The Black Crowes – Lay Down with Number 13 US Tour Poster

31 Responses to The Black Crowes – Lay Down with Number 13 US Tour Poster

  1. Shawnmac says:

    Phenomenal Marq! Just phenomenal

  2. Travis Hopper says:

    Freakin awesome Marq! Yesss!

  3. Andy D says:

    Wow! Marq, you never cease to amaze me.

  4. Jesse From Spustaland says:

    Nice!! LOVE the lettering…

  5. CLawrence says:

    way to lay it down marq

  6. kmac says:

    Amazing print~Spustalicious Lettering 😉

  7. Hightime says:

    this one is way out-of-sight! keep on truckin’ down that cosmic highway, cheers!

  8. shannon kiss says:

    This is a killer poster, Marq. GREAT job! Ready to get my hands on one. 🙂 Best to you guys.

  9. Richie Rich says:

    I LIKEY. the Crowes look like they r tokin a little OG 47.

    hemp paper variant please

  10. X-Man says:

    Is this the poster that comes signed by the Band with the VIP poster?, because I always saw some venue specific posters. Can you clafiry little gnome?

  11. scott says:

    I agree w richie hemp variant pls !

  12. mk says:

    when will this be available for purchase?

  13. Jesse From Spustaland says:

    L@@k the smoke coming out of the bus window, awesome!!

  14. frank says:

    all of the ones sold at shows have a bent corner when will these be available to buy?

  15. X-MAN says:

    We really need a large AE version considering what happened to the majority of these at the shows. If TBC damaged them, why should the fans suffer and fans of this excellent art. They should pay to run another batch and put them up here. I would assume they were insured?

  16. mk says:

    horrible excuses as to why all and I mean EVERYONE is bent…here’s to hoping there are some Spusta mints coming at end of tour…NO BAND should even consider selling what they are selling. I saw at least 10 fans returning posters

  17. Jesse From Spustaland says:

    Ohh no, thats a shame. At least we get a shot when they are released here. Crossing fingers for more Swirl Shell paper, AMAZING in person!!

  18. Keith K. says:

    bought 2 damaged prints the first night….contacted Marq about it….

    gonna have it framed……so the corner ding wont be noticeable….

    great print by marq…….by a great band….
    went to the 1st 5 of 8 shows played….

  19. dylan says:

    hoping there are still some blues papers left by the Orlando show, even dinged up ones…love that blue!

  20. cubby says:

    has anyone heard anything about possible extras? ive been wanted to get my hands on one of these but there arent many floating around…

  21. cubby says:


  22. Anderson says:

    Want one really bad.

  23. Rock in atl says:

    Bought a damaged purple in New Orleans. Really want a artist proof for myself. Have em both framed up, and gift the damaged to my friend. Drug her to the show, and after jazzfest when asked her favorite show of the weekend, her reply “my hearts still smiling. The crowes hands down”. I wanna pay it forward and give her a poster, but also need one for my wall! Please release a artist proof. I like the blue paper better than the purple I have, but some wicked different paper would be awesome. Foil would look amazing…..

  24. Meredith says:

    Spusta Gnome – how will we know when the AE is available? Just saw TBC at HOB in Myrtle Beach and didn’t even see any of these beauties for sale! Would love to have a blue one.

  25. Chris says:

    I am very interested in this print, anyone have one available?

  26. Eric says:

    caught the chicago show …wasn’t able to get a poster..any proofs lying around? artist (in my free time) and a big fan of your work! keep killin’ it!

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