Lottery Sale #1 is complete . . .stay tuned for the next one.

Thanks for all the interest and enthusiasm, it’s nice to see people having fun with these.

During a spring cleaning session in the studio, we pulled out a stack of variant prints and rarities that are now being made available for purchase through this lottery.

If you’re interested in purchasing anything in the lottery, here’s what to do:
• Click on the image below in this post to open the full Lottery Gallery #1, scroll through to see what’s available.
• Under the artwork pic will be abbreviated details for that print –
“Print ID (Edition/Variant name and Edition size) = $Price of print, does not include shipping fees.”
• To enter the lottery, you may pick ONE or TWO pieces you’re interested in buying, and list them by preference in a comment to this post (If international shipping, list country). Please only post one comment per interested customer.
• Buyers will be selected by randomly choosing comments throughout the weekend. If one of the prints they listed is still available, a Paypal invoice will be sent to the email privately entered in their comment.
• In most cases, there is only one copy of the art show being offered. But in a few cases, multiple copies will be made available.

(oops, missed the Crystal Rebirf in this lotto…it will go in the next)

264 thoughts on “March Madness Lottery Sale #1

  1. wayne

    crystal feathered spirit, so i can organise peacedog to frame up real nice and have one happy camper at the end, nice art and cool idea, thx

  2. Gavin O'Donovan

    1. Adrift Original Pencil Drawing
    2. Bloozymus Original Pencil Drawing


    Boy oh boy did you make this one tough! Thanks for opening the archives.

  3. Shaun

    Thanks so much for a chance at some great art! I would love a chance at to buy – Widespread Panic Fall Tour ’10 (#1 of 30 Cocoa Edition) or Feathered Spirit 12″ x 16″ (Crystal Edition of 5)

  4. ZU

    1. Widespread Panic Concept Sketch 8.5″ x 11″

    2. Thee Tree & We 23″ x 23″ Amger ed. of 5

    Great stuff!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  5. Ann Conner

    Oh My… this is a super tough decision!!! I have to say the Mammoth Leaves Town with the blood and all, it has to be my number one and number two would have to be….the crystal feathered spirit!! Marq…seriously I fall in love with each piece all over again each time I gaze into it. I mentally dive into the piece and take a much needed break from reality! Thank you my dear friend for each trip I take into a piece of your mind. “What a long strange trip”

  6. Hunter Mountcastle

    Just wanted to say that I love your work, I have non on my wall. Turned 29 yesterday and am recovering from a really bad accident and rocking a. Neck brace bc of multiple broken bones… I’ve been catching panic since ’98 and love my friends, family and panic bros/sis!! Would love to add some of your amazing wrk to my collections!! Please let me know how to acquire some of this amazing wrk that makes us all the good people!! Peace love and. Panic, spread the love, thanks so much Hunter M

    1. Hunter Mountcastle

      Anything panic related I would love to have for what it’s worth… Can Paypal or pay credit!! Mark it’s in your hands my friend!! Have a lot of art but would love something special, rare and panic related please sir!!!! Thanks a million I can’t decide!!! Hunter M

  7. Oliver Wadsworth

    Missed out on the original drop.

    1 – Black Keys – Blue variant.

    Thanks for the chance to have one.

    Shipping to France.

  8. CLawrence

    1. Bloozymus Original pencil drawing
    2. As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6)

    Great selection Marq, was tough to narrow it down. Thanks for the shot.

  9. Carter

    As The Mammoth Leaves Town Ash edition
    Widespread Panic Concept Art

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq! Some great pieces available this go around

  10. earle

    Marq, thanks for doing this for us! Since there are no owls this time aroumd, I can pick for me instead of the wife.

    1. MAMMOTH pleassseeeee !!!!

    0r 2. Cocoa WP


  11. FRANK

    Lots of wow art here. Very wow….
    I love your Moe Octopus (1) and your Black Keys (2) posters.
    Cephalopod (Octopus) is a such a cool word – from the greek meaning head & feet – they got it!

  12. Kelly Brown

    MOE NYE (They are my Fav Band)
    PRIMUS, CINCY (I was sick and could not make it to the show, had to eat the tickets), this would look so sweet on my walls.

    I’m not a flipper, love your artwork, been buying all your Panic poster at the shows.

  13. James

    Well, sadly, the only one I can really afford is the Dinosaur Jr. Green Variant. It would be super xtra special since D.Jr. was my first show… 21 years ago.

