Here are the drawings that are being made available in this purchasing lottery. All of these were drawn live, this week, on our new Twitch Channel. The videos are still available for viewing, so you can witness each of these characters being conjured to life.

(Lottery Over : All Winners have been invoiced.)

Please follow the instructions below if you’re interested in the possibly of receiving an invoice to purchase one of these variants.

• To enter this purchasing selection lottery, just comment on this post with which One Drawing you want to try for. You can only pick one, so don’t say “all of them”. Only comment once please, and use an email you can pay an invoice through. Each drawing is pictured with a number and price below it. Please note the prices will have $15 added in shipping domestically, international customers will have to pay more in shipping.

Most the drawings are on the back of 7″ x 7″ mini prints which are scribbled out (except the birds one, which is 7″ x 5″). They are drawn with colored pencils and are sprayed with a protective acrylic coating.

If you are selected, an invoice will show up from Spusta Studio Shop sometime tonight. Thanks for watching the vids and joining us in this new experience.

Live Twitch Drawing #8 = $260
Live Twitch Drawing #7 = $220
Live Twitch Drawing #6 = $300
Live Twitch Drawing #5 (Announcement) = $170
Live Twitch Drawing # 4 = $220
Live Twitch Drawing # 3 = $200
Live Twitch Drawing #2= $220
Live Twitch Drawing # 1 = $180
Live Twitch Drawing: Test Flight = $40

695 thoughts on “Live Drawing Lottery

      1. Nicole Elliott

        Test Flight please. It’s so darn cute!
        Thanks and I’ve really enjoyed watching these come to life.

    1. Ann Hollins

      Marq Thank You for letting us watch your creativity erupt and flourish throughout each piece you do! It is so mesmerizing to watch in person and now we can indulge and relax while doing so! I love it, please don’t stop!! I would love to pick number 2 because to me it represents Love in Quarantine between me and my kiddos… them and want to kill them all in the same instant. They get that stare from me often!. So anyway #2… Much Love and stay Fresh

  1. Kenny Blair

    Thanks for doing your thing and sharing it with us Marq 🙂 As always, it makes things better 🙂 I would love to be in consideration for drawing #2. Cheers and keep up the good work!

  2. richard curtis

    Thank you for the chance to purchase. I would love a shot at the seahorse #7. Keep on keeping doing what you are doing. Stay safe, sound and healthy.

  3. Nick Pellitteri

    #2 for my entry please, go big or go home! Thank you for the shot and so much art engagement!!!

  4. John McDonald

    May I please purchase drawing # 3. Thank you for the chance, Marq!! Really enjoyed watching you create these!!

    1. Joe

      Thanks so much Marq! The live sessions are amazing!
      I would love the opportunity to purchase #7. Cheers!

  5. John

    Live Twitch Drawing #7 = $220

    It would look great in my twins room (James and Elizabeth). They just turned one year old and I think it is important for kids to be surrounded by art. Especially whimsical art. Plus I am a big fan too. Thanks for doing these live drawings. It was great to see the magic happen.

  6. Jimbo Fennell

    Drawing #6
    Thank you for the chance and for doing these streams during these difficult times. ❤️

  7. Will.I.Am

    Live Twitch Drawing #8

    Thank you sooo much for all of the incredible art that you create! We are forever grateful!

  8. Jessica Stone

    Hi Marq and Gnomes!

    Would love a chance at drawing number 6.

    Thank you for doing these! It’s so fun watching them come together!

  9. Lewis Reed

    #6 for me!I’ve been watching Twitch every day for years (literally) and tomorrow is my 30th birthday, it’d be rad to buy myself (another) birthday preset!!! Hope all is well with you and the gnomes!!!

  10. John Budny

    Thanks for bringing your illustrations to the big screen, been fun watching. Can’t have enough birds!

    Live Twitch Drawing #2

  11. Jason Plotkin

    They’re all so amazing. Since I studied frogs and snakes in college I’m going with #3. Thanks Marq!

