Here’s a new screen print we made. Do you want to buy one? It seems a lot of folks want to get their hands on these creatures, so we will be choosing customers via this purchasing lottery here and now.

If you’re interested in putting your name in for one of these prints be sure to follow the instructions carefully. We made things slightly complicated again as an attempt to weed out some of the folks that aren’t paying as close of attention, or asking friends to enter for them.

Here’s some details about the prints:
28″ x 12″ screen print, Main Edition of 150 on a Metallic Shadow paper (there are also some variant editions). The imagery originally appeared last year as a Dave Matthews Band Caravan poster from the Gorge. We are going to ask that potential customers choose if they want to enter the lottery for the main edition or a random variant (most likely Squash). The Main Edition will cost $100 shipped(CONUS). The Variant Editions will cost $175 shipped(CONUS). Most the variants sent out will be of the Squash Edition of 38, but some variant customers will randomly receive one of the rarer blue variants.

Lotto Instructions:
• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment based on these instructions. Follow the instructions carefully and go for one successful, clean post the first time instead of making amendments to your original comment.
• You can comment anonymously, but be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Your comments should include the the 3 following things…..
1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating?

2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song?

3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition?

• Customers will be selected through a random number generator system operated by the gnomes, anyone who follows the instructions is eligible.
• We will begin sending Paypal invoices to randomly selected Main Edition customers shortly after this lottery is live, with a few winners being selected to the next few days as well. The selection for the variant customers will actually begin next Wednesday!
• Lottery entries will be closed later tonight and commenting on this post will become inactive.

965 thoughts on “Creature Caravan – customer lottery

    1. Todd Thrasher

      1. Megladon(big shark)
      2. My Antonia(w/ Emmylou Harris)
      3. Main or variant (prefer variant). Either will make me smile

  1. brian

    1. Saber Tooth Tiger…that thing was wicked
    2. favorite/ Christmas Song- least/Ants Marching
    3. Main or Vairant…happy with either

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  2. James perkins

    1: T-Rex bc he was a badass
    2: favorite DMB song “Bartender”
    3: entering for a main edition

  3. troy

    -the dodo bird fascinates me like no other… first animal that taught me about extinction. i want one at home, stuffed, next to my bed.

    -least favorite—Crash, into me. damn teenage girls when i was in HS played it waaaaaay too much.

    -main edition. please.

  4. Seth

    1. Wooly mammoth, because they look like snuffalugagus
    2. I love Two Step, it the song that got me hooked
    3. Would love a variant, but would take a main.

  5. Adam Martin

    It was great seeing you at Analog A-Go-Go!
    1. Wooly Mammoth
    2. Satellite
    3. Main Edition

  6. John

    Thanks for the lotto Marq!

    1. Mitsukurina owstoni – extinct, crazy looking goblin shark!
    2. Favorite – Satellite
    3. Main Edition



  7. Blake

    1. Big wholly mammoth!
    2. I despise the song “crash”. My least favorite
    3. Main edition please and thanks!

  8. Nicholas Day

    1. Woolly Mammoth

    2. Favorite : The space between
    Least Favorite – Ants Marching

    3. Variant Edition

    Thanks for the chance marq!!! 🙂

  9. Garret Phillips

    Irish Deer: the largest deer that ever lived
    Old Dirt Hill is a good one!
    Main Edition Please!
    THanks for for chance Marq and Gnomes!

    The caravan has all my friends, and it will stay with me until the end – Van The Man

  10. Anthony

    1. Didnt know much about extinct animals, but after googling, gotta say the Pyrenean Ibex seems pretty fascinating!

    2. Satellite is my favorite

    3. Variant! Thanks!

  11. Andrew

    1. Woolly Rhino
    2. The Dreaming Tree (favorite)
    3. Main Edition (please!)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Wes R

    1. Tricerotops because of the land before time
    2. Warehouse
    3. Either edition would be fabulous

  13. Jessica Perry

    1. dodo bird!
    2. crash
    3. main edition but i’ll be happy with the variant 🙂

    Thanks Marq! Love this print!

  14. Scott Johnston

    Hi Marq, Would love a chance at REG edition 🙂

    1) The Irish Elk or Giant Deer is the extinct animal I find most fascinating! You see the antlers on that thing!!!??
    2) Two Step off the Live at Red Rocks is my absolute fave DMB song!!
    3) REG please

    Many thanks!

  15. Adam

    1. Mastodons – without question
    2. I hate Tripping Billies with a special passion
    3. Main Edition, please!

  16. Chatham M

    1. I find the Ivory Billed Woodpecker extremely interesting. Most scientists say it’s extinct but there are a few who say there are some still out there. The search for them continues. What a beautiful bird.

    2. I’ve loved Tripping Billies since I was a kid.

    3. I would love a shot at a Variant edition.

    Thanks as always and I love your art. Peace to all the people.

  17. Vankhoi Bui

    1. I find the saber-toothed tiger very interesting.

    2. My favorite DMB song is Lie In Our Graves.

    3. Variant.

  18. Jordan Rosenstock

    1. Sabertooth Tiger
    2. All Along The Watchtower (live cover)
    3. Main edition please!

  19. Josh Wilbur

    1. Megladon because it was the biggest baddest shark
    2. #41 is my favorite DMB tune
    3. Main edition

  20. Jessica

    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating? Big wooly mammoth
    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song? Favorite #41
    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition? Main but I’d be happy with either

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  21. Al

    1. Megalodon
    2. The Dreaming Tree (most favorite)
    3. Main Edition

    Thanks and good luck to all!

  22. Tim T

    Stegosaurus probably, or any dinosaur
    Fav song, crash
    Main edition

    Thanks for the opportunity marq!

  23. Jarrett

    1. Wooly mammoth! Scared if they decide to try to clone one of those bad boys…

    2. Warehouse (live). Love the woos! and boyd plucking the violin

    3. Main edition please 🙂

  24. Anthony

    Favorite extinct: Zanzibar leopard
    “So Right” is just so wrong. Least favorite
    I’d love a shot at a variant please

    Thanks Marq & the gnomes,


  25. Kate Newcomer

    1. Tasmanian Tiger.
    2. favorite Dave Matthews Band song:You Might Die Trying
    3. Main Edition

  26. Dwayne Madden

    1. Savor tooth tiger. Because it was a bad ass. And i like cats.
    2. Crash (I know but it is)
    3. Main edition

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. Matt

    1. The Dodo
    2. Fav – Dreaming Tree / Least Fav – Satellite
    3. Main Edition

    Please and Thank You!

  28. Clayton Hopper

    2: Dancing Nancies
    3. Love both, would humbled to be selected for either main or variant.


  29. Travis Lynch

    1. The Dodo bird is my favorite extinct animal

    2. Crash into me

    3. Variant Edition Please!

  30. Andy P

    1. T-Rex – hard to believe an animal that large used to roam around earth just destroying stuff.
    2. Dancince Nancies = Fav; What Would You Say = the song i would go to the bathroom during
    3. Main but I would not say no to variant either!

    Thank you Sir Spusta, keep up the doodles!

  31. Eric

    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating? Savor tooth tiger
    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song? Trippin Billies
    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition? Variant but would be happy with a main too!

