Primus & The Chocolate Factory Poster

25 Responses to Primus & The Chocolate Factory Poster

  1. Anthony antonucci says:

    That’s sweet!!! Great work as always sir…

  2. mike says:

    A perfect piece to represent the show. Kudos Marq, just so good!

  3. Richie Rich says:

    Bravissimo Signori. I can actually see Gene Wilder’s face. AMAZING WORK MARQ

  4. Seth says:

    this is amazing! Great work

  5. Hightime says:

    oompa loompa doobity dank! choco-tastic brown paper and….. everything!!!

  6. Nick T says:

    Screw the chocolate…I want a golden ticket! Imagination delivered yet again…beyond my my wilds dreams.

  7. Doug says:

    Love the use of color. So vibrant! Nice one for sure. I WANT ONE NOW!!!

  8. Kristopher Dumas says:

    These prints for this tour have been amazing.. This print in particular is a absolute stunner. Great Job Marq!

  9. Keith K. says:

    Wow!!! You knocked it out of the park Marq!
    Hope you can throw one to the side for me!

  10. dana marver says:

    Will this Platinum Award Primus poster be available to the lowly losers anytime soon Marq? Tom Petty says that “Even the losers get lucky sometimes”.

    Continued Success & Love Your Show

  11. Tread says:

    You took something predictable( wilder,wonka) and unpredict it .masterful.

  12. Daniel Colwell says:

    Say, could you sell me an extra one you got laying around? Pretty please!?!? Lol….

  13. Gabriel bloxom says:

    Such beautiful work marq.

  14. Gabriel bloxom says:

    I love it.

  15. Richie Rich says:

    UGHHH! Marq is having a raffle but

    idonttrustzuckerberg. perhaps I should open a shill facebook account just to be able to be part of the Spusta madness.

  16. scott sipes says:

    Reg edition please…. Thanks a million Marq

  17. Jason Miller says:

    Oh my goodness how my kids would love this framed & in their room! I dont know who would love it more me or them!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ LET ME GET PICKED!!!!!! I was wondering if I would ever see this on your site! Heck I would take anything from your store actually! Haha

  18. Beverly miller says:

    Oh i would love to have this print sooooo bad

  19. Dan says:

    Absolutely amazing! I can haz ¿ 🙂

  20. Seth says:

    Stunning detail in person. The gold version looks great! Very proud to be able to own a copy!

  21. Richie Rich says:

    Happy New Year to Mr. Spusta, family and the gnomes

  22. Richie Rich says:


    anybody here anymore? lol

  23. Richie Rich says:

    So happy to see that a lottery is about to pop off. It has been too long since Ive fed my Spusta monster.

  24. Tread says:

    Only Spusta……..

  25. John treadway says:

    That’s the way it’s done!
    Primus sucks

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