Embellished White Prints – Lottery Sale

On a rainy weekend here at the studio I started digging through some old boxes of prints that hadn’t made it into the editions for one reason or another. I pulled out some unique gems and white proofs and began to embellish them with pencils, markers and paints, eventually pulling together a nice little collection of one-of-a-kind APs. I would now like to get those prints into your hands, but there may be a lot of you, so today’s sale will be conducted as a lottery.

The pop-up gallery (click on image above) will have basic details for each print. All prints are embellished by the me…some are just colored accents, while others have small additions. Many of the prints are on a natural white stock that Monolith Press uses when they dial in the ink colors and registration. Very few of these white proofs exist and most of them seem to have slight dings or imperfections (potential customers please note). But with a little love they turned into something special.

We broke the stack of embellished APs into two price categories to keep things simple.
Small  Prints (Plootuffels, Mr.Bloomjangles, Inspired) = $90 + shipping.
Larger Prints (Elder, In This Together, Bliss Bug, Slow, Sproutlings) = $140 + shipping.

Also please note, there are five different Plootuffels and Tapooflet in a White Edition (of 12) available, but only one pictured. You may choose the one pictured, or you can go for “Blind” and randomly get one of the other four not pictured.

There are also two different Mr.Bloomjangles available, so label the second one accordingly if you are choosing that one.

Here’s how we would like potential customers to enter the purchasing lottery:

• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment with their choice of which ONE of the prints they’re most interested in purchasing.
• You can post anonymously, but be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Customers will be selected randomly, and invoices will be sent through Paypal.
• Invoices will start going out Wednesday afternoon.
• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers.
• Things that will increase your odds of not being selected as a customer would be: Commenting more than once, picking more than one choice, or no choices at all. Using aliases is also highly annoying and we’ve banned a handful for trying it.

541 Responses to Embellished White Prints – Lottery Sale

  1. Kelly says:

    small print, mr bloomjangles please please!!

  2. rj says:

    inspired by life, must have!!

  3. Ben H says:

    First Bloomjangles please!

  4. tiffd says:

    please enter me for exposing an elder 🙂

  5. Torrance Hoover says:

    Bliss Bug please

  6. Josh says:

    bliss bug please!

  7. chase B. says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles with purple flowers is the bees knees WOW! I would love a chance to own this print! Marq and all the gnomes thank you so much and have a beautiful day ☺

  8. Derek Demarchi says:

    Second Bloomjangles, Thanks for the Chance, Love it..

  9. Hightime says:

    bliss bug please kind sir! cheers

  10. Cole Marley says:

    2nd Mr Bloomjangles please!

  11. LILLY STONE says:

    We would love to have a shot at the ITT In this together please and thank you….


  12. Dustin says:

    That bliss bug please my friend!

  13. Matt Rosenthal says:

    SLOW please! Been looking for one to get on the wall for forever! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Heather says:

    Inspired by life! Thanks!!

  15. Austin B says:

    Slow please!

  16. Anthony says:

    Inspired by Life looks incredible. I’ll take a stab at that one!


  17. Sam Steinfeld says:

    Blind plootuffels

  18. Nate says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles, please and thank you!

  19. Richard Cohen says:

    Bliss Bug please.

  20. Dr Boom says:

    Bliss Bug…. for the lady’s yoga studio please… And thank you so much for the chance! They all look great!

  21. Steve says:

    Slowwww 🙂 thank you!!

  22. John Nagowski says:

    Would love the opportunity to purchase the first Mr. Bloomjangles! Thank you and have a great day!

  23. Billy says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles; any version please. This was my Dads and my favorite… Been looking the last couple years for one. I would be insanely grateful!
    Have a Blessed Day Y’all!

  24. Larry says:

    Second Mr Bloomjangles


  25. Tim says:

    Inspired ,Thanks.

  26. Mark fuerstenberg says:

    Bliss bug please! Thanks!

  27. Tim Steinlein says:


    Please Please Please!!!

    Great stuff, hope it rains more often!

  28. Jon Eisenberg says:

    Bliss Bug Please!! Thanks for the opportunity to buy.

  29. Derek says:

    oh my…. i came in here convinced i was going after the bloomjangles…. but an INSPIRED??? OH YES PLEASE! MY #1 ISO since i started collecting! it would be perfect for my baby boy’s room! Good luck to everyone and THANK YOU for the chance Marq!

  30. Alyssia Carlisle says:

    I would love IN THIS TOGETHER please and thank you !!!

  31. Chris Olsen says:

    Please and thank you!

  32. Clay Cecil says:

    Inspired by life please!

  33. Kenny ledbetter says:

    Bliss bug for me , thanks!

  34. Mario says:

    In this Together!

  35. Ben Overton says:

    Inspired by Life! Love the Aquatic themes!

  36. russell firth says:

    ‘slow’ for me please!!

  37. Matthew Hall says:

    Would love the Bliss Bug! Thanks so much for the offer! Need some Marq in my life.

  38. Corey Shade says:

    I like surprises, put me in ‘Blind’ for a Ploots please and thank you

  39. keith says:

    In this together….pleas and thank you

  40. Gary Twemlow says:

    large blind please

  41. troy goode says:

    small bloom jangles plz ! thanks marq

  42. Jeremy M says:

    Sproutlings in Symmetry please, and thank you for the chance Marq S.!

  43. Duane says:

    Second Mr Bloomjangles please and thank you!!

  44. Dylan talbot says:

    Any mr bloomjangles please!!

  45. Nate says:

    I love a good surprise! “Blind” Ploots please! Thanks for all that you and the gnomes do for us addicts.

  46. Kelly Crawford says:

    I would love the “In This Together”

    Thanks; D

  47. Brooks Poole says:

    gonna have to go for that inspired by life! wow wow wow!!!!!!!

