9 thoughts on “A Couple of Birds in the Rain

  1. Grammy

    I actually got one!!!! Beyond stoked right now. One of my favorite prints and the first time (out of many many many tries) I actually got the print!!

  2. John C

    Hmm this remind me a bit of like a combo of branch with birds and a mixture of the backside of the tree from spring swing! Two of your probably most highly sought after pieces marry together quite nicely in this piece! It would please me to scratch that itch to get a print directly from the man himself since maybe the Wuz is! Thanks as always for the great artwork and creations Marq and the gnomes!

    Much love


  3. Daniel Horton

    Birds have been my Sanity during this Pandemic as I do work in a very active hospital🦩Love my Bird Feeders and watching The Birds✌️Would Love to Hang Some Birds on My Wall😉Gnome 11!!!Please Check with The Boss Lady🌹🤞


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