9 thoughts on “VS03

  1. John C

    Very glad to see that this is one of your bigger runs of the Giclee prints!

    Look forward to the opportunity to purchase a print pack or anything else from the shop that may become available!

    Thanks as always Marq and the gnomes! Gotta love them sneaky gnomes!!!

  2. Adam

    I can hear these two talking in my mind with gravelly voices. “Tough day at work Frank, thanks for the lift to the show.” “No problem Ed.”

  3. Mitchell Seyfer

    “Shaken, not stirred.” There is a God! 🙂 Thanks for your genius Marq and Gnomes. I love you guys.

  4. John C

    Too bad you have a print titled Slow/Slowness already but I am sure you would have come up with something clever as always!

    This one is amazing as well!!


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