Sumfro is back. This is a 10″ x 10″ screen print edition of 75 on metallic brown paper. This image was first printed last year as a multi-color 5″ x 5″ mini screen print.


Since there are very few of these prints to sell, we will be selecting customers randomly through this Purchasing Lotto Post.

Read the instructions on how to properly enter this lotto, there are some quirky requests.

Brown Metallic Edition of 75 is $55 + shipping.
Gold Variant of 15 is $125 + shipping.

-You can go for one or both of those options. Main Edition and/or Variant. There are not many variants available in this lotto. If you’d want a chance at the Gold too, just mention it in your comment/caption.

• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment that is a caption to this Sumfro image. If you opened a storybook to a page with Sumfro…what would the words read. Be creative, have fun with it. Some customers will be selected randomly, but Marq will also be selecting a handful of his favorite captions to be sent invoices as well.
• You can post anonymously, but be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Selected customers will be sent invoices through Paypal, they have 7 days to pay.
• Invoices will start going out right away…but will keep trickling out over time.
• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers.
• Keep it honest. Don’t use aliases or your gramma’s email. 


472 thoughts on “Sumfro Purchasing Lotto

    1. Billy

      Whoops I shoulda read further. Sorry. Here goes….
      “It’s All About to Happen, Please Welcome, The Fabulous Rolling Stones!” Came over the loud speaker as Under My Thumb started, Dad looks out upon the Gathering on the Lawn and says, “It’ll never get better than this”. The Sumfro smiled because he knew it was true…

    2. Taylor

      “The farther they ventured from what the planets’ inhabitants deemed ‘reality’, the wider their grins became.”

      Either the brown or gold metallic would be absolutely lovely.

  1. M Hall

    Either main or variant…

    As the family approaches the place they will make their new home, Dad spots a…

  2. Snakeman69

    In the blazing desert sun
    Treading across the powdery sand
    Sumfro and his family set off on a journey

    I would love a Main Edition or especially a Gold, please!!

  3. Chris

    Somewhere, Sumfro had something in store that would change how they forever viewed the world. A magical journey awaited them. Would it be visions of bronze, or visions of gold?

    A chance at both please and thanks!

  4. Torrance Hoover

    I would love a gold sumfro as it is my favorite color!! I would be happy with a main edition however…

    Here is my sumfro caption

    ” The hairy beast named sumfro
    will take you anywhere you wish to go,
    huge ears and a nose that will shake the earth with each blow
    My friend the sumfro i hope to one day soon know”

  5. austin b

    Gold please!

    They rode west across the desert, and as the sun began to set, the great sumfro’s hair came alive in mottled waves of blue and green.

  6. ryan lawson

    Either would be amazing! my first lotto win would be an awesome birthday present! Great work as always!

  7. James

    Sumfro smells the Gold as is blows through the air, and they can all now see their new beginning.

    Thanks for the chance! I would take either one..

  8. Kelly

    Doo da doo da doo,
    Walks the Sumfro green and blue.
    Sparkly abyss of gems,
    Surrounds him and three friends.

    Either edition, thank you! 🙂

  9. Chris

    “Look under the tree over there, the We family has already made it”

    I would love a gold variant! thanks for the Chance!

  10. Josh

    Brown or gold please!
    “The wonderous sumfro, wobbled everywhere to and fro, when he would get there, we’d never know… Maybe we should call him sum slow…”

  11. James

    “The green-tailed Sumfro is a docile creature, willing to carry your whole family on a splendiferous journey, all whilst keeping you safe with the help of his enlarged ears that can hear the whispers of potential danger from miles away.”

    Main Edition


    Variant Edition

  12. Bradly

    I would like a chance at the Gold variant edition but would be very satisfied with the main edition as well.

    Thanks for the chance marq and gnomes!

  13. Shaun

    As the mighty Sumfro wandered into the town the crowd went wild with excitement and joy….as if the Sumfros presence was a huge hug by a old friend who you have not seen in a long time.

    I will take either please if I get picked

  14. Ryan

    After weeks of wandering the desert, the royal family spots a glimpse of hope on the horizon. Had it not been for the mighty Sumfro guiding their way to safety, they surely would have perished. The kingdom will be restored!

  15. Al

    Variant or Main would be lovely.

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…..just imagine what you could do with four.”

  16. Jaime Wykle

    Onward Fuzzypants to our home in the Silver Mountains.

    Main or Variant for me please. 🙂 Thank you!!

  17. Fair chance

    Even though they had never seen a beast with the head of a bat, the body of an elephant, and farts so stinky even his tail turned green, they knew, hitching a ride on the enchanted Sumfro was their only chance to escape the clutches of The Evil Queen Kona, and her imaginary museum of endangered creatures…. and so, they jumped upon the magnificent Sumfro, stink and all, in hopes of finding freedom!

    I’d love any edition, gold, variant, reg, I’m easy :p

  18. Jon

    Brown or Gold please!

    “They gazed from on top of the of castle they were defending and were struck by the odd sight of the oncoming Sumfro!!”

  19. Kevin H

    “As the Sumfro turned to head out on this long ride, I just sat with the view, and my loves by my side.”

    I would love a chance at gold varient first, and main second.
    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!! ☺

  20. Katie Memmen

    “Through desert and sand they made their way. Although their home was now long gone, they were not scared, they had each other.”

    Main or variant, please! Thanks!

  21. Hightime

    ever since the day he was born, SUMFRO has become very near and dear to my heart… always there to lighten the load on a bumpy road! PLEASE consider me for any edition of this magnificent creature! cheers

  22. Stacey L

    main or variant pretty pretty please!!
    Thanks marq and of course the mighty gnomes!!
    Lotto luck be on my side

    1. Stacey L

      The sumfro came to protect the land of fuzzigtion and all his family members in the land far far away in spustaville

  23. Ben w

    “The gnomes packed up the last of there belongings and started off on there sumfro for the long journey home” – main or variant! Sorry for not reading!! – thanks

  24. Ben Overton

    Would love the regular edition.

    As the long journey began, the nomads knew that Sumfro would get them there safe and sound. Sumfro was one of the great travelers of the old world.

  25. Guadalupe Villanueva

    Sumfro and the family are off to Spusta land to enjoy the magical surprises this enchanted place has

  26. Matt A

    The journey to the far reaches of Spustaria began at dawn with the family astride the back of their fantastically loyal friend Sumfro..

    Gold or brown please

  27. Jay

    “When in doubt, let your Sumfro do the thinking”

    Would love either the regular or the variant!

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

  28. ZU

    Variant or Regular would be Awesome, this is one of my favorite prints of yours. So odd and funny, reminds me of Star Wars a little.

    If it does rain you guys can come in the basket to stay dry. Enjoy the sun while you can, I see clouds in the distance. We should be through the grassy plains and close to Spustaville soon. Keep an eye out for other wildlife along the way. Oh, there is a Balwa and a Waxwalter right over there. Mom look, there are 5, or are those 7 birds right over there. There are others traveling too, Flutter Friends, some Carting Along, some Hitching a Ride, and I imagine we will even see some Meandering Homesteads

  29. Aaron

    “Sumfro how do you spell LOVE?
    Mini Sumfro you don’t spell it you feel it”

    would enjoy either edition.

    Thanks as always Marq

  30. Stacey L

    Once upon a time in a land far far away there were creatures named Sumfo to protect the land of fuzzigtion and all his family members

  31. Wes R.

    “As the clouds parted, the family realized that Sumfro had taken them to a majestic place that was said to only exist in dreams . The family was now eternally ‘Inspired by Life’.”