  48. Durene says:

    Bliss Bug would be super awesome. Thanx Marq

  49. Chris says:

    Blind Plootuffels please and thank you!

  50. pat burton says:

    small Mr bloomjangles, please.

  51. Matt bro says:

    Sproutlings in symmetry please! My ONLY ISO! Please and thank you Marq and Gnomes!

  52. Amanda Poole says:

    Slowly wishing for a slow!!! Love this print!!!!

  53. Sampo31 says:

    Plootuffels 11 of 12!

  54. James says:

    Plootuffels, Blindly PLEASE!!

  55. Peter Wallace says:


    Such a long search for this beautiful piece

    Thanks Spusta crew!!

  56. Adam says:

    Inspired by Life please!

    Thanks for the chance!

  57. Alli Ingman says:

    2nd Bloomjangles please—thank you!!!

  58. Corey says:

    Inspired by Life please. Keep up the great work! Thanks.

  59. Jessi says:

    I would absolutely LOVE a chance at an Inspired, please! Absolutely love that print.
    Thank you!

  60. Tiffany S says:

    Bliss Bug!!!

  61. Christian Mackey says:

    would love a chance at that In This Together!!!!

  62. jon says:

    exposing an elder. love it

  63. Adam says:

    Bloomjangles #7 on your pop up sceen. Hoping to win my first lottery. Thanks much for the opportunity!

  64. Ken says:

    Inspired By Life, please!

    Thanks for the chance!

  65. Jon says:

    Elder, thank you so much. Would be my first print.

  66. michelle p says:

    Inspired By Life .. Please & thank you!
    Would be a dream come true! Good luck fellow Spusta lovers!

  67. Eric Stone says:

    Please pick me. I am really trying to decorate my daughter’s room with Spusta art, her favorite artists, and one of these would really brighten her days! Thanks, and good luck to everyone!

  68. Lucas White says:

    Plootuffels Blind pick for me. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  69. I would love to have…


    Thank you so much Marq!!

  70. earle crawford says:

    SLOW!! Please and thank you gnomes

  71. Travis says:

    1st – Mr. Bloomjangles

    Please and thank you!


  72. miranda wright says:

    Slow for the win

  73. Mcintosh says:

    Exposing an elder please and thank you

  74. Jay says:

    Would love to get the Elder please!

    Thanks Marq & Gnomes!

  75. Amber says:

    “Inspired by life”

    Thank you 🙂

  76. Karen Sweeney says:

    In This Together PLEASE 🙂 Thank you!

    paypal: knsweeney@gmail.com

  77. Jephray says:

    I would LOVE my first Bliss Bug! Thanks Marq!

  78. David C says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles, please! Thanks for the chance!

  79. kevin l says:

    Bliss bug please

  80. chris howell says:

    2nd Mr bloomjangles pleas.
    Thanks for the art

  81. Steven Marks says:

    I would love an In This Together. Please please please pick me. Thank you

  82. Leah Saylors says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles with yellow flowers!!! I would love this one so much. Thanks!

  83. Scott Hale says:

    Bloomjangles! My #1 ISO! Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. Becky says:

    Slow Please. Thanks for the chance!

  85. scott clement says:

    Bliss bug please and thanks

  86. Brian says:

    I would love to own the Sproutlings in Symmetry.

    Thank you Marq and Gnomes.

  87. Mandy Isaac says:

    We would really really love to have the Slow for Millie Grace’s room…the colors are just perfect!! Thanks Marq and the gnomies 🙂
    -Mandy, Nate, and Millie

  88. Haney says:

    These are simply fantastic! I love what you’ve done with all of these 🙂

    It’s very hard to choose one to ask for…..

    With that said, I think I’d most like to have that Inspired by Life – I just think it would be fantastic in my son’s room who turns 13 weeks old today!

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  89. Chris Bohne says:

    thank you for this opportunity
    I would like inspired by life please

  90. Dani says:

    WOW! You gnomes are something else!

    Would Love a chance at that Bliss Bug!

  91. Beth Romero says:

    Inspired by Life, pretty please 🙂

  92. shawn mcintyre says:

    Inspired Please and Thank You!

    Not a Spammer

  93. phillip miller says:

    Bliss Bug please

  94. Steve Harris says:

    What can I say, but WOW!
    “Inspired by Life” Please!

  95. Rudy Brown says:

    So tough to pick, they all look wonderful, Id like to request the full size “Slow” please and thank you. It would instantly become the crown jewel of my collection! Thanks so much for the opportunity Marq and the Gnomes!

  96. Alan says:

    Would love a Bliss Bug, thanks for the chance!!

  97. Bryan Challener says:

    Plootuffel – I would be happy with any ploot I can get.. They are my absolute favorite pieces. Please please please please please

  98. Steve says:

    Slow is our favorite.

  99. Jaime Wykle says:

    Inspired for me please. Thank you Marq & Gnomes. 🙂

  100. Jason says:

    I would absolutely be floored if I won that In This Together!

    Thanks Marq and the gnomes, yall rock!

    In This Together!

  101. Eric Stone says:

    Bliss Bug is my all time favorite piece of yours and would love to frame it up for my daughter. She loves your work so much!. Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone!

  102. Crystal B Bryan says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles #2 with pink flowers! Just lovely!

  103. chris campbell says:

    2nd Bloomjangles please sir. Thanks

  104. Matt A says:

    Beautiful Bug! Fingers crossed, consider me for the Bliss Bug please!

  105. Master Spusta!

    I would love the “Slow” print that is described as being 11″ x 14″ screen print from 2009. This artist proof is missing the red ink layer of the regular edition. Embellished accents with pencils and markers.
    Image 1 of 9 as this print has a deeper meaning to me as a father of two. Love your work! This would be my biggest and forth piece of yours! But honestly, I’d be happy buying blindly from you any day of the week. You rock good sir!



  106. Andrew says:

    Bojangles, please.