    Thanks for the chance!

  32. Mike Beattie

    1. Brontosaurus. Because they really stuck their necks out..heh
    2. Satellite
    3. Main version
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  33. mere

    1. Saber tooth cat
    2. Favorite: the fly
    3. Variant edition please and thanks for the chance!

  34. Ben manley

    • Your comments should include the the 3 following things…..
    1. Big wooly mammoth?
    2. I’m not a DMB fan so I’d have to say my favorite song would be the cover of all along the watch tower?
    3.variant edition please!

    Thanks for all u do Marq and the gnomes. Fingers crossed

  35. Nick Pizzo

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

    1) woolly mammoth (obviously)
    2) Lie in our graves (so haunting and good)
    3) reg Ed

  36. Dave Utter

    1) T Rex (love those tiny arms)
    2) all along the watchtower
    3) Main please and thank you

  37. james

    1. sabertooth tiger
    2. favorite song: don’t drink the water, least favorite: the song that jane likes
    3. variant

  38. debbie

    Crash into me
    Main but would be happy with a variant as well!

    Thank you for the opportunity’

  39. Michael K

    1) Dinosaurs Rock!
    2) Ants Marching – Not a DMB fan but this reminds me of a scene from the office with andy “no hits”
    3) Main – figure my chances are best on this and I just want this beauty on my wall

    ::does van morrison “Caravan” kick in hopes for good luck::

  40. Abigail Prince

    1. Steggosauras (gotta be fascinated with dinosaurs)
    2. If I have to chose a song it’s Ants Marching
    3. Variant please


  41. Micah

    1. Saber Tooth Tiger
    2. Favorite – Jimi Thing
    3. Main Edition

    thank you, thank you. i need this bad, please, i beg

  42. Gene-o

    1) I like the Tasmanian tiger-

    2) The stone

    3) Regular

    Thanks for the Awesome Art as always!

  43. Cameron Linton

    1. The dodo Bird
    2. I love People People my least favorite is Satelite
    3. Main Addition

  44. Robert Rising

    1. Wooly mammoth
    2. Tripping Billies
    3. Would love a variant

    Thanks for having these available Marq and the chance to get one.

  45. Jesse Mann

    1. Wooly mammoth because they are awesome
    2. Crash into me most favorite
    3. Regular edition

  46. Meagan Lasky

    1. I find mammoths and mastodons fascinating, which looks like an awfully mundane selection when I look at all who have already commented already in this lotto. However, mastodon fossils were discovered near my hometown, and the fossils reside in out state museum(which is local to me), and when I was very little my aunt/babysitter used to take me to the state museum and of all the very interesting things there, all I ever wanted to do was look at the mastodon exhibit.

    2. Favorite DMB song is Satellite.

    3. I would love a main edition or a variant, whatever you want to award me I would be glad to have and frame!

    1. Meagan Lasky

      Sorry, failed at reading directions. Would prefer variant (still would be glad for a main though)

  47. troy goode

    1. plesiosaurs
    2. favorite: jimi thing
    3. main

    thanks marq looking to grace my lil’s boys room.

  48. Jessi Link

    1. Like a Big Wooly Mammoth, you gotta wear that coat!

    2. Gravedigger

    3. Main edition, please!

    Thanks for the chance!

  49. Kristi Trimmer

    1. I love big ol Trex and his Itty bitty arms. Such tiny arms for such a big fella
    2. Crash Into Me… so many underlying meanInga that I find fascinating.
    3. Main please 🙂

  50. Ken

    1. Saber tooth tiger—cats are my favorite animals
    2. I have no idea. Honestly not familiar with DMB so can’t choose a most or least favorite.
    3. Variant

    Thanks for the chance!

  51. Sarah

    #1 Megaladon (my little guys fav)
    #2 Fav – Satellite
    #3 prefer main but would be ecstatic for either

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. mike Wayhart

    1. T-Rex

    2. Ummm I guess when they play rivertrance

    3. Variant Edition PLEASE! BLUE 🙂

  53. Jim Harwood

    1. Extinct animal: American Lion (Panthera Leo Atrox)
    2. Favorite DMB song: Stay (Wasting Time)
    3. Variant

  54. Abigail Prince

    1. Stegosaurus (always fascinated with dinosaurs)
    2. Ant Marching if I have to choose one
    3. Variant Please

  55. Dustin

    1. Teradactyl. I always have thought flying dinosaurs were super cool!

    2. Two step. Favorite. Is a fun song.

    3. Main. I love that paper!

  56. Chris Olsen

    1. Irish Deer- largest deer to ever live.
    2. Favorite DMB-Tripping Billies
    3. Variant edition please.

  57. BBowen

    As a fish biologist I find the megaldon (Carcharodon megalodon) a fascinating extinct fish that may not be extinct…one can only hope!

    What would you say is a fav and crash into me not so fav


  58. Brian

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex because they exemplify the brutality of nature and at the same time bring focus to the wonderful ability us humans have to escape instinct.
    2. Favorite song is crush
    3. Variant

  59. Matt Brough

    1.)the silver trout! As an avid fisherman, the lure of fishing is catching unique species. Although they’re extinct, the silver trout I imagine would put up an outstanding fight.
    2.). Warehouse. Woo!
    3.)main edition

  60. tammy

    Caribbean Monk Seal <discovered by Christopher Columbus in a blackout

    FAVE) So Much To Say


  61. ryan lawson

    1. Wooly mammoth
    2. Least favorite “crash”
    3. Variant! !! Please!!!!
    BUT in all reality id love any of them. Awesome as always!

  62. Jeff K.

    Thanks for the lotto!

    1. Brontosaurus
    2. Crash (least favorite, but I dislike all DMB songs equally!)
    3. Variant Edition

    Thanks Marq!

  63. Beth Behr

    1. I’ve been fascinated by the thylacine, or tasmanian wolf, ever since I first learned about it. I studied wildlife genetics in grad school, and this animal went extinct relatively recently with well-preserved specimens remaining in museums, so it is a candidate for cloning and a hot topic in wildlife-genetics-ethics (a hot topic in itself, I know!). Some real life Jurassic Park possibilities!

    2. Jimi Thing reminds me of more innocent days, esp. summer between 8th grade and high school.

    3. Put me in for a chance at the *main edition* please and thank you!

  64. Alison

    1. Dodo bird (sticking with the dmb theme)
    2. Spoon is my favorite dmb song
    3. Variant please

  65. John

    I’ve never done this before so here it goes:

    1. Koala Lemur ( it looks like a mix between ALF and some star wars creature, so cool)

    2. jimi thing

    3. Main Edition !

  66. Cindy

    1. Tasmanian Tiger because it could have been saved
    2. being honest never listened to band
    3. main

    shipping to Tasmania

  67. Lucas White

    1. Triceratops (Dinosaurs are aweome!)
    2. pantala naga pampa
    3. Main Edition

    Thanks Gnomes and Marq!

  68. Sascha Goerner

    Hey Marq!

    I am international 😉

    1. Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus) from Ireland
    2. I do love Cry Freedom from the Album Crash.
    3. Would love to enter for the MAIN Edition.