    I would love the variant, but would be equally pleased with the reg edition.

    Thanks, as always, Marq and studio.

  32. PHOEBE

    The Sumfro glides across the land
    carefully moving his cargo
    they, hand in hand ….

    Either would be wonderful. Thank you!

  33. Derek

    main edition please and thank you!

    “…their favorite mode of transportation was on the back of the Sumfro. A majestic, noble and loyal beast whom was also counted as part of the family. Not thought of as the fastest or the smoothest ride, he was always reliable and always happy to take them wherever they desired to travel”

  34. Marcus

    Main edition or gold, please.

    “Awaiting the dawn of day, Sumfro and the family roam by land in search of their new home, in a place far away that no human has or ever will travel…”

  35. Rick

    “All aboard Sumfro!” Your journey to Spustaville, and ll it’s splendors awaits you my young family! You’ll see flying Zammy’s and a Bask Boost or two along the way, so sit back and enjoy…

    I would like either the main, or variant edition please. Thank you!

  36. Zuri Sanchez

    Both versions please.

    Sumfro is on a magical journey to meet up with the rest of the Spusta characters.

  37. Patrick Bowers

    Damn it this moving shit had to stop. Every two weeks I have to pull it ladders to get all this stuff up here. Should just getting second story do I can loss from up there.

    I would like any of the editions

  38. Brian

    Normally the royal family was required to stay withing the guarded wall of their floating gazebo, their subjects not allowed to fully gaze upon their holy forms. But, as it was his daughters sixth anniversary of life the kings heart warmed and allowed her to ride fully in the breeze.

  39. Russell M

    In a land far, far, – far-out – and away, we traveled, us three, atop Sumfro to the land of We Be Thee. When we came upon the Truffula Trees, Sumfro looked back and spoke to me, “wrong artist, you three! – but I can assure you one thing – we aren’t in Kansas anymore.” Hang on, hang tight, hang loose, hang free – Sumfro is the ride for me.

    I would love a chance at both….thank you so much! We love your art.

  40. chris

    I would love the gold but would like to try for both today Marq!…..Thanks!

    “ONWARD” poppa weeble yelled as momma and baby weeble held on. With hope in their eyes,they knew Sumfro would find their way home.

  41. Randall

    His family has set forth on their world travels!
    Brown metallic edition please sir
    Thank You very much!

  42. Lilly Stone

    I would like a chance at the gold variant and if no available I would like a second shot at the brown edition. Aw alway, thank you for the opportunity to purchase this awesome piece…..

    1. Lilly Stone

      Apparently I cannot follow instructions….but the caption would read “hey look Lilly Stone cannot read instructions very good”

  43. Michelle p

    Snuffaluffagus had a brother… He had been born with no trunk..

    Would love to be considered for the gold please 🙂
    Would be thrilled with either. Thanks 🙂

  44. Haney

    As the Sumfro came down the hill there was an opening in the trees – “Look!” said the mighty Sumfro captain – “There’s an inn just on the other side of that lake!” The weary mother and child looked up with a sense of hope as they had been traveling for days and they were quite tired and hungry.

    The Sumfro thought to himself – man, that lake water looks tasty! 🙂

    I have been a big fan of this one since it came out – I would truly love to have a Gold variant, but I’d be happy with a Brown edition print as well

    Thanks for any consideration!

  45. Dan

    ” Sumfro you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq!

  46. Josh Wilbur

    As the great beast came to a halt we finally saw it. We knew not what it was only that it beckons us ever onward…

    I would love the main edition or the variant!
    Thank you so much for the chance!

  47. Chris Torgerson

    Mrs. Mofro and little Mofro hitched a ride with a Sumfro. Into the unknown they went…. I would Like the gold edition or regular will do….Thanks for the opportunity…

  48. Justin

    LOOK! Over there! That guy has real hair….that’s Sum Fro huh?

    I’d dig getting them both or either. preference is the variant.

  49. russ firth

    ‘I have traveled across the spustaverse with these 3 friends, for their destination around the world never ends. ‘

    I’d love a variant but would be just as happy with the main edition. Thanks!

  50. matthew

    As they arrived to the top of the hill… the magical land of The Spusta Gnomes was spotted. Now to the leader.

  51. Mark Bender

    “In the morning, I’ll be here, and the sky’s will clear…”

    Main or Variant

    Many thanks Marq/gnomes

  52. Josh H

    Through the dry sands of the desert, the loyal Sumfro carries his riders back to the oasis they call home. His cargo is precious, as the little one is making her first journey. The cool waters await the Sumfro and his family. Thoughts of laying in the grass surrounding it keeps his legs moving. “Soon” he thinks to himself “very soon we can all rest.”

    Id like either the main edition or variant please. And thanks for the shot!

  53. Sarah Gray

    The strange beast carrying the weary travelers proceeded towards the mirage…

    Main or varient

    …many thanks for the opportunity

  54. Kristi Trimmer

    As we sat on top of Sumfro, we were excited about the day’s adventure! We trusted him to keep us safe and to show us his love for his land. The three of us might have been scared to ride off into the unknown, but with Sumfro there to guide us, we were ready to begin our journey.

    Main or variant.

  55. Dan T

    “While every Sumfro has a story, this Sumfros was the most extraordinary Of them all.”
    Variant or main edition
    Thank you

  56. Doug

    This is the only picture of the Spustafarians from the planet Spusta. They are riding the greater Sumfro. (a bigger cousin to the lesser Sumfro)

    I would love to have a chance at
    The Brown Metallic Edition of 75 is $55 + shipping.
    And / Or
    the Gold Variant of 15 is $125 + shipping.

  57. Joesph Chiodo

    Main or gold please

    “on top of smufro we go, to look high and look low, wondering were all the bliss bugs did go?”

    Thanks marq and Dr. Suess, lol

  58. Eric

    Pictured is sumfro traveling the desert with his friends looking to make their way to my house! (I hope)

    Main edition please and thank you

  59. amazed as always

    “On a quest to Spustaville the family was amzed of all the magical creatues . Look a beeks rocking out, a reg playing in the corner,Mr .Boolmjanlges playing his song for the Grand Fazooli , Smeezy puff puff passing with Suzzy and 7 little birds on a tree. The child looked up and said ” This must be the place .”

    Love a gold but anything will do…. Thanks for the chance

  60. Chuck Nemfakos

    The happy family road in to town on the back of their giant furry friend Sumfro he was listening to the sounds from far away and came to get down with the all the good people.

    Main or Variant.

    Please and Thank You!

  61. Becker

    Sumfro was a mystical creature that turned adults back to children. You are not dying, you are reborn, follow me.

    Either edition please!

  62. Fredrick Stubbe

    The journey was going to be a long one, but our Sunfro was strong, patient and brave. His confidence rubbed off, encouraging our family with positive vibes… ONWARD, he cried, and off we went, to a new and enlightening experience! I would to have the Brown metallic edition. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration… Freddie

  63. bradley

    main or variant

    … the shadow emerges from the cave, the boys can be seen riding on the back of the creature. once, feared and hated, it is now their only chance to make to make it back home.

    thanks marq, and as always, you gnomes as well!

  64. Vankhoi

    “As his family looked out over the desolate terrain, they believed all hope was lost. Sumfro knew otherwise and held his smile… and that’s when Mr. Billings saw the oasis come into view.”

    Would take any option available, thank you!