  107. Meg J says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles with the purple flowers is AMAZING!! One for that fella please! Thanks!!

  108. Eagle Hill says:

    Bliss Bug please and thank you!

  109. Michele McCarthy Smith says:

    Bliss Bug would make a lovely wall hanging in our Little Girls room as she loves all your art at age 6! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and have a great day! ❤️

  110. Lauren says:

    I’d love the second Mr. Bloomjangles! Thanks!!

  111. Karen Maag says:

    Item #1 please. Slow.

  112. Kimberly Squires says:

    Whew! Lots of GREAT stuff here!! How does one choose?!

    Large Elder for me please!

    Thank you so much for feeding my (our) addictions! 🙂

  113. Ann says:

    Bliss is my delight….please consider me for the bliss bug!

  114. Dafe M says:

    Mr Bloomjangles with yellow flowers pleas and thank you!!

  115. Ryan Palko says:

    Inspired by Life please and thanks!

  116. Parc says:

    Sspoutlings in symmettry

  117. Brandon Ambrose says:

    elder please

  118. nickv says:

    Plootuffels please! Thanks!

  119. Kevin H says:

    I would like to go into the hat for the First Mr. Bloomjangles please! Thank you so much Marq and Gnomes!!!

  120. Susan Kelly says:

    bliss bug…

  121. Eric says:

    First bloomjangles for the win thanks for the chance

  122. Chris Torgerson says:

    Bliss bug please

  123. Jason E says:

    Large Elder please, thank you!

  124. Marc says:

    i’d appreciate being considered for “In This Together”.

  125. Chason Heins says:

    “In This Together” Thanks for the chance!!

  126. Peter Finan says:

    Inspired by life or a mr. Bloomjangles please.

  127. Eric Murray says:

    Hey Mr. Spusta what have you done?
    Hey Mr. Spusta why’s there only one?
    Hey Mr. Spusta who are you exposing man?
    Hey Mr. Spusta Elders’s the one I want!
    Hey Mr. Spusta shot gun!

    It’s a nice day to embellish a print,
    It’s a nice day for a White Wednesday!
    It’s a nice day to doodle again!

    If it wasn’t clear, I would be head over heels to win the Elder 😉

  128. Beth says:

    Bliss Bug would look great on our wall! Thanks Marq & gnomes

  129. Chip Porter says:

    Exposing the Elder!!! Please and thank you! Good luck to everyone!!!

  130. Ron Silverstein says:

    Bliss bug please and thank you!!

  131. Mark says:


  132. josh b says:

    Would love a Bloomjangles!

  133. rutherfordthebravest says:

    Plootuffels BLIND please!

    Thank you.

  134. Mike P says:

    2nd Bloomjangles please and thank you!

  135. Michael scism says:

    Inspired by life please please please please

    Thank you!!!!!!

  136. Kevin Triplett says:

    I would love for a chance for the slow. I’ve been
    Chasing this one for a while now.

    Thanks for making badass art as always!

  137. Bob says:

    Please gnomes for a bliss bug

  138. Travis Lynch says:

    Pretty please an Elder!! Thank you so much!

  139. Matthew says:

    Bliss Bug

  140. Dave says:

    Elder please and thank you!

  141. Matt Kinder says:

    As always Marq so awesome of you to un-vault these Gems. Your team are true good folks in my book.

    Please allow me a chance at this Slow & rest assured it’s forever home is right here with me 😉

  142. Matt Wroclawski says:

    WooHoo Please Enter Me.!!

  143. John Mantzios says:

    SPROUTLING please

  144. Glenn says:

    Sproutlings please! My all time favorite!

  145. Aaron says:

    There are so many amazing options, it’s hard to make a choice. However, I would really LOVE the chance to own an Inspired by Life.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  146. Leah zensen says:

    My choice pick is Mr. Bloomjangles in pic #7. Thanks as always for the awesomeness!

  147. David Smith says:

    Bliss Bug would make a fantastic Valentines gift for my wife… Thank you for this awesome chance for a special gift!

  148. Jerry says:


    there’ve been times when I wonder
    and times when I don’t
    concepts I’ll ponder
    and concepts I won’t ever see

    god isn’t one of these
    former or latter
    which did you think I meant?
    it doesn’t matter to me

    bug – don’t need it
    bug – don’t feed it
    my thoughts faded
    it doesn’t matter/overrated

    cold in my hand
    in a country pool
    standing and waving
    the rain, wind on the runway

    spending or saving
    credit or debt
    which did you think I meant?
    nothing I see can be taken from me

    bug – don’t need it
    bug – don’t feed it
    my thoughts faded
    it doesn’t matter/overrated

  149. Kris Dumas says:

    I would love a “Inspired by life.” Thank you.

  150. Ron sheets says:

    Bliss Bug!!!!!! Make my year please!

  151. Shelley Whitcomb says:

    Oh my! Crossing my fingers for the Sproutling in Symmetry!

  152. Melissa says:

    The only gambling I like…. let’s roll those dice again! Would love to have that Slow! Thanks for bringing the love today!!!

  153. matthew says:

    I would love to add the Elder to my collection! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  154. kmac says:

    wanna go Blind with Plootuffels!
    Thank U for the chance at that tooter!

  155. Jay says:

    i’ve been told that i’m an ELDER!

  156. Ethan Engdahl says:

    This is fun. Please enter me for the “Exposing an Elder” print.


  157. Seth says:

    I would like a shot at owning an “Exposing an elder”

  158. ITT says:


  159. THB says:

    Mr.Bloomjangles! Thanks!

  160. Stacey Levin says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles pretty pretty please!
    Thanks marq & gnomes!!

  161. Yek says:

    Exposing an elder please and Thanks!

  162. Evan Marx says:

    Elder print please. Thanks for the opportunity!

