“Bed of Roses” Jerry Garcia Print

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  1. clawrence says:

    fantastic print marq, all in for this one.

  2. Travis says:

    Favorite! Very nice work Marq!

  3. Richie Rich says:

    not too shabby. j/k


  4. jason says:

    is this where you enter the lotto?

    I want.

  5. Spusta Gnome says:

    Get yours tomorrow (4/20) at JerryGarcia.com!


    Screen Printed limited edition run of 420 posters signed and numbered by artist Marq Spusta. Screen printed poster measures 17″ x 21″.


    Please note: This item is available for pre-order. Orders are expected to ship on or around the week of April 26, 2013. All items in your order will be held for shipment with the pre-order item, so please place a separate order if you would like non-pre-order items earlier.

  6. shawn mcintyre says:

    it’s perfect Marq. I love this print.

  7. cubby says:

    i think it moved 🙂

  8. Hightime says:

    “Being in the Grateful Dead is taxing in a way that nothing else is. When it’s hard, it’s the hardest thing there is, and when it’s easy, it’s magic.” ~ Jerry Garcia

  9. Austin says:

    Isn’t noon EST 9 am PST? I’m confused, but will go at noon, then again at 1 I suppose.

  10. Andy says:

    Makes me feel good!

  11. X-MAN says:


  12. sally says:

    This one takes the cake!

  13. David says:

    Was on the website at the time of sale(actually 15 mins before, logged in and ready refreshing the page waiting for the top of the hour) and they were all already gone because of a presale. Go figure, nothing like this ever comes easy or the way its advertised. Im sure your AE will be even more of a cluster f**k once word spreads about this amzing print. Whatev

  14. David says:

    Nevermind. Scratch that comment. They appeared in the shop 10 min later than advertised. Giggidy.

  15. Rick says:

    Great print!!
    Too bad music today sucks ass…

  16. Aaron says:

    Is anyone getting through with purchases? I’ve been trying for 22 minutes now.

  17. Richie Rich says:

    Close out your browser. Reopen and BAM. u should be good

  18. Aaron says:

    Nope, nothing but sorry technical issues messages at end of checkout repeatedly. The good news is they had no issue signing me up for the mailing list 16 times. Nice software.

  19. John K says:

    I believe they are all gone, which is very unfortunate. A reliable source informed me that he checked the inventory and there were 400+ and then a minute or two later there were 3

  20. RICH says:

    even tho they went up a little late i had no probs getting one they were up for a while too..would love to see a variant 😉

  21. carter says:

    thats was a joke – i had more issues than a mondo checkout. hoping for an AE

  22. Jesse From Spustaland says:

    Crossing fingers for an AE, or Variants. I must have this poster. There is no other person that can bring a tear to my eye from the music they play. Amazing poster Marq!

  23. george says:

    Can’t wait to see this one in person!! I had no issues w/ getting one even on my phone too. (I was a lil worried my phone would be too slow) =D happy day!!

    I was wondering what paper that is, just a plain black?


  24. C Brown says:

    May have an extra for trade ess2214@gmail.com

  25. ajus10 says:

    hope to score an ae ! what do they look like little gnome?

  26. Mr. Pete------> says:

    Went on line at noon but I guess I was .00000000000003 seconds too late!!

  27. cubby says:

    i am really looking forward to a chance at the AE release since music today did a wonderful job of keeping this out of my hands. Can we get a pick or two of what to expect?

  28. Lance Poulin says:

    I just talked to Music Today about my order, which still says “processing”, and it doesn’t sound promising for a bunch of us who purchased and paid for one of these during the very small window when they were for sale. Did they oversell? Any ideas on what happened?

  29. Bruce Ward says:

    Thank you! I received today as posted. I really will enjoy this art for years! Thanks again! Bruce

  30. Brandon says:

    Saw a Gold Edition of this print, what’s the word on that? Any update on the AE? -Thanks!

  31. Bakes says:

    HAS ANYONE RECEIVED THE POSTER YET? , I emailed music today and still no response. I need my Jerry!

