27 thoughts on “Trey Anastasio Band – Greek Poster

  1. Mark

    Kid has been begging me to get this one for his wall ever since I brought him home the t-shirt. So I need two, but one would do. Lol

  2. Matthew

    This is one of my favorite posters you’ve done. Would love to own one. Was this already dropped? I didn’t see any information about this being dropped yet.

  3. Danie Nalley

    This brings to life so much about the band and alot of cool Easter eggs in place too. Love the bridges in the background and the the print is one of my favs this year! Hoping to score a Foil since I got robbed on Instagram, grrr.

  4. Kelly & Joshua

    Love this- especially all the birdies watching and the bat peeking out from the tree. One of the coolest gig posters ever. Great colors in the lettering too- thought the same thing when I saw your last WSP poster 🌀

  5. Nancy Zamparelli

    What a great night! Met Marq as we were walking in! Fell down the stairs and still had a blast!

  6. GratefulSFGiant

    Love how the Bay Area bridges are in the far background above the water. An over-the-top touch to a phenomenal print. Ab Fab Fire!


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