There is not much planned for release tomorrow, just a few odds and ends (less than 30 Gov’t Mule and Green Moe. posters). So we really don’t recommend wasting your day refreshing the Shop, that would be a horrible use of your time.

There are plans for some upcoming release days with more than 500 inventory of a product, so all of you that have been missing out on our more limited inventory release as of late, be patient – we want to get you art!



27 thoughts on “Wednesday 9/23 Sale?

  1. Steve

    Hi Marq,

    your way of writing to us is really funny 🙂
    One feels that you have a deep understanding for us crazy fans.

    The 500-day is a very good idea. So then everybody who wants should get.

    Thanks, Marq.


  2. Kimberly

    We all appreciate the heads up. Looking forward to your future release days. Thanks for all y’all do!

    Have a groovy Wednesday Marq & Gnomes!!

  3. Stebbins

    I’ve got a secret… wife never really liked your stuff before. Then I showed her my prized Night Blue Creature Caravan. She’s now a convert and I can comfortably continue to pursue your art without fear of retribution! 🙂 Thank you for being one of the artists on the forefront of keeping your fans frothing at the mouth~Have a marvelous day!

  4. SetH

    Thanks for the update, always fun to check on Wednesdays! Gonna have to keep an eye out for the new release! 500 copies sounds great!

  5. J

    How about a Bliss Bug with one eye open and the other eye closed, so it looks like he/she is winking at us; if you haven’t already done it

  6. Rich walchak

    I miss it every time ;(:(;( what do I need to do to land a spusta print of any kind without paying double or triple the amount ??? This guy has no luck

  7. John treadway

    Love the fact their are more releases and larger quantities so more people can enjoy your work in homes,without buying for outrageous prices secondhand.


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