Lottery is complete. Winners have been notified. Thanks for playing everyone, we’ll do more of these in the future.

See this pile of posters, well each one was for sale in a poster purchasing lottery.

The rules are simple, but you must follow them exactly to be eligible. You may pick one poster you’re interested in buying, and mention it in a comment to this post. We will randomly select the “winners” on Sunday and those folks will get an email requesting payment. The prints and prices are listed below. Keep in mind one winner will be selected for each print shown (assuming all the prints have takers).

We are still working on improving the store experience for a future sale involving the Vedder and Furthur prints. This lottery is just an opportunity to send a small variety of prints out to you good people.

154 thoughts on “Weekend Poster Purchasing Lottery

  1. Tim V.

    Lucky number 7. Eddie Vedder – Brisbane – $90. Marq, thanks for the “Weekend Poster Purchasing Lottery”.

  2. Ross Attkisson

    I would love the Furthur Terrapin print!

    I have the WSP Summer, Fall and NOLAween prints framed on my wall!

    Thanks for all your hard work

    Furthur – NY, NY (AE) – $90

    1. Chris

      I’m sorry Marq, I meant to say the Widespread Cocoa Summer. Please don’t disqualify me. I have the Fall AE. Thanks bro.

  3. george

    widespread summer would finish out my collection on the wall love that catepillar and how he ends up in the web by halloween awesome series and that cocoa paper is sweet

    thanks for the fun!


    The Furthur print is one of the best ones i have ever seen. It would look great hanging on my wall.

  5. Matthew Occelli

    I Love the broadway wellness! I have the blue pearl Ed. And would love to buy the one mentioned in this contest!

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Matthew occelli

  6. Joe Corbo

    would love an Eddie Vedder Brisbane to hang in my man cave in my new house. Thanks again


  7. matthew S.

    Eddie Vedder – Brisbane:

    This is one of the most detailed and beautiful prints I have ever seen done. It brings back the memories of my time spent in Brisbane and the East Coast of Australia. Thanks for the opportunity and look forward to seeing what happens in the future.

  8. garland09

    Got hope for the Eddie Vedder Brisbane print. Had twins born the day of the show and the two owls to me represent them.

  9. rubisco

    Thanks for the Chance. Although the odds might be bad for Eddie Vedder – Brisbans, being Australian I will take the chance…..

  10. Travis

    My choice is Widespread Panic summer tour (cocoa). Thank you for the opportunity Marq, you rock.

  11. Josh

    I’d love to get a Mother Hips print. Hopefully my luck is on today! Thanks for the opportunity to purchase

  12. Shawn McIntyre

    I’m a Furthur fan and was fortunate to grab a poster for me and my sis from their site. Awesome work Marq but I gotta have the Punkin. so put me in for that . Thanks

  13. kmac

    Marq, I would like Griz adamz cause I am one of your hugest fans and also because I’m broke and on my last jar of peanut butter due to my wide spread panic charity purchase. which was certainly for a great cause.

  14. chris

    Widespread summer 2010, hometown show danbury, ct. More importantly my 7 yr old son and 9yr old daughters first concert! They need the catapillar on the wall next to spring swing!!

  15. Ryan

    Hey Marq, I’d love to grab that Aprihop from you. It’s the only one that I need to complete the DH series! I really want to get these framed up together!

  16. Harry Carpenter


    >> I got some money in my pocket, about ready to burn
    >> I don’t remember where I got it, I gotta get it to you

    Furthur – NY, NY (AE) – $90

    Thank you Marq!

  17. Kelly

    Eddie Vedder Brisbane, please 🙂 The second I saw this poster, I knew I had to have it…thanks Marq 🙂

  18. soundperle

    Dear Marq. As a dinosaur fan since their beginning i would like to buy the american tour poster from j. Nearly all others i bought at ebay for much higher prices. But what should i do, i m a spusta art collector ;). greetings

  19. steven

    i love your work and i love me some widespread panic…hook me up haha. I will consider settling for one of the furthur prints if need be.

  20. Chris

    How about you people frame these up and enter the contest he has. We need entries for his sick work. Get on it!

  21. Jeffl

    I was there!! Widespread Panic Summer Tour 2010. Hopefully your working on some awesome posters for Panic 2011.

  22. Rob

    EV ME! (It is mother’s day and my wife/mother of my son is going to kill me if I win….so fingers crossed!)

    1. marq Post author

      About halfway through picking winners. If you got a paypal invoice for your poster, you’ve been selected!

  23. simon basey

    Gutted,didnt get one,but the suspense was fun,still looking forward to the mascis and vedder drop
    congrats to the winners

  24. KJ

    D’OH! Missed it by a few hours! Darn you Mother’s Day! That’s what I get for being a good daughter. ;-P

  25. kmac

    oh man getting that email was
    like Christmas 🙂
    Thanks Marq~Wish U All the Best!
    +THANKS to my BRO for giving
    me the heads up on the lottery-LuvU

  26. Ray

    Congrats to those chosen. Anyone know if those 2 Eddie Vedder prints were the end of what Marq has? I’d like one and if I know I don’t have a shot via Marq, I want to start watching ebay and looking on EB. Thx all!!


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