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  1. Spusta Gnome Post author

    Dark Hall Mansion, http://www.DarkHallMansion.com, is extremely pleased to welcome back artist, Marq Spusta, in launching DHM’s new ‘Peanuts Moments’ limited edition print series. So wonderful to lead off with Marq’s quiet, lovely, “Woodstock’s Song of Love” limited editions which are available FRI, February 12th!

    Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Peanuts Worldwide LLC, will release Marq Spusta’s gorgeously detailed editions that find two old friends in a gently reflective moment that at once honors Charles M. Schulz’s timeless legacy while still all Marq Spusta in flavor. Marq’s piece is at once evocative, harkening to the artist’s personal concerns, while hinting at Woodstock’s origins, particularly since, YES, Charles M. Schulz did indeed name Snoopy’s favorite ‘little birdie’ (nod to Vince Guaraldi) for the epic 1969 music festival-and know Woodstock was voiced by none other than legendary Peanuts director Bill Melendez. By the way, so was Snoopy for those that don’t know!

    DHM is very excited to introduce our new ‘PEANUTS MOMENTS’ limited edition print series, one that will focus on individual Peanuts characters, and, as the name suggests, truly classic moments from Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts legacy. Within this series invited artists will take on moments that draw inspiration from Peanuts strips, films, and Schulz artwork that has informed Peanuts and delighted fans across decades, all while allowing each artist to individually reflect and make the characters, series, and moments their own. Be it Charlie Brown and Linus’ incomparable exchanges on a storied wall, Snoopy on his doghouse, or simply Charlie Brown looking pensively skyward atop his pitching mound on a rainy day, expect our ‘PEANUTS MOMENTS’ to be something special…and yes, think you can safely expect Marq Spusta to return with some quite special and personal Peanuts contributions to follow on his first in the series.

    A few words from Marq on Charles M. Schulz and Peanuts:

    “I would be absolutely stumped to compose anything concise that truly expresses my appreciation for what Charles Schulz created with Peanuts. It’s an awe-inspiring masterwork when you look at it as a whole-50 years of the dailies, the animated specials, merchandise, and the character’s mark on pop culture in general.”

    “It’s a privilege to create these prints for Peanuts and it allows me to really flesh out some wonderful moments with these characters. Charles Schulz was the best at communicating so much in a simple scene and that’s what I want to celebrate with my Peanuts prints.”

    Please see DHM’s Marq Spusta ” Woodstock’s Song of Love” limited-edition prints, attached, or see all editions on Dark Hall Mansion’s Facebook page here:
    or via our DHM Blog at: http://www.darkhallmansion.com/?page_id=476

    “Woodstock’s Song of Love” limited-edition prints go on sale Fri, February 12th, on Dark Hall Mansion’s dedicated store page here: http://darkhallmansionstore.com/
    at 9:30 AM PST!

    “Woodstock’s Song of Love”
    Grey Clouds edition of 550 $50

    “Woodstock’s Song of Love”
    Placid Blue edition of 150 $75

    “Woodstock’s Song of Love”
    Rosa edition of 80 $90

    “Woodstock’s Song of Love”
    Gold edition of 60 $125

    All editions are strictly limited, measure 12″ x 12,” are screen printed, hand numbered, and are personally signed by artist Marq Spusta, and come along with an extra little Snoopy valentine.

    We look forward to seeing you FRI, February 12th, right here: http://darkhallmansionstore.com/
    when all Marq Spusta “Woodstock’s Song of Love” editions go on sale right at
    9:30 AM PST!

    *In fairness to all collectors wishing to purchase DHM’s official Marq Spusta “Woodstock’s Song of Love” prints:

    Dark Hall Mansion is a labor of love. We are passionate about art, about the work of print and poster artists present and past, here and abroad. We are committed to bringing their skills to the forefront on projects both compelling and exciting, and bridging their studios and creations directly with your walls and personal collections.

    More information can be found on these and other editions available from Dark Hall Mansion at http://www.DarkHallMansion.com

  2. Steffen

    As far as I recocgnized the DHM store allowed to buy an unlimited number of prints. No chance to get one. The same with the Pepperland print some time ago.
    Maybe you can use your influence that they change their drop policy for your prints.
    So many Snoopies an on ebay from flippers…

    Your own shop is much fairer. Although it has really become very hard to get your prints 🙁

  3. Mgon

    Wonderful artwork! 😀
    I really like this. It’s so fun. So feel good! I wish I had found out about it sooner. Got here too late! *sigh* I hope you’ll be selling more in the near future :o)

  4. John C

    Missed it too, that’s why it’s always good to check Marq’s site on off release days as well but I missed this other release from DHM as well as the pepperland prints. Hope that some of you were able to secure one! I hear you Steffen on people purchasing more then one print, I don’t think I am against some wanting to purchase the various variants, along with the original grey clouds one. But when people just purchase more to sell can be annoying, but I believe some purchase more then one at times to make trades for other Spusta prints they might not have or to further fund their collection addictions! While I wish all that truly want these in their collection to secure one, that’s just not reality with how many Spusta collectors and flippers are out there now due to the amount Marq’s prints seem to fetch on the secondary market. It’s sad but just the truth! Truly hope all that desire this print can have further luck on Marq’s release of them!

  5. Patrick M.

    I was able to get a grey print! I am hoping to be able to get one of the others as they are so nice and would look wonderful framed together. Thanks again for the great take on the late Charles M. Schulz’ work. Marq, you do it justice and even more with your style. It takes me back to when I was a little one with my favorite Peanuts toothbrush and rinse cup, and bath towel! I would argue with my siblings over who got to use the towel sometimes. We all had to share the rinse cup! 😛 :))


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