  65. Amy

    “Our tummy’s jiggled as the beast lumbered forward with each great step. The faint smell of his grassy breath waft passed our cheeks as we began our journey to meet his old friend, the Antlorius…”

    Main and / or variant and / or gold


  66. Sumfro

    Off in the far distance through the haze of misty rain… came this wonderful creature, Sumfro was his name.
    A family rode high atop his steep steep back… only one was sheltered from the rain that had just past.
    As they came closer I could see… the one inside was carrying a gold variant print for me!!

    Variant please!

  67. Beth

    Main edition, please!

    Although they had seen the great bayside City for miles and miles, only now did the bustle and hubbub begin to reach their ears: the clamor of traders in the market, street performers, sailors shouting directions to one another on the docks, the creaking of the massive vessels they manned, and the more subtle intonations of the waves sloshing against the sand and boat hills. Their mount paused, ears perked, and Mabli bounced in anticipation upon its shaggy back as her mother clung nervously to her daughter’s waist to keep her from toppling from the great beast. Her father, in the lookout perch, swept his arm before him, the gesture proud as it encompassed the scene before them.

    “Behold our new home, one of the five Sea Cities of Splendor, grand and magnificent Oceanica! Here will we embark on our adventure…and, one hopes, a fair amount of profit.” He grinned.

  68. Anthony

    Would love either! Thanks as always for the opportunity!

    “To the West Sumfro! That is where we will begin our magical journey”

  69. T Ralston

    “Look ahead, Sumfro. There’s magic.
    No, sir. We’re magic.”

    Brown Metallic Edition and/or Gold Variant. Please & thanks.

  70. Mandy Isaac

    I got lost in a trance as the creature’s blue and green hairs shifted with the winds, and before I knew it our long journey was already over.

    I would love the regular edition please and thanks gnomies.

  71. Ann Hollins

    “Hop in and hold on, an adventure is about to begin”, says Sumfro.

    I would love to read this to Quinton, he seems to like “All the way to the Ocean. Hope your doing another children’s book!

    I would like either…if so lucky.

  72. Karen

    If you wish to go on trip of wildest dreams, hope on!
    I would very much like the the brown metallic edition please!
    Thank You Marq and the Gnomes

  73. Thomas Wooden

    There once lived a gentle giant and his keeper in a land only children could find. A place only reachable by dreams and believers that anything is possible. This is the story of the “sumfro” and his boy keeper.

    Really looking for a shot at the variant edition. I collect the gold paper. Would very much still love a chance at the main edition as well. Thanks Gnomes!!! This was fun

  74. chris Roach

    Out of town goes sumfro with me first and the gimme gimmies on his back. To the land of Gnomes they go!
    Would love the Brown please! thank you

  75. Travis

    Caculating the odds, Sumfro had faith this would be his day to receive an invoice for a pot of gold.

    Either or please and thank you!

  76. edward

    As we set out upon a grand adventure to the knome kingdom atop our ever so trusted sumfo..

    I would like a regular or a variant.
    Please and thank you great knomes.

  77. Ken

    What a wonderful day for a ride, over the hills and through the forest we shall go.
    A Variant or one from the Main Edition Please

  78. jacqueline calcagnino

    gold snow and kaleidoscope eyes, we’re almost home~

    i would love a chance at either!~ thank you!~

  79. Leah zensen

    We were days without water. No hope in sight. The only thing keeping me alive i thought was the thump from Sumfro’s hooves pounding the earth. Suddenly he stopped. My mother grabbed me as my father reached out……

    would love a main edition and/or variant,thanks

  80. James J

    I would like a gold please:

    The Sumfro suddenly stopped in its tracks.

    “Why is he stopping?” asked the child inquisitively.

    Jago looked out into the distance and then his eyes widened and he started to tremble in fear.

    Waiting for them beyond the horizon was an Eyeven, holding the decapitated head of a Flibflum.

  81. Barbara

    The last sumfro in the land started his extraordinary journey…”
    To my house! Main or variant! Thanks for the chance

  82. Tyler Hart

    I have been chasing this 5×5 for months. I would LOVE to have a Variant, but would be stoked with to have the opportunity at the Main Edition as well! Thanks Marq!

    ‘Down in the south-eastern pacific lands, circa 15,000BC, the Fromians gathered their family on a quest too extreme for Sum…. But not for the GRAND SUMFRO… In an effort to migrate in haste, the Sumfro indeed carries out his duty, taking the Fromians to the new territory where they began “Fro-nicating” and establishing their own colony of Fromians. Legend has it, the Fromians are magical creatures thought to have been decedents of Cavemen. Perhaps the new Fromian Settlement was the origin of what today we refer to as Gnomes.’

  83. Dan S

    with the family of creatures perched upon his back, the sumfro walked along the beaten path. One foot in front of the other trudging further ahead.

    thanks marq

  84. Sara Dickerhoof

    “You’re either on the Sumfro or off the Sumfro. If you’re on the Sumfro, and you get left behind, you’ll find it again. If you’re off the Sumfro i the first place…then it won’t make a damn.”

    main or variant por favor (:

  85. Matthew

    Oh, the mighty Sumfro!
    Behold in all it’s glory.
    Upon it’s back we go,
    a legend from a story!

    Variant or Reg would be cool. I’d be happy with either!

  86. R Morton

    “Come my children climb aboard
    To venture lands yet unexplored
    The Sumfo ambles, blue and green
    Dances between spaces still unseen
    Leaves tracks behind all but ignored
    Except by dreamers, dreaming in accord”

    Reg/Variant – both/either


  87. Pete graziano

    When the time came to move and start life anew. We knew our friend sumfro would lead us to the brightest place under the sun

    I would prefer gold/ but would be forever grateful for the main as well

  88. Danielle K

    Sumfro is this fellers name
    And creature taxi is his game
    On his fury back they ride
    To many festies far and wide!

    Main Edition or Variant! Thanks Marq and gnomes!

  89. Nick

    “Onward sumfro we must find the snozzle berries!”

    I’d like the variant if I’m that lucky but we be just as happy with the main edition!

    Thanks for the fun chance Marq!

  90. Steve M

    Cosmic travel is best done with friendly creatures. Ride sumfro ride off in time and space to meet friends unknown!

    Would love a variant but would also very much appreciate a reg! Thank you for the chance!!

  91. Bryan Challener

    Where would a sumfro go if it doesn’t know.. To the peaks of snow or valley below…

    Variant – preferred

    Sorry for entering twice. I don’t read too good…

  92. Donna Taylor

    The “sumfro” is the only animal that inhabits the forgotten forest. A place know one has been brave enough to adventure. This is the story….

    Regular or variant edition for me please and thanks!

  93. Don C

    With the great migration upon us once more, we saddled up Sumfro and began the trek home….

    would love a main edition and/or variant,thanks

  94. Lawrence Purvis

    “Abound Sumfro our family travelled across a rocky place in search for a bountiful land where we could flourish in peace and harmony”.

    I would love the main and/or variant. Both would be wonderful. Not sure if the gold is a different version as well but would enjoy any print/prints. Thank you!

  95. Corey

    Sumfro’s eyes widened and ears perked when we reached the river. He knew springtime had come and with that, gloriously long days frolicking and swimming in the water he loved.

    Main and or gold

    Great print!

  96. Aimee

    The family sits atop Sumfro, eagerly awaiting their arrival. But Sumfro has another plan, the destination surely will rival…

    I would love a variant and/or main edition please!!

  97. Nancy B

    Really dig the gold variant but would be happy with main as well.

