(This Lottery has ended. Sorry to those that missed out, thanks for the interest on this poster.)
This is the lottery to enter your name for a chance to purchase a limited edition Trey Anastasio Band at the Greek poster.

We have two versions of the screen print available here in this lottery. The Artist Edition of 100 is on a metallic paper we call Old Gold. As a contrast, we also have a Salt Edition of 50 that’s on a metallic white linen stock. (We do not have any Foil or Dark Blue, those were sold at the show). The Salt Edition we be sold exclusively through this lottery, where as the old gold Artist Edition will be split up between this lottery and release on in our shop sometime around 2:22 pm pst on 11/02/22 (Wed.)

Here are the two editions available, along with prices and details on how to put your best foot forward in this purchasing lottery.

Artist Edition of 100 on Old Gold metallic – $120 + shipping
Salt Edition of 50 on metallic white linen – $160 + shipping

To enter this purchasing selection lottery for a Trey Anastasio Band Poster, just reply to this post with a comment that picks one edition/version to enter for.

Artist Edition or Salt Edition! Pick one, here. This is a repeat of above because it’s really all you have to do.

– Only comment once please and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $20 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed right away. We may send some straggler invoices in the days following the shop drop as well.

823 thoughts on “Trey Anastasio Band – Poster Purchasing Lottery

    1. Dave Busching

      Hey Marq! I would absolutely love to have the chance at the Salt edition. I’ve never won a lottery before so my positive energy is high for this one. Thanks for the chance!

    2. Teri Zakhir

      🤞🏼Teri Zakhir
      Been a little salty lately I better go with
      Salty edition please 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🙏🙏🙏

    3. Jason doine

      I bought the t shirt in chicago and couldn’t believe what I was seeing…is it..could it be? That sure looks like a spusta up there! Ooooh Nelly:) I should have looked here immediately.damn.as usual.late to the par-T. LOVE THE SHIRT. Love an A.E. Even more.lol.

  1. Nathan Goodman

    Salt Edition of 50 on metallic white linen – $160 + shipping

    Awesome, just awesome, would be a first for my collection of your work!

  2. Bernie

    Jeeez second post (directions how do they work) didn’t specifically say hellooooo!! Please a SALT !! and thank you !!!

  3. Chris Dawson

    Hi – The artist edition on gold metallic is the one! Would make a great companion to my Phish at the Dunk (PVD RI), my favorite concert poster of them all.

  4. Michael Martin

    +1 Salt Edition if giving the opportunity, Please and Thank You. Appreciate you and your lil Gnomes too 🙏

  5. Adam W

    The Old Gold Spusta is my go to on this. Cant say enough about this print!!!. So much detail and cant get enough of Cyro on this!! Would be on my wall!!
    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!!

  6. Sean Pope

    Artist Edition please!

    Such a great show to have been at and would love to commemorate with this golden goodness on my wall!

  7. zac henske

    marq and gnomes i’d love to have some Salt with my pepper !!!
    +1 Salt edition

    thanks for the opportunity 😎

  8. Briana Keller

    Salt please im all the way in pa and unable to go to show and have to look at all these amazing embellished prints!! Praying for first time win!!! THANK YOU!!💙💜🙏

  9. Nicholas Gord

    +1 Salt Edition please! What a great show, this print is one of my favorite gig productions of all time, AND this was on my bday. Cheers and fingers crossed :0)

  10. John Durbin

    I would definitely love the Artist Edition Please. Thanks again for the opportunity Marq. Amazing work as usual.

  11. Danie Nalley

    Hello I was the disabled veteran that got robbed for a Foil edition on Instagram. Salt edition foil pleaseeee. We talked and hopefully your gnomes will please find me and help replace what I lost. Thank you

  12. Merrill Lawson

    Artist Edition, please!

    Thank you for the opportunity! Love this print and the TAB shows were phenomenal! Keep up the fantastic work!

  13. Marc Dansereau

    Pretty please, +1 Salt Edition, please and thank you for the opportunity! Amazing work as always!!! 🙏🤞❤️

  14. Jacquelyne Dias

    +1 AE Gold! Best print of the year!!!! Please make my birthday wish come true🙏🙏🙏🙏 Thx for the chance!

  15. Mike KUTIK

    Berkeley Greek is my favorite place on Earth.
    Spent 20 years and 50 weeks waiting to return there from 8/19/1989 until 8/5/2010.

    Always dreamed of having a Spusta Print depicting HEarst Greek !
    I think I like the Artist Edition best.
    Thanks for considering me.

  16. Felix Nau

    It would be amazing to spice our lives with a sprinkle of the Salt Edition , thanks for the chance at amazing art

    The Naus

  17. Todd Stotts

    Always late on these! I’d love a gold pretty pretty pleas! I almost cried when o saw I missed this one by a show or two. Also picked a ton of Chanterelles and Lobsters today! The mushroom gods are smiling on me I hope 🤞 LOVE this one so very very very much! GOLD PLEAS! Thanks for the chance as always!

  18. Joshua

    i’d have to go with old gold- you can see the ghosties better and it would look great in the empty frame waiting in vain for WSP
    awesome work though- you just keep hitting it out of the park. gotta admire those ink slingin skills! 🍁 🌀

  19. Patrick M

    There’s Old Gold I’d like to see
    in amber light and fevered dream
    No matter where these spirits lead
    may sizzling shimmer gently be

    Thank you Marq
    Thank you Gnomes

  20. John Gomes

    Live your work-first poster of yours I purchased was also first Widespread Panic Poster I bought
    The Chicago 2008 “flying sheep”
    Please consider me for an AE Gold

  21. John Whittaker

    +1 Salt Edition Please!
    Absolutely fantastic art, from a fantastic show, at a legendary venue. Stars rarely align like this.
    Congrats on an awesome print.

  22. Dennis McCarty

    Ahoyhoy Marq and Gnomes! I’m late to the lottery (spent yesterday with my daughter in the ER. Everything is fine now). I’d love to enter for an Old Gold edition, Thankee Sai. 🥀 Good luck, everypeople!

  23. Emiliano M.

    Hey Marq and team!

    Please put me down for a salt edition!

    I’m so upset that I missed the show in my own backyard! Being a responsible adult is hard sometimes lol.


  24. Chip Forte

    Thanks to Marq and the gnomes for another magical print! I like my Spusta prints a little bit Salty, please!!!


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