  163. Beth Behr says:

    Wow they’re all gorgeous, thanks for the chance! I’ll try for the Inspired please!

  164. brooke bailey says:

    Inspired by life Pleas!!!

  165. Chris Schwall says:

    blind Plootuffle would be epic

  166. Jen says:

    Bliss bug (fingers crossed)!

  167. Meredith says:

    Please would very much like to be chosen for “Slow”

  168. Jim LaFemina says:

    Bliss Bug, pleas and thank you very much. Appreciate the opportunity!!

  169. AA says:

    Wow, these are all incredible.
    Guess I’ll have to go with SIS so I can truly complete my set.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  170. mark gall says:

    Thanks so much!

    I’d love to get an in this together! Been my iso for quite a while!

    Love your work!

  171. Kraig says:

    I would be honored to receive the Slow print thanks gnomes!!!

  172. Sally Satterfield says:

    I’d love an invoice for that incredible SLOW.
    Thanks, Gnomes!

  173. Janelle Trykowski says:

    Mr.Bloomjangles please

  174. Bradly Stout says:

    Marq and Gnomes Im blowing kisses from Michigan 🙂

    I raise aquarium fish and I’ve been searching high and low for INSPIRED by LIFE.

    I would treasure it. <3

  175. Chad says:

    bliss bug please

  176. Brady says:

    Sproutlings in Symmetry

  177. Matthew says:

    Bliss Bug please!

  178. Seth says:

    Bliss Bug please! This almost gnome really wants this one.

  179. Jarrett says:

    Bliss Bug is on fire!

  180. Gain says:

    I would love the opertunity to purchase the Sproutlings. Thank you Gnomes!

  181. Cliff May says:

    I would love the opportunity to buy the second Bloomjangles!

  182. Evan ridenour says:

    Itt please and thank you!

  183. Chuck says:

    Plootuffels and Tapooflet – Blind
    Please and Thank You!

  184. Justin R says:

    Bliss Bug please & thanks for the opportunity!

  185. BEN BATTIATA says:

    Slow please!

  186. Sebastian says:

    ~Slow~ please. He has such a cool friends. Hope all is well, thanks for the fun!

  187. Mikey J says:

    Inspired by Life please!

  188. Todd says:

    I’d love to add SLOW to my collection. Thanks Marq!

  189. Jason F says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles Please! Thank u much

  190. Chance says:

    Slow for me, please.

  191. Ryan Behr says:

    Hi Marq,
    If I had to choose one it would be Slow! They are all great though.
    Cheers from Madison,

  192. Neal Mitchell says:

    Inspired please

  193. Kalathas says:

    Blind Ploot please and thank you

  194. ben manley says:

    Slow please! Thanks!

  195. Charles Schultz says:

    Slow please!

  196. Chris says:

    Elder please. Thanks!

  197. Kristi Simmons says:

    Inspired by Life!!
    Please & thank you!!

  198. Meriwether says:

    Bliss Bug please! Love it.

  199. Jim Raines says:

    Mr Bloomjangles ,either one
    Thanks Marq

  200. Max says:

    Slow please, thank you!

  201. Eric Schulman says:

    I want the bliss bug!

  202. jeffg says:

    Plootuffels is the one!

  203. Daniel says:

    Bliss Bug, please! Thank you Marq!

  204. Jenny K says:

    I would love the Elder please! Thanks!

  205. Ben says:

    I’d love a chance at Bliss Bug, Please. Thanks!

  206. Marc S says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles!!!

  207. Ejay says:

    Bliss Bug please and thank you!

  208. Slow says:

    Slow please

  209. Michelle Moore says:

    Bliss Bug wants to come to Kinston, NC 🙂

  210. Dave Utter says:

    Bojangles, either one please.

  211. Richard says:

    Bliss Bug please! Thanks for the chance.

  212. Joe says:

    Bliss Bug if possible, thank you sir!

  213. Jake Zwerdlinger says:

    Bliss Bug.please and thank you

  214. Steveo says:

    Bloomjangles # 2


  215. Aaron Cooke says:

    I would love to get that Bliss Bug! Thanks.

  216. Chris says:

    Bliss Bug please! It looks incredible. I would love to have that hanging on my wall.


  217. Steven Kuo says:

    Come to me Bliss Bug

  218. Eric says:

    Slow please- Thanks for the chance!

  219. Don C says:

    Inspired By Life (I am) please 🙂

  220. Bryant Bowen says:

    Elder for us please. Thanks for the opportunity!

  221. Nick says:

    Bliss Bug considerations. Thanks Marq

  222. Nancy Brunner says:

    Inspired by Life. Thanks for the opportunity ,Gnomes

  223. Jason Miller says:

    This is so amazing! I would live a chance to purchase “In This Together.” My wife & I have wanted one forever! Thank you sir for this opportunity!

  224. Matthew Siegel says:


    PayPal: mws29@drexel.edu

  225. Rachel says:

    Small Print- Mr Bloomjangles

    Plllllease and thank you!

  226. Sundance Bailey says:

    I would love to be a proud owner of a Mr. Bloomjangles.


  227. Kelly says:

    Bliss Bug! Thanks for the chance!

  228. ian says:

    Slow please 😀

  229. petra says:

    SLOW is a dream … thanks for the chance!! (austria)

  230. leah edwards says:

    In This Together please!!!

  231. Debbie says:

    I would love a copy of Slow please!!!

  232. Melissa says:

    Large print – Elder please 🙂

  233. morgan gunter says:

    inspired by life!!! what a beautiful print

  234. Josh Garrell says:

    Bliss Bug, please!

  235. Ryan G says:

    Bliss Bug Please!

  236. Michael Becker says:

    Sproutling please! Thanks for the chance!

  237. Steve says:

    Slow please, thanks for the chance!

  238. Larry Pickreign says:

    larger. In this together thank you.

