Dave Matthews Band Caravan – The Gorge Poster

11 Responses to Dave Matthews Band Caravan – The Gorge Poster

  1. Sterling says:

    It will be mine! Oh yes, it will be mine!

  2. David says:

    Not the biggest dmb fan, but once again your work can make me want to have somthing simply to have it. Beautiful!

  3. Russell says:

    AwesomE! Will be watching like a hawk for the release.

  4. Richie Rich says:


  5. shawnmac64@yahoo.com says:

    this is sublime. I can’t wait to have one .Marq,I think I’ll have to clear out some of my other poster to make room for this. for sure…Event poster + Dave Mathews+ Marq Spusta + limited =highy collectable .This is the stuff I desire and will cherish .

  6. michael says:

    Awesome! It really pulls in the scenery of the Gorge itself NICELY. Fine job sir

  7. Mary Ann Montoya says:

    When will more be released? They were sold out when I tried to get one.

  8. Dan says:

    you made me want to buy a DMB poster. well done marq. well done.

  9. nikki says:

    PLEASE EMAIL when the AE’s will be going up! I will die if I don’t get one!!!

  10. lynn mcintyre says:

    love dave matthews it would nice to win plus love your artwork BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  11. Nicole says:

    GORGE-ous print!!!! I’ll cross my fingers!!! Thank You for the opportunity!

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