    The sumfro leads the way through the clouds

  98. Chris

    I would be happy with either a brown metallic or gold variant. Thanks

    “Beyond those mountains, our new home awaits us…”

  99. John

    Gold or Main Please and Thank You!

    “And so the mighty Sumfro began his journey, vowing not to rest until he located a selfie stick to take a picture of his duck face.”

  100. Nick

    I would take either edition if I were to win.

    “Behold the magestic sumfro.
    He waddles to and fro.
    The powder looking people riding him
    Have done a ton of blow.”

    This will probably disqualify me but its all I got. 😉

  101. TPee

    I’d appreciate a chance at either….

    The sumfro took us wherever we wanted to go; although we really would have gone anywhere it wanted us to. Afterall, it was the yellow tailed sumfro and we were just ourselves.

  102. ryan

    Apparently I cant follow instructions either.
    ” alas he sat atop the mighty sumfro. To finally find his home”

  103. Jason Blue

    Sumfro thought bubble: ” Boy, sure be nice if i had wings like my brother Falcon. But all i got was a pointy nose and pointy ears. Guess i just gotta keep on truckin’!

    Would love a regular edition or a variant just thankful f or the opportunity! Thanks!

  104. trenton

    I wold love either gold or brown, just would love this beautiful creature near!

    As we stumble into this strange new land the hustle and bustle of this beautiful oasis forces our minds into a whirlwind. Strange faces, new smells crashing into our minds. We look to the east and see the most beautiful of creatures, capable of carrying tremendous loads under the burning hot sun with ease. I asked the local in a concerned tone, “is it safe having these beast roam through the streets?, He quickly responded, “these are sumfro, the have been in this village for centuries. They are gentle giants, come let me show you!”

  105. Jake Zwerdlinger

    Listen to the tale I share today
    What is that mystical creature you say?
    Behold the great wise Sumfro.
    Down the GOLD road it will go.
    Watch out for all that poop Oy Vey!

  106. Jarrett

    Gold variant or bust!

    “Sumfro: you must be at least this tall to ride”
    (With a picture of a 48 inch high stick)

  107. Jason Peltzer

    “You think I’m weird looking? Have you seen these pink things on my back!”

    Either edition would be awesome! Please and thank you ma’am!

  108. Eric

    As the Nofros ride their Sumfro into the mountains, father points ahead and says “Allfro!”

    Despite my awful caption, I’d love a chance at the reg or variant please. Thanks Guys!

  109. some guy

    “Again? Guess the flea baths don’t work on humanoids”

    regular world’s be great but a variant would be even better. Thanks Marq & the gnomes.

  110. Brooks Poole

    Gold variant please!

    “As they rode into town on the duckbillplattyratbatasouras, they smiled knowing they were close to home”

  111. Tim Roche



  112. Matt

    Main or Gold, I’m good with either! Thanks!

    ” As dawn approaches and the day begins the mighty Sumfro snaps into action. The sun is shinning, the air is crisp and cool, and a unique adventure is on the horizon. This has always been Sumfro’s desire; the thirst for adventure. And today he gets his wish”…

  113. max berry

    I would appreciate either version please

    “If your gonna build a time machine I figure why not do it with some style”

  114. Adam

    “The Sumfro lurched to and fro, ambling at a patient pace towards his destination while his precious cargo rested quietly upon his back.”

    I would love gold or brown – thanks for the chance!

  115. bdub

    “We gazed into the dark, as Sumfro schlepped us through the slough, with his scintillant green tail shimmering in the night.”

    Main Edition and/or Variant
    Ps & Qs

  116. Alyssia

    Oh how they love to go
    To magical lands
    Riding the amazing Sumfro
    And dance to the music of their favorite bands

    would love the main and/or variant

    Thank you !

  117. Adam

    I am the Sumfro,
    I speak for those who have no ears,
    For the pink people who ride my back and have no fears.

    For I am the Sumfro,
    The one and only Sumfro,
    You best look out because I’m a bad mo-fo!

    1. Kimberly

      So I didn’t read the entire instructions as I was in a rush in between clients. Hoping it’s not to late…

      Hadley, the youngest and most inquisitive, asked, “but where are we going?” Mr Sumfro replied, “my dear sweet Hadley, I’m taking you to a land far away, where the birds sing the sweetest song you’ll ever hear played. A land where the sky is never grey. It’s known as the land of Milk and Honey and I’ll get you there safely just you wait and see. So hold on tightly to my coat of blue and green.”

  118. Blake

    “Behold! The great and knowledgeable……..SUMFRO!!”

    Would love either of these!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  119. Amy

    My caption is in Haiku form.

    What the F is that
    Why It’s a Sumfro of course
    Better than no fro

    I would take either the regular or the Variant. Thank you very much 🙂

  120. Ryan

    “Feast your eyes upon Sumfro! Part anteater, part bat, part fire breathing tabby cat! Look as he gently carries the Barjokian family back to their home. He may appear to be a tame beast, but do not threaten his family, he is a fiercely loyal creature, especially to baby Rudi, the youngest of the Barjokian Tribe”

    I’d love a Gold or Regular!

    Thanks Marq

  121. Andrew Long

    sumfro saves the day and all the little children lived happily ever after

    Happy to purchase Main edition and variant

  122. Michael

    Sumfro is definitely a mumakli from lord of the rings when you watch the movie post show. Either would be awesome thanks for the chance!

  123. Ben H

    Preferably variant but will enter for both:

    “The Sumfro goes to and fro,
    galumphing about in his merry way.
    He leads the procession of glorious victors
    Of this most recent bout of play.

    At dusk the passengers disembark,
    The Fire is stoked and camp is set,
    All are joyful dancing in the dark,
    Everyone had a time they would never forget
    And so it is that Sumfro and his cohorts remain
    Traveling onward come sun or come rain.”

  124. Sissy

    Sumfro said follow me, and I will lead you all to the Promised Land.
    Regular or Variant. Please and Thank You.

  125. Jason Kechijian

    The quest that Sumfro was embarking on with his loyal companions will lead to many tails of wonderful bliss….

    Main and/or variant please! The artwork is spectacular.

    Thank you!

  126. Fro

    “And in time, Sumfro took the place of Joey, the unicorn, as the Goodling family’s favorite pet. One day, as they were out for a ride, something strange began to happen. Something new was falling from the sky. Father Goodling pointed to heavens and said to his family, “Have no fear, this is magic pixie dust and it will bring good luck to our family. Ever since Sumfro came into our lives, we have been a happy family.” Smiles returned to the faces of Mrs. Goodling and little Marq Goodling and they rode on with great joy.”

    Please put me in the lottery for both/either of the prints.

    (It was too obvious but quite tempting to use a “some Fro” reference. :^)

  127. Amanda Poole

    Gold variant please and thank you!!!

    “There is a place id like to go
    When you get there Then I’ll know
    There is a place I know you’ve been
    Here is a wagon, get on it!”

  128. Crystal

    Either Main or Variant Please!

    Making their somewhat slow escape (think white ford bronco), the family spotted a rainbow through the clouds and knew that all would be well with the little family.

  129. Marz

    “The rare “hogback” Sumfro is a gentle giant, easily broken, and perfect for family traveling. Its laid-back and relaxed demeanor are an obvious advantage for long distances. With the optional carriage and saddle and tack, they may be ridden in an English pleasure or trail class. Truly an amazing creature for all to enjoy. ” 🙂

    Reg or variant! Thanks!

  130. MW

    I would be happy with either one.