    Many thanks and hope I’ll be lucky this time.

  69. Crystal Waynick

    1. The Cyprus dwarf hippopotamus- cause a dwarf hippo has got to be the cutest thing i can imagine!
    2. What would you say
    3. Main edition

    Please and thank you! I dont usually play the lotto but if i win i may have to get blotto!

  70. Brian

    1. The Short Faced Bear is extinct and fascinating. It was the largest bear to have roamed the earth standing at over 15 feet tall on it’s hind legs. I LOVE BEARS!
    2. My Favorite Dave Matthews Band song is their wicked version of All Along the Watchtower.
    3. Main Edition Please.

    Thank you for the chance!

  71. AQ

    1. Dodo bird (also a great Dave song 🙂
    2. Crush. It is a song that no mater what it captures the right emotions for me. Love it so much I have it tattooed on my foot!
    3. Main edition!

    Thanks for the chance Marq and The Gnomes!!!

  72. Jason Blue

    1.the wooly mammoth
    2. #41off of dave n tim at luther college, one of my favs
    3.variant but id be more than happy with a regular edition!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!

  73. Derek

    1) Sabretooth Tiger
    2) Rapunzel
    3) Main Edition

    THANK YOU for the chance Marq! I missed out on these at DFH even tho they were right infront of me. Good luck everyone!

  74. Mary

    1. Eastern Cougar (was JUST announced yesterday of it’s extinction, terrible news!!!)
    2. Trippin Billies
    3. Main Edition

  75. Lance Ohnstad

    Ok……let’s see….

    Megalodon….for sure!!
    I Did It….Do You Think I’ve Gone too Far….
    Main Edition please

    thank you so much!! 🙂

  76. Jeremy

    1. The Woolly Mammoth (cause I’m one too, lol!)
    2. My favorite is Ants Marching (takes me back)
    3. Main Edition

    Thank you!

  77. Jim LaFemina

    1 the cape Verde giant skink
    2 #41 is my favorite DMB song
    3 regular edition please


  78. Eric

    1. Saber-toothed tiger – that guy looks like he could do some damage!
    2. Typical Situation – especially the Luther college w/Tim Reynolds
    3. Main Edition – pretty please this is probably my favorite edition to date!

    Thanks Marq & Gnomes for a shot!

  79. Kenny

    1. I find the sloth interesting
    2. Least favorite Dave song Crash
    3. Main edition please


  80. Randall

    Hello Marq

    1. American Mastodon
    2.My favorite is Gravedigger!
    3. Main edition Please

    Thank You and have a Great Day!

  81. Eric White

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    2. “Shake Me Like a Monkey”

    3. Either main or variant, whatever is available, thanks!

  82. Bert

    1. The Wooley Mammoth! Cuddly and huge/powerful too!
    2. Crush
    3. Main edition please, thank you!

  83. Statik

    1. Sabre-toothed cat
    2. Where are you Going
    3. Main

    P.s. bday on Friday 😉 …and I love, still own the two purple and silver Primus. Thank you.

  84. max berry

    1. The triceratopse
    2. Satellite (most and least favorite depends on the day)
    3. I will enter for the main edition


  85. George

    1) Laughing Owl from New Zealand for their similar characteristic of laughing.
    2) Gravedigger
    3)Main Edition

  86. Michael Kaveney

    1) Dinosaurs rock!

    2) Ants Marching – not a DMB fan, but that song reminds me of a scene from the office

    3) Main

    ::does Van Morrison “Caravan” kick move in hopes of good luck::

  87. Justin

    Saber Toothed Tiger !
    least favorite is def warehouse
    I would love any edition i can get makes no difference.

  88. Mark Bender

    1. Archeopteryx (milestone in evolution- first fossil showing lizard AND bird characteristics)

    2. Granny (favorite)

    3. Variant please

    Thanks Marq!

  89. Jason

    1. Woolly Mammoth, of course!
    2. So Much To Say (Favorite)
    3. Regular Edition please!

    Thanks for the chance Marq and the Gnomes!

  90. Jason

    1. Mastadon, what an amazing beast!
    2. I use to love the song satellite back in my dave days…
    3. I will take any edition i get!

    THANK YOU Keep up the great work!

  91. Steven

    The Steller’s sea cow. 3 tons!
    Ants Marching is our favorite DMB song
    Variant edition please and thank you.

  92. Art

    1. Tasmanian Tiger. Look it up.. They look like one of your drawings!! Seriously.

    2. DMB – Smooth Rider (lease fav)

    3. Variant please!!!

  93. Dan Hamburger

    1. the dodo!
    2.crash (only DMB song I know lol)
    3. variant please

    thanks for the chance Marq!

  94. Eileen

    Oooooo! I love this one!

    1. Wooly Mammoth
    2. Loving Wings – my wedding song
    3. Regular

    Thank you for the chance!

  95. Nate Jackson

    1. I find the Thylacine the most fascinating.
    2. “Where are you going?” Is my favorite.
    3. Entering for a Main edition.

  96. Nathan Rosenberg

    1)Pneumodesmus newmani – oldest and closest fossil found to the first “animal” to breath air
    2) Tripping Billies – Favorite reminds me of being younger and having summer fun!!!
    3) Main edition Please!!!

  97. Michael Scott

    1. T-Rex arms are awesome.
    2. Crash. Least favorite.
    3. Main please and thank you.

    Cheers and good luck erbody!

  98. Christina Kmetz

    1. Baiji River Dolphin
    2. Favorite tune is Ants Marching
    3. Preferably Main Edition, but I’ll take what I can get

  99. Alan

    1. Big wooly mammoth
    2. Ants marching
    3. Main or variant edition would be great

    Thanks for the chance!

  100. Elisa

    1. Kosmoceratops – because that species looks like it was dreamed up in the brain of Marq Spusta

    2. “Two Step” gave me goosebumps as a teenager, and continues to do so as an adult

    3. variant

    THANK YOU for all you do to keep this fair!

  101. Lindsay

    WOOLY MAMMOTH (ps love mammoth comes to town)
    Tripping Billies will always hold my #1
    Reg edition please!!

  102. Ben

    1 – Pyrenean Ibex (elk-like)
    2 – Ants Marching (favorite DMB song)
    3 – Main Edition

    Really appreciate the chance!!!!

  103. Sabrina Gill

    1- T-Rex — My daughter loves to pretend to be one!
    2- Hate Ants Marching — I HATE Ants!
    3- Main Edition, Good Sir!

    Please and Thank You!

  104. Jennings

    1) Western Black Rhino
    2) “The Maker” is my favorite cover, “Two Step” from Listener Supported prob my fav original.
    3) Main Edition, please.

    Thanks for the chance Marq

  105. Amie

    1.) Western Black Rihno as it just recently went extinct due to poaching.
    2.) Bartender
    3.)main edition please.

  106. Reid Adams

    1. American Mastadon
    2. All of them (least favorite) – at least I’m being honest
    3. Regular Edition

  107. John L'Abbate

    thanks for a shot at getting one of these!

