The Decemberists – Columbus, Ohio Poster


11 Responses to The Decemberists – Columbus, Ohio Poster

  1. Richie Rich says:

    Nice trippy work Marq.

  2. matthewoccelli says:

    so rad Marq!!! I would love this one without the band info on it! Will there be a artist version or handbill version?

  3. bob says:

    let’s go ‘shroomin’!

  4. lulu says:


  5. Rusty says:

    When and where can I buy one of these?

    • marq says:

      When? Hopefully very soon, maybe next week.

      Where: From The Decemberists webstore first, then eventually an artist edition sold here.

      • Josh says:

        I missed the Decemberists drop so hopefully the artist can help out folks that were actually at the show. 1st in the door night of the show and still no poster.

  6. kmac says:

    oogly, googly, i love this!
    It reminds me of sigmund
    the sea monster 😉

  7. simon says:

    Both versions of this are awesome,cant decide which i prefer

  8. Tread says:

    Totally chilin.

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