    CRASH! The Sumfro ears perk up, as he is a very perceptive creature. His masters look in the distance for the ruckus, but there is nothing to be seen. The journey continues..

  131. Justin

    A young day anew,
    As a creature plus two
    Take a stroll like a pack,
    On Sumfro who is back!

    Main Edition and/or Variant please. Beautiful one indeed.

    Thanks Marq!

  132. Jessica

    “SumFro here; SumFro there; SumFro journeyed everywhere”

    Main edition please and thank you! Would be my first lotto win! Thank you Mr. Spusta & Gnomes

  133. Ashley Benson

    I would absolutely love for my first Spusta to be a brown mettalic sumfro,or the gold variant would be more amazing!!

  134. tyler alford

    Some folks know
    While Some folks grow
    Some folks travel through a blustery snow

    Others succeed
    While others impede
    Others ride the backs of a glorious steed

    But for the ones who live on
    Some otherworldly glow
    They ride to their dreams
    On the mighty SUMFRO!!!

    I would love a chance at the Main edition or the variant.
    Thanks 🙂

  135. lane

    “The sumfro was taken from their homeland decades ago and is now used for transportation of the wealthy. Sumfros have become a common gift for upper class teens on their 16th birthday. Many of these slow moving creatures will be ” pimped out” by their teen owners, who often use hair dye and chrome nail polish.”

    Thanks marq, I would love a regular and/or a variant.

  136. Meredith

    “Can’t we go any faster” “Never underestimate the Sumfro kid!”
    Great image I would like to try for the main edition and/or go for the gold!

  137. Debbie

    “The gentle beast pushes steadily forward, keeping his aim on the setting sun.”

    I’d be happy with gold or brown, thank you!

  138. Kevin F

    “Sumfro – the best way to travel with friends and family”

    would be very happy with the metallic edition!

    Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  139. Bryann

    The king tossed away his riches wishing for a more rewarding life. Grabbed his family and his best friend. As a tear dropped down his face and fear gripped him he knew Sumfro would lead the royal family to a life full of dreams

    1. Variant
    2. Gold

  140. Mcintosh

    As I stare across the sand, a mighty task at hand , traveles the world in search of gold – I Sumfro – to the land of gold we shall seek

    Gold variant my friend

  141. Sascha Goerner

    Hi Marq,

    I would like the Reg and Var if possible or alternative one or the other.

    May the force be with me 🙂

    I am an International fan.


  142. Ken

    “Look, over there. Go that way to the girl sitting on the tree in front of the owl. Looks like he is sharing some wisdom. We could use some of that.”

    Gold and/or variant


  143. Katie

    ‘Sumfro looked longingly back to the homeland he knew he could never return to. Sadly, he knew it was the end. But he also secretly wondered what new adventures lie ahead.’

    Main Edition or Variant Edition, either is OK.

  144. Nathan Rosenberg

    … And the Sumfro and his Rider, Percible, walked for days and days across the vast escape of the sandy plains…

  145. Jessi Link

    Probably too late but would love the main edition, please!

    “Sumfro and his friends en route to the Dogfish Head Analog-A-Gogo. At this rate they should be in Delaware by mid-June”

  146. Tony

    “Sumfro isn’t fast, he cannot fly, but put a tent on his back and go for a ride”

    regular or variant


  147. Holly

    “Sumfro and the light emerge with much relief from the inside of Adam’s ear. “

    Bronze and/or God…thank you! Much love!

  148. Kristen

    Off to see the wizard… Riding atop a Seussian-like lizard… The Sumfro he is and he he walks happy with bliss.

    I would be happy to own the Main or the Variant please!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  149. Taylot

    Sumfro thought to himself am I the only one left. It had been months since he had seen any other animals in the dessert. As he went down the sand dune he saw the most delightful sight- it was another just like him. As he galloped down the hill he realized it had been a mirage and he felt alone again.

    He was determined though he would find his mate if it was the last thing he ever did!

    Main or Variant if possible or both 🙂

  150. Angelica

    “Three tickets to the Sumfro junket”

    The regular or variant would be spectacular!
    Thank you so.

  151. Tanner

    …and finally after Sumfro had rescued all the other animals and “freaks” from the circus, he started his new journey to explore the world with his three best friends and lived happily ever after!

    Would love a Variant or Main Edition!

    Very cool lotto, been fun reading these…thanks as always Marq and friends!!

  152. gary

    “through the desert to the end of the earth. I’ll ride atop this sum from to find my life’s worth!”

    Would love a gold but main would be awesome as well!

  153. Ben


    Main Edition or Variant Edition


  154. Lucas White

    Main or Variant editions would be great.

    “Once a majestic roaming creature, the Sumfro has been enslaved and forced into captivity. Look as the Sumfro transports the naked pinkish beings through the endless desert.”

  155. Jim LaFemina

    It was sometime during the great oil and gas shortage of 1973 when the smaller residents of the city’s more affluent neighborhoods began importing great beasts to carry them on their appointed journeys.

    Brown please.

  156. Matt Rasmussen

    Our once beautiful homeland was overrun by an evil emperor who went by the name of: Eyeven. This emperor destroyed all that I knew; the boundless Tasty Tears, the majestic Antlorius Orkaphylx, and the enchanted Seven Birds. All were now gone. Worst of all, no one was inspired by life. When I was younger I heard a tale of a beast that was as long as an ox and had a coat of fur like a mammoth. I never knew it existed until my parent’s had St. Darryl summon it. Maybe it would be able to free us from the emperor’s grasp? There before me stood this long and hairy beast. My mother said to me that we will ride upon its back. I grew apprehensive, but then she showed me that he was safe. She approached the creature and touched its back. She said it soft, very soft as though it was made out of hair – “springy and soft.” She then said aloud, “this sure is some afro.” Being very young, I was still quite literal in my understanding of spoken word. Therefore, I gathered my belongings and eagerly told my family to begin the journey by all hopping on top of Sumfro.

  157. Tara

    “Foo, Rue, and Moo dressed in their finest rose petal pink furs, began their exploratory one-year voyage through the mud abyss on their well-mannered, long-eared, watery-blue, lime-green, fuz-tastic, orange-eyed, Sumfro.”

    Both please and thank you!


    The Story of Sumfro began LONG, LONG, AGO, in a galaxy far away – you see – there were these mystical creatures that walked the Earth……and the leader of the creatures was SUMFRO – what made him special was ________ (READ THE BOOK!) 🙂

    Either would be splendid.

  159. Dee

    “Sumto, and sumfro. Returning from your past on the Sumfro is not for everyone. The Sumfro often gets distracted by his nose and requires constant direction by the guide. However, some love to fro on this fluffy beast for his love to fling juicy berries back to the passengers.”

    Gold please!

  160. Mike

    Main or Variant

    “Although we felt scared, the man pointed in the distance toward our destination and explained that, on the back of the Sumfro, there is nothing to fear.”

  161. Mark

    As I rode atop the mighty sumfro with my wife and son. I said, ‘son, do you see all those stars shining down upon us? Those are the flames left by countless sumfros that have come and gone throughout the ages. Despite their physical presence being gone, they still shine their light upon us, lighting the way for their brethren to take us on our journey. Thus our symbiosis with these majestic beasts continues long after we have both faded into the ether.’ The sumfro smiles, knowing its ancestors are watching over it. My son smiled as well, looking up with wonder at the countless stars.

    Main or variant edition please!

  162. Steph

    Off and away they went for their hay day
    Father to son “it’s all for the fun.”