    1. Whopping Crane
    2. Everyday – Favorite
    3. Variant Edition

  108. Nick

    western black rhino – extinct in our age and truly shows how sick our society has become

    Tripping billies – old and just great


  109. Josh H

    Wish I could’ve seen a Tasmanian Tiger
    Hello Again is my favorite dmb song
    I would like to go for the Main edition

    Please and thank you

  110. Ben

    1. Pink-headed Duck (just seemed like a good guy/gal)
    2. Dream Girl (least favorite)
    3. Variant

    Thanks for the chance! Hope all is well in your worlds! 🙂

  111. Amethyst Zharr-Brown

    1) Woolly Mammoth. With all the advancements today and finding preserved remains we may even get to see one in our lives. Also very fascinating to find so many remains found that were undeniably flash frozen!! What happened there?!

    Also the Ekaltadeta! Awwesome but I dont want to see that one lol

    2) #41 all the way! Got to see Victor Wooten jam it out with DMB and that was just perfection!

    3) Variant edition for me good sir

  112. Nancy Brunner

    1) Elephant bird

    2) Favorite song The space between

    3)Variant edition please and thanks

  113. Walker Flacker Flame

    1. Kaeleira: the largest bird that ever existed.
    2. Fav: Crush
    3. Variant por favor

  114. Justin Miller

    Gotta go with that Dodo Bird 🙂
    always loved his cover of Angel from Montgomery.
    Any Edition will do!!!

    thanks Marq!

  115. Beth

    1. Golden Toad
    2. #41 – first time I saw dmb they played this one time that tour
    3. Main edition

    Thanks for the opportunity to own an amazing spusta art print! Would love to see this on my wall!

  116. Sam Seabourne

    Extinct animal- Wooly mammoth
    Song- Poopin over a bridge
    Variant edition please

  117. Ryan

    1. Saber Tooth Tiger
    2. Say Goodbye
    3. Main Edition please!

    Thanks for all you do Marq and Gnomes!

  118. Wine Dude

    1. Wooly mammoth…love that panic song!!
    2. Ants marching….good college memories
    3. Variant and/or main

    Thank you for the consideration! Hoping for my first lotto win.



    1. Sadly, now the Eastern Cougar
    2. Cry Freedom
    3. Variant

    And thank you for all you do!

  120. Matt

    1. Wooly Mammoth, they’re awesome!
    2. Ants Marching, it’s awful
    3. Main Edition

    Gracias gnomes!

  121. Nate Pachl

    Thanks for the chance at this Marq!

    1) Warrah – google it, it’s badass
    2) Ants Marching
    3) Variant

  122. Benjamin

    1) Black-Faced Honeycreepr (Po’ouli)
    2) Grace is Gone (favorite song)
    3) Main Edition

    Please & Thank You

  123. Tanner

    1) Eastern Cougar- declared extinct 6/14/15 RIP
    2) Jimi Thing
    3) Main Edition

    P.S. Can ship it directly to Corey @ FF

  124. Ben Wilson

    1) The bubal Hurtebeest
    2) Favorite DMB -When the world ends
    3) Going for a Variant edition please!!!
    Thanks Marq!

  125. Kimberly Squires

    1) Laughing Owl
    2) The Space Between
    3) Main edition please

    Thank you!!! }i{

  126. Don C

    1. Thylacine. AKA: Tasmanian Tiger, AKA: Zebra Dog, extinct since 1936
    2. least favorite DMB tune = Crash
    3. Variant Edition please and thank you!

  127. Paul Oleski

    1 – Woolly Mammoth
    2 – Not a DMB fan, so Im glad you made this into an art print.
    3 – Variant

  128. michelle p

    1. Japanese River Otter 🙁 in my lifetime..
    2. Ants Marching for fave ( for a friend no longer with us)
    3. Main edition please 🙂

    Thanks for the chance & keeping it fun!

  129. Chad

    1. California Golden Bear

    2. What Would you Say (favorite song)

    3. Main Edition

    Thank you for your kindness.

  130. rod n

    1. caspian tiger-its a tiger with a beard!
    2. tripping billies-favorite
    3. main edition please and thanks!

  131. Heather

    Bubal Hartebeest (should be included on your next print)

    DMB fave: Too Much

    I can swing a MAIN please

  132. Meg J

    1. Saber Tooth Tiger- I LOVE kitties and I’m from Buffalo and I <3 Sabretooth (Mascot of the Buffalo Sabres)
    2. Favorite = Satellite
    3. Regular Edition
    Thanks Gnomies and Marq

  133. Brian W

    1. Wooly Mammoth, they look like such gentle giants!
    2. Tripping Billies. Love that song!
    3. Main edition, please.

    Thank you!!

  134. Jeff

    1. Caribbean ground sloth (sloths are cool)
    2. Crash into me is my least favorite
    3. Would love a main edition


  135. Paul

    1. The passenger pigeon. One of the most unique animals on this earth. It’s skills were so highly regarded, so highly feared, they were all killed so the enemy couldn’t use them. I’d wash windows all day if those pigeons were still “on the roof”

    2. What would you Say. John Popper on harmonica on the studio album. I was 11 years old and that song really got me listening to more music that mom and dad didn’t teach me.

    3. Variant but would be more than thrilled with the main. Thanks!

  136. Karim

    1. Tasmanian tiger
    2. Typical situation
    3. Main edition

    Please send some love via international shipping!

  137. Dann Wunderlich

    • Your comments should include the the 3 following things…..
    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating?
    Saber tooth tiger, because it’s a big fucking mean kitty. I fucking love mean kitty. With big teeth. I bet it purred just like my kitty, meatball…and miss Frizzle. She’s a little bitch, but we love her.

    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song?
    Crash, because it is the only one I know. I do know that Dave Matthews tour bus once opened up like 800 gallons of raw sewage on a boat while they were on a bridge above the Chicago river. I am happy that I was not on the boat, to have poop “crash into me”

    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition?

    I would be happy with the opportunity to buy either. But I will play safe and ask for a main edition.

    Love your art, thanks!


  138. Steve

    1. Tasmanian Tiger. Living in and traveling around Australia for a few years I learned a lot about the diverse wildlife. The tazzie tiger was always intriguing. As with many other species, human encroachment was partly to blame. To this day random sightings are still reported! 🙂
    2. Ants Marching. First DMB song I ever heard off remember two things. It was definitely a different a fresh sound at the time.
    3. Variant. Speaking of whale and squid in with the other creatures?

    1. Meagan Lasky

      The loss of the sea creatures made me sad. I love the whale in the foreground of the DMB print.

  139. Tony

    1.) Megalodon (because I’m terrified of sharks)
    2.) What Would You Say…it’s one of the worse songs of all time
    3.) Variant

  140. jnam

    1. I vote for the Moa. Large, flightless, and tasty – not a lasting combination …

    2. Not a big fan, but #36 my favorite.

    3. Variant please

    Thank you

  141. Trina

    1.You ain’t got no time to worry ’bout extinction
    Just try and get along with the human beings
    “Big Woolly Mammoth” gonna wear that coat.
    In the middle of the summertime!

    2.She broke my heart…
    “My Grace Is Gone”

    3.Main edition please

    Thanks again Marq! You rawk.