  239. Patrick says:

    In This Together large please – someday this lottery will work out 🙂

  240. Andrew Young says:

    Jerry Jeffs biggest fan, it’s a must have , want, need , must have …. please

  241. Kelly reschke says:

    Please slow, or ANY. PLEASE! Thank you

  242. Jesse says:

    Small Print- Mr Bloomjangles –

    either one please 🙂

    thank you!

  243. Jennings says:

    ITT Please!!!!

  244. Adam says:

    Bloomjangles #1 (international)

  245. Heath says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles (either version) please! Thank you!

  246. Stephanie says:

    Senior Bloomjangles, yellow flowers please

  247. Matthew Peoples says:


    Thanks for the chance

  248. Kayley Luftig says:

    bug bliss please! so fantastic!

  249. Brian Turner says:

    Second Mr. Bloomjangles Please 🙂
    Please, please let this be my lucky day!!! This is my favorite piece you have done and I would die to have it



  250. Chris Jewel says:

    Second Mr Bloomjangles!! Please an Thank you for the chance!

  251. Neil H Mullin Jr says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles (either) thank you kindly!!


  252. Michael says:

    In This Together please. This perfectly captures my mine and my wife’s life. thanks.

  253. Matt Brady says:

    2nd Mr. Bloomjangles please 🙂 . Fingers crossed. THANKS MARQ!

  254. Doug says:

    SLOW!!! I would love it always!

  255. richard morsa says:

    biss bug please!

  256. Kelly reschke says:

    Pick me ELDER, or SLoW, or Any!!

    Thank you

  257. Angie says:

    I’ll take a blin Ploots. Hopefully one with a colorful fart

  258. Chatham says:

    I would LOVE a slow.

    My wife works on a gopher tortoise preserve and spends a good part of her work life saving turtles from construction/development sites. Once they save the turtles from the development they relocate them to the Nokuse plantation in Walton County, Fla. It would mean the world to me to have that print.

  259. Elana says:

    Slow! These are absolutely incredible Marq!

  260. Al says:

    Exposing the Elder! Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck all!

  261. Jacob Bridges says:

    Slow for me please!!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  262. Rogness says:

    Bliss Bug all the waaaaaay! TY :b

  263. Ann Edwards says:

    First Bloomjangles, please & thank you!

  264. Roger Patteson says:

    An Elder would make the day!!

  265. Jeff says:

    Blind Plootuffles please.

  266. Tori Wiley says:

    Bliss Bug pwetty pwease!!!!

  267. Kirk Scott says:

    sproutlings in symmetry pretty please and thank you!!!!

  268. Trenton Carr says:

    small inspired please!

  269. Matt Gallagher says:

    I would love Mr. Bloomjangles #1 please.

  270. Camille Valentino says:

    blind plootuffels

  271. Nick says:

    The elusive bloomjangles PLEASE!! The one w purple flowers please and thanks

  272. June Ann D'Angelo says:

    Inspired by Life pretty please with cherries on top!

  273. AC says:

    Bliss Bug for me please!

  274. Rob S says:

    plootuffel, please

  275. Erin Rockafellow says:

    Slow please!! Thanks 🙂

  276. Mike says:

    The 1st Mr. Bloomjangles please. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  277. Marilu says:

    Would love the bliss bug! Thanks for the opportunity!

  278. Jennie Bohne says:

    Bliss Bug….Thanks so much for the opportunity to own this!!!

  279. Pamela says:

    bliss bug please!!!

  280. Chris says:

    Inspired please and thank you!!!

  281. Grant B. says:

    The 2nd Mr. Bloomjangles 🙂

    Great work and thank you!

  282. Jessica Deforest says:

    Sproutlings in Symmetry please. Would finish off my daughters nursery.

  283. Chris Roach says:

    BLISSBUG. OMG thank you. Will go straight to framer!!!

  284. Thomas H says:

    Exposing an Elder! Thank you Marq!

  285. Lea Monette says:

    Spusta Inspires My Life. I would love to buy an Inspired By life! Thank you!

  286. Jt9820 says:

    Bliss Bug please!

  287. Beth says:

    Decisions decisions….gonna have to go with the saying slow and easy wins the race…slowness please kind sir!!! Thanks again for the opportunity!

  288. John says:

    Thanks for the lotto Marq!

    I’ll go for the In This Together

  289. Christopher A Cousins says:

    Slow please! Thank you! 🙂

  290. Andrew P says:

    I would love the 2nd Mr. Bloomjangles. Thank You Marq and Gnomes for the opportunity!! Cheers friends 😀

  291. Austin Cunningham says:

    We would love to frame that beautiful full size bliss bug!!! Keep doing your thing Mr. Spusta!

  292. Paul says:

    The 2nd Mr. bloomjangles you have listed in photo #7.

    Thanks for everything yall do at the shop.

  293. Nick Toporzycki says:

    I would love the Exposing an Elder! Thank you for the opportunity and all the great art!

  294. Adam B says:

    Mark me down for the Bliss Bug!

  295. Katie Tortora says:

    Exposing an Elder please! This looks exactly as my energy feels <3

  296. Josh Finkenberg says:

    Elder would be Epic!!! Thank you!

  297. Matthew Wells says:

    Bliss Bug would be amazing, thanks for the opportunity!

  298. bernard says:

    Slow just irresistible

  299. jesse says:

    Blind Ploottuffel please. Good luck everyone 🙂

  300. Andrew Long says:

    2nd mr bloomjangles

  301. Ryan says:

    would love to be chosen for the bliss bug!

  302. Jeff Fernandez says:

    Inspired please and thanks!!!

  303. Jeff Kushmerick says:

    Inspired by Life please!

    Would love to put that one on my wall next to my gold one!

    Thanks Marq!

  304. ZU says:

    I would love that Bliss Bug. I don’t have this bigger version and it would be a highlight of my collection. Thanks for the consideration, ZU

  305. Chad Fagin says:


    Thank you!

