!!

  433. Sam ross says:

    My girl Beatles fan, going to frame it for her

  434. Amber Joy says:

    Because I’ve never hit one of your drops. Pretty please

  435. Marianna says:

    Once in a lifetime chance at Beatle art by Spusta!

  436. Chrystal Simmons says:

    Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, I love you

  437. Ryan d says:

    I love the Beatles and I love your work Marq

  438. Erik says:

    I want to give this to my mother!

  439. derrick says:

    My daughter needs this print in her life, please/thankyou : )

  440. Aderly says:

    To put some color on my walls.

  441. Philip Kasonovitch says:

    waayyyyyy late to the party, but would love one.
    Thanks for the chance.

  442. Drake says:

    Fiancé turned me on to the Beatles, a fantastic reward.

  443. Karen says:

    This will make a special musician a Very Merry Chistmas!

  444. Seth S says:

    Your work hangs in every room of our house.

  445. joey says:

    All you need is Love, my first cassette purchase was yellow submarine! THANKS for the opp

  446. joey says:

    All you need is Love, first purchase yellow submarine

  447. Scotty Yaffe says:

    Pepperland is a tickle of joy on the blue belly of the universe. It must be scratched. Right Max?

    Foil me again, folks.

  448. Benny H says:

    Up with Spusta, down with Blue Meanies!

  449. DANIEL KNIES says:

    Pepperland with GD50 for beginning collector of SpustaStudio art

  450. James Shearer says:

    For my newly married brother!

  451. Alex S says:

    My sister will cry when I give this to her!

  452. Oliver Pence says:

    My mother introduced me to The Beatles Sgt pepper on a road trip when i was 5 years old (35 now). Its all my brother and I wanted to hear after that. I remember peering out of the window out at the vast american landscape. Pepperland is what I saw. Thank you for recreating this world for us in this beautiful poster. I hope to be lucky enough to own it some day!!!

  453. Kym says:

    Spusta + Beatles = Delicious Goodness for My Walls!

  454. Christopher J Skowronski says:

    John,Paul,George,Ringo,Marq,Yellow Submarine
    Nuff said!!!

  455. Aaron Kirby says:

    Because Spusta. Prints. Rock. PERIOD.

  456. Mike Hootman says:

    I would love to gift this to my pops . He loves the beetles.

    He still to this day says hes not over the breakup lol

    I think hes nuts but …

  457. Jeff K says:

    I’d love to take this home tonight!

  458. Rachel says:

    I just have to have it — it’s beautiful

  459. jason says:

    For the love of god, I want this poster!!

  460. Rachel says:

    I would do just about anything to own this, ANYTHING

  461. Sandy says:

    I am down on my knees, begging you please, to come home!

  462. Dave says:

    Make my room awesome pretty, please a pepper on top !!!

  463. Beth Starkey says:

    Our love for Beatles spans three generations, thank you mom!!!!

  464. I would be so honored to hang this up on my shop’s wall for everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much 🙂 Keep on Rocking

  465. Sorry got carried away and wrote more then 10 words

  466. Brett says:

    And it doesn’t really matter what chords I play

  467. Joe says:

    Family of Liverpudlians, so Beatles run pretty deep…

  468. Haney says:

    Some Rise……

    Some Fall……..

    To get to the Yellow Submarine!

  469. Eric says:

    Wife grew up with Beatles would love to surprise her!

  470. Matt says:

    Because I want it..

  471. Jeremy D says:

    I’m fixing a hole where a stout use to be!

  472. Seth Payne says:

    Birthday Present for wife, Great Work!

  473. Pam Surface says:

    This would be fixing a hole in my heart, Marq!

  474. Jon says:

    Just recently married, my wife LOVES the Beatles and this would make an amazing xmas gift. Her whole family is from England hence the life long love for the Beatles. Please, please, please!

  475. Matt says:

    To enjoy looking at it on my bedroom wall.

  476. alycia beranek says:

    my boyfriend’s mother would love it as a christmas gift.

  477. Stewdaddy says:

    This print is bigger than Jesus, smaller than an elephant.

  478. Dermot says:

    Because the kid will really like it.

  479. Dave says:

    For my young son, a budding Little Pepper.

  480. judson langston says:

    Beatles, pepperland and spusta “come together” on my wall forever

  481. Becker says:

    Gift to my sister. They start everyday with the Beatles

  482. Dan C says:

    Beatles in my ears and Spusta in my eyes: happy!