  12. Breana Wren

    Id love a chance at #7 please! Been dying to get a sketch in my collection and love that one. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Thomas Rollins

    Good afternoon,
    Twitch drawing 2 with those cute birdies. If you need mods, a 10 year veteran of twitch platform. @tomdon0783
    Followed you as well.
    Have a great day,

  14. Deb Kocan

    Hi Marq! I really enjoyed watching you on Twitch live and would love to add Live Twitch Drawing #2 to my collection! They remind me of my kiddos staring each other down, lol! I just love it! It’s my 40th birthday on Friday and this would be the best present ever! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Mike Suchocki

    Drawing # 6 is my first choice. I had a good friend back in high school nick named Snail. He disappeared in the California ocean during his collage years. I have kept in contact with his brothers and some of our mutual friends over the years. What a great drawing Marq! We have plenty of snails up here in the Pacific NW. I would love to add this one to our ecosystem! Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. Joshua


  17. Eric White

    I would love to have an opportunity to purchase Live Twitch Drawing # 3

    Thank you for the chance, Marq & Gnomes!

  18. John Goodwin

    Wow!!!! Thanks for the chance. Love watching the streams lately. Live Twitch Drawing #2 because BirdGang.

  19. Elizabeth Caton

    Would love to see #8 be the first I purchase myself from your collection. Appreciate the chance for it!


    🤩Howdy! I hope you keep
    Doing these live drawings. I’ve watched them all and enjoy them! I’d like an opportunity to purchase Drawing #2. Thanks! ❤️🤩

  21. Andy Frigo

    I would like to humbly submit my request for Live Twitch Drawing #6.

    Thank you for the opportunity and all that you do!

  22. Michael Martin

    Will take my shot at #7 Seahorses please and Thank You Marq and Gnomes. I called out Seahorse and you drew it, so I am ALL IN on this guy!!! Appreciate the chance!!!! Love the live drawings and giving back to the fans!!!

  23. Shaun H. Seip

    I’d love to buy Live Twitch Drawing #8. I’m an art teacher and would love to hang this in my classroom to inspire my students. It’s been really awesome watching you draw the last few days. My fiance John is a big fan and asked if you were using prismacolors for me. Awesome pencils, awesome work! Thanks for keeping out spirits up!

  24. Brian W

    Live Twitch Drawing #2, please.

    Thanks so much for the chance! These are all great and the videos are such a cool idea! Be well!

  25. Dan Pegues

    Such an awesome experience watching you work!! Thank you for giving us something to look forward to in this chaotic time! #7 would look great on my wall if I am that lucky…

  26. John Wocelka

    I would really love #6 please! Thanks for doing what you do Marq! You, the gnomes, your art and your donations to good causes are making this world a better place! Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. James Frazer

    Live Twitch Drawing: Test Flight – Super cool that your doing this after a live drawing session!

  28. Michelle Leahy

    I would absolutely love #7. I studied marine biology in college and love seahorses. Thank you for the chance.

  29. Justin talgo (ajus10)

    Would love a chance to frame #1.
    Watch out for those low flying planes.
    Thanks for all you do and stay safe!

  30. Ashlee Williams

    #8 please! Just seems like such a interpretation of life right now. I love the love drawings and all the positive vibes

  31. Gitis Sokolsky

    I’d love to be entered for ‘Live Twitch Drawing #7’ please – thanks so much for the chance!

  32. Brian Will

    #2 I want to throw my name in the hat fro Live Twitch Drawing #2 Thank you gnomes for everything you do

  33. Chip Forte

    I’d do anything for Twitch #7!!! Please surprise me gnomes! I could use some positive vibes around here!!!

  34. Haney Jones

    I’d love to put #2 on the wall in my son’s room – He said that one was his favorite!

    Thanks for sharing your talents!

  35. Eric Murray

    #2 would love to be perched on my wall as much I would love to build a nest for it. Thanks in advance! The twitch dress are awesome!

  36. Nate

    Lucky #7 please sir. Under the sea themed nursery these days! Have really enjoyed watching the process!

  37. Jeff Tiemann

    #7 please. Thanks & excited about Twitch, got to watch last night. I don’t do FB anymore. Thanks again!

  38. samuel cadkin

    Twitch drawing number 8 please!

    Thank you so much for doing this! You’re bringing tons of beauty to the world in this tumultuous time!

  39. Jeffery

    You made the decision too difficult!!! Haha
    After much deliberation, I’d like a shot at #3, toad on the mushroom. Thanks Marq and the Gnomes!!!