    I’d be happy with brown metallic or gold variant. Thanks for the chance!

  163. Heath

    “Hey! Look over there! Free cookies! Cookies everywhere!”

    My preference would be 1. Gold 2. Main
    Thank you!

  164. Jason

    As the young king & his queen & their newly born princess arrived back in the kingdom for the first time since her birth all the people stared in awe.
    I would be most delighted with a gold variant but would never turn down the brown either.
    Thanks Marq & Gnomes!

  165. Dustin

    As Sumfro forged on with his family on the back of the their long nosed squiggle puff he had no idea where the road would lead.

    I would very much like a gold variant or a regular


  166. Joe Kusmisz

    I would appreciate an opportunity for either variant. The story of the magnificent Sumfro in Lorax Land!


  167. Gavin O'Donovan

    Main edition please

    “Climb up the tail and onto its back.
    The sumfro will take you for a ride.
    Hold on tight for this magical journey.
    Where you end up is for you to decide.”

  168. jimmy brown

    Its a sumfro he carries like a servant through the desert like a camel do it reminds me of the way they usea too travel an how the people in Egypt use camel to carry treasurer to city’s majestic like creature that brings joy an comfortable to the rider just in a different form anyone would be a blessing

  169. Jillian

    Beneath the floor boards Sumfro skittered and the tiny aliens aboard his back clung tight…

    Either edition would be great please!

  170. Reeder

    MAIN Edition or VARIANT Edition

    “Sumfro would do anything to protect his owners, the Blissmores. Even if that meant trading the comforts of home for the hardships of the unknown.”


  171. Steve S.

    “Nothing like enjoying all the day has to offer from your perch high atop SUMFRO’s back. It really is quite an inspiring view”.

    ……and all that can be yours for the mere price of . Thanks for letting us all play!

    1. Steve S.

      Please disregard this post, as I reposted due to not all of my comment making it in. Sorry guys. No funny business intended.

  172. Reid Adams

    Main edition please.
    Caption: We had been wandering for days when father asked Sumfro where he was taking us. The docile creature smiled and reminded us that OUR INTENT WAS NOT TO ARRIVE. With that, we became travelers with no fixed plans. Our joy would be found in the doing, not the finishing.

  173. Tammy R

    “….and Sumfro would not go any further until the woman and child were safely inside the basket.”

    Main and/or variant…would be thrillllled!

  174. Christopher campbell

    Either would be awesome. Sumfro stared a long time ago very gentle creatures with love for there owners. they loved to take there families everywhere. Always happy always willing to please that’s what made up the Sumfro we all love

  175. Sarah

    The chocolatiers have searched far and wide for a new secret ingredient to add to their beloved Spusta Bar. After 10 days of searching in the Forest of De’light, they left with excitement and sumfro! Don’t worry, sumfro won’t be an ingredient in their chocolate. He’s their new mascot! No sumfros were harmed during this story.

    Interested in both ! Thanq u!

  176. Paul Dooley

    Upon the Sumfro we go, drawing deeper into Fantasia, hoping to find the mysteries of our heart

    Would love to hang a variant on the wall

  177. Steve S.

    “Nothing like enjoying all the day has to offer from your perch high atop SUMFRO’s back. It really is quite an inspiring view”.

    ……and all that can be yours for the mere price of *insert invoice for brown or gold edition here*. Thanks for letting us all play!

  178. Sam ross

    The group had been traveling for months across a barren wasteland, hopelessly wandering from abandoned camp to abandoned camp. When all of the sudden Sumfro’s nose picked up a familiar scent, it was a swarm of bliss bugs gathering on the horizon…… 1 Brown, 1 Gold please, Thank you!

  179. Justin

    The Bollywhoo family packed their belongings on the back of their trusty steed Sumfo. Ready to embark on a magical journey to the enchanted land.

    Either edition would be great! Thanks again

  180. Benjamin

    “Mom, are we there yet?”

    “Dad, how much longer is it going to take?”

    “Hurry up Sumfro, I’m tired.”

    “Oh the joys of traveling with a youngster,” Sumfro thought quietly to himself. But know one knew how many more days, weeks, or months it was going to take.


    Main (Brown) or Variant (Gold) … Thanks

  181. Heather

    The sumfro wonders through the sands of the great waste lands looking for a beat that will tickle his feet. He comes across band that had a man missing a finger on one hand and sounded so sweet. The silver haired man put on a big grin as the sumfro arrived and said, “forget about a drive I’ll be taking the sumfro to chi-town!”

  182. John K

    As Sumfro gazed into the distance, a call rang out from the little round headed creatures upon his back. “To infinity, and beyond!” the little creatures screeched as Sumfro’s ears perked up, an exhausted look upon his face. Sumfro rolled his bloodshot eyes and hung his head as he began his journey into the unknown…

    Main edition or variant is fine with me. Thanks Marq & gnomes 🙂

  183. KAT

    I’d like the main edition

    We have no where and every where to go. The possibilities are endless in Sumfro’s world.

    Thank you Marq and gnomes!

  184. kmac

    Feeling high and majestic
    on glorious Sumfro we rode…
    Into the sunset
    that shimmered with GOLD..
    My Dad at the helm
    of this mystical beast…
    pointing out stars
    popping up in the east…
    “there’s Rigel and Betelgeuse
    Spica and Vega”….
    he called out …never missing a beat..
    “Reach for them all Son
    The World’s at Your Feet”
    Going for the Gold Please! n Thank You!

  185. Sam Seabourne

    This. Is. Awe sumfro yo is delicious! 😉
    Would love the variant please.
    Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

    Not really a caption. Just what came to mind.

  186. Corey

    Gold Variant, please!

    “A Sumfro is a combination of an Oliphaunt and an Anteater, surely a ferocious cuddling monster.”

  187. Rod N

    The mythical creature known as the sumfro had begun his trek through the amazon rainforest to bring a family to their new home of peace and comfort.

    would like the brown please and thank you!

  188. Trey Edwards

    Sumfro; the hairiest form of transportation since the woolly mamoth. NOW IN SEAFOAM GREEN! Get yours at a local dealership today!

    GOLD por favor…

  189. Javi Jav and the funky bunch

    “And so they set out on their journey to help Sumfro find his long lost mother, Mumfro. Of course they made sure to bring plenty of swozzy biscuits to not only satiate the beast needs, but to partake in some themselves :)”

    Variant and/or Main please.


  190. Stacey Gates

    Oh the places you’ll go when you ride atop a Sumfro!

    I would love the brown main edition. Thank you!

  191. Lance Ohnstad

    “True treasures are not found in silver or gold……but are found in the journey”

    Either would be awesome!!

  192. Chris

    The mighty Sumfro deftly navigated the family through the forest attempting to avoid detection by the vermin who attempted to steal the prints they carried for the Grand Fazooli.

    Gold would be my 1st choice but either edition would be great. Thanks!

  193. Nate Jackson

    Sumfro the East, Sumfro the West, all the creatures in the land cry “Sumfro is the Best!”
    I’d prefer the gold, but would love the brown metallic just the same! Thank you for the fun!

  194. Tim

    “That is when Father pointed to the horizon and exclaimed, ‘Sumfro, follow the brightest star in the southern sky, it will lead us to our destiny.”

    Either edition would look great hanging up next to the 5×5 purple I have, thanks.

  195. Philip Kasonovitch

    Main or variant, its time my appt has some top not art in it!!!
    Will be in a forever home.