  142. Dan T

    1. Triceratops (dinos count right? ;). )
    2. #34
    3. Variant!

    Woooo thanks marq and gnomes! Love this one

  143. Danielle K

    Need some Birthday Love Gnomes!

    1. Great Wolly Mammoth!
    2. When the World Ends
    3. Main edition please and thanks!

    Also wrote up this little ditty :

    The earth began to rumble, the ground began you shake
    The creature caravan is on the move, your sure to feel the quake

    It was just another Wednesday, until the Caravan came to town
    Their were silly creatures for miles to see, and they were ready to get down!

    The addict horn was sounded, as the people flooded the streets
    All the the towneys had been waiting, to lay eyes on this massive fleet!

    Because in our town of addictsville, the people wait all week
    In hopes of specail Wednesday news that’s sure to make them Tweek

  144. Corey Shade

    Jamaican giant galliwasp
    Favorite DMB tune is #34
    Would love one of those variants!

  145. Adam Hall

    1.California Golden Bear

    2. The only song I know the title of is “Satellite” and I will go with it as my least favorite.

    3. Main Edition

    Thanks for the chance!

  146. Shelley Whitcomb

    1. I’m fascinated by the Dodo.
    2. If I hear Watchtower for one more encore I might lose it!
    3. Variant

  147. Ben Heilberg

    1.) stegosaurus with it’s sweet back armor
    2.) Crash into me.
    3.) I am entering for a variant please.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  148. Joshua

    1. Going to have to go with the Wooly Mammoth.

    2. Strangely enough, both my favorite AND least favorite DMB song is “Ants Marching”

    3. Variant Edition


  149. David Herscowitz

    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating?

    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song?
    Favorite: #41

    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition?

  150. Craig leynes

    Trex, no wonder he didn’t survive with those little stumps
    Tripping Billies, I like to go loco
    Main edition please.

  151. Elizabeth

    Favorite extinct animal: Mastadon
    Favorite DMB: Two Step
    Preference: I’d love a chance at either!!!
    Thanks !!! 🙂

  152. Chris

    1. Woolly Rhinos
    2. Favorite DMB song – Captain
    3. Main Edition please

    Thanks for the chance

  153. Chris

    1. West African Black Rhino
    2. Favorite is Satellite
    3. Main edition

    Thanks as always for the opportunity!

  154. Brittany Burke

    Pterodactyl, because dinosaurs walked on land, that was the most bad ass winged lizard.


    ORIGINAL OR VARIANT: Original no doubt

  155. DK

    1. Dodo
    2. You never know -favorite
    Jimmy Thing – least favorite
    3. Main edition

    The original print is awesome… this one just as cool. Thanks Marq and Gnomes.

  156. Matt

    1. West African Black Rhinoceros
    2. Drive In Drive Out
    3. Main run please
    Thanks for the chance

  157. Pat

    1. Apatosaurus – always loved it because it is huge and has my name so to speak
    2. Dancing Nancies
    3. Regular but would be happy with anything 🙂

  158. mbgamble

    1. Smilodon – Saber-toothed cat
    2. Cortez, the Killer – favorite
    3. Main Edition

  159. M-L

    1. Terodactyl – it’s like a dangerous chicken
    2. Ants Marching – Favorite
    3. Regular edition

    Thanks for the shot!

  160. Laura Thompson

    1) Wooly Mammoth because I love the Panic song.
    2) Too Step w/ Bela Fleck
    3) main edition please. Thanks Marq

  161. Jonathan

    1. T-Rex (just saw Jurassic World so dino’s on the brain)
    2. Fav DMB song is I’ll Back You Up
    3. Variant

  162. Kevin F

    1. Javan Tiger
    2. Halloween
    3. Main Edition Please

    Please pick me! Fingers crossed. Love this one!

  163. James Lowe

    1. The Labrador Duck
    2. Typical Situation- Favorite
    3. Main Edition Please and Thank you very kindly for the chance Marq and the Gnomes!

  164. Priscilla perdomo

    1. The Neanderthal. Some may not consider them an animal but common, we all are. I’m fascinated by human evolution.
    2. His rendition of “in my life” by John Lennon right after 911 ( I have never intentionally listen to a Dave Mathews song from beginning to end, sorry not sorry.) this is the only one I can say I like.
    3. Main edition please and thank you!

  165. Matt Rosenthal

    1. The Big Wooly Mammoth- Seemed like a cool dude
    2. Song that Jane Likes
    3. Main Edition.


  166. Travis

    1 dodo bird
    2 ants go marching
    3 variant but would take a normal one if others are gone

  167. Chris

    1.California Grizzley Bear

    2.least favorite DM song is “What Would You Say”

    3. Variant please

    Thank you for the opportunity Marq and the gnomes.

  168. Gerald Douglas

    1.Wooly Mammoth – Them Tusks tho…. 😉
    2.Favorite Dave Matthews band song- Stay “Wasting time”
    3.Variant Edition

  169. Randy Gravitz

    I really hope I win this lottery. Your Gorge 2012 N1 Poster (and tee-shirt) adorn my wall and breast as among my favorite in my considerable collection. You are an artist for whom I’ve grown to appreciate and cherish. I was on too tight of a budget at Gorge 2014 to be able to buy the Caravan poster from the Merchandise booth but am working hard to be able to now afford this opportunity to remedy this glaring omission. Please consider the following items pursuant to your lottery contest rules and thank you in advance for the work you produce and for taking the time to make the prints that make this lottery possible. I hope to be able to meet and interview you someday. Best Regards no matter the outcome.

    1. I find the Caspian Tiger fascinating because it was a traveling or migratory cat following herds of their preferred prey animals known by the Kazakh people as the “traveling leopard and I’m saddened because their extermination leading to their extinction was so deliberate both by the Army of the USSR and farmers and hunters to finish the disgraceful task by the mid-20th Century.

    2. #41 is my favorite Dave Matthews Band song because it makes me weep half the time I listen to it.

    3. Variant Edition

  170. Dan

    1. Wooly mammoth it’s a big hairy elephant what’s not to like
    2. ants marching I can’t stand this song it reminds me of an ex girlfriend.
    3. Main Edition

  171. Daniel B.

    – Whoolly Rhinoceros
    – Sweet
    – MAIN Edition please



  172. Joshua

    1. Sabre Tooth Tiger
    2. Best of Whats Around
    3. Main Edition

    I pray I win! This would be my first win!!!!

  173. Beth

    1. Brontosaurus- such a gentle giant!

    2. The Space Betweeen- favorite gets me every time

    3. Variant pretty please!

  174. Becker

    1. Sharp Snorted Day Frog
    2. Big eyed fish
    3. Regular edition please!

    Thanks for the chance!

  175. Frank S

    1. Saber-Toothed Tiger – and other large animal extinctions – such as Megalodon – are fascinating to me.

    2. Ants Marching

    3. Variant Edition

    ….and THANK you for the chance!

  176. Matt

    1. Ursus arctos crowtheri – Atlas Bear
    2. Proudest Monkey is kind of cool…
    3. Variant Preferred and Main is Second

  177. Lesley Bell

    1. Pterodactyl because I like how it’s spelled 🙂
    2. Ants marching
    3. Variant please for my new teeny tiny baby’s room. Thanks!