    • Lance Poulin says:

      There are a whole lot of ’em being sold on eBay. I just want the One that I ordered at 12:22 pm on 4/20. I am also having trouble getting response from Musictoday after three attempts. Be patient?

    • Lance Poulin says:

      Just got an update.
      Charles at Musictoday says, “I am so very sorry for the delays on your order. As you may already know, this item was oversold as a result of a mistake on our end. We are working on finalizing the best possible resolution. We will be reaching out to you no later than Monday with an update. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing the most desirable resolution.”

  32. cubby says:

    music today completely botched this drop and this should have been resolved by now

  33. Johnny says:

    Musictoday just offered to sell me one and refund me for the others I have already paid for because they accidentally shipped them to the wrong people. They are offering me a free handbill as compensation.

  34. Johnny says:

    How many handbills are being printed? Will you be posting a picture of the handbill before I decide to accept the offer?

  35. John says:

    MT telling me same thing. Total BS and a complete mess. Confirmed orders are just that and are legally binding. Those of us who ordered Saturday and have valid purchase orders are legal entitled to what we ordered plain and simple.

  36. John says:

    They have know for weeks and been passing the buck coming up with this “resolution”.

  37. Bakes says:

    Ahhh, shipment confirmation. I ordered within a minute of the poster being available. How the heck can they send posters to folks who ordered later on the oversell?. First come, first serve. I hope
    the handbill makes good on this disaster.

  38. John says:

    I was home refreshing and waiting at 11:55 est, it is sad that people who ordered Monday received prints when those who took time on a Saturday afternoon did not. Yeah looking forward to what the handbill looks like. The print is fantastic as is the Black Keys from the 10th. Really like the Egyptian vi be with Marq’s always good symmetry on both.

  39. richard says:

    i also got screwed out of my 4 posters, 2 of which were gifts one for my dad who brought me to my first dead show in 78 and has seen them over 600 times, i was online right when they went on sale on 4/20 but yet the people who ordered on 4/22 got theirs, pretty messed up,about the worst poster debacle i’ve ever seen in my years of collecting posters. hope there’s a chance at a variant here in the future.

  40. Bakes says:

    Anyone else receive their Jerry mini today? Thanks Marq, that is great! Why are the minis a limited edition of 100? I’m curious and wonder if that many people ordered multiple prints. I only purchased one and feel damn lucky if that is the case.. Anyone have the story. I’m just curious where the edition of 100 came from.

    • Lance says:

      Did you get that email from Charles Dart explaining the mix-up and how orders were taken after the edition sold out? It caused a delay of the last 100 prints I think and those of us who had to wait for things to settle down at Musictoday got the handbill as a sort of apology.

      Here’s that message:

      Dear Jerry Fan,

      We wanted to update you on the issues here at Musictoday related to your order of the Jerry Garcia “Bed of Roses” poster by Marq Spusta. The “Bed of Roses” poster officially sold out as of 1:00 pm EST on April 20th. Due to an inventory management error, an additional quantity of posters was inadvertently offered for sale on April 22nd. While all orders from the 22nd of April were refunded, the shipments remained in our system and many were delivered to customers who were not entitled to receive a poster. The result was a significant delay in the shipment of your order. We are very happy to report we have resolved the issue to be best of our means and have located a poster from the edition of 420 to fill your order.

      Your order containing one poster will be shipping no later than Friday this week. In addition to the “Bed of Roses” Poster, you will also receive an additional gift of an exclusive handbill derived from the “Bed of Roses art designed by Marq Spusta as a thank you for your patience. This handbill is currently in production and will ship as soon as it’s available. We will provide an image and additional details to you when it’s ready to ship.

      We again apologize for this error on our part and for thank you for your patience while we came up with a solution. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions or concerns.

      Thank you

  41. Bakes says:

    Ahhh. I see. So it is those of us that ordered on 4/20. I am 419/420. That was close.

  42. Kris Dumas says:

    missed the onsale through jerrygarcia.com I hope to score one on the AP drop, I am on vacation though, does anyone know if Marq Tweets when the drop happens? I really want to get his.

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