  483. Emilio E says:

    I love Pepper and I live on Land!!

  484. Brian Cox says:

    Yesterday all my Spusta’s seems so far away…

  485. sam k says:

    For my dad’s dental office, a little happiness around

  486. Don G. says:

    It synthesizes the beauty of the Beatles and Marq’s work.

  487. Ray says:

    I am the walrus! Coocoo kachoo ka coocoo kachoo

  488. Robert Gattone says:

    Memories of Yellow Submarine, and early psychedelia.

  489. Mark Timmonds says:

    In my life I love you more. I need spusta

  490. Ron vinion says:

    Hey Bulldog! All I need is love. Print Love!

  491. Adam says:

    Returned Aunt’s Pepper LP she bought in 1967. I’m Pepperless.

  492. Keith says:

    It would make my whole year, to buy this print!

  493. Tom Shaw says:

    My brother is a huge Beatles/Spusta fan…Christmas gift!

  494. Dave says:

    I learned Beatles before I knew music from my mom

  495. Chris McMillan says:

    Awesome print by an awesome artist, love it!

  496. Matthew Occelli says:

    To pass down the Beatles torch to my 2 children.

  497. dan says:

    Spusta and the beatles , 2 of my favorite things

  498. Rick Reeves says:

    As child, saw movie in 1968 with grandpa – happy memories.

  499. Katie says:

    It’s so beautiful, I want to live there.

  500. Dana Marver says:

    Swell Representation of Beatles Psychedelic Period in Music, Art, Movies

  501. frank says:

    we all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine

  502. Brian Kreuscher says:

    Way to keep the classics going strong! Amazing work, and the perfect centerpiece for my wall. Would LOVE to look at this every day and put a smile on my face! If not, I’ll take that sad song, and make it better!

  503. Jay says:

    For my brothers birthday gift, I Failed last time.

  504. Megan says:

    For my father who loves the Beatles!

  505. Tyler MacFarland says:

    Beautiful piece and my favorite band! Would love a copy!

  506. Chris Rickey says:

    I’d love one!. I’m a huge Beatles and Spusta fan!

  507. James says:

    Want to buy it to celebrate my new job

  508. Dana says:

    My husband is a Marine and Beatles fan…Veterans Day!

  509. Devo says:

    Spusta on wall next to original cell of blue meanies

  510. Greg Bullock says:

    My 4 year old daughter Elizaabeth loves Yellow Submarine!

  511. Amethyst Zharr-Brown says:

    All you need is Love, Love is all you need

  512. Chad Koehneke says:

    LSD vision of George in my bathroom after watching film!

  513. Ed Tovar says:

    For my daughter’s room, next to her other Spusta prints

  514. Meaghan says:

    In Tangerine Trees
    Gnomes with Kaleidoscope Eyes
    Eat Moss-mallow Pies

  515. Brian Turner says:

    The Beatles are the reason I am who I am!!

  516. kevin Flaherty says:

    I wish I had this one 8 days a week!!!

  517. Nate says:

    It’s all too much for me to take!

  518. Jeff Fernandez says:

    I just love it!

  519. Benjamin Yarcho says:

    Love Yellow Submarine and Spusta! Would love to see this on the wall for Christmas

  520. Anna says:

    This beautiful piece would look fantastic in my music room.

  521. Evan says:

    Simply amazing

  522. Steven says:

    I’m a huge Beatles and Spusta fan please pick me

  523. Hunter says:

    Woah this one is legit!

  524. Heather says:

    I love Spusta and I fucking love this sexy print!

  525. Todd Stotts says:

    Began weekly Lucy journeys watching Yellow Submarine. Always good trip!

  526. Steph delage says:

    Love your work- love the Beatles- would be a perfect addtition to our poster family

  527. Todd says:

    My parents introduced me to the Beatles. They deserve one!

  528. David says:

    Sergeant Pepper was the very first album I ever bought.

  529. John says:


  530. Patrick M says:

    Today is my birthday! My daughter’s birthday too yeah! Really!

  531. Vince says:

    Ringo is my illegitimate father, mom got around.

  532. Wes Helms says:

    Passionate Beatles/Spusta fan that needs this on his wall!