  40. Steve Shuff

    We have really been enjoying the new twitch platform, and digging you spinning vinyl almost as much as the drawing. Gives some sense of normalcy, like a few friends spinning records and hanging. Thanks! Would love a chance to purchase #6 please. Looks like a Shuffelufugus to me!

  41. Dafe Morin

    I loved seeing you create, it adds so much more depth to my appreciation of your art and your creatures!

    I would love a chance at Live Twitch Drawing #7 pleas!

  42. Kristi Price

    #8….couldn’t choose a favorite so I went with my 3 year olds choice! Thanks as always for the chance!

  43. Todd Stotts

    Test flight please?!?!?!? Also wonder if you have or would ever consider a coloring book? I need one, as does my son, and every other human I know! These coloring pdf’s your releasing are awsome, and so very very pertinent in this time. Home school art fun. Plus it’s like making our very own variant, of our favorite artist. Thanks!!!!!!!!

  44. Philip Craft

    Hello Marq,
    I would love a chance at live Twitch drawing Test Flight. Please and thank you!
    Have a great day!

  45. Jim

    Hi Marq & Gnomes!!

    This has been such a wonderful addition to the way you connect with fans! I’d love a shot to own Live Twitch Drawing #8… It reminds me of the messaging in the movie WALL-E and it’s a movie I recently watched with my kids for the first time.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. Eric Golden


    Watched most of these live and seeing the robot come to life was extraordinary. Thanks for the chance at it Marq!

  47. Nicole Nuzzo

    Thanks for the cheer and opportunity Marq. I would frame and hang #2 in my zen den. It reminds me of my partner and I. We met through the art/music scene. Thank you!

  48. Derek O

    #4 would make for an amazing gift for someone I know. Always great work from Marq. Thanks for letting us see you draw!

  49. Ryan Satterwhite

    Hey Marq! Incredible stuff here!

    Would love a chance at #1 Live Twitch drawing $180

    Thank you for the chance Sir!!

  50. Dustin Edwards

    #3 Please! They are all wonderful but I’d be proud to put the Mushy Toad on the wall. Thanks for the opportunity! I wish I could watch the live drawing but that darn internet isn’t quick enough out in the sticks. Much Love! ♥

  51. Guadalupe Villanueva

    #2 – thanks for the opportunity. i’ve enjoyed watching these being drawn. Good luck to everyone

  52. Felix Nau

    I would request Live Twitch #7, totally fits my
    Family dynamic, the mixture between space and sea, a calm mother and daughter, floating easily in the sea and me the space pirate trying to protect and keep up with them.

  53. John C

    Twitch drawing #8 please and thank you!
    No whammies, no whammies,……stop!!
    Thanks as always for the chance!

  54. Nancy Baker Curtis

    Marq and the Gnomes,
    Thanks for the ongoing distraction during these unusual times. I find peace and enjoyment from your artwork. You all are a welcome distraction during these times. I would like a changes for #2 please.

  55. Brahma Butler

    I love the Drunk Duck on the Stoned Snail #6!!
    Would be an honor to own this piece!
    Thanks for everything, be healthy 🙏

  56. Aaron

    It was amazing watching these come to life. Thanks for sharing the process with all of us.

    I would love the opportunity to purchase #2. Please and thank you!

  57. Leon Bennett

    Even though this has already closed I just wanted to say how awesome it is to see you draw live, whichever platform its on. It has been a real pleasure of ours each night we catch it. I look forward to seeing and enjoying more in the future! I also really love your lottery processes. It’s way more fun than the traditional purchasing options and a great way to thwart those botty bastard flippers!
    Take care Marq and keep up the greatness!!!

  58. Jason Joplin

    Just now seeing this #2 oh well worth a shot thanks for this format can’t wait to see future drawings, and to get in on the lotto too!!! Thanks and with everything that’s going on with the riots and everything! 2020 looks like it’s going to be a hard one to embrace but it’s artistry that keeps me going! From music to posters to whatever your art is I hope to find peace throughout it all in a world that can be fucked up at times it’s ur craftsmanship that brings forth a smile and a new day!!!
    Keep up the great work!!!!!


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