  306. Matt Sullivan says:

    Bliss Bug for me please!

  307. Andy says:

    Inspired By Life!

  308. brandy mull says:

    11×14 slow print please. I’ve always wanted this one!! Thank you

  309. Atrain says:

    Bliss Bug AP please.

  310. Charles says:

    Plootruffles #11 of 12, for the win

  311. Kevin Vessels says:

    Slow, please. Thank you!

  312. Charles says:

    ^^^Last one needed to complete my set!!!

  313. Scott graham says:

    elder please and thank you. Sgraham1979@hotmail.com

  314. Shannon Connors says:

    Inspired by life please

  315. April Hoffart says:

    Slow please!! Thank you!!

  316. David Burger says:

    tickle me Elder Please

  317. Steven Forsberg says:

    ITT Please

    I love this baby boy:)!!

  318. Preston perryman says:

    In this together!

  319. Will says:

    Mr Bloomjangles please!

    I love it so much. Maybe my favorite you’ve ever done. please please please please please pick me!

  320. Robert says:

    In This Together

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  321. Richard Pollesel says:

    bliss bug if possible. Thanks.

  322. Krystal Benson says:

    Inspired, please and thank you!!! You are awesome Marq!

  323. Cliff says:

    Bliss Bug. Thanks!

  324. jonathan butterick says:

    inspired by life, Thanks Marq you are the man

  325. Kym Carlisle says:

    Please Put me in for one of the Plootuffles ( Blind)

    Thanks Kym

  326. Ashley Nagowski says:

    BIRTHDAY DROOOOOOOOOP!! I would love an “Inspired”

  327. Jamin says:

    Hey Marq,

    I’m new to your work and this is my first print lottery entry. I’d love to get the 11 x 18 “Elder”!


  328. Morgan says:

    Elder please!!

  329. Ripp says:

    Would love a slow!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  330. Kenny says:

    Plootuffels & Tapooflet #11/12 would be awesome!

  331. Frank S says:

    Bliss Bug

  332. Justin B says:

    Sproutlings in Symmetry please!!
    A huge ISO for me! Thanks for the chance Gnomes and Marq. You guys are awesome.

  333. Philip Rosenblatt says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles PLEASE!!!

  334. Bennett says:



  335. Cassidy Dodson says:

    I would love the first Mr. Bloomjangles with the yellow flowers. Thanks so much!

  336. Colleen says:

    Inspired by Life…..Thanks for the opportunity!

  337. karla says:

    In this together please and thanks

  338. Nathan Rosenberg says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles, PLease!!!

  339. Tony says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles por favor

  340. david lee says:

    Bliss Bug, thank you!

  341. skunky says:

    Mr. BloomJangles please!!!!!!!


  342. Ryan Sharkey says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles

  343. Cole says:

    Bliss Bug AP

    Best of luck to all !!!

  344. rick says:

    I would love to buy the Slow.



  345. Eddie says:

    Bliss Bug – PLEASE

  346. CP says:

    Inspired please and thank you.

  347. Bruce says:



  348. Yusuf says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles

  349. Eric C. says:

    1st shown Mr. Bloomjangles (with yellow flowers) please and thank you.

  350. Mike Kaveney says:

    I would love an elder, so tough to choose one!

  351. Katie says:


    Fingers crossed!!

  352. Corey says:

    Going for my grail of all grails… Inspired By Life!
    Thank you Marq and the Spusta gnomes for the opportunity to buy such amazing art 🙂

  353. Tim Williams says:

    Inspired (Interntional – Denmark) — thanks!

  354. Bob says:

    Bliss bug please.

  355. Harmony Chason says:

    Inspired by life!!!!!!! My #1 ISO!!!!! :)))) Please & thank you! :))))

  356. James Perkins says:

    Would like a bliss bug mini to put up in my daughter’s room. Is my first attempt at a Spusta lottery. Thanks in advance!

  357. Michael says:

    Bliss Bug, please!

  358. Benjamin says:

    Inspired By Life

    Please & Thank You

  359. James Perkins says:

    I mean I would like a Bliss Bug print for my daughter’s room. Thanks in advance.

  360. Vivian says:

    Inspired by Life please

  361. Mark says:

    I would love a chance at the Inspired By Life!


  362. RobertK says:

    Slow 🙂

  363. James says:

    Inspired By Life

  364. Brittany says:

    In This Together

  365. Heather says:

    First Mr Bloomjangles Please! Thanks for the chance at this amazing art!

  366. Shannon says:

    Mr. bloomjangles #2

    Please & Thank you8-)

  367. Matt says:

    Plootuffels and Tapooflet blind please. 🙂

  368. Rob says:

    Inspired by Life please!! Thanks guys

  369. Marcus Johnson says:

    Bliss bug

  370. Hessel says:

    Inspired please, my all-time favorite

  371. brodie says:

    inspired by life homies

  372. Javier says:

    Inspired by life please

  373. Caitlin says:

    Bliss Bug please. Thanks for doing this! 🙂

  374. Dana Staniunas says:

    Mr Bloomjangles please !!

  375. Jared says:

    Inspired by Life!!

  376. Brad Eisenberg says:

    Bliss Bug and I will create a shrine to it and worship it everyday. Then I will move to a state that will allow me to marry it, then I will create little bliss bug minis and spread then throughout the world.

  377. Sandy C. says:

    Thanks for the lotto – I’ll try for one of the random Plootuffels

  378. John says:

    Inspired by life thanks!

  379. Gerald M says:

    Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Spusta. I have been looking for an INSURED BY LIFE for a very long time! This would make me the happiest person ever! Thanx again!

  380. Debbie says:

    Inspired by Life please!

  381. Jerhemy says:

    Slow, thanks for the chance again!!!!!