  533. Scott Munts says:

    It’s SOOOO big… Will go good w/ Bed of Roses!

  534. Christian Troy says:

    This print is beautiful. Love to frame it. Thanks

  535. tim says:

    I hope I still can get in on this, peace!

  536. JACK says:

    I’M 64yo this year FRAME NEXT TO SF66 Wes Wilson

  537. Matthew says:

    This is one of the craziest prints I’ve ever seen.

  538. Jason B says:

    My now wife and I bonded over film decade ago

  539. Jonathan says:

    “All you need is love” is my favorite song!

  540. Nate says:

    Gift for the hippy in-laws

  541. Kim says:

    This will be for my father-in-law, please!!!

  542. Cade Werner says:

    The art is almost as inspirational as the Beatles

  543. Bobby Braun says:

    Haven’t had a Spusta yet. Would display it very gratefully!

  544. Mike P says:

    Pepperland. I, Me, Mine. Spusta. That about sums it up!

  545. Dan says:

    Groovy print, help me get this on my wall. Thanks!

  546. Matt says:

    Would love a copy! Had one in my cart from DHM and it sold out while I was checking out!

  547. Joe Pona says:

    To spread the love of the beatles to younger siblings

  548. Charles says:

    This album is the soundtrack to my life, start to finish.

  549. David says:

    Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble.

  550. steven says:

    My friend is a huge beatles and art fan and he would love this for Christmas ( his son are named lennon and harrison)

  551. Liz says:

    …everything I’ve got for a little peace of mind.

  552. Jessica Howard says:

    Beatles went Platinum, but I want Gold!

  553. Randy says:

    This takes me back!

  554. Dan haverlock says:

    And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

  555. kris G says:

    Bollocks!!! Didn’t even see the buy button….gorgeous print, off to ebay i go..

  556. Lyght Hussey says:

    We have wicked awesome daughter, four years, she wants one!!!

  557. Trenton says:

    Most prized possesions…. anthology DVD set, anthology tape set…pepperland?

  558. Brian says:

    really likes your art.
    how bout a gold?

  559. Ben says:

    Day in the Life of Ben sees strawberry fields forever!

  560. Solomon says:

    Marq- My seven year old can recite every character’s name!

  561. Adam Hall says:

    Beatles = Spusta

  562. Colin Corcoran says:

    Foiled on foils…Must be a hole in my pocket!

  563. Mike Greco says:

    Number nine number nine number nine number nine

  564. art says:

    We’ll be right back after this message from our sponsor

  565. Dana V says:

    She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t.

  566. Natalie says:

    something about this print attracts me like no other

  567. Daniel Talbot says:

    I live in a yellow submarine and it’s christened “Marq”.

  568. Scott Manlove says:

    to safe it from Yoko

  569. Dustin says:

    Just saw this! Hope I’m not too late…

  570. jason smith says:

    Happiness is bug art

    ^^ ^^
    / * \ / * \
    / * \ / * \
    / % \/ % \
    ( ||| )
    ( ** ||| ** )
    ( ** (|||) ** )
    ( ** (|||) ** )
    ( **(|||)** )
    ( **(|||)** )
    ( ** (|||) ** )
    ( ** (|||) ** )
    ( ** (|||) ** )
    ( ** (|||) ** )
    ( ** (|||) ** )

  571. Pete says:

    Wifey loves Beatles. I love Spusta prints. Perfect Amalgam. Hooray!

  572. Steffen says:

    Thanks, Marq.
    I was successful on your website sales 🙂

  573. Jason Meyers says:

    All you need is love, love, love!!! Please be kind!!!

  574. Rhonda says:

    Still hoping to take a ride on that Yellow Submarine!

  575. Bokgi says:

    I get fucked by flippers, but I’m still a virgin

  576. Trip Watson says:

    Enthusiasm for Life defeats existential fear and Blue Meanies!

  577. Bree says:

    It won’t be long, ’til I belong to you, Pepperland!

  578. Don says:

    Love the Beatles and love Marq Spusta’s art. Period!

  579. Stephen Vest says:

    For my Son’s room he’s 5 months. thanks! 🙂

  580. Matthew Zoch says:

    BEATLES, nuff said really, timeless classic, please and thank you.

  581. Shaun says:

    Thanks for the late night drop on the Gold Pepperland!! Thanks for partying late Gnomes!

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