  178. George Dickerson

    1. Golden Toad of Costa Rica last seen in 1989 🙁

    2. three lil birds when played w/ phish 🙂

    3> main edition love that paper <3

    many thanks <3

    Singin' sweet songs
    Of melodies pure and true,
    Sayin', "This is my message to you"

  179. Sgt. Steven Pepper

    1 The poor unfortunate Dodo Bird

    2 The Song That Jane Likes is my favorite

    3 Main edition

    thank you!

  180. Zachary Semcken

    1. Pinguinus impennis (The Great Auk). The original not-a-penguin penguin
    2. Favorite? People People. Least? If Only.
    3. Variant Edition, feelin’ lucky.

  181. Lulu

    1) Pinta Island Galopagos Tortoise – poor Lonesome George!
    2) least favorite – Satellite – too slow
    3) Main Edition

  182. Matt

    Favorite extinct animal is the velociraptor. Hands down.
    Fave DMB song is #27
    Would love a reg.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  183. Brooks poole

    1. The big wolly mammoth is by far the coolest extinct creature in my book, I mean seriously, that thing was awesome (I would imagine)
    2. Favorite dmb song – two step
    Least favorite – crash
    3. Variant or main edition, no worries with whichever!

  184. Scott

    1. Western Black Rhinocerous
    2. Crash into me (I’m a pop music kind of guy, sorry)
    3. Main edition please

    4. Thanks for the chance!!!

  185. Bennett Schwartz

    1. Zanzibar leapard
    2. Ants Marching was a good song until they overplayed it.
    3. Main edition pleas!

    Thank you Marq and The Gnomes

  186. Amanda poole

    1. Most favorite extinct creature- hope Dino’s count because Tyrannosaurus rex was my homeboy, he had a little trouble with high 5s though
    2. Favorite dmb song – dreaming tree
    Least favorite – gravedigger
    3. Variant edition please!

  187. Trever Mickael

    1) T – Rex!! Go see Jurassic World

    2) Least Favorite DMB song – Satelitte

    3) Regular Main edition

    Good vibes

  188. Steve

    1. The great auk (just barely beat Tasmanian tiger with his gaping jaws)

    2. His watchtower cover gets nasty, but granny is the song that made me love him

    3. Main

  189. Chad Linger

    1. Passenger Pigeon – Due to the cause of extinction
    2. Favorite- Dancing Nancies; Least Favorite- Everyday
    3. Main Edition!!!

  190. Paul Vecchi

    1.) Wolly Mammoth….I’d love to extract some DNA from one of the Russian Czar tundra mammoths and tweak it to make a mini Wolly Mammoth
    2.) Can’t Stop
    3.) Regular/Main Edition please

    Thanks Again!

  191. David Dwyer

    1. T Rex cuz he was the king!
    2. I loathe Ants Marching
    3. Main edition
    Thanks for the chance

  192. Rudy

    1 – Glyptodon (badass prehistoric Armadillo)
    2 – two step (not a very knowledgable DMB fan, but I dig this song a lot)
    3 – regular edition PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!

  193. Tyler Hart

    1. Liopleurodon: This marine creature roamed around the dinosaur days, one of the largest carnivores to ever live on this earth. It’s jaws are estimated to being 3 meters long!

    2. Grave Digger

    3. Main Edition Please

    Thank you Marq and Gnomes!

  194. Corey

    1. The Great Auk
    2. My favorite DMB song is “The Space Between”
    3. Main edition please!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity Marq & Gnomes 😀

  195. Jim

    Big Wooly Mammoth, gotta wear that coat
    American Baby, least favorite
    I’m in for a variant…

  196. Jody Epps

    1. Irish Elk
    2. Typical Situation is priceless!
    3. Main Edition

    Thank you Marq & The Gnomes!

  197. Patrick

    1) the great New Zealand Moa
    2) Jimi Thing
    3) main edition, pretty please

    Spusta be dropping them prints, giving all them pregnant gals the Braxton Hicks.
    ::drops mike::

  198. Daniel S.

    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating? – T-Rex, due to sheer size and power.

    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song? – Favorite song is Jimi Thing.

    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition? – Variant edition, please.

  199. Jacob B.

    1. Megalodon
    2. Favorite Jimi Thing, Least favorite So Much to Say
    3. Main Edition

    Thanks for the chance!

  200. Joe Chiodo

    1. West african Black rino, declared extint due to poaching in 2006 none remain, due to dumb humans

  201. Jason.

    1- Pyrenean Lbex
    2- least favorite: all of them. So glad to see an art print!
    3. Regular

  202. jacqueline calcagnino

    1) casea
    2) no idea, to be honest. my pick, ~~ up and away ~~
    3) variant edition, please.

    ~*~ thank you! ~*~

  203. Thorsten

    1. Triceratops, fascinated by the look since I was a little child
    2. Crash, like it most
    3. Main please

    International please 🙂

  204. Joe

    1. The black rhino. So depressing.
    2. Grey Street holds sentimental value for me.
    3. Main edition please!

  205. Carrie

    1) Plesiosaur (unless the Loch Ness monster is one, in which case I’d have to pick the Saber Toothed Cat)
    2) Recently
    3) Regular edition

  206. Matthewe mitchell

    I. Sabertooth tiger

    2. All songs by Dave Matthews are my least favorite.

    3. Main would rock!!!

  207. Anonymous

    1. Dodo bird
    2. Don’t know much dave so I will say crash is my least favorite. His voice is like nails on the chalkboard to me
    3. Variant (I love squash the vegetable and the color on that print)

  208. Caravannnnnn mannn

    Sea Mink
    HATE his cover of all along the watchtower
    Reg edition please and thanks you.

  209. Brett T

    1. Great white shark
    2. What would you say
    3. Would prefer varient, but would be happier with either or both

  210. Jon Eisenberg

    1. California golden bear, subspecies of brown bear you’ll find on the official state flag of California.
    2. Grace is Gone, off the Lillywhite Sessions!
    3. Main edition please!

  211. Austin Cunningham

    Gnomes!! It’s that time again!

    1. Black Rhino (RIP)
    2. Most favorite: Recently!
    3. Main edition but I’ll take this image on a bar napkin if it means i can get my hands on one!

    Thanks crew!

  212. Patrick barger

    The megalomaniac shark fascinates me the most of the extinct animals.

    Old time favorite DMB song is satellite

    I’m in the lotto for the main edition


  213. Gavin O'Donovan

    1. Tasmanian tiger because I really wanted to see one as a kid!
    2. Tripping billies (least)
    3. Variant please!

  214. charles j robinson

    Hi Marq & Gnomes, hope everyone is having a fantastic hump day. Thanks for the chance, here are my choices

    1) triceratops – whats better than 2 horns of goodness, well 3!

    2) crash is my least favorite – i had an ex who used to sing it loudly in the car until she got t-boned by a truck, she was OK , the car not so much

    3) variant please, you pick which one 🙂

  215. Chuck Nemfakos


    1. American Mastadon

    2. The Best of What’s Around – Favorite

    3. Main Edition

    Please and Thank You!!!

