Things may be a bit clunky over here

You may experience some connection trouble with the site right now. We apologize for this annoyance, usually a reload will get the page up. We have moved the site to much better server but there still seems to issues when our traffic goes up. Please bare with us as we work through it.

If you continue to have trouble and can’t place an order, just email us what you’re trying to get and we’ll send an invoice.

3 Responses to Things may be a bit clunky over here

  1. marq says:

    We’re going to hold off putting the Vedder & Furthurs up until after today. Hopefully try and fix this database connection issue first . . . might just a do a lottery tomorrow, stay tuned. thanks for your patience.

  2. Kevin says:

    Appreciate the update Marq!! Thanks for letting us know. A lottery is always welcome!

  3. kmac says:

    Congrats to the lottery winners!

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