    1. Dino Jr.
    2. Dino Jr.

  14. Matthew

    Wow!! Thanks for the opportunity Marq!

    1. Feathered Spirit Crystal out of 5

    2. Tree and We Amber out of 5

  15. Lilly stone

    Marq… the work…thanks for he opportunity to make good homes for all of this kickass artwork

    #1 WSP concept art…please and thank you

    #2 Adrift sketch..please and thank you

  16. Allen Sinkler

    Would love the widespread panic concept sketch or the Adrift og…..thank you so much for doing this

  17. dan

    it looks like it will be a slow start this morning. it took me a good 5 minutes to find the name, edition and pricing info. I hate to think what else will cause me trouble today.

    Love the Feathered Spirit and Black Keys prints.

  18. Justin

    1. MOE. NYE swirl shell x/18

    2.Panic Fall Tour Cocoa x/30

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq!
    Keep up the stellar work!

  19. Jody

    Thanks for the chance to obtain some pretty awesome variants!

    #1 -As the Mammoth Leaves your Shop and come to my Home!
    #2 WSP Concept sketch

    Marq, Thank You Brotherman!

  20. Eric B.

    Hi, Please add me in the lottery for the Black Keys (Blue Variant)

    Thanks again for the second chance.

  21. Chris Olsen

    1. Panic concept art
    2. Adrift original pencil drawing

    That was tough to choose. Thanks for the chance!

  22. Katherine

    Hi Marq!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!! I am really excited 🙂

    1. Mammoth Leaves Town
    2. Dinosaur Jr. – Austin

    Thank you very muchly,

  23. Kelly

    I would Love a chance to frame the following:

    1) Widespread panic Fall ’10


    2) the beautiful crystal feathered spirit

  24. shannon kiss

    What an opportunity! Amazing to have a shot at some sketches, thank you so much.

    Throwing all my chips, a couple crossed fingers & several prayers at the WP Concept Sketch.

    Hope you 2 are well. Thank you!

  25. Mcintosh

    Well this isn’t easy at all but i only have one request for the lottery

    1- Tree and We Amber edition of 5

    i miss mine terribly and would love for this to hang on my walls along with my other Spusta’s – thanks Marq

  26. Angela

    Primus Cincy is my main, first, most desired choice.
    If that is not in the cards, I’d love to have Buggin’.
    Thank you.

  27. Ernie

    1): Widespread Panic Fall Tour ’10 (#1 of 30 Cocoa Edition)

    2): In The Sun (Nirvana Tribute) (Red Edition of 10)

  28. Hightime

    Had my heart set on a BLUE variant of The Black Keys, Dover print for many moons, Thanks for the fun, cheers!

  29. Rory

    Thx, Marq!! And keep up the good work …
    I’d love to sink my teeth into the Widespread Panic Fall Tour ’10 (#1 of 30 Cocoa Edition) OR the Widespread Panic concept sketch.

  30. John K

    I’d like… Them all! Just kidding, but not really. I guess if I have to choose :

    #1 – MOE Shell Variant
    #2 – Primus Cincy

    Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance at these!


  31. Kathleen


    Black Keys and Primus.

    Thank you so much for making these available! I wish everyone good luck!

  32. Chris

    1. Feathered Spirit Crystal out of 5
    2. As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6)


    Thanks Marq!

  33. Craig Menges

    What an amazing selection of artwork! I will leave my second choice for someone else but would really love:..

    1. Black Keys – Blue Variant

    One of the better pieces of work for their tour out their out of the tons of prints they had made for their tour. Lost out on the original print during the sale and hoping for a second chance. Kudos Marq!

  34. X-Man

    Awesome Lottery:

    #1 Choice – Purple Primus #’d to 13
    #2 Choice – Open Eyes Plum #’d to 5



  35. A-train

    1. WSP concept sketch

    2. Tree and We

    Love the idea of the lottery. Gives everyone a chance to get a great piece of art. Keep doing what you do.

  36. Vic L

    Open Eyes on thin iridescent paper (this is stunning work – just 1 for me, please).

    Hi, Marq. This is an awesome idea for making print variants available to collectors… keep up the great work!

  37. KT

    Marq, thanks for the lottery, I am a new Spusta collector and would love to enter for both my #1 Choice “Primus Cincy PURPLE EDITION” and for my #2 Choice “In the Sun RED EDITION” . Thanks!

