19 thoughts on “Widespread Panic – Summer 2013 Poster

  1. Hightime

    … and the list of incredibly inspired new poster designs expands yet again! cheers indeed good sir, cheers!

  2. Jesse from Spustaland

    1,400 is the edition size. Great poster Marq, can’t wait to see this bad boy up close…

  3. Carter

    definitely bring your own tube, they were giving out cardboard boxes in Knoxville. rumor was 100 prints per night, but have heard as few as 65

    1. flash

      Got mine. Thanks for heads up. Definitely bring your own tube. These were flying off the merch stand too. Looks like 20 left before show start.

  4. Matthew Welgoss

    will they be available online for purchase? Was too into the groove at Wolf Trap to pick one up…

  5. Hightime

    Fly rod tube? That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time! solid, water resistant, brilliant.


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