Milton is a small acrylic painting from 2012 that debuted at my Galler1988 show, “Inner Nature”. I had always intended to make prints of the image, and few years later we have finally gotten around to it. The time has come for these 100 Miltons to find loving homes amongst you fine peoples out there.

Here’s the deetz:
12″ x 12″ giclee print on Moab Entrada Rag Paper
UV-protective matte coating on image area
signed and numbered edition of 100.

Milton will be released in the Shop on Wednesday (tomorrow, 2/26/14), let’s say a bit after 1pm pst. We’re not sure how long Milton will be available, most artwork has been selling out within minutes.

Along with Milton, two other items will be made available at the same time. One of these will remain a mystery until it shows up in the Shop. This mystery print is a 10″ x 10″ screen print with a small edition of 50, so they should go quick.

The other item to be released are the Sonny Bloom Mini Print Packs. Sonny Bloom is a new 7″ x 7″ screen print in a variety of colors and will be packaged with a few other random mini prints.

These 3 items will be shipped flat and can be packaged together if 2 or more items are ordered.

As always, we apologize to those customers that experience items disappearing while trying to purchase. The art has been selling out fast, and it get’s tricky to control what happens on the customer end at the moment when the last of the inventory is gobbled up.

16 thoughts on “Milton prints and other new releases in the Shop

  1. Hightime

    more killer new spustafied art? count me in. wonderin’ what the limit will be on the “sonny bloom” mini packs? I can already think of a half dozen folks who will go ape-shit over this one…. including myself. cheers

  2. Chad

    I just got my first Spusta prints ever on your last mystery drop!! Loved it, but I Love this Milton fo show!! Plus I did not get a scarab or a Seven Birds, so I have to try again!! Thanks Marq; You are the man!! Love all your work & am blessed to be in the Addicts Club; just my bank account does not agree, I am a student so it is tight!

  3. Jesse from Spustaland!

    How do you know you are a poster addict ?
    When a drop happens and your hart starts to beat through your chest! Haha…


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