  38. Hooty Hoots

    Love all the OG’s Marq, but with this group of items avaliable, I’ll have to go with:

    #1 Ash Mammoth Leaves Town
    #2 Widespread Panic Fall Cocoa

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  39. John Levonick

    We are decorating my 1 year old Daughter’s room, and would love for her to grow up with either: 1) Sleepy Sun; 2) Buggin; or 3) Tree and We… so grateful for the opportunity Marq!

  40. Richie Rich

    WSP Concept sketch 8.5 x 11
    MOE – NYE Swirly licious ed. of 18

    I remember the good ol days when only about 10 of us left comments on Marq’s site. LOL

    My oh my, the tribe has grown.

    Congrats Mr. Spusta

  41. jeff macdonald

    hey marq
    thanks for the chance
    black keys blue variant
    widespread panic fall 2010

  42. Dustin Upton

    So damn hard to choose!
    Choice #1 – Crystal Feathered
    Choice #2 – WSP concept sketch

    It hurts almost not to try for the mammoth or the amber tree!

  43. troy goode

    Would love a chance at a couple of these peices.

    1) WSP Fall 2010
    2) The Tree and We

    Thanks Marq!

  44. shawn mcintyre

    geez this is tough… I would like to request

    1)Moe swirl shell
    2) crystal rebirth
    thanks Marq

  45. Jason

    Primus first choice
    Nirvana tribute second
    Thanks, love your work, just received one of you edward sharpe prints yesterday, love it

  46. Jacob Brown

    Some very cool prints Marq! Here are my choices.

    1) Feathered Spirit 12″ x 16″ (Crystal Edition of 5) – $180
    2) The Tree & We 23″ x 23″ (Amber Edition of 5) – $220

  47. Alan

    Widespread Panic Concept Sketch 8.5″ x 11 – $150

    As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6) – $140

    Thanks for doing this!!

  48. Bob

    Thanks for the opportunity. All great, and a killer idea to have folks pick just one or two.

    LOVE this on the light background!

    Feathered Spirit 12″ x 16″ (Crystal Edition of 5) – $180

    Mmmm, blood!

    As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6) {Please note this print has a brown smudge on the upper left edge of the print. It is barely visible in this photo, but is can been seen in person. The smudge is about 1″ in width and 2″ vertical and does not affect the image area, it can easily be framed out. The smudge is actually blood of the artist….damn paper cuts. ) – $140

  49. Kym Carlisle

    Thanks for the lotto Marq!

    I’d love to score :

    #1 – Moe variant
    #2 – Panic OG Sketch



  50. Andrew Sochacki

    The Tree & We 23″ x 23″ (Amger Edition of 5)
    As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6)

    Thanks Marq!!!

  51. Laura Schober

    The Black Keys Dover, MD, 18″ x 23″ – (Blue edition of 20)
    As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6)

  52. Clay Carder

    They are all good, I would be glad with any of them on my wall, but since I have to chose.

    1. Feathered Spirt
    2. Tree & We

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  53. Mark

    1) Widespread Panic Concept Sketch 8.5″ x 11 – $150

    2) Widespread Panic Fall Tour ’10 (#1 of 30 Cocoa Edition) – $110

  54. Timothy Bacon

    1. Widespread Panic Fall Tour ’10

    2. Widespread Panic Concept Art

    Thanks so much for the opportunity

  55. Travis Hopper

    1.Open Eyes 12″ x 15″ (Plum Edition of 5, thin iridescent paper)

    2. As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6)

    Thank you Marq! Good luck to everyone!

  56. Caitlin Whaley

    1) Widespread Panic Concept Sketch
    2. Bloozymus Original Pencil sketch

    As always, beautiful work Marq!

  57. Philip

    My pick
    1. Adrift original pencil sketch
    2. As Mammoth Leaves Town 


    Keeping my finger crossed in getting my very first Marq orignal sketch. Thanks

  58. Ben

    Widespread panic concept sketch
    Moe shell variant
    Good luck all, there is an empty space on my wall waiting.

  59. Ryan D

    All so killer Marq !

    I’d love

    1. feathered spirit crystal
    2. Primus Cincy.

    Thanks so much for the chance. Love these images !