  196. Sonny Ketcham

    Both regular and gold variant. Caption –

    “Hello, we are your area’s Amway Representatives, here to speak to you and demostrate the incredible product “Shed No More”.

  197. Sean

    “Many a travels Sumfro knows, this is the story of his journey to Buffalo.”

    Main Eddition please!

  198. Beverly

    No one could believe their eyes as they entered on this newly tamed beast they called Sumfro. Where did it come from and are there more like it they all wondered!

    I would love a gold variant but would be very happy with the brown as well.

  199. Shady

    “Second star to the right, and straight on till morning?”

    “No, no, that just leads us back to NeverNeverLand. We have new dreams to pioneer on this voyage!”

    Prefer Gold would be glad for either. Thank you very much!

  200. Randy Simon

    “Sumfro is certainly a smoother ride than our Maserati!”

    I would love either a brown or a gold. Thanks!

  201. Justin Miller

    As we gazed upon what the Sumfro had in store for us, the plan was apperant. We are no longer bewildered, no longer lost.

    Happy to have either edition. Thanks Marq!

  202. Gary Dryden

    Dad: (points finger) and says: “That way to our destination.”
    Sumfro: (looks at the dad) and says: “Nope Im bigger then you and we go where the baby wants.
    Sumfro: (turns n smiles, then proceeds in the direction that makes the baby happy)

    Would like a GOLD please, but I would be happy with a METALLIC also……..thank you

  203. Andrea Brinley

    “Treading the sand..kicking up the dust… they all knew family was waiting… beyond these clouds.” I would love one of each please. Thanks Always for the opportunity.

  204. Shannon

    “Look! It’s McDonalds!” Sumfro was excited!

    I would Love a Main edition please 😎
    Thank you

  205. Lindsay

    Some say we were leaving everything up to chance. We disagree, good fortune was smiling in front of us.

  206. Chad

    Fresh out of camels, so I grabbed me a Sumfro!!…like a sore peter, you just can’t beat it!! Either version will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  207. Rob Robertson

    Regular edition or would love a variant. Need a sumfro in my life please…

    thank you so much


    PS. Hope I’m not to late

  208. Evangeline

    On the long magical journey to Blissville the little one shouts out ” are we there yet.?” Would live the opprotunity at either . Thanks for the chance!

  209. Mary

    I would love the main edition!!

    “The Sumfro was so relieved to have reached the land of lizards. His back was aching terribly, and by the look on his face one could see he’d been holding in his terrible gas the whole journey as to not upset the royal family!”

  210. shawn mcintyre

    Either or thank you!
    You got to see him in the rodeo
    You can see him up ’round the Colorado shore,
    Down by the Ohio…

    NOT a spammer..aye

  211. Clay

    This rarely seen family of Bulgarian mountain slugs are on their annual return journey from the sacred mating grounds on the back of their trusty Sumfro. This majestic beast is not to be confused with it’s close relative, the Sumto, which only carries the creatures to the highly secretive location.

    I will gladly accept main or gold edition, thanks!

  212. Janice

    A variant would make my month! I need some Spusta in my life!

    Sumfro, lets ride off into the sunset together.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  213. Leah Saylors

    Main edition

    “I told the beast “go!”, he said “we’re on our way Sumfro” and so we went

  214. cindy

    what a morning……slept in. Just made it to work. A lottery which I have probably missed the boat on and a solo tour announcement from the one and only Chris Cornell for Australia and New Zealand. probably too late but here it goes………

    As we rode through the Australian desert on our much loved family pet Sumfro things started looking brighter. We could all see an oasis on the horizon. We needed something to look forward to and this was it.

    brown please as I have CC tickets to buy next week.
    shipping to Australia

  215. Nathan Severson

    “No, Sumfro! Pay no attention to the human over there and away. Why must our Sumfro be so easily distracted…”

    I would love the opportunity for the main edition. Great work per usual!

  216. Roland Fischer

    Bring it on Marq & Gnomes )
    Brown And Gold would make a Great duo on my Wall 🙂
    Thanks for the excitement …

  217. Sally Caldwell

    “FROM US to you, on this starlit day. A trek we’ll take, let’s be on our way. On a Sumfro we ride, its fur haughty blue. A newly hatched mandra, with parent X2.”

    It would be an honor to own either the brown or gold! Thank You!!!

  218. Joey

    I’d be stoked for either the main version or the variant!

    Surfmo is the man! (and Marq too of course)

  219. Christin Gas

    Can you hear its soft bumble and gumble, its stumble through the woods?

    I’d take the brown one 🙂
    (International shipping)

  220. Tripp Madry

    “On the back of a Sumfro we sit perched high, on the way to a mystical land we try, to find the meaning of life and all that is great, hurry up Sumfro we’re going to be late!!”

    It would be amazing to get either version. Thanks so much for the chance!!

  221. Seth S

    “Yes, my son.”
    “Where are we going?”
    “We do not yet know,” his father answered. He could feel is mother’s fear as she gave him a gentle squeeze. The Sumfro slowly started moving forward and our adventure had begun.

    I’d be honored to have either edition.

  222. Dylan talbot

    “In the pearl river in central mississippi, the mythical sumfro is discovered”

    Would love a main edition but gladly take a variant too.

    Thanks for the chance!

  223. Nick K.

    “It’s tail was a ladder, it hung so low. We’d climb on it’s back and Sumfro we’d go!”
    Main edition please!! Thank you!

    Nick K…

  224. jesse

    Sumfro first edition please.

    As I looked down at the starving sumffro he said to me there is a place that we should go! I was very intrigued, hungry, and scared. As we walked the path we found a snarling crazy little crazy hound but his eyes spoke words of simple wisdom. He said to keep going with fro. Onword we marched through town another saddle notch down, we tired hungry but ready for the fight. As soon as we reached the castle fait, all would be good today, we would then earn our meal, take the crown, drive out the evil people. All in a days work with sumfro!

  225. Colleen R

    “Am I the meanest? “Sumfro”NUFF! Am I the prettiest? “Sumfro”NUFF! Am I the baddest Mofro to go down round this town? “Sumfro”NUFF!!!

    Main Edition and/or Gold please

  226. adam b

    “There it is young one. There are the golden gates od Spustapolis, where our dreams will come true”

    I’d love a chance at either the main edition or the gold! Thank you!

  227. Mr. Matt

    Yes please.

    Anything 🙂

    I would love to score on one of these lotteries, someday…

    Thank you and good day.


  228. Bennett Cierny

    “The magical path, through the sands of time, await those who can tame the Sumfro and follow their dreams to the land where imagination rules reality”

    Main please, thanks!

  229. Andrew Rush

    ahhhhh I didn’t read well and didn’t leave a narrative earlier today… I’m just adding my narrative and not trying to enter twice.. please forgive me gnomes.. I’d be happy with anything…

    Ears of a bat and nose of a shrew.

    Sumfro was an exotic creature with his coat of blue.

    Tail like a fox and a hump on his back.

    Sumfro delighted in giving rides on his back.

  230. Meghan

    “Dad, where are we going?”
    “Little One, think of this as your chance to pick your destiny. Tell Sumfro your dreams and ask him to guide you. On his back we will explore, experience and journey. ”
    “Dad, what’s a Sumfro?”

    I would be ecstatic for either option, main or variant!

  231. Jacob

    There! There is where we will find our new land!

    I would be happy wth any edition. Thank you for the opportunity.

  232. Rudy

    “Hey, you think this guy is gonna stop for a bathroom break anytime soon??? This joint isn’t gonna smoke itself…”

    Would love a chance at anything left, I know I’m late. Thanks for all that you do!