  382. karl n says:

    ‘In This Together’ please, shipping to NZ

  383. Merrick Lipp says:

    In This Together please!!! I love that print!

  384. ryan says:

    Bliss bug please! !!!

  385. Bill says:

    Mr Bloomjangles!!!! Thnx!

  386. Michael A says:

    Would love to add a BIG Bliss Bug to my collection! Thank you so much!

  387. Les says:

    Slow, please and thank you!!!!

  388. mark ruszczyk says:

    Mr Bloomjangles first with yellow flowers. Such beautiful work on all of these, Thank you!

  389. Dwayne says:

    SIS small print

  390. Michael Downing says:

    Mr Bloomjangles would be a wonderful score.
    Thank you for the opportunity!!!!

  391. Chad says:

    Exposing an elder please and thank you.

  392. Jim says:

    In this together, please.

  393. Melinda says:

    Elder please please please!

  394. Shawn Newman says:

    In This Together, Please and Thank you!

  395. Jk says:

    Slow. Please and thank you!

  396. Mark Bender says:

    Exposing an Elder.
    Much love and appreciation Marq/gnomes!

  397. Kelly says:

    Big pretty Bliss Bug pleaseeeeee

  398. Ben says:

    Id love the Bliss bug, please and thank you!

  399. Jenna Morriss says:

    Smalls, thank you!

  400. Melinda says:

    That little robot please, Inspired !

  401. Jonathan says:


  402. JS says:

    That ELDER would bee the bees knees!!

  403. Dan T says:

    “Blind plootuffles” pretty pretty please!! Thank you!

  404. anthony sulwer says:

    inspired by life would be awesome!! thanks Marq and Gnomes

  405. Stewart Eiss says:

    I’d like “Inspired” please !!!!! Love the colors

  406. Al says:

    Bliss Bug AP, Please!!!!

  407. Levi says:

    Inspired, inspired, inspired !

  408. Francois says:

    I’m up for Bliss Bug, thanks!

  409. Diehl dalton says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles please. I would like to purchase, this I would.

  410. JT says:

    going to take a shot at a blind Plootuffels because i love your surprises!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  411. Joss says:

    I’d like Inspired by Life, please !

  412. Ben P says:

    Good luck all.

  413. Inigo Montoya says:

    Bliss bug for me please !

  414. Berry says:

    I would love Inspired by Life

    International, please

  415. Nicolas K. says:

    Bliss Bug please!!
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    Have a great day!

  416. Ray says:

    Mr Bloomjangles please. Thx

  417. Elainia says:

    “Inspired by Life”

    THANK YOU!!!!

  418. John Brooks says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    I love the “Slow” if given the chance!


    John Brooks

  419. Brad Magee says:

    The ploots (blind) please!!

  420. Corinna W says:

    Inspired by Life please, for my hubby’s birthday!
    Thanks Marq & gnomes

  421. Jeff Meyers says:


  422. Jason says:

    Fingers rossed I win!! Thanks for the chance!

  423. Brian W says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles #2, with purple flowers. Thanks very much!

  424. Bobby Gattone says:

    Mr Bloomjangles is my choice, thanks Marq.

  425. Monique says:

    Exposing An Elder

  426. Eric says:

    Slow, please!

  427. Wes says:

    Elder, please kind sir!

  428. wayne clements says:

    mr bloomjangles please and thank you

  429. ed batie says:

    Small print mr bloomjangles. Please.

  430. Bennett Cierny says:

    Mr Bloomjangles, second one, with purple “blooms”, please. Thanks for the chance!

  431. Kevin Kenly says:

    I would love an Elder, please and thanks!

  432. barbara Harris says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the BLISS BUG!!!!

    XO Barbara

  433. kat says:

    bliss bug for me please
    thank you for the chance Marq!

  434. Alex says:

    Blind ploots pleaaazze

  435. Steve Shuff says:

    I would love a chance for one of the Plootuffels and Tapooflet – (BLIND) please.


  436. Stacey Gates says:

    I would love a chance at the ITT! It’s my fiance’s and my favorite! Would be a great wedding present to him!


  437. Joe Morin says:

    I love the Mr. Bloom Jangles print. I would look really nice framed and hung on my wall!

  438. Adam Kropelnicki says:

    I’d rather hit the mega tonight but I’d be happy to have Slow

  439. Paul says:

    2nd Bloomjangles….

  440. Tanner says:

    Going to be some HAPPY folks today!!!
    Put me in for the mighty BLISS BUG!
    Please and Thank You as always!

  441. Amy says:

    Exposing an elder. Please and thank you.

  442. Cora says:

    Elder for me please, thanks for the chance!

  443. Allen Sinkler says:

    Mr Bloomjangles … Thanks for the chance 🙂

  444. Cameron linton says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles please. I would be lucky to have any that are offered. Thank you!

  445. Johnny says:

    Elder please. Thanks

  446. Zeb Brasher says:

    In This Together!!!!!!!

  447. Sean McManus says:

    Plootuffels Please!

  448. joshua says:

    Inspired by life please!

  449. Leon says:

    Thank You for the chance.
    Fingers are crossed 🙂

  450. Jeffrey Wiza says:

    Plootuffels please!

  451. Jeff Hunter says:

    Inspired by Life, please – thank you!

  452. Ginny says:

    “Slow” please!!!

  453. John says:

    Bliss Bug please!? Thanks Marq & Gnomes!

  454. Jo says:

    Plootuffles! (BLIND)
    I like surprises!

    Keep Up the amazing work, it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside!

  455. Anastasia says:

    Bliss Bug

  456. Tyler hart says:

    Bliss Bug

  457. Matt says:

    Inspired, please!

  458. Mat Laird says:

    Blind Plootuffels please. Amazing work. Thanks!

  459. dax lamar says:

    Bloomjangles! (second one)

  460. Nicole says:

    Inspired by life!

