The Lamp is a new 12″ x 15″ screen print that has been showing up at in-person events in NYC and SF this month. Now we are ready to send the rest of these prints out in tubes to the good people of earth. This purchasing lottery will be for the sale of the variant editions only. The main edition of 280 on gold leaf will be released in the Shop this Wednesday (10/19) after 11:11 am PDT. We have a limit of one version of this print per customer, so if you get an invoice for a variant, please sit out the shop’s sale tomorrow.

It should also be noted that there are different ink colorways within the editions. You may get a red bird or a blue bird or something else. A handful of these will also come with some unique colored embellishments by Marq.

Here’s the rundown of what’s available in this lottery and prices:

Blue Sky Edition of 36 on a subtle metallic stock – $80 + shipping

Dirty Gold Edition of 30 on a metallic linen stock – $100 + shipping

Absinthe Edition of 30 on a rubbery matte stock – $100 + shipping

Black Edition of 30 on matte stock – $100 + shipping

The Turquoise Edition of 90 was sold NYC Comic-Con earlier this month. The Main Edition of 280 on metallic gold leaf will be released in the shop. Check out those editions here.

• To enter this purchasing selection lottery for The Lamp variants, just reply to this post with a comment that picks one edition/version to enter for (Sky Blue or Dirty Gold or Absinthe or Black))

Only comment once please and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $20 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed right away. We may send some straggler invoices in the days following the sale as well.

849 thoughts on ““The Lamp” Variant Lottery & Main Edition Release Info

        1. Julie Chandler

          I would love a chance at that gorgeous flat black!( I have NO Spusta’s in black at all!! ) but I would be blessed at a chance at any one, they are all so pretty!!

    1. Justin Moore

      This would be a beautiful gift to my daughter Francesca! She turns 9 Nov 22.
      I would love to have a chance at the Black edition as those colors sure pop off sharply on that paper!
      Thank you for the opportunity Marq!
      It’s been a super long while since I was lucky enough to buy anything here.

    2. Erik Blomenkamp

      Greetings and happy fall!
      Would love to be considered for a dirty gold print, but would be happy with any of them!
      Thanks so much!!

  1. Kenny

    Happy Tuesday Marq and the gnomie fam! Thanks for giving us a shot at these 🙂 I would love consideration for a Lamp on Black. Thanks again, you keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Brian

    Much Love To My Buddies Marq & The Gnomes!
    Black Edition For The Frame-Up!
    The Fox Rose Edition Frame Is Finished!
    B Dawg

  3. Stacey Levin

    Howdy Marq and mighty gnomes!!
    It’s been forever. I would love the opportunity to purchase a black lamp!!
    Hope all is well on the land of Spusta

  4. Chris Rickey

    All of these prints are fantastic, that said I think the sky blue variety would look great in my home. I hope I win one!!!!

  5. Evan M

    Would love a chance at the BLACK variant. Missed all the variants at TRPS with a pretty poor # pull, so this would be super cool to score. Either way it was great seeing you this weekend Marq!

  6. John McD

    Though I realize the odds are not in my favor, I absolutely love the black paper!!! I would love to jack a black from the lotto stack!! T’would be groovy, and I would be grateful!

  7. Samantha Reiter

    Would love to be able to grab a Black or Blue variant! Absolutely stunning as usual! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  8. james carlan

    Hoping for a black to celebrate this Halloween 🎃. Thanks for the opportunity and for all the gnomes do as always!!

  9. Sascha

    Hello from Germany,
    here is the Absinthe Collector and I hope, I can add this one to the Collection ^^.

    Many thanks Marq

  10. Ryan Glassford

    Sky Blue is gorgeous! I would love a chance at getting one of these. In any case I appreciate your work, cheers!

  11. Marc Dansereau

    Would love and appreciate the opportunity for the Black variant please and thank you, as always amazing work!

  12. Ann

    Marq!! Oh my, you know how to bring Sexy back on that Black!!! This would be insane framed… Please and Thank You Marq and Gnomes for this opportunity!! Much Love to you all….

    “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”
    — Archbishop Desmond Tutu

  13. Avi Steinberg

    Metallic Linen sounds incredible… would love to have one in my collection! Thanks for the chance Marq + the Gnomes!

  14. Matthew Patera

    Would love a Blue Sky version, being that’s the name of my carpet cleaning business. Thanks for the chance!

  15. Rich Curtis

    I would love a shot at the absinthe edition please and thank you this is a fantastic piece of art outstanding

  16. Robert Wise

    Good old Oregon boy, Loves the “BLACK”. Please and Thank you. —-
    Thanks for turning on your Love Light 😉

  17. Mitchell Seyfer

    Reading/seeing this from beautiful Honolulu Hawaii!
    Yes, Marq, I’m at the Turtle Bay Hilton smokin’ a fatty and loving this print.
    So, if the Menehune God’s shine on me today, I’ll take a BLUE SKY edition, please.
    Aloha! Which means, Hello, Goodbye, and I love you!

  18. John Mickley

    My lovely wife is fond of the lovely Dirty Gold edition, it would be a great addition to our home. Beautiful work, Marq, thanks for sharing your art!

  19. Donovan Dasher III

    Was hopeful for a lottery with variants, and the gnomes have delivered! Would love a crack at dirty gold, as always thank you for sharing your art with the world! You guys rock.

  20. Cory Wiggins

    Howdy Marq and Gnomes! Would love to get a shot at a Dirty Gold Lamp. Thanks for the chance, keep up the great work!

  21. Michael A

    Would love to add the black to my collection. My favorite image from this year. Hope all is well and thanks for the chance!

  22. Dennis McCarty

    Ahoyhoy Marq and Gnomes! This bird is powerfully peaceful and serene. I’d love to enter for a dirty gold. I’ve been painting a lot of mcm-style birds lately, and this will fill the void left after I mail out my latest. Plus I’ll get to spend some of my commission money on you! Art money for art, how perfect. Full circle.
    Peace, Love, Light, and good luck, everypeople!

  23. Deb

    Hi Marq & gnomes! This is my favorite piece of art I’ve seen in quite some time! The black is stunning and the colors really pop! I’d be grateful to be chosen to add it to our Spusta wall! The kids are jonesing for some new art to oooooh and ahhhh at!! Thank you so much for the chance! Much love to all! Deb

  24. Libby Cothren

    I would love to purchase The Lamp on black please, and thank you.
    (Honestly, I had such a hard time deciding, I had to get a second opinion and would happily purchase ANY of them. Solid work.)

  25. Dixie Ellis

    That black would look phenomenal hanging in my room! They’re all absolutely gorgeous. I’d love the opportunity to purchase one. Thanks!

  26. Stephanie Tullos

    Gorgeous on the dark night black….. I’d love ❤️ see all the little details pop. Thanks for the chance

  27. Todd Stotts

    Gorgeous as always! Embellished Absinthe Purdy Birdy Pleas🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞Thanks for the chance!

  28. Hannah

    Wow the black is magic but also highly popular from the other posters so I would love the chance to get it on dirty gold. Thank you 🙏

  29. Breana Wren

    Wow it’s very very hard to choose between gold or black Marq😬 I guess I’ll go with gold.
    Beautiful as always Marq!

  30. Chuck R

    I love your work and am always happy to throw my money at you. Lol I would love a shot at the Absinthe. Thank you!

  31. Toddlers4Trade

    Since I wasn’t successful in the lottery, I’d like to offer a trade for a black variant if someone is interested.

    I’m offering a baby. 2022 model, very low, mostly stroller miles. Still smells new.

    Heck of a deal for the right person


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