It’s that time of year again where so many of the gigposter artists of past and present get together with many collectors the Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on October 24th. The Spusta Studio booth will feature a variety of prints and posters for sale with a strong emphasis on music related art.  Of course Marq will also bring his pens and pencils to sign and doodle for collectors (he does not encourage people to bring prints to draw on, but rather to purchase items from his booth for doodling).

Here’s the details:

There’s talk a special TRPS release of some kind…

Also, if any of you are attending New York Comic Con in a few weeks, Spoke Art (booth #504) will be releasing some mini prints of one of Marq’s popular images.


18 thoughts on “TRPS Festival of Rock Posters in SF and a Sprinkle of Spusta at NY Comic Con.

  1. Hightime

    …thinkin’ I’ll make the trip to SF this year. been trying to get to that show for years now. perhaps a pilgrimage is in order! – cheers

    1. Spusta Gnome Post author

      We’re likely to have TRPS do a lottery for the position in line to avoid the chaos of the last few years when the doors open. We are not sure on the exact details of how that will all work yet –

  2. Kevin H

    Hoping to make the pilgrimage one of these years! So very excited to see these new minis!!!
    Thanks again for all you do Marq and Gnomes! ❤???

  3. Leah M

    Any estimate of how many prints to expect at comic con? I know just the one image but how much inventory…thanks for everything we love your art!

  4. John

    Hey Marq and Gnomes,

    Just curious if there is going to be a release tomorrow in the shop because TRPS is coming up so soon and was wondering if a release in the shop was happening? Thanks


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