  461. Manish says:

    The second Bloomjangles.
    This would make my month if not first quarter of 2015.

  462. george rainey says:

    mr bloomjangles pleas

  463. Michael Olsen says:

    Inspired by life, super wow! Thanks!

  464. Gavin O'Donovan says:

    bliss bug please! I don’t have any versions of that one in the collection. 🙂


  465. Tony says:

    Yes please!!!

  466. Peter K says:

    ELDER! Love it and thank you for the chance!! 🙂 🙂

  467. Todd Stotts says:

    On a road trip with my boy. These are fucking awsome! Any bloom angles pleas! I prefer the first one, as the yellow and green are ducks colors, and we be oregonians! THANKS!!!!!!!

  468. Devan says:

    Mr. Bloomjangles would be wonderful. Yellow flowers is beautiful, but whichever available is great. I wonder if he is playing along with a tap-root dance in New Orleans.

  469. Dave says:

    I would absolutely love to have that
    (Bliss Bug)

  470. Sara hoof says:

    Inspired by life!

  471. Garrett says:

    I love all of them. I’ll take any of them. I’m not picky when it comes to your work, I love all of it. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  472. John Witt says:

    Large print – Elder

    Thanks for the chance at my first Spusta! 🙂

  473. Greg says:

    Elder ~ please & thank you

  474. Nick Campion says:


  475. Jess says:

    Sproutlings in Symmetry

  476. Richie Rich says:

    BLISSNISS please!

    It’s been too long for this old school spusta fanboy

  477. Matt says:

    Hoping for “Slow”… thanks guys!

  478. Gary says:

    Mr.Bloomjangles blind thank you

  479. Tom Skemp says:

    Elder and thanks for a chance.

  480. Josh says:

    I’d love to be in the running for Slow, thanks so much!

  481. Shaun says:


  482. Steve S says:

    In This Together would be a great place to start my collection. Thank you.

  483. bradley says:

    blind plootuffels please…..thanks so much! keep up the amazing work

  484. Andrew says:

    Elder please!

  485. Justin says:

    Inspired by life

    Thanks for the shot!

  486. Danielle Jarock says:

    Bloomjangles with Pink please. The early bird does not always catch the worm, right?

  487. Sarah Weatherford says:

    Inspired by life…. please and thank you. Sorry to be late! This would be my first Spusta ever and I am so new to the game I am just figuring out how all of this works. Thank you for the chance though!

  488. Sarah says:

    if i have to choose, elder it is! thank you!

  489. Kaleb Harlan says:

    I would be honored to hang an “Inspired by Life” on my wall after I got it framed of course. Have a great day.

  490. Robert Fiedler says:

    Inspired by Life!!


  491. Natalie G says:

    I love Mr Bloomjangles! I’d prefer the second version with the black hat, but would die to get a hold of either. Thanks Marq.. you’re the best!

    Good luck everyone!

  492. Deb Kledzik says:

    Inspired by life is so good!

    Great work!

  493. Brandon says:

    Inspired by Life, good sir!

  494. Josh Olmsted says:

    Inspired by Life…

    and thanks for the chance!

  495. b says:

    in this together, thanks!

  496. Terri says:

    Bliss bug, please!

  497. Pete says:

    Hi Marq. Mr bloomjangles please. Would look fantastic in the UK. Thanks.

  498. Mike Ferro says:

    Inspired by life.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  499. Jai says:

    Elder Elder Elder! (Sometimes saying things three times makes them come true). Thanks!

  500. Kevin k says:

    Bliss bug please

  501. Chris says:

    Mr. b00mjangles please…Thanks for the opportunity Marq

  502. Matthew says:

    Slow please … International postage

  503. Alex Taylor says:

    Exposing an elder please! Love that piece so so much.

  504. Adam says:

    Inspired by life please!

  505. Scott Wilson says:

    Inspired by life. Large please.

  506. Chris says:

    “In this together” Thanks Marq!

  507. Rick Trimmer says:

    Small Inspired by Life

    Thank you!

  508. Stephen Fowler says:

    Probably blew this but any inspired by life please

  509. Mike T says:

    Was on a plane yesterday. I’m all about the White editions. Would love the Sproutlings if still available!

  510. brent says:

    Inspired by life! Because I am!

  511. gd50 says:

    Bliss Bug has always been my favorite. I love the scarrab prints too. please pick me!!

  512. matt says:

    still in the running?

  513. Mattc says:

    In this together

  514. Andrew Dwornik says:

    Sproutlings please!

  515. ryan says:

    In this together please of please thanks Marq!

  516. Seth says:

    One mr. Boojangles please

  517. Micah says:

    so tough to pick, all are great. bliss bug for me! thank you!

  518. Angel Mungia says:

    I’d love a Slow!!!

  519. Chris says:

    Elder por favor

  520. Michael Messina says:

    One Elder Please! and Thank You

  521. Esteen Poole says:

    Would feel lucky to own INSPIRED!

  522. Rhonda Robinette says:

    I looooooove INSPIRED!!!!!

  523. Eric B. says:

    Bliss Bug for the lotto win!

  524. Dana B says:

    Bloom Jangles & Love Your Show

  525. Steven Krellner says:

    Plootuffels and Tapooflet Blind surprise me!!

  526. Josh says:

    Inspired would be awesome! Such a beautiful print!

  527. Matthew says:

    Any one of a kind or AP print please

  528. Matt R. says:

    Bloomjangles – ANY ONE.

    So STOKED to see more of these being thrown out to collectors! Thanks for amazing prices too!

  529. Cole says:

    In This Together…..and it’s not even close!
    Thanks Marq and the gnomes!

  530. Philip Goff says:

    small print mr boomJangles PLease
    THank you

  531. matt r. says:

    Hah! It looks like we missed out on these! Sorry about this! Not sure how I made this mistake!!!

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