  216. Barry

    1. Dodo bird. duh
    2. Ants Marching is favorite. It’s also least favorite. Damn that song.
    3. Variant Edition, please

  217. Jennifer Thomas

    1. dinsaurs! Seriously, all of them, but rhinoceros was my fav.
    2. #34 – waited 10 years to finally hear it but it happened!
    3. Variant edition on ANY paper.

    Thank you guys so much. Marq keep doing these – the lotto demands alone should show you how much we love your art!


  218. Luke

    1. Saber toothed tiger
    2. Bartender – favorite!
    3. Main Edition

    Thanks for the chance!

  219. Ryan

    1. Dinosaurs, in general. unreal.

    2. favorite is I’ll Back You Up

    3. Main edition


  220. Robert Collins

    1. Pterodactyl
    2. Typical situation
    3. Variant

    Would love a main too.
    Thanks Marq

  221. Patrick Fitzsimons

    1. Passenger Pigeon (more fascinated how it became extinct)
    2. Two Step
    3. Variant please

  222. David

    Thanks for the chance to purchase Marq!

    1. Dodo bird!
    2. least fave – Crash Into Me
    3. Variant please, but both are stunning!

  223. April Goins

    1. Sabretooth tiger
    2. Dancing Nancies!!!!
    3. Any version.

    We missed out on the caravan print at the gorge and on the lotto release via the studio so would LOVE to have this caravan print on our walls to remember our first gorge davecation. Help me gnomes – you’re our only help!

  224. Brian Turner

    1. Triceratops
    2. Least Favorite- Crash
    3. Main Edition please

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  225. Andrew

    1. Zanzibar Leopard
    2. All their music is terrible. Each song is as equally bad, or good, depending on whether you are a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person.
    3. Variant

  226. Marc Ross

    1. white rhino – with only one known male left on the planet, it will be the next extinct species and I find it fascinating that we couldn’t do anything to prevent it from happening.

    2. rhyme & reason.
    3. Variant please

  227. Stephanie Slagel

    1. The dodo bird (cuz Dave sings a song about him 🙂
    3. Would love a variant mr. Spusta but would also take a main. Beggars cannot be choosers and thanks to you all for giving me a fair shot.

  228. Jeffrey Patton

    1. Black Rhino
    2. #27 – I hope you’ll be by me again!
    3. Variant first preference and main edition second preference (we love the color PURPLE and ORANGE in this house)

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  229. William sheets

    1. I find the T. rex fascinating
    2. Ants marching is my favorite Dave song
    3. Would love just a regular edition. I so hope I can win one of these one day

  230. Bob Komorous

    1. Giant Sloth
    2. Typical Situation
    3 Variant, but would take a regular if Variant not available

  231. Marc

    the Coelacanth – extinct for 65 million years, known only in fossils, and then SURPRISE one was caught in the Indian Ocean a few years ago. What else lurks in the deep!

    Two Step

    Main Edition, love the metallic shadow!

  232. Jayme

    1. Teratorns
    2. You & Me – we danced to it at our wedding!
    3. Main edition unless you’re hiding some ABSINTHE Gnomes!

    Best to you and yours

  233. Corinna W

    1. Wooly Rhinoceros
    2. My least favorite song by them is Crash Into Me
    3. I’d absolutely love a variant to go along with the gig print version that I have in my framing queue.


  234. TorreyF

    1. Woolly Mammoth
    2. Proudest Monkey
    3. Either one would make me incredibly happy and grateful

  235. Jack MeHoff

    You should consider breaking the whole image down into 7×7’s 5×5’s and micro minis. It would make it more available to those interested in the art rather than the resale value. If you are actually wanting to get the art into more people’s hands. The way things show up for sale on eBay and other art sites by the same users every time there is a lotto definitely makes it seem like the lottos are a sham. Hard to believe the same people always buy your art aftermarket and list it for sale within a few days of the lotto. That’s a lot of super fast shipping when I’ve never received a package from Spusta Studios within a week. Most people who got art through the shop seem to get nothing through lotto if you read the Facebook posts. Kind of funny. I never had too much trouble with the shop. Might have missed 3 drops that I tried for over the last several years. I have yet to hit a lotto. Not bitching. Just saying. I can’t be the only one who notices.

  236. Stacey

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex – what is the purpose of those little bitty arms?!
    2. You and Me – It’s me and my brother’s song – You and me together can do anything, baby!
    3. That main edition is smoking on that metallic paper!

  237. Bryan

    1. Pterodactyl
    2. least favorite DMB Crash Into Me
    3. Prefer main over variant but would abide either, especially the mystery blue over squarsh, dude.

    Thanks, you’re ze best.

  238. Jake

    1. Japanese River Otter (thanks humans!)
    2. Crash – least favorite – heard 10000 times years back
    3. Main Edition

  239. Lisa Stevens

    1. Spix’s Macaw
    2. Seek Up
    3. Main edition

    Please please please pick me!!! ❤️

  240. Timothy Rose

    Tyrannosaurus Rex
    I’m not a huge Dave guy and I can’t say that I dislike his music but I can say confidently that Carter is a beast and plays like he has 8 arms.
    Main edition please

  241. Andrew M

    1 Tasmanian Tiger
    2. Marcy
    3. Main Edition

    Australian based 🙂 (international shipping)

  242. Garrett

    i love the big wolly mammoth. Love the house it’s carrying.
    I hate ants marching
    And I’d love the main edition or variant. Ha I’m not picky and would love a surprise

  243. Jessica Wayhart

    1. Pinta Island Tortoise–R.I.P. Lonesome George 🙁

    2. Gravedigger is my favorite!

    3. Variant please!

    Thanks Marq and gnomes!

  244. Trey Sullivan

    1. Paradise Parrot
    2. Favorite DMB song is Seek Up!
    3. Variant Edition

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

  245. Ashley miller

    1. Velociraptor because they are badass
    2. Don’t drink the water because of the music video
    3. Main edition

  246. Bee chaser

    Hippie pulling little hippie in wagon!
    Crash into me…. ants marching 🙂
    Variant please

  247. Nathan Severson

    1. As a kid I always thought Velociraptors were pretty wicked. Jurrasic Park only cemented that
    2. Favorite song is probably Two Step
    3. Main Edition please and thanks!

  248. Roland Fischer

    1. Wooly mammoth
    2. Dreaming tree
    3. Regular / Main Edition

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  249. Christin Gas

    1. Wooly mammoth
    2. Dreaming tree is my favorite
    3. Regular Edition please

    Thanks a Lot!

  250. Fabienne

    1) woolly mammoth
    2) seek up (favourite)!!
    3) variant please

    Thank you so much for the chance Marq 🙂 🙂


    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating? T-REX
    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song? TRIPPING BILLIES
    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition? MAIN EVENT

  252. Kevin combs

    1. Tasmanian tiger (only extinct last century)
    2. tripping Billies (gotta be live)
    3. variant edition

    thank u for the Opportunity!!!

  253. Hans

    1. Woolly Mammoth
    2. Two Step is my all-time favorite
    3. Variant edition

    Thanks Mr Spusta, international please!