  233. Ed Martin


    Would love any Sumfro to come home to Maui. This is my daughters fav piece and would be our first.


  234. Patti Blake

    With us and Sumfro together,
    We can adventure forever!
    Our future holds love, fun and laughter,
    And a life of happily ever after.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all the comments above. I like that this post has inspired so much creativity! This really made my day.

    I’d be happy with either brown or gold. Thanks!

  235. C. Daniels

    I’m sure I’m way to late. But I’d love a shot at either edition.

    “Sumfro Dessert Tours”

  236. Gain

    They sang the family songs as the wandered through the wilderness, sumtoo and sumfro…

    Thanks you for the opportunity. I would love either please.

  237. Chance

    Gold variant

    One fro,
    two fro,
    red fro,
    blue fro.

    Some are short
    And some are tall
    Some are fresh and clean
    But this one is a big dirt ball.

  238. Tammy

    Variant or main…. or both ya see! 🙂

    “Onward Sumfro,
    where we will be free.
    Onward Sumfro
    that is the place to be.”


  239. patrick

    …as they neared Java, the Sumfro’s coat began to effervesce and shimmer and the air around the howdah popped as they rode in wondrous silence…

    Main and/or variant edition is yay!

  240. Bowen

    We would be floored with a shot at a gold variant


    The happiness of SUMFRO and his rider calmed the mothers worries of leaving her native lands behind with visions of better days and starry nights.

  241. Robert S.

    “Ahead in the distance”, Papa Lumalox cries! The Sumfro’s majestic ears perked and he cracks the faintest of smiles knowing he was finally going to be returning home.

    Either Ed. would be delightful.

    Thanks as always for making me smile!

  242. Russ

    “Some come and some go, all atop the Sumfro”

    Thanks for the opportunity, would be glad to purchase either edition. 🙂

  243. dylan

    “Gnomes have also been known to ride the large, but friendly, Spustacas sumfro. A colorful animal from the jungles in the South region.”

    reg. brown ed.
    Please and Thank You!

  244. Ryan

    The Mighty quadrapods of ancient Zorpol were noted for their calm and happy demeanor. The ability to carry the squidlings on their backs allowed the race to travel large distance and helped to colonize the farest reaches of the planet.

    Reg or Gold I just want one.

    Thanks Marq!

  245. HEssel

    ‘So many people not reading the instructions, I bet this Hessel guy will get lucky this time’

    right Marq?

    Both please 🙂

  246. Melinda

    Mommy, the little boy said, why do we have to sit outside?
    Ssst said mommy with a frightened look on her face, he might hear us. You know daddy likes his space..

    Either would be awesome!

  247. Adam welton

    I’d take anything as I’ve yet to score on a drop. Got stickers and a micro which are great. And got a few record store day posters which I shared with strangers for free. But I’d like a real nice piece. Thanks for the consideration and I’ll keep after it

  248. DC ^^^ (forgot the story part!)

    The happy family of three rode triumphantly into the land of Zoltremek, upon the back of their loyal Sumfro, they all at once witnessed a sight none of them could quite comprehend: there stood an old man, carting along with what looked to be a sun-type object with blue waves extended upon his head, and an eyeball with hands and a body inside of his cart. The character seemed harmless, so they saw no harm in approaching and asking a few questions…

  249. Chiara

    Sometimes it is hard to see the forest when all the trees were used to make your hut. What about your wife and kids? Better plan on sleeping in the hut tonight.

  250. Heather

    I want to enter for both the brown and gold please!

    “…and on your right, you’ll see the the mystical dust of Mallowhaven. It is said that each spec contains an entire universe of infinite possibilities.”

    Thank you!! Enjoy the exploration of your own infinite possibilities! 🙂
    Heather C.

  251. David

    He gestured towards the gently falling motes of pollen, layers of which were smeared on the roof and sides of the guide’s shelter, as well as the carpet. The pollen clung to the teal blue fur of the good-natured Sumfro, whose tail now resembled a paintbrush freshly dipped in yellow.

    Brown Metallic Edition, please. Thanks!

  252. Mark fuerstenberg

    I Would love an opportunity to own either!!
    1) gold
    2) brown metallic
    I was busy on Wednesday and traveling to summercamp. Totally forgetting to check here for Wednesday action…I arrived at summercamp Thursday, disappointed as there was no spusta to be found. Saturday however, they set out your Moe tour poster! I bought as many as they would let me and am hooking up some of your biggest fans in spusta print addicts! Happy I could pass along your art to those that love it most!

  253. Andrew D

    either version

    The evil headmaster orders SUMFRO to proceed to the sanitarium, but all SUMFRO can focus on is :tear down the wall”

  254. Brett

    “Hey Pink People! SUMFRO need a refill! Can’t a brother of color get a drink of water around here?

    Regular version Please 😉

  255. Joshua

    1st choice would be gold
    2nd choice would be brown

    “Sumfro move in such slow-mo, he looks like art in some fine art show”

  256. Patrick

    Sumfro marched through the jungle looking for poster scalpers to demolish. Sumfro hated poster scalpers, the scum of the earth he called them!!! How dare you take my artwork and sell it for a profit on eBay!!! I will destroyyyy you all!’jab)&@7)


  257. Keith Christensen

    Would like either or both edition if available.

    “Gaze upon and see what man has done,
    its up to you to teach the Young that all those
    wicked things can still be undone… “

  258. willbeck32

    Thank you so much for the chance to purchase Sumfro! The Gold Variant would be amazing but the regular brown edition is just killer as well! I would be honored to be able to purchase either one!

    “And upon reaching the summit, the Sumfro gazed out upon the wilderness and thought to herself, finally it is time for me to get some rest!”

  259. Ganda

    I would love a chance at both the main or the gold variant.

    The storybook will say as follows:
    “Sumfro is a mytical creature
    He loves to give a tour
    As long as you follow the procedure
    You won”t have anything bad to endure”

  260. michael hurwitz

    “onward and Upward!!! Follow Me!!”

    standard and gold for me please and thank you… its for my love!

  261. Nate Welch

    “You can hear it comin’
    Like a train out of control
    Surely leaves you wonderin’
    Exactly where your ticket goes”

    Either would be great!

  262. Nate

    “Sumfro, time for adventure…On to the stars!”

    Either the regular or the variant would be incredible.
    Thanks for the chance.

  263. Paula Carder

    Wild beast on a stroll through nature to explore the depth of time…..Sumfro senses he’s not alone.

    Are you kidding me!……I will be happy with whatever you have left!

  264. Chris King

    And the rode on, into the exciting and unknown…..
    I would be happy with whatever you have!!!

  265. The Commodian

    Sumfro grunted and suddenly stopped, and on the ground a big turd dropped.

    Both if available. If not, either one.

  266. Jeremy

    Either would be awesome thank you.

    And so began the journey. We climbed aboard the trusty Sumfro not know where fate would take us. Full of excitement and love we couldnt’ wait to see what the future would reveal…. for paypal.

    Thanks Marq!!

  267. Earle crawford

    Eitger or both would be great
    thank you

    My thought when i saw the picture was of Headed out West…..
    They got some money out there waiting to be made. Im gonna do what i want and im gonna get oaid.
    so pile the family onto Sumfro and head out!

    Thanks for the chance to play

  268. Thorsten

    Either would be amazing.

    The road ahead was long and dusty,
    the unconditional friendship of the Sumfro kept us together..


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