  60. Garrett Leigh

    I would have said the WSP sketch but so many people are interested in that one I feel like it’s a lost cause… so my first and second choices are:

    Black Keys variant!!!
    moe. Swirl Shell!!!

  61. David

    just have to know marq, is the concept sketch for panic a spring tour poster or St Louis possibility? Very fitting theme with the old caterpillar from the 2010 prints giving/growing new life after the hiatus. Lets regrow the love that this band/artist gives off for another great year of music. F**K YEAH! Much love and good luck to all the fans above of this great artist. no print requests this time around, just wide SPREAD the love around.

  62. Steve S.

    This was a very tough decision. So many great pieces, and very few that I have already.
    – Open Eyes Plum
    – Widespread Panic Concept

  63. Larry Gelber

    Hey Marq,

    Would love to have the Moe. MSG and/or the Primus print. I missed both by minutes at the drop. We talked for a few at TRPS in SF this summer. If I could only remember my name has been on the iPod ever since!

  64. Joko

    Personally, I celebrate your entire catalog, but if pressed…

    First choice is “As The Mammoth Leaves Town”

    Second choice is “The Tree & We”

    Thanks a ton!

  65. Bill McClellan

    You tha man Marq! I love how you do these..

    1. You know my moe specific venue infatuation! So shell var
    2. WSP concept sketch

  66. Sean Freeman

    1 Widespread Panic Concept Art
    2 That sweet ass Primus poster

    I love spring cleaning!!! You Rock!!!

  67. Anna C

    Thanks for the chance Marq with this March Madness Sale and more then just one of a few by the sounds of it!!! Love your work and my choices would be

    #1 Feathered Spirit 12″ x 16″ (Crystal Edition of 5)

    #2 The Black Keys Dover, MD, 18″ x 23″ – (Blue edition of 20) – $180

    But Marq if I happen to be chosen and my #2 choice is only available i would like you to re-select another person possibly that has that poster for there #1 choose I would prefer they get it as I may have another chance to be picked by you in another March Madness Lottery sale!! Thanks as always for your Artwork!

  68. David GABILLET

    J’ai eu un véritable coup de foudre pour votre travail!
    Je tente ma chance..

    2.Black keys

    French fan,

  69. Abby

    Fingers crossed for one of these
    1. Moe. NYE (Swirl Shell)
    2. Feathered Spirit (Crystal)

    Thanks Marq! Your lotteries are always a good time!

  70. Jeff Tiemann

    Some of My Favorites !!!

    1 – The Tree & We 23″ x 23″ – $220
    2 – Open Eyes 12″ x 15″ – $100

  71. Angie Q

    1. Widespread Panic Concept Sketch
    2. Widespread Panic Fall Tour ’10 (#1 of 30 Cocoa Edition)

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  72. colin goldstein

    Widespread Panic Sketch Please. Thanks you do beautiful work that I would love to have on my wall

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  74. John C

    Marq thanks as always for the chance at these lotteries!

    My #1 choice would be As The Mammoth Leaves Town, 10″x11″ (Ash edition of 6) – $140

    And if I was fortunate enough to be have been picked and the print was already chosen I didn’t feel I should pick another print cause I might have another shot at a print in the next March Madness Lottery and feel my second choice should go to someone whom would appreciate it more. Thanks as always Marq!

  75. JCA

    1=Widespread Panic Concept Sketch
    2=Moe Swirl Shell Variant

    Thanks for the opportunity! These would look smashing in my foyer.

    Ahhhhhh yeah…

  76. Patrick

    Great stuff as always Marq!

    First – WSP Concept Art

    Second – As the Mammoth Leaves Town (Ash Ed.)


  77. Jim Girard

    Thanks Marq.

    1. black keys

    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the great posters you continue to put out.

  78. Andrew Marks

    The Open Eyes print is rad…would love for the chance to display it in my home. In any case, keep up the good work there. Cheers.

  79. Jeff Wood

    Thanks for this opportunity, Marq

    #1 The Black Keys, Dover MD Blue Edition of 20
    #2 Widespread Panic Fall Tour 2010 Cocoa Edition #1 of 30

  80. Chris

    Would love a chance to pick up either:

    1. The Widespread Panic Concept art
    2. As the Mammoth Leaves Town (Ash edition)


  81. John C

    Thanks for the chance Marq and congratulations to all the winners!!! Hope I have better luck in the next lotto.


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