  254. Ed Martin

    1- T-Rex
    2- most fav warehouse
    3- either edition would be amazing.

    Thanks for the chance. Love to get some of your work to Maui…


  255. Cory Atkins

    1.Cave Bear and Wooly Mammoth
    2. Favorite DMB song is: Everyday
    3. Regular edition Please.

    Thank you for the opportunity 😉

  256. lori

    Wow, I love this print!!
    1. wooly mammoth for sure!
    2. the song that Jane likes
    3. main edition
    thanks Marq and gnomes!
    good luck y’all!

  257. Brett A.

    – American Lion and Saber Tooth Cat
    – Favorite DMB song- What would you say?
    – Regular edition please.

  258. Peter Wild

    Hi Marq

    1/ triceratops every time, favourite since I was 5.
    2/ two steps, just listened to it live.
    3/ Main Edition Please all the way to the UK



  259. WH

    Saber tooth tiger
    Fav- typical situation, least fav – what would you say

    Thank you!

  260. Tony

    1- The Golden Toad- beautiful fluorescence color killed off by pollution and global warming.
    2- favorite DMB song – Bartender
    3- Main Edition

  261. Kristi

    1. Tazmanian Tiger
    2. Two Step
    3. Main – but I’d not turn down a variant! 🙂 So love this.

    Great work!

  262. Shaun

    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating? Of course it’s the Big Wooly Mammoth.
    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song? Trippin Billy’s
    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition? Variant please.

  263. Jeff W

    1.) Caribbean Ground Sloth (Sloths are cool)
    2.) Crash into me (least)
    3.) Main Edition Pleas & Thanks!

  264. mario

    1) dodo bird. so dumb it would fit right in with the rest of us
    2) trippin billies
    3) variant


  265. Steve S.

    1. Saber-Tooth Cat
    2. Dancing Nancies
    3. Regular Edition please

    Cheers, and thanks for the chance!

  266. Matthew

    1. Megaladon
    2. The Best of What’s Around
    3. Variant

    I love the lottery idea, so much fun!

  267. Nick Sudbury

    The Brontosaurus was tall at a time when it was okay…
    They didn’t concern themselves with ceilings, because there were no houses. Noble Brontosaurus.
    Dancing Nancies, some of his live covers are really my favorites.
    Regular version would look amazing on our wall!
    Thanks for being awesome!
    Nick Sudbury

  268. James

    fav:satellite least:crash
    Variant but would be very pleased with either.

    Thanks for the lotto!! Best of luck to all!!

  269. Erik Mitchell

    1. Woolly Mammoth. Duh.
    2. Don’t Drink the Water, favorite
    3. Main edition


  270. Brie

    1. Dodo Bird… The most popular extinct animal of the 1980’s cartoon era 🙂
    2. Grace is Gone…. ONE of my favies 🙂 Excuse me please one more drink, Could you make it strong cause I don’t need to think
    3. Main edition please!!
    THANK YOU for the chance!!!

  271. Jonathan

    Big Wolly Mammoth
    Cortez the Killer cover w/
    Warren Haynes
    Main Edition

    Thank you gnomes!

  272. Kevin Lee

    Hope I’m not too late. LOVE this print. Thanks for the chance.

    1. Sabretooth Tiger (Go Predators!)
    2. Ants Marching
    3. Main


  273. shawn mcintyre

    The Irish one eyed trouser trout. Was last spotted in a local tap room.
    thank you!

  274. pat burton

    wooly mammoth

    jimi thing (don’t like any really)

    regular edition please or either

    1. Nick

      It just took at least 2 minutes to scroll down to the bottom on my tablet. Congrats Mr Spusta.

      Honorable mention goes to the Dave solo song “some devil”. Wanted to put it as my favorite but didn’t want to disqualify myself. Peace

  275. Aimee Dotybird

    I’m amused how many others appreciate my ancestors- twice removed;)
    1. The Dodo Bird!!
    2. The Long Black Veil- yes Johnny Cash original but I surely used to love listening to DMB cover it
    3. Main edition

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!!

  276. Ryan

    1. Velociraptor

    2. Favorite song- Stay or Leave

    3. Reg or variant I just want one !

    Thanks so much Marq for the chance ! This piece rocks!

  277. Jonathan Hui

    1. Bali tiger
    2. Least favorite – The Space Between
    3. Main Edition

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  278. Christopher Carver

    1. Big Wooly Mammoth
    2. Least Favorite DMB song – Crash
    3. Variant Edition

    Thank you

  279. Luke

    international shipping

    1 – Megaloceros (irish elk)
    2 – Favourite – Crash
    3 – Main edition

  280. Ryan Stiles

    1. What extinct animal do you find fascinating?

    Chinese Paddlefish (because it always looks like it just smelled a fart.)

    2. What’s your favorite, or least favorite Dave Matthews Band song?

    Too Much

    3. Are you entering for a Main Edition -OR- Variant Edition?

    Main Edition

  281. Logan White

    1. Brontosaurus (extinct from the world and extinct from a classifications)
    2. #41
    3. Variant Edition

    Thanks Marq! Thanks Gnomes!

  282. Sara Dickerhoof

    1.) The ZANZIBAR leopard (not only a great Billy Joel song…but these leopards were believed by the locals of Tanzania to have been captured by witches and sent out to harm people so an extermination campaign was launched which is why this fierce animal is extinct. however, some claim sitings of them every year but there is no proof. 0_o )
    2.) So Damn Lucky
    3.) Main or Variant…..either or.

    Thanks for being you.

  283. Karl Newby

    1. Brontosaurus
    2. Favorite song- Stay or Leave
    3. Either edition would be ok, or variant…?

  284. Natalie

    – mastodon
    – grey street
    – main

    Still haven’t been able to get my hands on my Spusta yet, but thanks for another chance at it 🙂 you’re the best!

  285. Michelle

    1. T-Rex because I hv short arms and my friends think it’s hilarious
    2. Satellite
    3. Main

  286. Brad

    1) The Cave Bear (looks like one in The Caravan too!)
    2) Satellite; my favorite Dave song never gets old
    3) Variant please (I’m in Love with that Squash; It’s Magnificent!)
    I just got off work. Hope I’m not too late. Thx for all the Amazing Art Marq!!!

  287. Dan Paluski

    1) T-Rex
    2) favorite song : I’ll Back you Up (Been to 138 Dave Matthews band shows and it never gets old hearing that song
    3) Variant Edition

    Thanks Marq and the gnomes u are awesome!!!

  288. Crystal

    1. My favorite extinct animal is the Javan Tiger.

    2. My least favorite DMB song is Dreams of our Fathers

    3. Variant!

  289. Cindy McCauley

    I’m a hug fan of dogs as I’m a 2 dog owner
    As for Dmb I like the song Cradh into Me! As this poster depicts to me

    I want a 1st edition but will take a variant as I need this

  290. Debbie McHugh

    1. Dodo
    2. Seek Up
    3. Main edition

    Love all your work Marq, thanks for this opportunity. Good luck everyone …. Much LoVE

  291. Darrin

    1. West African Black Rhino
    2. The Space Between (favorite)
    3. Variant edition, because why the hell not?

    Thanks for the chance!

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